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Robotics Development Embedded Systems and Gesture Controlled Advanced Robotics & Embedded EduCiti - Training

Robotics Robotics Systems Design- ARESD Training

Course Outline:- Course Outline:- Course Outline:- Course Overview:- Course Outline:-
•Introduction to Robotics •Introduction to Robotics •Introduction to Robotics AVR Family of Microcontrollers
•Introduction to embedded C •Introduction to embedded C •Introduction to embedded C • Why AVR? Robot Anatomy
• Design space and considerations Robot Configuration & Selection
•Get to know about WinAVR •Get to know about WinAVR •Get to know about WinAVR
• AVR internals and functioning Criteria
• Basics of Microcontroller • Basics of Microcontroller Architecture • Basics of Microcontroller • Embedded C Programming Robot End of Arm Tooling
Architecture (ATMEL's ATmega ) (ATMEL's ATmega ) Architecture (ATMEL's ATmega ) • Basics of programming Robot Vision System
•Board details and specifications •Board details and specifications •Board details and specifications • Use of the Win AVR compiler Robot Control System
(STEM V1.0) (STEM V1.0) (STEM V1.0) • Head start to various programs on WIN AVR Robot Programming Methods
•Rotational Actuators and their uses •Exploring Micro Controller Features. •Rotational Actuators and their Wireless Technology Forward & Inverse Kinematics
•Wide range of Sensors •Port Configuration and their Status. uses • Techniques and Applications Gripper Force Calculation
• Communication protocol like UART •Interrupts and Timers/Counters •Wide range of Sensors • Concept of data management and processing
• RF Transmission and Reception concepts Visual based Robot Programming
• Wireless communication with a •Polling Vs. Interrupt Driven • Communication protocol like • Interfacing CC2500 RF Transceiver Modules Programming using Assembly
wireless module Approaches UART • IR transmission and reception concept Keil C Basics
•Basics of Analog to Digital •Interfacing LCD •Basics of Analog to Digital • Interfacing 38Khz IR Transmitter and receiver
Converter (ADC) using Joystick •Analog to Digital Converter (ADC) Converter (ADC) Software Support
•Introduction to timers and PWM based Applications using Joystick •Introduction to timers and PWM • Necessity and Applications
•Interfacing LCD •Reading and Writing EEPROM •Interfacing LCD • AVR Development IDE Win AVR and AVR Studio
•Introduction to bot to bot •Introduction to VT Libraries Acclerometers: • Tech flash
communications.(Swarm Robotics) • Communication protocol like UART, •Basics • HID Boot flash
• Tech draw
•Project SPI •Working • Tech terminal
•Project Work •Interfacing RTOS
•Applications • RTOS – An overview
• Concepts of RTOS
• Real time concepts (OS v/s RTOS)
• Need for an RTOS scheduler
Practical Activities: Practical Activities: Practical Activities: Interfacing Peripherals Practical Activities:
• LED Control •Mouse Pointers using Joystick •Led Control • LCD Experimenting with 8051 Kit
•Creating Matrix View •Display Devices • Touch Screen Interfacing Sensors,LED,LCD,7-
• Display Devices • Key pad
•Playing Music Using STEM •Orientation sensing Segments etc.,
• Line follower • DC motor Project Ideas (Micro controller
• Obstacle avoider •Snake Game* •Free Fall Detection • Servo motor based)
•Tetris* •Speed control of the robot • Analog and digital sensors
• Edge avoider
•Suffle - Puck (Two Player Game using •Servos Controlled using tilt • PC & Some other experiments using
• Line maze solver
SPI) sensing • Wireless RF modules timer, counter, driver, IR Module
• Grid solver •Gesture Controlled Robot....and • DTMF modules etc.,
• PWM speed control of DC motor many more... • Infra Red
• PC controlled bot • Matrix LED display
• Wireless controlled bot navigation PCB Layout and Circuit Designing
• Layout and circuit designing software
• RC5 protocol bot navigation using • Drawing schematic
normal TV Remotes • Checking schematic
• Creating board
• Placing parts
• Design considerations
• Routing
• Auto routing
• Copper pouring
• Conclusions
• Bump sensor
• Line sensor
• Optical sensors using LDR, photo transistor and
photo diode.
• Infrared light sensor using IR diode, and IR
• Obstacle detectors
• Temperature sensor
• Shaft Encoder
• Types of actuators used in robotics
• DC motors
• Stepper Motor
• Servo motors
• Linear Actuators
Motor Drivers
• Motor driver using relay
• Motor driver using transistor
• Solid-state drivers: H-bridge, IC drivers

The robotics platform will include: The robotics platform will include: The robotics platform will ARESD Training kit content: KIT DETAILS:-
◦Atmega32 based STEM Board. ◦Atmega32 based STEM Board. include: 1. Micro controller development board
◦CC2500 wireless module pair ◦LCD Display ◦Atmega32 based STEM Board. with the following features: (TAKE AWAY) Mobile Robot Kit - 1 ( 18cm x
a. Built with popular AVR micro controller 15cm)
b. On board programmer interface (USB/serial) Mobile Robot Kit - 2 ( 20cm x
◦Line sensors ◦Battery Holder/Adapters. ◦Line sensors c. On board regulated power supply 15cm)
◦Serial Cable ◦Serial Cable d. On board motor driver Manipulator Kit ( 30cm x 15cm
◦Battery Holder/Adapters. ◦Battery Holder/Adapters. e. On board LED and Buzzer x 30cm)
◦Wheels ◦Wheels f. On board LCD interface Vision Camera - ( 12mp)
g. On board serial port 8051 m/c board - (15cm x
h. On board input switches 10cm)
i. USB power supply USB Programmer- (10cm x 5cm)
2. Digital Optical sensor (TAKE AWAY)
3. Analog Optical sensor (TAKE AWAY) Keil " C "
5. Touch screen (TAKE AWAY) Pro Load & Vision algorithm
6. Serial cable (TAKE AWAY)
7. USB cable (TAKE AWAY) & Some bread boards, basic
8. A set of robot chassis (TAKE AWAY) electronic components etc.,
9. Geared DC motor (TAKE AWAY)
10. Moulded PP Wheels with rubber grip (TAKE AWAY)
11. Ball caster with 360 degree freedom (TAKE AWAY)
12. Batteries for power supply (TAKE AWAY)
13. IR Trans-Receiver module (TAKE AWAY)
14. Servo motor (Non Take Away)
15. Matrix LED display (Non Take Away)
16. CC2500 RF trans-receiver module (Non Take
Technophilia Systems: current
Different types and sizes of cables and
AutoBotz on (AVR): The Robots Can be made using this kit:- 38 500
39 High torque DC motors for robots 24
40 Normal DC motors for robots 50
• Line follower robot 41 Standard Servo Motors 20
42 Metal gear high torque servo motors 20
• Path memorizing robot Brushless motors with speed controller and
43 8
• Grid navigational robot propeller
DC Servo motors with encoder and drivers/PID
44 9
• Obstacle Avoider and Follower Robot controllers
45 Li-Ion Battery 10
• Photo Phobic and phototropic Robot 46 Li-Ion chargers 5
• Fire fighter robot 47 wheels different sizes 75
48 Belts different sizes 10
• Sound controlled robot 49 Sq. Ft. Plastic sheets for making robots 20
50AtMega16 Microcontroller 10
• Wall Follower robot and many more……
51AtMega8 Microcontroller 10
52AtMega32 Microcontroller 10
53AtMega128 Microcontroller With Header Board 5
Please check our robotics lab package. We can offer at Rs.5.5 Lacs. The
54L293NE Motor Driver 10
retail pricing of the same is over Rs.7Lacs.
55L298 Motor Driver 10
Robokits India 56TLE 5205 Motor Driver 10
57Arduino With Mega8 10
58Arduino With Mega168 10
Item Quanti
No. ty
1 Hexapod 18 DOF 2
2 Hexapod 12 DOF 2
3 Streak RC 3
4 Streak Auto 3
5 Roundbot with sensors 2
6 Bipedal walking robot 4 DOF 2
7 Bipedal walking robot 6 DOF 2
8 NeoBot 4WD 2
9 NeoBot 6WD 2
10 Qu-Bot Robot kits with spares 5
11 Omni directional robot (3 Omni wheels) 1
12 Omni directional robot (4 Omni wheels) 1
13 RoboBox multipurpose robot kit 2
14 Robotic Arm Kit 3
15 Rhino robot control boards 10
16 IO analog + digital remote control kits 10
16 5
meters range
4 Digital IO 60 meter range remote control
17 5
18 Accelerometer Sensor 5
19 Gyro Sensor 5
20 Ultrasonic Distance Sensors 10
21 Sharp IR Distance Sensors 10
22 Multipurpose IR Sensors 30
23GSM/GPRS Modems 2
24RFID Readers 2
25Rhino extention boards 10
26Relay Interface Boards 10
27PS2 Remote Controls 5
XBEE Wireless Modems with USB Explorer
28 6
29Stepper Motors Hight & Low Torque 10
High current motor drivers with pwm and
30 5
protetion circuit
31 USB 16 Servo motor controllers 5
32 Line sensor arrays 5
33 USB AVR programmers 5
34 USB-UART links 5
36 GPS modules 5
37 Power supplies - different voltages and 20