Summer son

By: Mariana Previously on Heroes; - We see BUFFY with her lips pressed against Spike’s as he struggles in her embrace. - A WIDE SHOT as Spike finally manages to break free. SPIKE ”Buffy… I can’t. I love her. Aerin…” BUFFY ”I…” SPIKE "It's over Buffy. Whatever there was between us, it's gone.” - ZOOMING IN on SPIKE’S eyes as they shift in colour to neon blue. ILLYRIA (v.o) “He’s ascending. Into a god.”


KIRSTEN (v.o) “Let us just say that the First is back in business.” - A CLOSE UP on Buffy and the weary look on her face. BUFFY "We never destroyed it. It can't be destroyed. All we did was beat it back for a while. We had to expect it would be back." - A SHOT of THE FIRST and SPIKE. THE FIRST ”It seems like you have been upgraded.”

- FOCUS ON Spike as he knocks down THE FIRST. SPIKE ”Funny. Looks like you’re right.” - AERIN stands in front of BUFFY and the others. AERIN “Guys… I’m pregnant.” - GILES and the others are assembled in the HYPERION LOBBY. GILES “Illyria is saying that Spike is becoming human…? So that the god successfully can use his shell.” BUFFY “Spike’s becoming human? So that he can die.” - We see ANGEL in his office with THE FIRST looking like SPIKE. THE FIRST “I’ll tell you why you’re so afraid of me. And him. Cause every time you look at him you know you never really knew the real Spike.” ANGEL “And who is the real Spike?” - ZOOMING IN on THE FIRST looking like CORDELIA. THE FIRST “He’s the one who will win this in the end.” - A SHOT of SPIKE and ENKIL. SPIKE “What do you want?” ENKIL “It is time.”

SPIKE “Time for what?” ENKIL “For you to evolve.” - A CLOSE UP as Enkil reaches out to touch Spike’s chest. Suddenly a white glow appears on that spot and we have a TIGHT SHOT of Spike as his head falls back and he lets out a howling scream. - A SHOT of SPIKE and AERIN AERIN ”So you're just going to give up and die, is that it?” SILENCE. AERIN ”So it is…” - We follow Aerin with a STEADICAM as she turns her back on him and walks away. - A SHOT of SPIKE and BUFFY BUFFY “This is the best conversation we’ve had in weeks.” - We see BUFFY and SPIKE lean in closer, as if they are about to kiss each other. They’re only inches from each other when we hear a snickering laughter. - A SHOT of THE FIRST looking like SPIKE. THE FIRST “Well, well, well… Finally it seems as I have the two lovebirds for myself. Oh, how I have longed for this moment.” - A CLOSE UP on Buffy’s shocked expression.


Summer son
INT. THE ATRIUM – THE HYPERION – TIME UNKNOWN SPOTLIGHT ON BUFFY, SPIKE and THE FIRST. They stand positioned as in a triangle. SPIKE (growling) “You.” THE FIRST (beaming) “Me.” BUFFY (clenching her fists) “What do you want?” THE FIRST ”What do you think? I would say that we have a little unfinished business you two and me. Did you actually think that closing the Hellmouth would be enough? Did you actually think that you could defeat me? I have powers beyond your ability to imagine.” BUFFY “Is that supposed to intimidate us? Because it doesn’t.” (grim smile) “And don’t forget that I beat you before - I can do it again. And again.” THE FIRST ”You’re sure about that, luv? You never beat the real Spike, did you? Why was that?” BUFFY (looking at Spike) ”I don’t know.” THE FIRST ”Spike was your lover.” (tilting his head) ”Why is your pulse racing right now?”

BUFFY (sneering) ”That’s none of your business.” (shaking her head) ”And stop looking like him. You’re not him.” THE FIRST ”No, I’m certainly not.” (laughing) ”Yet you still desire this body. I can smell it.” BUFFY “Gross.” THE FIRST “It really is.” SPIKE “Again with the question: what the bloody hell do you want?” THE FIRST “I want what is best served cold.” (beat) “Revenge.” SPIKE (smirk) “Take a queue number.” ILLYRIA “Spike?” FOCUS ON the First as he… disappears into thin air, leaving Buffy and Spike to stare at the spot where it had been standing a moment before. The CAMERA SPINS AROUND to show us ILLYRIA approaching, a grim look on her face. ILLYRIA (stating) “It seemed to fear my presence.”

BUFFY (staring at Illyria) “Actually…It did…?” ILLYRIA (turning to Spike) “We’ll have intercourse now.” BUFFY (coughing) “What?!!” (grim look at Spike) “Spike…” SPIKE (sighing) “She just wants to talk that’s all.” BUFFY (dumbstruck) “Oh.” FADE OUTCUT TOINT. ILLYRIA’S BEDROOM – THE HYPERION – TIME UNKNOWN ALL LIGHT on SPIKE and ILLYRIA. They stand side by the side by the window and look out into the night. ILLYRIA (a furtive glance) “Your energy level is changing.” SPIKE (nodding) “I’m dying.” ILLYRIA “You speak without fear?”

SPIKE (turning his head towards her) “Fear is futile.” ILLYRIA (smiling) “In the days of my glory such bravery would have been rewarded in splendor.” (longing look) “That time has long gone now.” SPIKE (hesitantly) “Can you show me? The place of your origin?” ILLYRIA (benevolent) “If you wish it.” A CLOSE UP on the two of them as Illyria takes his head between her hands and pressed her forehead against his. They both closes their eyes andFLASH. Illyria draws back from Spike, slowly letting him go. A WIDE SHOT of the scene: Above them, great pillars and arches raise well over one hundred feet. It’s Illyria’s temple!! SPIKE “Is this the place you saw when you got stung by that demon?” ILLYRIA “Yes.” SPIKE (whistling) “I can understand why you wanted it to be real. It’s magnificent.” ILLYRIA (smiling) “Thank you.”

SPIKE “And I was here also…?” ILLYRIA “You were.” SPIKE “What…?” Before Spike can finish what he was about to say, Illyria lifts a hand and causes him to freeze. ZOOMING IN as one delicate hand (Illyria’s) slowly rises to trace the angle of Spike’s cheek. ILLYRIA “Welcome back.” The CAMERA STAYS FOCUSED on Illyria as she abandons the vampire’s cheek for his chest, studying his smooth muscular curves with her fingertips. Then she starts to circle around him, hands trailing over his body as she does so. ILLYRIA (stepping away) “It disturbs me… That you are dying, half-breed.” (sad (?) sigh) “Awake.” A CLOSE UP on Spike as he blinks rapidly. SPIKE (looking around) “What happened?” ILLYRIA “It is not of importance.” (starting to walk) “Come.” We follow them with a STEADICAM as they walk down the corridor. Illyria stops outside a couple of familiar doors and opens them to reveal her bedroom. She steps in and is soon followed by Spike. The FOCUS IS on Illyria as she walks over to her bed and sits down. She turns her head towards Spike and their gazes lock.

ILLYRIA “Will you sing to me?” SPIKE “You just name the song, pet.” ILLYRIA (contemplating) “Anything but Barry Manilow.” SPIKE (smirk) “Right.” (singing) “D' you breath the name of your saviour in your hour of need. N' taste the blame if the flavour should remind you of greed. Of implication, insinuation and ill' will' till' you cannot lie still. In all this turmoil before red cape and foil come closing in for a kill Come feed the rain 'Cause I'm thirsty for your love dancing underneath the skies of lust Yeah feed the rain 'Cause without your love my life ain't nothing but this carnival of rust It's all a game, avoiding failure, when true colours will bleed All in the name of misbehaviour and the things we don't need I lust for after no disaster can touch us anymore And more than ever, I hope to never fall, where enough is not the same it was before Come feed the rain 'Cause I'm thirsty for your love dancing underneath the skies of lust Yeah feed the rain 'Cause without your love my life ain't nothing but this carnival of rust Don't walk away, don't walk away, oh, when the world is burning Don't walk away, don't walk away, oh, when the heart is yearning…” (A.N: The lyrics are from the song Carnival of Rust perfumed by Poets of the Fall. If you haven’t heard it yet – you should. They are…amazing.)

A TIGHT SHOT of Illyria’s face. Her eyes are closed and she seems blissful. ILLYRIA “That was beautiful.” SPIKE (smiling) “Thank you.” ILLYRIA (opening her eyes) “And now it is time to return to reality.” FLASH. A WIDE SHOT of Illyria’s bedroom. The two of them step away from each other and turn to look out the window again. FADE OUTCUT TOINT. THE TRAINING ROOM – THE HYPERION – TIME UNKNOWN SPOTLIGHT ON BUFFY as she’s pummelling on the sandbag. The blonde slayer is wearing jeans and a black shirt. Suddenly we hear a sound and as the CAMERA SPINS AROUND we see FAITH coming into the room. FAITH “Man, something strange happened when I was patrolling.” BUFFY “Were there people singing?” FAITH “No…?” BUFFY “Dancing?”

FAITH “….No?” BUFFY “Did you meet some demon guy in a blue suit who was looking for his ‘queen’?” FAITH “Again with the no.” BUFFY “Then let’s redefine strange.” The CAMERA PULLS BACK to a WIDE SHOT as the door opens again and XANDER, AERIN and DAWN comes in. FAITH (scanning the group) “Where’s Spike?” AERIN (shrugging) “He’s off with Illyria somewhere.” BUFFY “Aren’t you jealous of all the time Spike spends with Illyria?” AERIN (shaking her head) “Nah.” BUFFY “I see. You’re right. It’s not like guys would find her attractive. Right, Xander?” XANDER (coughing) “Are you kidding me? Illyria’s hot!” AERIN (gritting her teeth) “Point taken.” FADE OUT-

INT. THE TRAINING ROOM – THE HYPERION - DAY A WIDE SHOT of the room reveals SPIKE and the young watcher JOHN. The later is one his back on the floor. However on earth did he end up there? Zooming in as Spike holds out a hand to the man. SPIKE ”Wanna have another go, mate?” JOHN (deep breath) ”No, thank you. It’s quite enough really.” SPIKE ”Are you sure about that?” JOHN (nodding) ”Yes, quite sure.” (getting to his feet) ”Your technique is impressive. As is your remarkable strength.” SPIKE (raised eyebrow) ”Yeah? Well, I guess that I’ve had a lot of training.” JOHN ”I’d rather say it’s more than that. Sparring with the Slayer must’ve been an advantage.” SPIKE ”Aha.” JOHN ”And then there’s the issue of your ascension to godly hood.” SPIKE (a suspicious glance) ”Where exactly are you going with this?”

JOHN ”It’s a little bit peculiar - that’s all. There haven’t been any records of a vampire transforming into a god, and I’m curious to see how it ends.” SPIKE (raised eyebrow) ”You - or the Council?” JOHN (rubbing his nose) ”Uhm, the Council.” Spike turns his back on the other man and walk over to the window. He casts a look out over the city and sighs. SPIKE ”It’s simple really.” JOHN ”What?” The vampire turns to face John with a crocked smile. SPIKE “I’m going to die.” (deep breath) “And something evil will take my place.” JOHN (tensing) “You do understand our concerns?” SPIKE (nodding) “Trust me: I do.” A TIGHT SHOT of Spike’s face. SPIKE “No one understands it better than me.” FADE OUT-

CUT TOINT. UNKNOWN STREET – DOWNTOWN L.A – DAY We follow XANDER, BUFFY and GILES with a STEADICAM as they walk down a street. Giles is wearing jeans, a shirt and a suede jacket. Xander’s dressed all in black and Buffy looks lovely in jeans and a green shirt. XANDER (contemplating) ”But what if there actually was such a thing as a parasite living on brains? And what if it, let’s say were attached to Spike’s brain?” GILES (crocked smile) ”Then that poor parasite would probably die from starvation.” BUFFY (coming to a halt) “Demon.” XANDER (looking around) “Where?” The CAMERA FOCUS on an unknown species of demon that quickly approaches the three of them. It is growling something in a language we don’t recognize, but it sound hostile. XANDER ”Doesn't exactly sound like ’Welcome to the neighbourhood’.” The demon has now reached them and Buffy launches herself at it without hesitation. But the demon seems to have been expecting this and rather easily avoids her attack. He grabs her arm and tosses it to the side, making the slayer stumbled back. The creature takes advantage of her obvious confusion and launches himself towards her – knocking her to the ground with one swift move. XANDER (yelling) “Need any help, Buffy?”

BUFFY (clenched teeth) “I’ll manage.” The CAMERA ZOOMS IN as Buffy knocks the demon in the head and yelling with frustration the creature lets go of her. She comes to her feet and stares at the demon when he scowls at her. BUFFY (declaring) “I’m bored now.” And with that statement she sends him flying thru the air with one very well-placed kick to his stomach. He hits a wall before falling hard to stay down there, motionless. GILES (staring down at the demon) “A Grokhnikk.” BUFFY “Really?” (whispering to Xander) “What’s a Grukneck?” XANDER (shrugging) “Hell if I know.” BUFFY (turning to Giles) “Giles, can we please go back to the hotel?” (whiny tone) “I am tired. I am bored. And I am hungry.” GILES (nodding) “Very well.” A CLOSE UP on the happy expression in the blonde slayer’s face. FADE OUT-

CUT TOINT. THE LOBBY – THE HYPERION – DAY We follow SPIKE with a STEADICAM as he walks over the floor. To our surprise he walks over a patch of sun without sizzling!! The vampire comes to a halt in the patch of sun, seemingly unaware of the significance of it all. He scratches a spot on his stomach and yawns. AERIN (screaming) “Spike!!” AERIN appears into our view as she comes flying through the air, tackling the unsuspecting vampire and knocking him to the ground. SPIKE “What the hell…?!!” ZOOMING IN as Aerin stared down at him there he lies on the floor, illuminated by the sunbeams. Her hand hesitantly reaches out to caress his cheek. AERIN (hoarse) “The sun… You can be in the sun…?” SPIKE “What are you talking about?” (noticing the open blinds) “Bloody hell!!” Spike tries to push the slayer off him and seems to be rather agitated when she doesn’t move. SPIKE “Do you want me to die, woman?” AERIN (grabbing his head) “Sweetheart.” (meeting his gaze) “You can be in the sun.”

SPIKE (realizing) “Bloody hell.” AERIN (ragged voice) “You’re so beautiful.” A TIGHT SHOT of the two of them as Aerin slowly bends down her head to press her lips against his. FADE OUTCUT TOINT. THE LOBBY – THE HYPERION – DAY ZOOMING IN on the entrance door as it opens and XANDER, GILES, BUFFY and FAITH walks in. FAITH “So I was just about to…” (bumping into Giles) “…what?” GILES (dumbstruck) “Spike? Aerin? What are you doing on the floor?” A WIDE SHOT of the room reveals SPIKE and AERIN lying half naked on the floor. They look like they have been caught with their hands in the cookie jar. Literally. SPIKE (coughing) “Funny that you should ask…” BUFFY (staring) “Oh my god! Don’t tell me that you were…that you…”

GILES “What?” (realizing) “Oh, dear lord.” FAITH “That’s wicked hot.” FOCUS ON the two lovers as they gingerly comes to their feet. Aerin seems to prefer the coward’s way out and heads for the stairs, slowly disappearing out from our view. The CAMERA ZOOMS IN on Spike. SPIKE “Er…” The CAMERA MOVES OVER the blonde vampire, from his bare feet to the worn jeans riding low on his narrow hips and his lean well defined stomach to his muscled shoulders and chiseled face… (Damn he is HOT!!) SPIKE “I’ll just be going…” And so Spike disappears up the stairs just like his lover moments before him. The CAMERA FOCUS on Buffy and the others as they stare at the spot where the vampire has left. BUFFY (knitted brow) “Did you guys notice something off with Spike?” FAITH “Like his shirt?” BUFFY (agitated) “Like his behavior.” SILENCE. BUFFY “Oh my god. The sun…”


CUT TOINT. BUFFY’S BEDROOM – THE HYPERION – DAY A WIDE SHOT of the room shows us BUFFY and FAITH both sitting on Buffy’s bed. But it only takes a few seconds before Buffy’s on her feet, pacing the floor. BUFFY “Stupid, stupid me!!” FAITH “Chill, B.” BUFFY “I hate seeing them together!! FAITH (bluntly) ”When was the last time you had sex?” FOCUS ON Buffy as she comes to a stop and stares at the dark-haired slayer. FAITH (apologetic) ”Are you mad that I asked?” BUFFY (shaking her head) ”No, I'm just trying to remember.” FAITH (whistling) “That’s rough, B.” (knitted brow) “Maybe you need to get laid?” BUFFY “With who? Andrew?” DEAD SILENCE. THEN LOUD LAUGHTER. FADE OUT-

CUT TOINT. SPIKE AND AERIN’S BEDROOM – THE HYPERION – DAY ALL LIGHT on SPIKE as he stands leaning against the window board, head tipped back, eyes closed, motionless except for his chest, as if he were breathing in sunlight, instead of air. The CAMERA ZOOMS OUT to a WIDE SHOT as AERIN appears into view. Spike must have heard Aerin, because he blinks and looks over his shoulder at her, blue eyes swimming. He stares for a long moment. AERIN (basking) “I’ve never seen you in sunlight.” FOCUS on Spike as he spread his hands in the light. He studies it for a while before looking up and meeting her gaze. AERIN (concerned) ”How are you?” SPIKE ”It feels kind’a weird. Like I’m still me...but yet not.” (looking into her eyes) “Do you understand?” AERIN (reaching for his hand) “I understand.” We follow the two of them with a STEADICAM as they leave the balcony and enter the bedroom. Aerin leads Spike to the sofa, and makes him sit down. The blonde vampire is drenched in sunlight, and it makes his hair shine like spun gold. FOCUS on Aerin as she sits down next to him with her feet curled up under her. She runs her fingers through his hair while he stares at her as if trying to remember who she is. He takes a deep breath, and drops his head to her shoulder. ZOOMING IN as the slayer slowly sags down on the couch, till the two of them lies entwined, side by side and wrapped together. The CAMERA ZOOMS IN ‘til we have a CLOSE UP on the vampire’s eyes the moment before he closes them. They’re NEON BLUE!! FADE OUT-

INT. THE TRAINING ROOM – THE HYPERION – TIME UNKNOWN ALL LIGHT on SPIKE. The blonde vampire stands in front of a mirror and shockingly enough we can see his reflection in it!! SPIKE (bewildered) “I can see my reflection.” A WIDE SHOT. People present other than Spike: 3. It’s ILLYRIA, DAWN and ANDREW. ILLYRIA (as a matter of a fact) “That’s an effect due to my blood.” SPIKE (smiling) “I’m pretty hot, am I not?” ILLYRIA (tilting her head) “Your body temperature has not changed as far as I can tell.” DAWN “He meant ‘hot’ as in he’s looking very sexy and attractive.” ILLYRIA “I see.” (nodding) “Yes, Spike’s very pleasing to the eyes.” ANDREW “Is he ever!!” FOCUSING on the different expressions on the others faces. Dawn looks amused. Illyria seems bewildered and Spike annoyed. FADE OUT-

CUT TOINT. THE TRAINING ROOM – THE HYPERION – DAY A WIDE SHOT of the training room. There’s a bunch of young slayers assembled there. Among them are KATIE, PHOEBE, FIONA, CANDY and JADE. In front of the slayers stand BUFFY, FAITH, GILES, ILLYRIA and JOHN KEATON. GILES “Today you’ll have a great opportunity to study a demon up close and personal.” (gesturing towards Illyria) “Illyria has agreed to participate in this exercise so that you can experience how it is to be in a close combat with a powerful being.” (beat) “Any questions?” FIONA (holding up a hand) “How can we trust that she won’t kill us?” ILLYRIA (tilting her head) “Is that the fate you seek?” FIONA “Er… No.” ILLYRIA (turning to Giles) “This slayer wearies me.” (calculating) “Is it appropriate to rip her spine out and wear it as a necklace?” JOHN (wide eyes) “Dear lord…” FAITH (leaning in on Buffy) “Can’t argue that Blue Bitch doesn’t have stile.” FADE OUT-

CUT TOINT. BUFFY’S’ BEDROOM – THE HYPERION - DAY ZOOMING IN on BUFFY sitting on her bed, looking down at her shaking (?) hands. She’s clothed in jeans and a red shirt. She looks very sad… SPIKE “You know that I’m gonna die.” BUFFY (blinking away tears) “I know.” (deep sigh) “You’re not him.” A.N: By this Buffy means that this isn’t the real SPIKE that we sees as the CAMERA FOCUS on the figure standing by the window – but rather THE FIRST. THE FIRST (shrugging) “I guess not. But that doesn’t change the fact that he’s going to die.” BUFFY “Why are you here?” (meeting his glare) “I’m not afraid of you.” THE FIRST (sighing) “’m not trying to scare you, Slayer. I am however enjoying tormenting you – looking like him.” BUFFY (ruefully) “It’s kind’a working.” THE FIRST “Don’t I know it.” FOCUS ON Buffy as she gets up from the bed and starts walking towards the door.

THE FIRST “Where are you going?” BUFFY (warily) “I think we’re done here. Go haunt someone else.” Buffy disappears from our view and the CAMERA SPINS AROUND to show us the sneering the First. THE FIRST “I just think I will.” FADE OUTCUT TOINT. THE TRAINING ROOM – THE HYPERION – TIME UNKNOWN We have a TIGHT SHOT of FAITH as she pummels on a sandbag. She’s clothed in black leather pants and a fitting black top. Her hair is pulled back into a ponytail. She hesitates for a split second before slamming her right fist into the bag making it loosen from its hinges. SPIKE (?) “Nice work, luv.” Faith turns around looking surprised. Then her features even out as if she comes to a sudden realization. FAITH “You’re the First, aren’t you?” THE FIRST “Nothing gets pass you, huh?” FAITH “It’s just that you give up a different vibe.” THE FIRST (hopefully) “A sexy vibe.”

FAITH (sneering) “A creepy vibe.” THE FIRST “Oh.” (shrugging) “Works for me.” THE FIRST starts circling around the dark slayer, apparently sizing her up for some reason. Faith in turn follows his every move with apprehension. FAITH (weary) “What do you want?” THE FIRST “Isn’t that the million dollar question?” (steely gaze) “How about world domination?” FAITH (cocked eyebrow) “That could meet some resistance.” THE FIRST (mocked surprise) “Really?” The FOCUS IS ON Faith as she starts to leave the TRAINING ROOM. The door closes after her. THE FIRST (off camera) “I keep having that effect on people.”


CUT TOINT. ANGELS’ OFFICE - THE HYPERION – TIME UNKNOWN The CAMERA ZOOMS IN on ANGEL sitting at his desk. Oh by, does that vampire look pensive. SPIKE (?) “Geez, brood much or what?” ANGEL (looking up) “You again?” THE FIRST (grinning) “Me!!” ANGEL (sighing) “As if the real Spike wasn’t enough…” THE FIRST “Ah, I can feel the love, peaches.” (closing in) “He’s a pain in the butt isn’t he?” (intensifying) “You know there’s a cure for that.” (beat) “Death.” Kill him. Before he becomes something far worse than you could ever imagine.” (inching forward) “It would be easy, Angel. He would never see it coming.” A TIGHT SHOT of Angel as if he suddenly comes to a realization. And he looks baffled. ANGEL “You really are afraid of him.” THE FIRST “You should be too. If you only knew…”

ANGEL (frowning) “Knew what?” THE FIRST “What he will be capable of doing when he’s ascended.” ANGEL “And that would be…?” THE FIRST (shaking its head) “Even I can’t imagine the horrible things.” (morphing into Buffy) “We need to kill him. You know that.” ANGEL “I can’t do that.” THE FIRST (lifted eyebrow) “And that would be wrong how…?” FOCUS ON the First as it closes in on Angel. ZOOMING IN on pink lips whispering into the vampires’ ear. THE FIRST (seductively) “It would be as easy as a blink of an eye, my love. We wouldn’t have to worry about the threat he would make and if he’s gone we could…” (leaning in closer) “…we could be together.” ANGEL (clenched teeth) “Go away!!” A TIGHT SHOT of the First as he backs away from Angel and then disappears into thin air. FADE OUT-

CUT TOINT. THE ATRIUM – THE HYPERION – DAY A DOOR POV of ILLYRIA as she caresses the leaf of some plant. SPIKE (?) “What does it day?” ZOOMING OUT to a WIDE SHOT of the ATRIUM showing us the whole scene. Illyria turns around and gives the figure by the door a steely glare. ILLYRIA “Rain is coming.” (curious tone) “You fear me, yet you’ve come?” THE FIRST (smirking) “I fear no one.” ILLYRIA (tilting her head) “Indeed?” THE CAMERA SWEEPS IN as Illyria charges forward. The powerful demon god grips the surprised (?) the First throat and with a sneer she throws it against a wall. The First falls to the ground and looks up at her with fury written all over its (Spikes’) features. The First makes a graceful manoeuvre as it jumps up to its feet and then it’s standing in front of her (how the hell did he manage that so quickly?) and landing a punch in her face. THE FIRST “Bitch!!” We have a TIGHT SHOT of the both of them as Illyria turns her head back to the First and she returns the punch, managing to knock it to its feet. She then bends down and picks the First up by its collar and yet again throws it against a wall. This time the First doesn’t get up and we follow Illyria with a STEADICAM as she walks over to the slumping form and pins him to the ground with her leather clad foot.

ILLYRIA (looking down) “You cannot win, vermin.” (sneering) “I have powers beyond your ability to imagine.” A TIGHT SHOT of the two of them as Illyria picks up the First by its collar. It looks back at her with searing hatred burning in those blue eyes. ILLYRIA ”If you once again try to harm me or one of my companions, my patience with you will expire.” The CAMERA DRAWS BACK as the First implodes and everything FADE OUT.

INT. SPIKE’S BEDROOM – THE HYPERION – TIME UNKNOWN We have a WIDE SHOT of Spike’s bedroom, revealing SPIKE himself standing by the window and looking out. We don’t really know what the time is but it seems to be dark outside. (A.N: Spike’s wearing black leather pants and a black T-Shirt.) SPIKE (weary) “Get out.” Into view: what got to be the FIRST looking like Spike once again. The First looped its fingers into its belt and puffed out its chest, taunting Spike with its counterfeit body. THE FIRST “That’s not a polite way to greet yourself.” SPIKE “Get out of here,” (snarling) “I’m done with you.” THE FIRST (scoffing) “Are you now?” SPIKE “You cannot win.” (turning around) “I beat you once and I will do it again.” THE FIRST (closing in) “You thought you got rid of me, but you can never, ever. I’m inside you. I’m still a part of you. Always will be.”

ZOOMING IN as Spike shakes his head. The blonde vampire turns back to look out the window as the First comes up besides him. THE FIRST (smugly) “You don’t get it, do you? This is the big one. We’re talking about the apocalypse to end all apocalypses. The end.” SPIKE (raised eyebrow) “’ve heard all this before.” THE FIRST “But this is not like before. This is it. Armageddon. The end of days. And life as all know it.” (sneering) “No more puppies to save. No more damsels in distress to aid.” (longing smile) “Just… Me.” SPIKE “’m bored by this conversation.” (facing the First) “’s time for you to take your ugly butt somewhere else.” THE FIRST “Always thought it was ugly myself.” (laughing) “As you wish.” A WIDE SHOT of the room as the First vanish into thin air, leaving only Spike behind. The vampire turns back to the window with a sigh. SPIKE “Bugger.” The CAMERA ZOOMS OUT. It keeps ZOOMING OUT. (Spike suddenly looks really lonely where he stands by himself at the window looking out. The scenery starts to FADE…


CUT TOINT. BUFFY’S BEDROOM – GILES’S HEADQUARTERS – NIGHT DOOR POV: DAWN is sitting on Buffys’ bed with BUFFYS’ head in her lap. The slayer seems to be sound a sleep and as the CAMERA PANS FORWARD we see that Dawn is stroking Buffys’ hair with soothing movements. After a moment the younger woman seems to draw back and make a move to get up – perhaps to go to her own room and get some sleep? BUFFY (sleepily) “Spike? Don’t go.” DAWN (tenderly) ”Buffy…” FOCUS on Buffy as her eyes snaps open and she jolts up with bathed breath. (A.N: the Slayer is wearing a blue pyjama top.) BUFFY (confused) ”What happened?” DAWN (caressing Buffy’s cheek) ”You dreamt of him again.” SPIKE (v.o) ”Buffy… I need you to let me go. Let me rest in peace.” BUFFY ”Did I?” (looking away) ”I don’t remember.” ZOOMING OUT so that we can see dawn put her hands on her hips and gives Buffy a patented I-so-know-you’re-lying-I’m-your-sister-you-idiot look. DAWN ”U’huh.”

BUFFY (mocked innocence) ”What? It’s true!!” DAWN ”You should totally go over there and see him. You need to tell him how you really feel.” BUFFY ”You really think so?” DAWN (nodding) ”Yeah.” BUFFY ”But…” (hesitating) ”What if he rejects me?” DAWN ”When has that ever stopped you before?” BUFFY (sudden determent look) ”You’re right.” We follow Buffy as she walks over to the door and then disappears from our view. Then PANNING BACK to Dawn and the resigned look on her face. DAWN ”Aren’t I always?” FADE OUTCUT TOINT. THE ATRIUM – THE HYPERION – NIGHT A WIDE SHOT of the ATRIUM shows us SPIKE standing in the middle of it. His hair is slightly dishevelled, and he has a confused expression on his face. All of a sudden he swings around and stares at the direction to the entrance.

We see BUFFY coming into view. (A.N: She’s wearing jeans and a red shirt. Her long hair is pulled back into a ponytail and she looks just lovely.) BUFFY (hushed tone) ”Hi.” SPIKE “Buffy.” (tilting his head) “Do you… do you need something?” BUFFY “I… yeah.” (hesitating) “I really do.” As if hesitant of his reaction Buffy cautiously steps forward and wraps her arms around him, pressing her face against his chest. We see Spike tense and draw away from her embrace. BUFFY ”Nuh uh.” (stopping him with one hand) ”I won’t let you go again.” (hitting him on the nose) SPIKE (nasally) “Ouw, what de hell was dat for?” BUFFY ”That’s for being a jerk.” (another punch) ”That’s for dying.” (another punch) ”That’s for hurting me.” SPIKE (carefully watching her) “I would never hurt you again, with or without a soul.”

BUFFY (whispering) “I know.” The CAMERA ZOOMS IN on the two of them as Buffy slowly lifts her hand and places it on his cheek. Spike seems to tense at her touch but this time he doesn’t draw back. BUFFY (whispering) “Spike…” SPIKE (ragged breath) “What do you want from me?” BUFFY “I don’t want to hurt you anymore.” SPIKE (baffled) ”You don’t want to hurt me anymore?” (shaking his head) “Buffy… What you should be concerned about is me hurting you.” BUFFY (wrinkled brow) “What do you mean?” SPIKE “Buffy, this thing… in me…” (deep breath) “…gutting its way out…” (looking away) “It’s evil.” (facing her) “Do you understand? It won’t recognize you. Do you hear? It won’t be me.” BUFFY (backing away) “Stop it.”

A WIDE SHOT as Buffy turns around, her back against the blonde vampire. BUFFY ”You’re not going to die.” (shaking her head) ”I won’t let you.” ALL LIGHT on Spike as he looks down at some plant. There’s so much sorrow in him… SPIKE ”I remember it.” (beat) ”Dying.” BUFFY ”Spike…” SPIKE ”I saw the demon horde comin’ at her. Illyria. And I knew that I had to protect her.” (pause) ”The pain was unbelievable. But then I closed my eyes…” (closing his eyes) ”…and all I felt was peace.” BUFFY (sobbing) ”Spike…” SPIKE ”Peace at mind, peace in soul.” (opening his eyes) ”There was no pain. No suffering. No eternal torment. There was just love. And I knew that I had come home. I was finished. Complete. Whole. I was everything that I could be. I was in heaven.” A WIDE SHOT of the atrium reveals the two of them standing face to face with each other. Nothing more is said but the silence is enough. There’s nothing that either one of them can do. FADE OUT-

CUT TOINT. UNKNOWN HALLWAY – THE HYPERION – NIGHT We follow ANGEL with a STEADICAM down some unknown hallway. (A.N: the vampire is all dressed in black and he seems to be contemplating something. Oh really?? Then, suddenly, Angel tenses as we hear a NOISE coming from the kitchen area. We follow him with a STEADICAM as he silently moves in that direction. Soon enough we can see a tine sliver of a light and the CAMERA PANS FORWARD to show us that the refrigerator door is open. ANGEL ”Who goes there?” THE CAMERA ZOOMS IN as AERINS’ head shows up. She looks guilt stricken. And is that a trace of cream we see on her lips. AERIN ”It’s just me.” ANGEL ”Ah.” (studying her intensely) ”trouble sleeping?” AERIN ”Munchies.” (gesturing to the stomach) ”She’s very picky.”

ANGEL (questioning) ”She?” AERIN (nodding) ”Spike seems to think so.” ANGEL ”Oh. I see.”

Suddenly Aerin gets this funny look in her face. ANGEL (tensing) ”What is it?” AERIN ”She just kicked.” (beat) ”Now she did it again.” ANGEL ”Really?” AERIN (nodding) ”U’huh.” (meeting his gaze) ”Do you want to feel it?” SILENCE. ANGEL ”Can I?” AERIN ”Of course.” (tender smile) ”After all, she’s gonna be your… something.”

FOCUSING ON Angel as he slowly approaches Aerin and then a TIGHT SHOT of his hand as it’s placed on the little pout on Aerins’ stomach. PANNING UP to show us the bewildered expression on the vampires’ face. ANGEL ”I feel it!!” (laughing) ”She’s strong.”

AERIN (joining in) ”Yeah. Just like her father.”

FADE OUTCUT TOINT. SPIKES’ BEDROOM – THE HYPERION - DAYBREAK FOCUSING on AERIN as she pauses at the door, with her gaze locked on the sleeping form of Spike. Sunbeams track their way across the room and illuminates the vampire where he lays on his stomach on the ruffled bed. One foot dangles over the edge and we can see hints of tiny scars on his exposed back. We follow Aerin with a STEADICAM as she walks across the floor and joins her lover in bed. Almost carefully she lets a hand glide over his muscular back. As she leans down to plant a kiss at the nape of his neck we notice the tender smile on her lips. The blonde sighs, eyes still closed and reach out after her. SPIKE “What time is it?” AERIN “It’s still early morning.” SPIKE (lazy yawn) “Should I get up?” AERIN (shaking her head) “No way. It’s cuddle time.” SPIKE (opening one eye) “Yeah?” AERIN (nodding)

“Y’huh.” SPIKE “Sounds great.” ZOOMING IN as Spike turns around and wraps his arms around Aerin. They share a tender kiss – which depends as the seconds passes by. Aerin suddenly draws back and gasps for air while Spike lets out a tiny growl. AERIN “I love you.” (looking deep into his eyes) “I love you so much.” SPIKE (hand trailing down to her stomach) “I love you too, mama.” Aerin’s fingers trace their way over Spike’s face as if to memorize his features.

AERIN “I want to marry you.” SPIKE (without hesitation) “Alright.”