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Client Company
Position: Location: Reports To: Web Site: Director, Research and Development Shelton, Connecticut President

The Business
  Centrix was created in 1970 from an idea of Dr. William B. Dragan's to bring to the dental profession an easier way to deliver composite resins and cements from the mixing pad to the tooth. The new composite materials so impressed him with their vast potential in his dental practice, that he knew a simple, efficient, and effective way of delivering composite was a must for the dentist. After much experimentation, and trial and error, Dr. Dragan developed and patented the first practical syringe delivery system for composites in 1970. This was the original Mark I syringe and the CR® (Composite Resin) tube and plug.   Over the years Centrix has continued to grow by expanding its product line and improve upon existing concepts, along with listening to the demands of the dental professional. Since then many products have been introduced. Products such as the all plastic Mark II™ syringe, standard tubes, Mark III™ Plastic syringe, and the PCR tubes remain as proven dependable products.   Today, Centrix is located in a modern facility in Shelton, Connecticut. It manufactures and sells a complete line of dental products to the dental industry. They do this through a hybrid marketing channel of both direct and dealer distributor sales. Their range of over 300 innovative products include temporary crown and bridge materials, applicators, delivery systems, impression materials, cements, and other products that "Make Dentistry Easier".



Job Description  
  Summary: The main goal of the Director, R&D is to generate new product ideas derived from market research and customer input, and develop those new products from inception through market release. The Director will direct, conduct and implement Centrix’s research and development activities, objectives and initiatives. The Director will ensure research and development activities will improve Centrix’s competitive position and profitability in alignment with Centrix’s strategic goals. The Director will lead Centrix’s New Product Review Board.   Essential Functions:

• • • • • • •

Research and develop new, unique, patentable and differentiated (Tier 1) products and direct process through market release. Create line extensions and improve existing products to create next generation (Tier 2) products and direct process through market release. Create and manage new product development schedule and budget. Schedule and chair New Product Review Board meetings. Transition new products from pilot to production. Coordinate with Sales and Marketing to leverage hybrid sales model launch power. Manage assigned personnel.

  Accountabilities: Bring to market each year on time and within budget: • • • 1 Product at least every 3 years that generates at least $1,000,000 in annual sales. 2 Products every year that generate at least $375,000 in annual sales each. 2 Next Generation (Tier 2) product improvements or line extensions that generates additional revenue for product line

    Qualifications, Skills & Abilities: • • • • • • •       Demonstrated project methodology for product development. Demonstrated ability to schedule, manage and complete multiple projects within a specified time frame. Demonstrated market/commercial success of products developed Hands-on design activity: Ability to bring people together from different departments for consensus. Prepare and maintain budget and work in hands on environment. Effectively communicate project status and report to executive management.



Critical Skills and Competencies
• • • • • • •   Minimum of (10) years in dental or medical device research and development. Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering required, Advanced Degree desirable. Project Management experience is required. Experience with Fluid Dynamics (material flow) desirable. Experience with Plastics and Plastics Molding desirable. Experience with US and International Medical Device Regulations. Experience using AutoCAD, SolidWorks and MasterCAM desirable.

  The basic framework from Centrix will include a strong base salary and annual target bonus. In addition, relocation assistance will be provided where appropriate.      

Why is this compelling position to consider?  
  This is a newly created position. Opportunity to play an integral role in future growth of organization. Autonomy/independence to administer skills & abilities. Direct access to senior leadership. Outstanding challenges with this role. An opportunity to have a direct impact on the company’s success.




Interview Process
ZRG provides our client companies with best-in-class hiring process grounded in fact- based measurements and information. We believe finding the best people for a role involves closely matching exact skills and attributes of candidates to the highly specific needs of our clients. Our entire process is built around providing a superior level of quality candidates to our clients who fit the specifications clearly. To accomplish this, we utilize our patent pending Z Score hiring process which provides for improved hiring results and better fits for candidates and employers. Steps: Initial interview(s) with ZRG Partners Presentation of short list of candidates to Centrix for approval Green light from Centrix to proceed to first round of interview process. Face-to-face interview with key members of Centrix management team. Finalists will then complete Z Score on-line assessment process to compare individual behavioral and intellectual traits to our hiring database for similar positions we have filled. 6) Second interview with Centrix senior team. 7) Background check, reference check, income verification and offer.   1) 2) 3) 4) 5)

About ZRG Partners
ZRG Partners is a Global Retained Executive Search Firm headquartered in Westborough, Massachusetts, with regional offices through the US, Europe, Canada and Asia Pacific. Our fact-based approach to helping our clients make great hiring decisions is the foundation of our search process. The ZRG team working on this project will include: Steven P. Tosches Managing Director 201- 560-9900 x224 Ken Lubin Managing Director 508-366-5800 x219    Sarah Mason Research Director 508-366-5800 x248   


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