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13 Hunyo 2006 Martes Tomo 84 Isyu 01

E d i t o r y a l

We enemy are the in scope, circulating not only within the academe
but also throughout whole communities and larger
sectors. It is imperative, then, that publications never
be ignorant of the condition of the broader population
which they necessarily serve—even if it entails the
threat of physical assault, or possibly, death.

here is no safe side—only passivity interrogation, even summary execution. Here, in this most perilous position, begins the
or resistance. We choose the path of The true journalist, clearly, is now deemed an Philippine Collegian 2006-2007.
dissent. “enemy of the state.” And rightly so, for in the context This term delineates itself from its predecessor,
In these violent times, to dissent is of a regime brazenly maintained by a widening which chose brusque rhetoric over concrete action. For
tantamount to death. Opposition is spectrum of intensified violence, the only option the Collegian 2005-2006 bannered activism, advocacy
now met with a rain of bullets. And so the massacre is to resist. and dissidence in its pages, so they said—but in the
of journalists and activists continues. For every time These turbulent times expose the limitations of same breath, increased hierarchy in the physical
metal tunnels into innocent flesh, so pours forth the writing—the kind that proclaims to be “pluralist” office structure, widened disparities in honorarium
true color of struggle: a warm, bloody red. and “non-partisan.” For pluralism is impossible in a configuration and erratic presswork procedure. Editors
The same grim tone stains the campus press. society wracked by economic inequality and political and staff resigned, and organizational development
Many college publications in Diliman alone have domination, conditions that make it downright suffered, compelling many to cast doubt on the
remained silenced for many years. Due to the unjust to wield a “neutral” pen, which ultimately institution’s journalistic integrity.
inadequate protection under the Campus Journalism sustains the status quo. Moreover, to allow for a Activism, advocacy and dissidence should not
Act of 1991, publications elsewhere are restricted “plurality of views” is to propagate even the regressive be reduced to mere rhetorical embellishment.
by administrative intervention and non-mandatory prevalent discourse, further marginalizing emergent Revolutionary rhetoric is a convenient tool for those
collection of publication fees. Editors and staff are discourses. with progressive pretentions, and the state tolerates
under constant threat of censorship, libel, suspension The decision to write is in itself a subjective act, unless otherwise threatened. To genuinely rally behind
and expulsion. In extreme cases in the provinces, reflected in one’s mere choice of topic, words and these principles, however, is a matter of life and death.
some are subjected to military surveillance, images. The influence of the campus press is wide The Collegian experience is a testament to the danger
in choosing the side of the oppressed: under the Marcos
dictatorship, three Collegian editors died for these
very ideals, proof that concretizing these aspirations
is no trivial matter.
Today, in the face of renewed state tyranny, the
path of dissidence cannot be taken sitting down. This
year’s Collegian is aware that history is written on the
streets, not in the comforts of an airconditioned office.
Change cannot be achieved through the printed page
alone. The Collegian can only provide the blueprints
for defiance.
Ultimately, it is the people who will prove decisive.
You, our readers, will be the ones to make history. You
are the true writers of our time, armed not with pens

Tungkol sa pabalat Guhit: Ivan Reverente. Kuha: Jake Salvador. Disenyo: Karl Castro.
but with the collective power to draft a new route in
our nation’s history.
In the same way, this Collegian will not hesitate to
go beyond writing and brave into the fray, into struggle
itself. The path of change will transcend the twelve
pages of newsprint, the Ivory Tower of the academe,
and the confines of the cities.
The path of defiance is paved with the blood of
fellow journalists and activists who did not compromise
even in the face of death. It is the path of those who
articulated the discourse of the marginalized: the
workers, peasants, women, students and national
minorities. It is the path of those who stood firm in
their advocacy but did not live to see the fruit of their
cause. Their deaths shall not be in vain.
If being an “enemy of the state” means taking a stand
for the marginalized and demanding what is just, then
jether amar

this Collegian shall indeed be an adversary.

This is the road less travelled. This is the path we

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03 Balita Philippine Collegian | martes | 13 hun 06

Sa muling pagkakapasa ng ‘05 nat’l budget Prozac Nation

UP, balik budget cut

I’ve never been into those
rah-rah team sports, which
seems to infect half of col-
legiate males. I would rather
play email chess with a virtual
friend than watch the World
Cup on the idiot box. I am
Antonio Tiemsin Jr. Nais bawasan ng Senado ng P31 cut sa muling pagpapatupad ng 2005 Arthur Cayanan, problema pa kung obsessed, however, with the

bilyong pondo ang Opisina ng Pan- budget, ani Alvin Peters, pangkala- maibibigay talaga ng pamahalaan abomination that infects the
ukulangin ng mahigit
gulo kaya hindi nagkasundo ang hatang-kalihim ng National Union of ang buong alokasyon. Hanggang other half – video games.
tatlong bilyong piso ang
dalawang Kapulungan sa bicameral Students of the Philippines (NUSP). ngayon halimbawa, nakabinbin pa Oooh, don’t let me get started
matatanggap na budget
conference. Aniya, maaaring hindi man nabago rin umano ang pagpapalabas ng on this. Or maybe I’m just over
ng UP dahil sa muling
Sa ilalim ng 2005 GAA, P4.45 ang nominal na halaga ng budget, P3.5 milyon para sa isang equip- generalizing.
pagpapatupad ng 2005 pambansang
bilyon ang napunta sa UP System, nabawasan pa rin ang tunay na halaga ment outlay. So when my shrink told me
budget. to “go out and keep myself
kasama na ang pondo ng Philippine nito dahil sa pagbaba ng halaga ng Sa pag-iral ng 2005 GAA, mag-
Nagsara ang Kongreso noong busy,” I stayed home the
General Hospital. Mataas ito kaysa piso at pagtaas ng bilihin. kakaroon ng “realignment” kung
Biyernes nang hindi napipinal ang whole summer and exhausted
P4.16 bilyong panukala ng Depart- Tatanggap ang UP ng P3.75 saan maaaring ilaan ang pondo ng
deliberasyon sa P1.06 trilyong panu- my video game collection.
ment of Budget and Management sa bilyon para sa personnel services, mga natapos nang proyekto noong
kalang pambansang budget ngayong Having been diagnosed as a
2006, ngunit malayo sa P7.82 bilyong P91.14 milyon para sa capital 2005 sa mga bagong poyekto ngay-
taon, kaya muling ipatutupad ang manic-depressive just before
kailangan ng unibersidad ngayong outlay, at P609.71 milyon para sa ong taon.
General Appropriations Act (GAA) the second semester ended,
taon ayon sa administrasyon ng UP. operating expenses.
ng 2005 na naglalaman ng alokasyon Dagdag-bawas I must have lived up to it and
Ayon kay Assistant Vice Presi-
ng gobyerno sa lahat ng departa- Bawas Sa GAA ng 2005, P102.58 bilyon wallowed in self-pity. I was in-
dent for Planning and Finance
mento at programa nito. Maituturing pa ring may budget itutuloy sa p.11 deed busy, but I never did go
out. Not even Mitch, my girl-
Mulat na pagsusulat For three consecutive years friend, could persuade me.
Not that she tries hard,

Admin intervention mars either. She’s always busy with

her rallies and discussions and
all that activist stuff. Humph.

Perspective EIC selection That pompous, self-righteous

– er, I shouldn’t use expletives
in this column.
J e r r i e M . Ab e l l a of the examinees’ total grade, and I guess my life as a recluse
an interview conducted by the 5 might have gone on for who

or the third time in a row, judges, which is 15 percent. knows how long, until one of
allegations of administrative Buendia topped the written my editors personally visited
intervention hound the se- part but ranked last in the first me and told me that I’ve been
lection of the editor in chief (EIC) interview, both of which were tasked to write a front page
of UP Los Baños’s (UPLB) official conducted on March 11. Pasia, on column every week for an
student publication, the UPLB entire year.
the other hand, placed second in
Perspective. Why would I want to go out
both categories.
UPLB Chancellor Luis Rey anyway? I have everything I
Velasco appointed second placer “No significant difference” need at home. My notebook
Samuel Jay Pasia as EIC instead of Student Regent Raffy Jones computer is filled with more
first placer Christian Ray Buendia. Sanchez revealed that in a dialogue, games than I can handle. My
This was after Velasco’s decision to Velasco said he decided to hold a newly purchased N91 has
hold a second interview on April second interview because statis- more songs in it than I can
tically, he found “no significant listen to in a day. The televi-
4, a deviation from the original
difference” between the scores sion is perpetually on, albeit
guidelines set by the selection com-
of Pasia (85.30) and first placer on mute most of the time. I
Nagtipun-tipon ang ilang miyembro ng League of Filipino Students sa mittee (SC).
have a cupboard filled with
harap ng Bulwagang Vinzons upang tutulan ang mga ipinatutupad na The initial editorial examina- Buendia (87.83).
pagtaas ng bayarin ngayong pasukan at patuloy na humingi ng mataas na microwaveable food. I bought
tion process was composed of a Velasco said he applied the T-
bu dget. my medication for two months
april deevian mosquera
written test, which is 85 percent test, a method of statistical analysis
all at once. My pets, Mary Kate
aimed at determining credibility
UP ChaCha sa Senado
the cat and Ashley the guppy,
of measurements, in forming his
keep me company.
Maybe I’m just moping. I’m

Demokratisasyon sa pamumuno
Buendia contested that such supposed to be an Industrial
test can only be used when there Engineering senior now, but
is only a small difference between

ng UP, isinusulong pa rin

a couple of DRPs and INCs in
the scores. He added that “common my record during the past year
judgment” shows that a 2.53 mar- seem so threatening. I might
gin is not small. Further, Sanchez be put on probation (again), or
believed such method should be even kicked out of the college.
Melane A. Manalo National University” bago matapos hala ng UP. used for their raw scores instead The last day of late registration
ang nakaraang taon. Ngunit hindi kinikilala ng SB

aipasa na sa Mababang of their average scores. isn’t until next week. I still have
Itinatampok sa HB 5008 ang 1833 ang UPSA. Gaya naman sa Velasco also explained that the
Kapulungan ang panuka- a few days to think.
pagkakaroon ng UP System As- HB 5008, panukala nitong gawing SC submitted a report without Meanwhile, I procrastinate.
lang pagbabago sa Saligang sembly (UPSA), na bubuuin ng tatlo mula sa lima ang appointee ng
Batas ng UP, ngunit hinihingi pa a recommendation for the top I’ll be using my wireless broad-
mga halal na kinatawan ng mga Pangulo ng bansa sa BOR. examinee’s appointment, so he band service to email this
rin ng iba’t ibang sektor ang rep- mag-aaral, guro, administrative
resentasyon sa pinakamataas na Tungo sa believed it was up to him to select column, despite my editor’s
staff at alumni mula sa pitong who among the examinees should insistence that I go to the
pamunuan ng unibersidad. constituent university ng UP. Ang demokratisasyon?
Inaprubahan ng Kamara ang HB Bagamat kinikilala ng HB 2327 be appointed. office. I have more important
UPSA ang magiging tagapayo sa The Revised Rules and Regula- things to do. A new custom
5008 o “An Act to Strengthen UP Board of Regents (BOR), na siya ang UPSA, hindi pa rin nito “tunay
tions Governing the Perspective, expansion pack of my favorite
as the Premier State University” pa ring magiging pinakamataas na at tuwirang” naisasangkot ang
however, states that the examinee Dungeons & Dragons incarna-
noong Abril, na nagkonsolida na sa lehislatura sa UP. iba’t ibang sektor sa pagpapasiya
obtaining the highest average in tion was just released. 
iba pang panukalang-batas na may Halaw ang UPSA sa HB 2327, isa sa mga tunguhin ng UP, ayon kay
kanya-kanyang bersyon ng pagpa- Clodualdo Cabrera, tagapangulo the editorial examination shall be Noel Pacis Hernaiz
sa panukalang-batas na pinag-isa sa recommended to the chancellor by
palit sa UP Charter ng 1908. HB 5008, kung saan nilalayong ga- ng All-UP Workers’ Union.
Naisalang naman sa Senate Ngunit para kay Faculty Re- the SC for the EIC position.
nap na palitan ng UPSA ang BOR. P.S.
Committee on Education, Arts and Isinulong ang pagpapalit sa BOR gent Roland Simbulan, bukod sa Redundant interviews I still haven’t thought of a
Culture ang Senate Bill (SB) 1833 ng iba’t ibang sektor sa unibersidad magiging magastos para sa UP Sanchez questioned the conduct name for this column. Maybe
o “An Act to Strengthen UP as the para sa representatibong pamama- itutuloy sa p.10 next week : )
continued on p.10
04 Balita Philippine Collegian | martes | 13 hun 06

Sa lumalalang pamamaslang ng estadong Arroyo Pressing issues

43 kabataan patay
Wendell Mollenido Gumban ni Angcon. istrasyong Arroyo, ayon sa pahayag has the resources, opportunities

Iginigiit ng mga kaanak ni Ang- ng Anakbayan. and motives to conduct a system-
ahit mga kabataan con na may pulitikal na motibasyon atic ‘neutralization’ of progressive
ay hindi sinasanto ng ang pagpatay. Lagot kang bata ka organizations and people,” ayon
pasismo ng estado. Nauna na umanong nailagay sa Ayon sa NUSP, marami pang naman kay Delos Reyes.
Mula nang manung- listahan ng Order of Battle (OB) ng kabataan, kahit pa mga lider ng Dagdag pa ng NUSP, maging
kulan si Gloria Arroyo sa puwesto ika-11 Infantry Batallion si Angcon, konsehong pang-mag-aaral, ang ang mga estudyante at opisyal ng
noong Enero 2001, umaabot na sa kasama ng apat na iba pang kasapi kasama sa OB ng militar. paaralan ay ginagamit para mag-
43 kabataang may edad 25 pababa ng mga militanteng organisasyon Halimbawa nito ay si Mike manman sa mga lider-estudyante at
ang napapabilang sa kaso ng extra- sa kanilang bayan. Malano, pangulo ng University mga militanteng grupo sa paaralan.
judicial killings, ayon sa National Ang OB ay talaan ng mga per- Student Council ng Bicol Uni- Halimbawa umano ang pagpa-
Union of Students of the Philip- sonalidad sa mga organisasyong versity, kung saan nag-aral din si pasapi sa mga piling estudyante
pines (NUSP). itinuturing ng militar na prente Hugo. Ani Malano, isang kakilalang sa Student Intelligence Networks
Maituturing na extra-judicial ng mga komunista, na layon nilang nakahawak ng mga dokumento bilang bahagi ng Reserve Officers Members of college publications
ang pamamaslang kung ang may- sugpuin. Kaya nagiging pangun- ng militar ang nagsabing kasama Training Program. nationwide gathered on May
salang pinaghihinalaan pa lang ay aghing target ng pamamaslang ang umano siya sa OB. Ani Delos Reyes, karaniwang 19 to 23 for the 66th National
hindi na pinaabutan ng akusasyon Inulat ni Malano ang pagma- Student Press Convention of
mga progresibong organisasyon, nakikipagsabwatan ang militar sa the College Editors Guild of the
o paglilitis at agaran na lamang pahayag ng Anakbayan. manman sa kanya ng mga ahente mga opisyal na tanggapan ng mga Philippines in Sto. Domingo,
pinapatay. Nauna nang pinaslang si Cris ng militar sa burol ni Hugo noong unibersidad upang makakuha ng Albay. Among the activities was a
Hugo, kasapi ng pambansang Marso. impormasyon. caucus which aimed to determine
Patay kang bata ka Nasa OB rin ng militar sa Silan- the state of press freedom in
Pinakahuli sa mga ito sa hanay konseho ng League of Filipino Stu- “It is unfortunate for any society
dents, noong Marso 19 sa Legazpi gang Visayas ang dating bise-presi- when its government devours on its each school. Resolutions passed
ng kabataan si Pedro Angcon, dente ng NUSP para sa Visayas, ani during the plenary included calls
limang taon nang organisador ng City, Albay. own children. Rest assured that the to oppose Charter Change and
Isang lider naman ng Anak- Marco delos Reyes, pambansang youth will not be cowered but will
militanteng organisasyong Anak- remove President Gloria Macapa-
bayan sa Zamboanga del Sur, si pangulo ng NUSP. gal Arroyo from power.
bayan, na pinaslang noong Mayo 16 “Only this fascist government Itutuloy SA p.10
sa Guihulngan, Negros Oriental. Brian Macalisang, ang hindi pa k a r l f r e d r i ck m . c a s t r o

Nagtamo ng 38 tama ng bala si rin natatagpuan matapos umano

CHEd fails to curb tuition hikes

Angcon, edad 25, mula sa mga di itong dukutin sa bayan ng Tukuran
kilalang lalaking sakay ng motor- noong Abril 30. Sa edad na 16,
siklo. Ayon sa mga saksi, nagpang- siya na umano ang pinakabatang
gap na kostumer ang mga salarin sa biktima ng mga “di maipaliwanag
na pagkawala” sa ilalim ng admin- V i ct o r G r e g o r L i m o n including the students. while maintaining the rates for up-
vulcanizing shop na pinapasukan per class students. A similar system

espite its regulatory Violators was imposed in UP this academic
Nang maabot ang Mendiola m easures, the Commis- However, in the National Capi- year. (see related article on p.5)
sion on Higher Education tal Region (NCR) alone, 97 out Meanwhile, 54 private HEIs in
(CHEd) failed to prevent higher of 292 private and public schools the NCR increased their tuition
educational institutions (HEIs) increased their tuition fees as early beyond the allowed 7.6 percent.
from implementing tuition hikes as May. This, in spite of the said two Examples include the Far East-
this school year. CHEd memoranda. ern University (33 percent for
For all state universities and According to Carl Marc Ra- Nursing and 12 percent for the rest
colleges (SUCs), CHEd issued a mota, vice president of Kabataan of its courses) and the University
memorandum on March 30 ruling youth sectoral party, they received of the East (20 percent for busi-
out tuition and miscellaneous fee reports that several state schools ness administration courses and
increases. increased tuition. 25 percent increase for incoming
For all private HEIs, CHEd “[There] are SUCs in Bicol, Pan- freshmen).
issued Memorandum Order No. ay and other parts of the country De La Salle Araneta University
14 (CMO 14) on May. It set the that are implementing a ladderized (DLSAU) also increased tuition by
prevailing inflation rate, currently tuition hike. [Many] state schools 10 percent in most of its courses,
at 7.6 percent, as the ceiling for are actually charging exorbitant St. Joseph’s College 20 percent, La
increasing tuition fees in private processing fees which are even Consolacion de Paro 15 percent
HEIs without prior consultation. higher than the basic tuition,” and La Consolacion Manila 15
Schools planning fee increases Ramota said. percent.
Bilang tugon sa panawagang wakasan ang pamamaslang
at karahasan ng estado, dahas pa rin ang ipinambuwag higher than 7.6 percent have to The ladderized tuition hike is A DLSAU official, who request-
sa demonstrasyon noong Hunyo 09. Candice Anne Reyes request permission from CHEd a scheme wherein schools impose ed anonymity, told the Collegian
after consulting concerned parties, higher fees on incoming freshmen that their school was permitted
Kung ‘di lilipat sa mamahaling kiosks by CHEd to increase tuition by 10
percent in most of its courses.

UP Manininda, nanganganib mapaalis Lip service

According to National Union of
Students of the Philippines Presi-
V i ct o r G r e g o r L i m o n tuluyan nang paaalisin sa kampus. Nababagabag ang karamihan siya, at mura ang mga produktong dent Marco delos Reyes, the two
Itinakda ito sa inihapag na con- sa mga manininda dahil hindi nila ipagbibili sa mga estudyante ng CHEd memoranda were forms of

aaring mawalan ng tract of lease ng administrasyon sa kakayanin ang upa. “[Wala kam- UP.” “lip service” by the government.
kabuhayan ang mga ma- mga manininda noong Hunyo 5, ing kita] dahil bakasyon nitong Ngunit ayon kay Hernandez, “It [appears] that the memo-
ninindang nasa paligid na unang napag-usapan nooong nakaraan,” daing ni Linda Ahito, marami silang nais ipatanggal sa randa are only recommendatory
ng Academic Oval kung igigiit ng Agosto ng nakaraang taon. may-ari ng fishball stand malapit nilalaman ng kontrata. Isa rito ang in essence rather than obligatory
administrasyon ng UP ang kanilang Kasama sa paunang bayad ang sa Main Library. “‘Di rin naman pagtaas ng upa hanggang P2,500, since they can be forgone,” delos
paglipat sa mga bagong tayong tig-dalawang libong pisong cash malaki ang kinikita namin kahit hindi pa kasama ang Value-Added Reyes said. “They are just instru-
kiosk. deposit at isang buwang advance [may pasok].” Tax, pagdating ng ikalawang taon. ments of the Arroyo administration
Bukas na ang itinakdang huling rental fee. Kinukondena rin ng mga mani- to appease the students, to create
araw ng pagbabayad ng mga mani- Ayon kay Narry Hernandez, pan- Lugi sa upa ninda ang ilang panuntunan sa pag- the false image that they are doing
ninda ng apat na libong piso bilang gulo ng Samahang Manininda sa UP Ani La’O, ang relokasyon ng mga gamit ng mga kiosk, tulad ng pag- something to help the students in
paunang bayad sa paglipat sa mga Campus Inc. (SMUPC), napagka- manininda ay bahagi ng tungkulin babawal sa paggamit ng LPG tank. their plight.”
nasabing kiosk. Ani Vice Chancel- sunduang itakda sa dalawang libong ng pamunuan ng UP. “[Nais] nam- Pahihintulutan lamang umano ang The Kabataan Party also con-
lor for Community Affairs Ida La’O, piso ang upa noong Enero mula sa ing pagandahin ang Academic Oval mga kagamitang de-kuryente tulad ng continued on p.10
ang mga hindi makapagbabayad ay orihinal na tatlong libo. at siguraduhing malinis, masustan- itutuloy sa p.11
05 Balita Philippine Collegian | martes | 13 hun 06

reshmen hopeful of
UP’s low tuition were
in for a grim surprise as
many tuition and other
fee increases were implemented First
this semester.
Last summer, the Board of
Regents (BOR), UP’s highest
policy-making body, approved
several tuition and miscellaneous
fee increases affecting various
UP units.
According to UP Diliman (UPD)
University Student Council (USC)

Chairperson Paolo Alfonso, most
of the increases were not con-
sulted by the UP Administration
with students currently enrolled in
the university as they only applied
to freshmen. (see related article
on p12)
Given the increases, Student
Regent (SR) Raffy Sanchez ex-

Fee increases
pressed fear that UP is becoming
less accessible to underprivileged

welcome UP
(Fee)ling the illness
Incoming UP College of Medi-
cine (UPCM) freshmen were
struck by widespread fee increases

in UP as tuition in the college in-
creased from P11,500 to P20,000, as
approved by the BOR on April 27.
Outgoing UPCM Dean Cecilia Alliance for the Advancement of

Tomas said the increase would help Democratic Rights in UP, which
augment UPCM’s budget, which M a . A n n a K ry n e s s a L . R i v e r a conducted campaigns for the
mostly goes to the personnel. scrapping of the LRF, also said in a
statement that the LRF was cruel to

tuition hike mulled

But for Faculty Regent Roland
Simbulan, the increase was un- students who already find it diffi-
warranted as half of the UPCM cult to pay tuition in time given the
student population come from country’s current economic crisis.
low-income families. He also said
the increase would be detrimental Danger ahead
(Book)ed increase number of fee increases imposed Momentary relief Still, danger looms ahead for
to UP students already affected by Meanwhile, access to UP’s li- only to freshmen has alarming Meanwhile, UP students could
the spiraling cost of living. UP students as the committee
braries had become more costly implications. “Pwede na tayong be momentarily relieved from these formed by Roman to review UP’s
Meanwhile, UPCM Represen- for UPD and UPEPP students as mag-increase ng iba’t ibang fees fee increases as the late registration
tative to the UP Manila USC Donn tuition policy recently proposed
the library fee in both units was yearly without student consultation fee (LRF) was waived in all UP units to increase undergraduate tuition
Valdez said the increase would increased from P400 to P800 for on the ground that incoming stu- for this semester, as decided by the
also adversely affect the already for future incoming freshmen in
undergraduate freshmen students, dents naman ang maaapektuhan,” BOR on May 25. all UP units.
dwindling number of doctors in and from P800 to P1,200 for in- he said. The LRF is stipulated in Article
the country. “Sabi ng Philippine If passed, Sanchez revealed that
coming graduate students. 332 of the University Code as fine tuition will increase from P300 to
Medical Association, isa sa mga According to UP President
Massive attack for students who enroll after the
rason kung bakit kumokonti ‘yong Students from other year levels P1,000 per unit in Diliman, Los
Emerlinda Roman, the increase regular registration period. Baños and Manila and from P200
mga nag-dodoktor ay dahil sa were not spared from fee hikes as
would support the modernization But Sanchez said the LRF had to P600 in Baguio, Mindanao,
pagtataas ng medical education,” well, like UPD College of Mass
program of the libraries. become an income-generating Pampanga and Visayas.
he said. Communication (CMC) students
Alfonso, however, said the li- scheme for the university as flaws The proposal was submitted to
who felt the blow of CMC’s labora-
Master revision braries’ expenses should not be in UP’s enrolment process force Roman last March and will still
tory fee hikes this semester, as ap-
Meanwhile, the UP Extension shouldered by the students as they many students to register late, like undergo further study, according
proved by the BOR in December.
Program in Pampanga (UPEPP) are part of UP’s basic service to the lack of subjects offered. to Sanchez.
The increase was highest in the
also implemented a tuition fee students as a state university. Political organization Student He also said that such a proposal
Broadcast Communication depart-
increase from P500 to P1,500 per According to Sanchez, the large is bound to make UP education
ment, where almost all lecture
unit for incoming students of the courses hiked their fees from zero more biased towards those who
revised Masters in Management to P200, and the Film department, are well-off, and thus more com-
(MM) program. According to which raised their fees to as much mercialized.
Sanchez, the increase that the as 100 percent. There were 49 CMC On the other hand, Roman said
BOR approved on May 25 would courses that increased lab fees. UP is not increasing tuition to gen-
also affect 40 students who would In its proposal, the CMC Ad- erate profit. “We are raising tuition
shift to the program. ministration said the increase was because we need to augment our
In its proposal, the UPEPP for maintenance of facilities and limited financial base so that we
Administration said the increase purchase of new equipment needed can offer better education to our
would be used to improve facilities by the college’s lab courses. students,” she said.
and teaching materials needed by Former SR Ken Ramos contest- Alfonso, however, said the UP
the new MM program. ed the implementation of lab fee Administration can intensify its
UPEPP Student Council Chair- hikes especially in lecture courses, fight for greater state subsidy in-
person Buenalyn Galura, however, but the CMC Administration said stead of financially burdening the
said the increase was too high for lecture courses use equipment such students. “‘Pag kumilos naman
a state university, especially since as computers and LCD projectors ang mga estudyante, napatunayan
the new program is trimestral. that require lab fees. natin, magtatagumpay tayo,” he
“Tatlong buwan lang ang prepara- Ramos also said the lab fee hikes said, referring to the February
syon ng isang mag-aaral upang only make CMC education less 14 mobilization that successfully
makaipon para sa susunod na affordable. slashed about P100 million in UP’s
trimester,” she said. budget cut in 2000. 
06-07 Kultura Philippine Collegian | martes | 13 hun 06

Kuya Doy Isaw sa Ilang-Ilang Macario Sakay

Iisa yata ang likaw ng bituka Si Arnel Jaca ang dakilang
Sit-in sa FA noong 80’s si
Edna Sinoy Mang Romy Narry Hernandez Benjie
Alfredo Bres na ngayon ay nagha- ng mga taga-UP dahil pagpatak tanungan ng direksyon, mani-
Dating pangulo ng Sama- Manalo man o Campos, ayon Si Kuya Narry ang kasalu- Matatagpuan si Benjie sa Sunken
hanapbuhay sa harap ng Universi- ng alas dos ng hapon, tatambay ninda ng dyaryo, kendi, yosi at
han ng Manininda sa UP Cam- kay Mang Romy, siya raw ang kuyang pangulo ng SMUPC. Garden, mag-isang hinaharana ang
ty Arcade. Sa halagang 400 pesos na sila sa may Ilang-Ilang upang inumin sa Ilang-Ilang shed. Dahil
pus, nakapuwesto si Ate Edna may-ari ng Vinzons. Kapag na- Nakapuwesto siya sa may Main mga nakatambay doon. Madalas
pataas, si Kuya Doy ay gumuguhit pawiin ang gutom sa isawan ni sa mahabang buhok na ayaw
sa tapat ng Vinzons. Suki niya kasalubong mo siya, asahan Lib, at paboritong pit stop ng niyang kantahin ang mga kanta ng
at nagpipinta ng mga portraits o Aling Angie. Dinarayo rin ito ng niyang paputulan at sa mala-re-
ang mga tambay ng Vinzons mong tatanungin ka niya ng mga mahihilig mag-jogging. The Beatles at iba pang mga lumang
kung minsan pa’y mga class proj- mga estudyante mula sa iba’t beldeng katauhan daw niya kaya
at ang mga nag-oopisina dito, kanyang trademark na “Meron awitin.
ects ng mga estudyante. ibang paaralan, pati ng mga artista siya binansagang Macario Sakay.
at anawnser. Kilala rin siya bilang Long Hair at tulad ng Kulê, USC at OSR. ba tayo diyan?”

Allan Manininda sa
Palaging bihis at naka-postura, tapat ng Narra
iniikot ni Allan ang Balay Kalinaw, Mula sa murang mga silog meals
Ilang-Ilang, University Arcade hanggang sa burgers at fries, ang
at International Center upang nokturnal na tindahang ito ang
makipag-usap sa mga kaibigan sagot sa gutom ng mga taga-Narra
o sa sarili. Maaaring masalubong kapag malalim na ang gabi. Isang
mo siyang may pinupulot sa daan mobile na tindahan, sa likod ng isang
o nagsasalitang mag-isa. pick-up truck nakalagay ang mga
pagkain nila.

Mang Cecilio Aling Remy

Kapatid siya ni Mang Siya ang lola ng bayan sa Fili-
Nestor na isa ring fishball piniana section ng Main Library.
vendor. Dahil naka-pwesto sa Dagdag-aliw sa pagbabasa ng
may Vanguard, dinudumog readings mo ang blue, yellow at pink
ang kanyang mga paninda na mga kulay ng papel sa kanyang
ng bawat daraan. Mabenta photocopy corner. At para di ka
ang mga pagkain ni Mang maligaw ng landas, may pabaon
Cecilio dahil sa kakaibang siyang Bible quote on post-it notes
timpla ng sauce. kasama ng readings mo.

Manang Sol
Tuwing 4:30 ng hapon, inaa- Ka Omeng
bangan na ng mga taga-CHK si Saan ka pa makakakita ng CR
Manang Sol para sa mga tindang na may tindahan sa loob? Sa unang
pagkain nito. Kilala rin ni Manang palapag ng AS, naroon ang munting
Sol kung sino ang mga miyembro tindahan ng janitress na si Ka Omeng
ng kung aling varsity. Pinaka- na nang ireklamo’y nakapuno ng isang
mabenta sa mga estudyante ang buong yellow pad ang petition para
penoy, itlog-pugo, at toge dahil wag tanggalin. Pangarap daw niyang
sa masarap na suká nito. mag-Emeritus.

Eng’g Photocopy
Sila ang pinakamagagandang Manang Pilar
photocopy ladies tuwing may “Manang Pilar” ang tawang
exam sa College of Engineer- ng iba sa kanya, pero hindi dahil
ing. Halos pagkaguluhan sila sa bininyagan siyang Pilar nung bata
pwesto nila sa ikatlong palapag pero dahil sa harap ng Pilar Her-
dahil bukod sa murang photo- rera Hall ng AS nakapuwesto ang
copy, may mga sample exam sila photocopying machine niya.
na kung di mo makita’y tutulu-
ngan ka pa nilang hanapin.

Kuya Bong
Nang gibain ang tambayan
sa tapat ng Faculty Center dahil
sa pagpapatayo ng kiosk, isa ang
Ate Edith tindahan ni Kuya Bong sa mga
Itinanghal na Best Actress para sa isang sexy role sa muntik nang mawalan ng puwesto.
isang student short film si Ate Edith. Kasing benta ng Pero ngayon ay buhay pa rin ang
tinda niyang pisbol at siomai ang mga chika niya tungkol tindahan niya at madalas na tam-
sa buhay niya. Lilipad na raw papuntang Jeddah, Saudi bayan ng mga siklista.
Arabia ang bibong tinderang ito.

ng Unibersidad ng Pilipinas-Diliman ay
Mang Nestor hindi lamang kampus – isa rin itong ko-
Sa mga taga-Fine Arts, siya
Manong Kuli munidad. Sa pagpasok ng mga bagong
Dudz si Manong Fishball na handa
Zorro Isko at Iska sa pamantasan, samu’t-saring mga
Si Manong Kuli ang gwardiyang kang pautangin kung gutom
Shimra Matinik na askal si Dudz lalo na Suot ang maskara at kapa, karakter din ang inyong makikilala bukod sa mga
nakatoka tuwing gabi sa College of sa mga babaeng aso sa FA. Mahilig ka’t kapos. Paborito rin siyang
Ang bundat na chow-chow na madalas makita si Zorro na nag-
Mass Communication. Pinarangalan siya
pag-aari ng theatre stalwart na itong matulog sa girl’s CR. Pinapa- artista ng mga estudyante sa kaklase at propesor. Maaaring hindi mo alam
lalakad o tumatakbo sa Acad
noong nakaraang taon sa pagkakahuli
si Tony Mabesa. Madalas siyang kain siya ng mga estudyante ngunit FA, maging sa short film man o kung saan ang E. Jacinto St., ngunit malamang Fishballs sa FC
Oval pagpatak ng hapon. Kahit
niya sa isang magnanakaw ng mga kable bali-balitang nilapa nito ang isang sa docu. Sa maniwala’t sa hindi, alam mo kung sino si Kuya Narry. O kaya’y naka- Isa sa mga fishball stand sa gitna ng FC Parking Lot
makikita sa Acad Oval tuwing na maraming estudyante ang na-
sa CMC Media Center na halos sampung 450 ang friends n’ya sa Friend- at AS ay kakaiba dahil sa metikolosong paggugupit ng
Linggo, kasama minsan ang amo pusang nagngangalang Batik. Gali- gigimbal kapag nakakasalubong limutan mo na ang pangalan ng propesor mo sa
taon nang ginagawa. sin na ito ngayon dahil napabayaan ster na gawa ng mga taga-FA fishball, squidball at kikiam na binebenta dito gamit ang
niyang propesor. siya, apir naman ang bati sa kaniya Kas I ngunit suki ka pa rin ng isaw ni Aling Angie.
ng dating amo nitong gwardiya na para sa kanya. Bukod sa fishballs, old reliable kitchen shears ni Manong. Espesyal rin ang
marami rin siyang tindang ulam
ng mga suking joggers sa UP. Karamihan sa kanila ay maaaring mawala nang footlong hotdog nila dahil may choice of coleslaw and
sa may checkpoint.
na nanganganib mawala dahil bigla na lang, tulad ng mga manininda, mga pickle relish ka pa.
sa nakaambang pagbabawal guard, at mga manggagawa. Ito ay mapa ng
ng paggamit ng LPG sa UP mga personalidad sa kampus na naging bahagi
Manininda. na ng ating komunidad.

t e k s t o : k u lt u r a s e ct i o n . d i s e n y o n g pa h i n a : g r a p i k s s e ct i o n .
08 Lathalain Philippine Collegian | martes | 13 hun 06

Dire Arithmetic ConCom’s Proposed Revisions


• Article II, Sec. 13. The State recognizes the vital role of the Youth in nation-
building and shall promote and protect their physical, moral, spiritual, intel-
lectual, and social well-being.
• Article II, Sec. 17. The State shall give priority to education, science and

technology, arts, culture, and sports to foster patriotism and nationalism,
accelerate social progress, and promote total human liberation and develop-
• Article II, Sec. 9. The State shall promote a just and dynamic social order
that will ensure the prosperity and independence of the nation and free the

Charter people from poverty through policies that provide adequate social services,
promote full employment, a rising standard of living, and an improved qual-
ity of life for all.

Change Addition

and its
• Art. XII, Sec. 12. …Citizenship restrictions are hereby lifted relative
to the ownership and lease of alienable lands of the public domain
which include agricultural, residential, commercial and reclaimed

Implications on
lands, development of natural resources, ownership of franchises
and of public utilities, mass media, education insurance and
advertising, unless otherwise provided by law. Parliament shall

provide for limited foreign ownership in regard to franchises
granted to corporations involving public utilities of large scale.
(Proposed amendments to the said provision as proposed by

Speaker Jose de Venecia, Representatives Prospero Nograles,
and Miguel Zubiri directly lift citizenship requirements in the
ownership of the said sectors)
• Article XVI, Sec 3. Educational institutions at the pre-
school, elementary and high school levels, other than
those already established by religious groups and
mission boards, shall be owned solely by citizens
Frank Lloyd Tiongson of the Philippines, or corporations or associations
at least sixty per centum of the capital of which is
owned by such citizens. Parliament may, however,
require increased Filipino equity participation in
all educational institutions. (The qualifying phrase
“pre-school, elementary, and high school levels,”
however, opens up higher education institutions to
foreign ownership)

SOURCE: Government Neglect of Education: Exacer-

bated by the Proposed Constitution, CODAL (2006)

of citizenship restric- Chartered Interests
tions on the owner- Delos Reyes, meanwhile, added that Cha-
hen it seems unlikely that the sorry state ship of education Cha “does not, in any way, reflect the interest
institutions. of the people, especially the youth.” Clearly,
of Philippine education has any room Considering Palatino stressed, ChaCha is merely meant
left for worse scenarios, leave it to the the ConCom’s pro-
posed ammendments, Delos Reyes anticipated
for the “political survival” of the present
administration in light of the broad clamor
master artist of worst-cases, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo the intensification of commercialization and for Arroyo’s removal from office. Transitory
privatization schemes in the education sector. provisions in the proposed ChaCha open the
herself, to exceed all expectations. According to Raymond Palatino, president prospect of Arroyo’s stay in power until 2010,
of Kabataan, a youth partylist participating ditching the supposed 2007 national elections
Come July, at least according to Arroyo under the said Article of the current consti- in the coming elections, around 85 percent while eluding impeachment for various issues
and her allies, the government will be able tution. For one, the administration’s skewed of tertiary schools in the country are already hounding her regime such as the Hello Garci
to launch the national plebiscite, which will priorities translate to a proposed P721 billion privately run. This is a clear manifestation controversy among many others.
consecrate the proposed Charter Change allotment to debt servicing, seven times more of the government’s disregard for accessible Allowing the Arroyo administration to pro-
(ChaCha). Proponents highlight the shift from than the proposed education budget for 2006. quality education. long its reign only means the perpetuation of
a presidential form of government to parlia- Moreover, while Malacañang has allotted a In light of the proposed revision, Coun- present education policies, which the ChaCha
mentary-federal, lauding primarily the latter’s measly P2 billion for classroom construction, sels for the Defense of Liberties (CODAL), a conveniently affirms. Among such policies are
advantages in speedy and decisive legislation it has reserved P6.4 billion for ChaCha. lawyers’ group campaigning against ChaCha, the Medium and Long Term Higher Education
due to the merger of legislative and executive From the deletion of section 13 alone, Mar- maintained in a position paper that “if trans- Plan and Philippine Agenda for Educational
powers in a parliament. ChaCha supporters co delos Reyes, president of the nation-wide national corporations will own our universi- Reform, all of which systematically legalize

a r t w o r k : k e n d r i ck b a u t i s ta . pa g e d e s i g n : c h e s k a m o n t e s .
also claim that the said change will ensure a alliance of student councils National Union of ties and colleges, profit becomes a primary state abandonment of education. Concrete
more faithful democratic representation. Students in the Philippines, maintained that concern while education and learning takes manifestations of the said policies are reflected
A closer look at ChaCha’s drawing board, ChaCha “completely realigns the perspective secondary importance.” in the gradual decline of state support for the
however, reveals dubious details not normally of government” in terms of promoting the CODAL, moreover, added that under public education sector by means of opening it
pronounced in the administration’s praise re- development of the youth mainly through such set-up, curricula will be surely “geared to private investments or, as presently seen, the
leases. It incorporates revisions and deletions education. ChaCha, evidently, gives more to the needs of foreign markets” rather than escalation of student fees. Millions of youth,
of salient provisions in the current constitu- leeway for military and debt servicing. tailor-made for the needs of the country. For evidently, will continuously find themselves
tion, which would make the systematic neglect With the removal of Section 17, the age- instance, the sudden emergence of informa- forced out of school every school opening.
of education seem like clockwork. old assertions to the “right to education” and tion technology-centered education institu- Delos Reyes urges students to intensify
“increased state subsidy to education” will no tions during the 90s and the current boom of protests against ChaCha through informa-
Absolving Abandonment longer hold any constitutional basis. As such, nursing schools clearly reflect an education tion campaigns that necessary lead to mas-
Generally, the proposals of the Constitu- Delos Reyes said, “[ChaCha] totally legitimizes system configured to satisfy the needs of the sive demonstrations. CODAL, meanwhile,
tional Commission (ConCom), a consultative state abandonment of education.” foreign market. currently addresses the issue through the
assembly headed by former UP president Jose To visualize the possibility of foreign own- legal arena but nonetheless calls for the ac-
Abueva, involves the removal of key provisions Outside Interference ership of education institutions, Delos Reyes tive and bold involvement of the youth and
from Article II of the current 1987 Constitu- As if by twisted providence, the ConCom’s suggested “reviewing history textbooks” and the academe to “thwart attempts to further
tion. Among the said provisions are sections proposal opens colleges and universities to see how the country’s education system merely marginalize the youth and education.”
9, 13, and 17 (see sidebar). foreign ownership under Article XVI, Section served and affirmed the American colonial Behind all the acclaim accorded by the
ChaCha absolves the government from its 3 (see sidebar). Several lawmakers, among regime instead of producing social critics administration to the ChaCha, the brewing
responsibility of providing adequate social them Representatives Prospero Nograles and and professionals geared towards national resistance fueled by the youth will be its death
services as seen in the deletion of Section 9 Miguel Zubiri, even posed the direct removal industrialization. sentence. 
09 Opinyon Philippine Collegian | martes | 13 hun 06

tution. These walls saw how every term was

Silid 401 different from the other, in terms of style,

professionalism, and most importantly,
in their principles. Each term produced
issues that exposed their stances, even as Send your opinions and feedback via SMS!
Type: KULE <space> your message <space>
some terms, time and again, refused to ac-
student number (required), name and
knowledge their biases. If these walls could course (optional) and send them to
lay down judgment, they would recognize
k at r i n a m a c a pa g a l
which terms truly stood by their advocacies,
as well as those which did not go beyond
Non-UP students must indicate any school,
their claims. organizational, or sectoral affiliation. WARNING:
t’s been almost a year since I last engraved on these walls. As I look around this office and try to We don’t entertain textmates.
stepped foot in this office. The walls If these walls could talk, they would hark recreate the memories that seem to have al-
were painted white, far from the dirty back at some of the Collegian’s most tumul- ready been lost, I later pick up bits and pieces
green shade I was accustomed to. The tuous times. These walls would condemn in the office that I still recognized. The old Next Week’s Questions:
1. Ano’ng masasabi mo sa bagong fee
rooms and the furniture were arranged dif- the repression of campus press freedom Graphics table is still here, and the antique
increases sa UP?
ferently. I tried to look for familiar graffiti during the Martial Law years, when the refrigerator is still running. The small table 2. Ano’ng masasabi mo sa unang isyu ng
on the conference table and found none, Collegian struggled to produce issues even where “US TROOPS OUT NOW” is writ- Philippine Collegian 2006-2007?
for they were now neatly covered with dark as mainstream publications were seized ten has not been painted over. These things
brown paint. Worse, the beloved blue couch, by the dictatorship. The walls of this office make me remember that despite the physical
where countless late-night conversations
took place, was nowhere to be found.
I grieved for memories that were buried
These walls stand as firm as the fact that the Collegian
underneath all that was new in the place I has never been a neutral institution. These walls saw how
grew up in. Yes, I grew up here, literally, every term was different from the other, in terms of style,
emotionally, socially. If these walls could
talk, it would speak of days and nights of
professionalism, and most importantly, in their principles.
necessary agitations, eureka moments,
shared tragedies, and everything else that would also remember the times when the changes, the tradition that this office signifies
challenged my comfortable truths. political contradictions among the editors has no yet been lost.
The memories written on the walls of and staff of the Collegian were seen in the This is probably my last year in the Colle-
this office, however, go beyond my personal opposing views written on the editorials and gian. I have been here long enough to realize
recollections. These walls speak of how week columns published simultaneously. In recent that one can never stay within the confines
after week since its establishment, student history, these walls would tell stories of the of this office, for these walls are also limita-
writers and artists strived to produce Colle- controversies and protests surrounding the tions in themselves. Ultimately, I say, break
Call for Contributions
editorial examinations, which indicate that these walls, tear them down, brave through The Philippine Collegian is now opening its
gian issues that would remain true to its ac-
pages for contributions from student writers,
tivist tradition. It would speak of the students there exists widespread recognition of the them. Because even though it is true that subject to the approval of the Editorial Board
whom it housed and how they continuously significant role the Collegian plays in campus the Collegian’s history began within these (EB). You may email your compositions to
struggle to live up to the institution’s history and national politics. walls, it ought to persist more so outside, or send them to our of-
of alternative journalism. These walls stand as firm as the fact that of them. fice at Rm 401, Vinzons Hall. Please encode your
The Collegian’s history as an institution is the Collegian has never been a neutral insti- works (maximum length: 900 words / two pages
of single-space text) and sav them in a diskette
or attached as an .rtf extension file.
Contributions approved by the EB may be
The fresh meat thinks s/he always has the edited for brevity and clarity.

Fresh Meat or
right answers because s/he seems to get all Below are segments open to contributors:
the highest grades, while the dissident only
knows how to ask the right questions. The First Person – If you feel you can no

New Dissident?
dissident’s contentment, however, lies not in longer contain verses and sentiments within
the sanctuary of your anonymity, the segment,
getting unos in his/her subjects, but in being
actually, the whole UP community, shall be your
able to serve the people. Even when the dissi- confidant.
dent is scorned for his/her beliefs, which the Class Struggle – Tales of triumph or
fresh meat merely sees as disturbing his/her mishaps within the four walls of the classoom. Tell
Frank Lloyd Tiongson hollow and illusory peace, s/he will never us about your struggles against terror teachers,
hesitate to trumpet the chants of discontent, crazed classmates, and skewed philosophies.
here are two possible ways had grandiose plans for his/her own future. Under Pressure – Campus journalists
raise the banners of struggle, and raise the
of the world unite! You have nothing to lose
of seeing how we will eventually Sticking to the books before meant a brighter fists of swift and decisive justice. but your chains. As an institution committed to
turn out to be in this university. future, a large house or two, luxurious sala- As such, whatever we do has never been the advancement of press freedom, the Philip-
One, as tenderized meat softened ries, or, heaven help us, a career in govern- the simple trick of circumstance. Being ac- pine Collegian welcomes true-to-life stories on
through comfortable surrender to the insti- ment. The only difference is the dissident corded the tag Iskolar ng Bayan, with all the the perils of writing for the campus press and
tutions we were taught to worship – ready dared to stare at reality straight in the eye, “glory” attached to it, does not automatically advocating change through the power of the
for consumption as soon as we step out of the rife with all the intricate details of inequality pen: libel, withholding of poublication funds,
reserve us a place in history. Nor does it
and the classic tale of administration intrvention.
university. Two, as dissidents toughened by and poverty, and from then on, never chose imply any sort of privilege. It implies a chal- Members of various college publications are
the sharpest principles and commitment to to shut his/her own eyes. Next thing you lenge posed to all freshies to live up to its encouraged to share their sob stories.
uncompromisingly serve the people – con- know, the dissident has extended his/her true meaning, which is the service we owe

sidered poison to the rotten system.
We can all trace our first steps in the
The tag, Iskolar ng Bayan, ultimately,
tact us
university’s busy avenues, administration
offices, and classrooms for our GE subjects. is a call for dissidence
Eventually, however, our map transcends the kette c
opy to
it a dis le 0607@
geographical to the ideological. The fresh route from the campus to the outskirts of to the people, our benefactors. It implies il mail
or su b m
ity. E m
a il k u
via sna ezon C with IN
meat strictly limits his/her route inside the Metro Manila and beyond – to the striking a scholarly understanding of the plight to us an, Qu nsion), please
W r it e a ll , U P Dilim tf e x te 6 6 4 0 ,
zons H with .r local
comfort zone of the academe, rushing from workers of Cavite to the farming communi- of the people, the quandary the status 401, Vin ferably Fa x 9
om (pre subject.
one classroom to the other, occassionally ties of Hacienda Luisita in Tarlac. gmail.c e il s. ty.
quo have the gall to call normality, and, CAN in
nd con
tact d e ta
revity a
nd clari
NEWS dress a ed for b inions,
going to rock concerts inside the campus, Being a dissident is the last thing your subsequently, the commitment to end its include
a n a d
may b e e d it m , op
e criticis rwise) are

Letters structiv
anything that would enhance and affirm all parents would want you to be. Because the grim narrative. The tag, Iskolar ng Bayan, Questio
ns, con
s (violent
or othe
d prais
act io n sals, an
illusions that would protect him/her from the dissident is an acrobat, constantly waiving ultimately, is a call for dissidence. n t is sues, a nd re
d e c e nt p ro p o
on rele
va s, in
hazards of knowing plight and destitution. his/her future to walk the tightrope, while In this note, we welcome the freshies of stands missive can.
metric ur trash it h y o u
e. Kilo ed to o c is e w
The dissident, meanwhile, is no less dif- the fresh meat is a mere audience, safe in welcom a rd
be con TYPE
academic year 2006-2007.  e fo rw

il l b se T ’T

s w P le a ts. DO N
release cemen on’t se
ferent. Like the fresh meat, the dissident his/her own seat. announ tion!? D
th e p unctua s o n moldy
n... n note
easy o -writte
nd, go r badly
CAPS a ages o
IN ALL m e ss
Gusto mo bang maging bahagi ng Philippine Collegian? Umakyat ka lang sa Rm 401 Vinzons Hall! Bukas na bukas ang lahat ng seksyon. rred fa
us blu
News/Balita, Features/Lathalain, Culture/Kultura: Magdala ng bolpen at dalawang bluebook. Grapiks Illustrator: Magdala ng bond paper.
paper at art materials of your choice. Photographer at Layout Artist: Magdala ng bluebook at maikling portfolio ng mga gawa. Online
staff: Magpakilala at mag-email ng portfolio sa Kitakits! Huwag kang matakot, di kami nangangain ng tao.
10 Grapiks Philippine Collegian | martes | 13 hun 06

Demokratisasyon... mula p.3

S ipa t

j u a n pa o l o
s. verzosa

Uhaw. Dalawa lang sila sa ma-

higit 250 mag-aaral ng Pundakit
Elementary School sa Zambales.
Dito, bawat libro ay pinaghahatian
ng dalawang estudyante. Limang
piso kada buwan ang kanilang bayad
sa kuryente. Iisa lang ang kompyuter
ng paaralan na ginagamit lamang ng
natitira nitong siyam na guro.
Isinanla sa isang dayuhan ang
lupain ng paaralan. Limampung
libong piso lamang kada taon ang
upa, at ang munisipyo ang siyang na-
kikinabang sa halip na ang paaralan.
Ngayon, malaking bahagi ng lupa ang 43 kabataan... mula p.4
kinatatayuan na ng isang high-class
beachfront resort.

Admin... from p.3

CHEd... FROM p.4

11 Lathalain Philippine Collegian | martes | 13 hun 06

UP, balik... mula p.3

Philippine Collegian 1986-2005

ighty-four years and no single Philippine Collegian. The
building where the newspaper holds its office – along
with other student institutions – is named after one of its 1996
The Collegian editorial exam captured the
first editors in chief, Wenceslao Vinzons. The beginning years interest of the nation when second placer 2002
of the publication saw its having sponsored Miss Collegian, and Voltaire Veneracion filed a complaint Ellaine Rose Beronio vowed to crumble
the Collegian’s ivory tower. The Collegian,
publishing photos of the most popular students. against winner Richard Gappi, claiming the
along with the rest of the university, con-
judges were biased. The case was junked,
During the Marcos years, the Collegian published what but Veneracion still became editor due to demned the US invasion of Iraq. During
mainstream newspapers cannot – or will not – publish. RASP, a technicality. Months later, the Rebel Col- the USC elections, the Alpha Phi Beta
fraternity allegedly hoarded copies of the
or Radical Activist Student Paper, was the dominant framework. legian was published with an anonymous
editorial board.
In the last 20 years however, the newspaper’s thrust vacillated
from term to term. The RASP framework has been twisted, 1997
played with, appropriated and made to respond to “the needs Lourdes Gordolan, a former USC councilor,
was hounded by a complaint regarding
of the times,” with more contentious terms like “pluralism,” her citizenship before assuming the post
“objectivity” and “postmodernism” entering the fray. of editor in chief. Articles discussing sex
were abundant.

The Collegian editorial board, headed by
Dean Karlo La Viña, echoed the Left’s call
to boycott the national elections.

Ma. Cristina Godinez’s term sought to
expose the newly installed Aquino admin-
Beset by problems regarding honoraria,
istration. Readership was down.
food subsidy and absenteeism, many 2003
resigned from Pablo John Garcia’s Col- 1998
1988 Sherwin Mapanoo continued the previous
legian. The Collegian was published in full color term’s thrust, and adamantly opposed
This term saw the inclusion of light news ar-
ticles, campus scene and similar features. during Jeanie Bacong’s editorship, which the proposed UP charter change through
1993 some of its staff described as having no Senate Bill 2587. Senate guards attacked
The editorship of Patrocinio Jude Esguerra
Again, the RASP framework was rein- thrust at all.
III also denounced the murders of 13 farm- and detained Rafael Lerma, Collegian
vented in Bernard Cobarrubias’ editorship.
ers in the Mendiola Massacre.
The battle cry was pluralism, and more
photographer and graphics editor, while
covering a mobilization against SB 2587.
UP Manininda... Mula p.4
weight was given to local issues, consign- 1999 The Textback segment was also launched,
ing matters of national interest into the After four years of a broadsheet Collegian, enabling readers to send feedback
periphery. Seymour Sanchez downsized it once again through SMS.
to tabloid format. Like Ac-Ac, Sanchez’s
RASP and its various term was described as hard-line RASP.
For the first time, the masthead only 2004
incarnations read Kulê. Jayson Fajarda’s editorship saw the elec-
tion of a new UP president and a new
The Arroyo Years Diliman chancellor. When articles about an
alleged hazing by the Upsilon Sigma Phi
fraternity were published, members of the
fraternity inserted photocopies of a state-
ment from the victim’s father inside the
Collegian’s pages and allegedly hoarded
1989 copies of the newspaper.
Ruben Carranza Jr.’s term was among the
first to espouse pluralism as a framework.
Circulation staff Donato Continente was il-
legally abducted in front of Vinzons Hall for
the alleged killing of an American military
officer. He was released only in 2005.

Francis Ronald Perez’s Collegian was beset 1994
by internal problems. Despite this, the Michael John Ac-Ac’s term downsized the
term called for the university to respond Collegian from broadsheet to tabloid. This
to the crisis of democracy. was also when the Graphics section was
formally created. The term was considered
“hard-line” in its interpretation of RASP.

Herbert Docena almost resigned near
the end of his term due to the staff’s defi-
ance against his dictatorship. The term
also saw the ouster of former president 2005
Joseph Estrada. Juan Paolo Colet’s term was attacked
from all sides, including some members
2001 of the Journalism Department. Midyear,
Perhaps the weirdest Collegian format in the format changed from broadsheet
its time—neither broadsheet nor tabloid to tabloid, the masthead was changed,
but somewhere in between—can be at- and several members of the staff and the
1991 tributed to Duke Bajenting’s term. As with
1995 editorial board resigned. In the midst of
The editorship of Alecks Pabico refused Docena, Bajenting claimed to be “objec-
Ibarra Gutierrez, who was elected Chair- the impeachment complaint filed against
to take a stand in the move to expel the tive” and “non-partisan.”
person of the University Student Council President Arroyo, the Collegian published
US bases from Philippine soil. He also
after his editorial term, reverted to the a special UAAP issue. One of the largest
instituted the Filipino language policy in
pluralist framework and the broadsheet single-term deficits was also incurred,
the Collegian.
format. amounting to about P250, 000. 
uwing tag-init, nag-uunahang pumunta sa kani-kanilang bakasyunan Ayon pa kay Sanchez, sa gani-

tong pagpapasya ng BOR, kinalil-
sina Isko at Iska, habang may iilan lang na pinipiling pumasok sa igtaan ng administrasyon ang
mga mag-aaral bilang sektor ng
summer classes. Ang bakasyon ay panahon ng pagpapahinga ng mga pamantasan. Sa proseso ng de-
mag-aaral, hindi lamang mula sa mga akademikong gawain kundi mula rin mokratikong konsultasyon, kai-
langang malinaw na ilahad ng
sa mga gastusing karaniwan na nilang kinakaharap bawat semestre. administrasyon sa mga mag-aaral
ang kalagayan ng pamantasan at
Ngunit lingid sa kaalaman ng na papasok sa graduate studies. ang stakeholders na hindi pa na-
mga planong kaugnay dito. Para
nakararami, tuwing bakasyon din Bukod tangi naman ang College kapag-aambag para sa operasyon
kay Sanchez, kailangan kabilang
nagpupulong ang Board of Re- of Business Administration na ng kolehiyo.
ang mga mag-aaral sa pagsusuri at
gents, ang pinakamataas na lupong nagtaas mula P700 tungo sa P1,200 Tila may basehan rin ang pag-
pagpapasya ukol sa mga isyu, imbes
tagapagpasya sa mga polisiya ng na library fee. kalat ng nabanggit na text message
ns ipinapaalam na lamang kapag
UP, upang magdesisyon ukol sa Samantala, taong 2004 ng Sety- nitong summer. Sa pagpupulong
napagpasyahan na ng BOR.
mga bayarin ng pamantasan. At embre nang magmungkahi ang ng BOR noong Mayo 27, 2006,
dahil iilang mag-aaral lamang ang mga kawani sa College of Mass pinagpasyahang patuloy na pag- The summer of all fears
nasa pamantasan upang makapag- Communication ng UP Diliman aaralan ng naatasang komite ang Sa malawakang pagtingin, mai-
matyag sa mga planong ito, hindi na itaas ang mga laboratory fee sa posibleng pagtaas ng matrikula uugat ang pagtaas ng mga bayarin
agarang nailalantad ang mga pla- kanilang kolehiyo. Inaprubahan mula P300 kada yunit hanggang ng UP sa komersyalisadong ka-
nong ito ng BOR. ito noong bakasyon ng Disyem- P1,000 kada yunit sa mga susunod lagayan ng edukasyon sa bansa.
Nitong bakasyon lamang, kum- bre 2005. Nitong summer 2006, na semestre. Lumiliit ang regulasyon ng pama-
alat ang isang text message sa nagpasya ang BOR na ipataw ang halaan sa edukasyon at napapasai-
mga mag-aaral ng UP Diliman na mga nasabing bayarin, na nagpataw Summer breakaway
lalim sa operasyon ng pribadong
tumaas raw ang halaga ng matri- ng laboratory fee sa Broadcasting Maituturing na estratihikong
sektor ang maraming eskwelahan.
kula kada yunit. Hindi man totoo Communication at Journalism. hakbang ng BOR ang pagtataas ng
Nagkakaroon ng pagtaas ang mga
ang balita, hindi rin ito malayong (sumangguni sa artikulo sa p.5) bayarin noong summer. Ani Stu-
bayarin sa State Colleges and Uni-
mangyari sa hinaharap kung su- Kabilang din ang iba pang yunit dent Regent Raffy Sanchez sa isang
versities dahil lumiliit ang pondo
suriin ang mga naganap na pagtaas ng UP sa mga nagtaas ang bayarin. pulong ng Katipunan ng mga Sang-
na naibibigay ng pamahalan.
ng bayarin at iba pang pagpaplano Halimbawa, sa UP Pampanga, guniang Mag-aaral sa UP, “Ayon sa
Ayon kay Raymond Palatino,
nitong summer. ginawang P1,500 mula P500 kada administrasyon, hindi kailangang
pangulo ng Kabataan sectoral
yunit ang trimestral na matri- ikonsulta pa ang planong pagtataas
party, itinuturing na negosyo ang
We know what you kula ng Masters in Management. ng bayarin sa mga mag-aaral ng pa-
edukasyon sa Pilipinas kaya’t tang-
did last summer Samantala, sa UP Manila, in- mantasan sapagkat ihahain naman
ing ang mga mayroong kakayahang
Maraming tataas ng bayarin sa aprubahan ang pagtaas ng matri- ang mga ito sa mga bagong papa-
magbayad na lamang ang nakapag-
pagpasok ng Hunyo. Batay sa datos kula ng Kolehiyo ng Medisina mula sok na Iskolar ng Bayan.” Aniya,
aaral. Dahil sa hagupit ng komer-
ng mga bayarin mula sa Office of P11,500 tungo sa nakalululang batay sa kilos ng adminstrasyon,
salisasyon, napapalitan ng korpo-
the University Registrar, tumaas P20,000. Ayon sa dokumento ng maasahan ang taun-taong pagtaas
ratisadong oryentasyon ang dapat
ang library fee ng freshies mula pulong ng BOR noong Abril 2006, ng bayarin at ang tuluyang pagpa-
sana’y makabayang oryentasyon ng
P400 tungo sa P800 sa lahat ng iginiit ito ng administrasyon ng UP paliban sa karapatan ng mga mag-
mga pamantasan tulad ng UP.
kolehiyo ng UP Diliman, samanta- Manila sa kadahilanang ang mga aaral para sa isang demokratikong
Isang halimbawa nito ang pag-
lang P800 tungo sa P1,000 naman magulang at mag-aaral na lamang konsultasyon hinggil sa anumang
papaupa ng UP sa lupa nito upang
ang babayaran ng mga mag-aaral isyu ng UP.
gawing Technopark ng Ayala Cor-
poration. Pinopondohan ng korpo-
rasyon ang mga pag-aaral ng mga
estudyanteng may kursong nasa
linya ng agham. Dahil dito, kung
maglaon, malayang magagamit ng
korporasyon ang mga pag-aaral sa
kanilang negosyo imbes na sa pag-
papaunlad ng siyensa sa bansa.
Ani Carla Co ng Education and
Research Committee ng University
Student Council, kailangang patu-
loy na ipaglaban ang pagtataguyod
sa makabayan at makamasang
edukasyon lalo na sa kolehiyo. Sa
kalagayan ng UP, dapat igiit ang
pagbibigay ng pamahalaan ng
karampatang budget sa paman-
tasan at pigilan ang pagkaltas dito.
Dapat suportahan ang mga pag-
kilos ng mga mag-aaral ng UP na
naninindigan laban sa taun-taong
pagkaltas ng badyet sa UP, at sa
lumiliit na pondo sa edukasyon ng
Pilipinas sa kabuuan.
Sa muling pagpasok nina Isko at
Iska ngayong Hunyo, sasalubungin
sila ng mas mataas na matrikulang
nakasaad sa kani-kanilang Form 5.
Tapos na nga naman ang bakasyon,
at muling iingay at sisikip ang
pamantasan sa pagbabalik ng mga
mag-aaral. Bagamat tapos na ang
tag-init, hitik naman ang panahon
sa itinaas ng mga bayarin. Ang
katapusan ng summer ay simula
lamang ng mas mainit na pagtutol
sa kawalan ng konsultasyon sa
mga mag-aaral ukol sa patuloy na
komersalisasyon ng edukasyon. 

P h i l i pp i n e martes
Collegian 13 hun 06 d i b u h o : k e n d r i ck b a u t i s ta .
artikulo: mini u. soriano. d i s e n y o n g pa h i n a : n o e l pa c i s h e r n a i z .

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