Full Preterism Illustrated

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Christ’s Yom Kippur work going on in heaven, AD 30-70. Salvation not yet realized.

Church is the spiritual Israel
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AD 30; or 33

AD 70 Destruction of Jerusalem
Transition Saints: souls sleeping, but not with God OT Saints: souls sleeping, but not with God

The Last Day

Resurrection is now a process. Individual Christians are resurrected at death -- receive a “spiritual body” but the physical body stays in the grave, never to rise. There is no eternal, conscious punishment of the wicked. Age To Come Day of Eternity New Heavens and New Earth

tio ula b Full Preterists fundamentally unsound on some of these: Tri on at edd 1. the resurrection body of Christ; e Gr mag 2. the completion of atonement on the cross; Ar 3. the resurrection of the believer and his body;
4. the eternal, conscious punishment of the wicked.

Last Days This Age Latter Times Last Hour This Generation Millennium


Destruction of Jerusalem is the Babylon of Revelation & Nero was the Beast

The only correct thing on this chart is the cross and the destruction of Jerusalem in AD 70
Ed. E. Stevens speaks of the Yom Kippur work of the Lord Jesus Christ in heaven, during AD 30-70. Some full Preterists have the last-half of Daniel’s 70th week terminate 3 1/2 years after the cross and separate the 1260-1335 days from it so as to have these days terminate with the destruction of Jerusalem. Others make the 70th week the entire period of, say, AD33-70. Others intercalate an unknown period of 30 years from AD 33-63 between the end of the first 69 weeks and the 70th week so as to have the 70th week terminate at the destruction of Jerusalem. The Book of Revelation is said to have been written just before the destruction of Jerusalem (contrary to the external evidence) so as to have all ‘time-references’ ended by AD 70, and no future coming of Christ. This chart reflects the result of (erroneously) saying that the Lord and the Apostles taught that Christ would return in their life-time (based on such notions as that “this generation” means the then generation) and that these full preterists are thus preserving the integrity of Scripture! This scheme preserves the integrity of Scripture!!! We are now in the new heavens and the new earth; we are in the Day of Eternity. Christ came and the collective resurrection of the Transition Saints and the OT Saints took place in AD 70 and no one noticed! Christians did not know it happened! May God preserve us from such preservers of the integrity of Scripture. Partial Preterists share some of these AD 70 views, but allow a future resurrection and coming of Christ, avoiding the heterdox implications.

R. A. Huebner, Dec. 14, 1998