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MCB is one of the leading banks of Pakistan with a deposit base of Rs. 431 Billion and total
assets over Rs. 550 Billion. Incorporated in 1947, MCB soon earned the reputation of a solid and
conservative financial institution managed by expatriate executives. In 1974, MCB was
nationalized along with all other private sector banks.

The Bank has a customer base of approximately 4 million, a nationwide distribution network of
over 1,000 branches and over 550 ATMs in the market.

During the last fifteen years, the Bank has concentrated on growth through improving service
quality, investment in technology and people, utilizing its extensive branch network, developing a
large and stable deposit base.


Best Bank In Asia Award 2008

MCB has been awarded as a Euromoney Award 2008 for the " Best Bank in Asia".

Best Bank In Pakistan Award 2005

MCB has again received the esteemed Euromoney Award for the “Best bank in Pakistan”. It is the
only bank to receive the Euromoney Award for Excellence for the fifth time in the last six years. In
2001, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2008.

The Best Domestic Commercial Bank Award 2005

MCB Continues to shine as once again Asia Money declares MCB as "The Best Domestic
Commercial Bank in Pakistan" for the year 2005.



It’s as simple as ABC to start banking with MCB.

Look after your money the simple way,with MCB

Basic Banking Account.


Open a Basic Banking Account with as little as Rs.1000/- only.

No minimum balance maintenance requirement.
No monthly account maintenance charges.
Two free deposits per month (including cash and clearing).
Two free withdrawals per month (including cash and clearing).
Unlimited free withdrawal transactions through MCB's ATMs.
Unlimited transactions through Virtual Banking.
Use your MCB SmartCard to shop at thousands of merchant outlets across Pakistan.


What are you waiting for? Race and be ahead.

Discover the quick, easy, and convenient way
to manage and use your money with an MCB
Current Account.


Low minimum balance requirements.

Unlimited cash deposit and withdrawal facility at hundreds of branches nationwide.
Use your MCB SmartCard to shop at thousands of merchants across Pakistan.
Lockers and other affordable transactional facilities.


Start saving and discover a habit that’s worth getting into.

MCB Savings Account offers you one of the most suitable ways to manage your hard-earned
money. So start saving and earning profit today.


Low monthly average balance requirements.

Profit paid into your account every six months.
Unlimited cash deposit and withdrawal facility at hundreds of branches nationwide.
Use your MCB SmartCard to shop at thousands of merchants across Pakistan.
Locker facility at economical rates.


Enjoy the confidence of operating an international account, locally.

MCB Foreign Currency Account offers you the option of earning attractive returns on your
Foreign Currency Investment.


Open your account in US Dollar, UK Pound Sterling, or Euro.

Open for as little as US$ 500 or equivalent.
Unlimited transactions at your branch.
Free Foreign Currency cash deposit and withdrawal facility.
Rate of Return directly linked with international market.
Profit paid into your account every six months.

Foreign Remittances facility available.

Countrywide network of Foreign Currency Branches.
Cash withdrawal in PKR equivalent.

Branches, on your way

Hundreds of 9-5 full day banking branches (including Saturdays). Network of over a
thousand branches, and hundreds of online branches, at convenient locations.
Call Center, at your fingertips (Access 24/7)

General Inquiry e.g. ATM Locations, Product Information etc.

Financial Services e.g. Account Balance Inquiry, Debit Card, Transaction detail, bill payments etc
Non-financial Services e.g. Internet Banking activation etc.

Internet Banking, virtually anywhere (Access 24/7)

Bill payments and Funds Transfer.

Bank Account Statement and Cheque Book Request.

SMS Banking, on the go (Access 24/7)

Balance Inquiry details.

Last 4 transaction details.


Discover a sensible solution that helps make more of your dollar savings.
MCB Smart Dollar Account is a sensible way to maintain or grow your US Dollar deposit across
USD Current, Savings or Term Deposits.


USD Current, Savings and Term Deposit accounts.

Competitive profit rates.
Attractive incentives being offered, if you maintain the minimum amount of USD 10,000/-
or above.


The higher you save, the higher you go.

MCB Savings 365 Gold Account offers you a wide range of attractive profit rates.


The higher your balance, the higher your rate.

Profit calculated on daily basis.
Profit paid into your account every month.
Open your account with Rs. 500,000/- only.
Cash deposit and withdrawal facility at hundreds of branches nationwide.


Make the most of your time with lucrative term deposits.
With a wide range of choices and tenors, you can open one or more term deposit
accounts that best suit your current or long term needs.


Highly attractive profit rates.

Multiple tenors from one month onwards.
Option of premature encashment.
Option for ATM debit card to access profit earned.
Option for automatic renewal of term deposits.


An upwardly mobile way to bring down costs on your way up.

MCB Business Account lets you build your business through the accrued savings from
discounted transaction fees, and more.


Higher the balance, the higher the number of free transactions.*

Open a Business Account with Rs.50,000 only.
Unlimited free cash deposit and withdrawal facility at hundreds of branches nationwide.


Grow with MCB Xtra by saving more and earning greater profit.

MCB Savings Xtra Account offers you a wide range of attractive profit rates.


The higher your balance, the higher your profit.

Now avail attractive rates up to 8.5%.*
Profit calculated on monthly basis.
Profit paid into your account semi-annually.
No joining fee on Debit/ ATM Card.
50% Discount on Lockers.
Cash deposit and withdrawal facility at hundreds of branches nationwide.
Unlimited number of ATM withdrawal transactions.
3 Free withdrawal transactions through the branch every month.

1. MCB Mobile

What can you do with your MCB Mobile?

* Check your Account Balance

* Review your Mini Statement
* Transfer funds
* Purchase Mobile Top-ups
* Pay your Mobile Phone Bills
* Pay your Utility Bills
* Make your MCB Visa Credit Card Payments
* Make a Donation

2. MCB ATM Card

Welcome to a world of convenience with the MCB ATM Smart Card. "It Works. Anytime,
Anywhere in Pakistan & abroad”.
MCB ATM Smart Card is accepted at over 4,500 ATMs nationwide. MCB ATM Smart Card
enables you to access fast cash, inquire account balance, transfer funds and pay utility and
mobile bills/mobile top-ups from any of over 550 MCB ATMs in the country. So go ahead! Use
your MCB ATM Smart Card – anytime, anywhere.

Card Categories

a) MCB ATM Regular Card

MCB ATM Classic Card allows withdrawal of up to Rs.15,000 per day and a maximum of 3
withdrawals per day per card.

b) MCB ATM Gold Card

The MCB ATM Gold Card allows withdrawal up to Rs. 25,000 per day and a maximum of 6
withdrawals per day per card. The cardholder has to make at least two transactions to withdraw
the full amount of Rs. 25,000.



Life in the fast lane can be really slow without a car. MCB Car 4 U makes it a breeze to
finance/lease your new/used car. So get up to speed, because "Kahin Na Kahin Tau Hai…1 Car
4 You".

Option for financing or leasing
Financing tenures from 1 to 7 years
Option for new as well as used cars
Options for local as well as imported cars
Financing upto Rs. 25 lacs
Option for early payment
Option for replacement loan

Lower mark up rates
Lower insurance rates
Minimum 20% down payments

Fast and hassle free processing of application
Priority delivery on different vehicles


Smart card / Debit CARDS

MCB now brings you MCB SmartCard -a secure and convenient instrument of payment with
unmatched functionalities. It provides 24-hour direct access to your bank account. The
convenience and flexibility of MCB SmartCard will help you live a smarter life. It not only helps
you manage your expenses, but also eliminates undue interest on your day to day credit card
transactions. Your balance is always within your reach and you spend accordingly.


It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to experience the exciting world of MCB Visa
Platinum Credit Card - a world full of surprises waiting to be explored. With our perfect
combination of premier features and superior service, the enclosed rewards and recognition offer
you the prestige and luxury of a lifestyle you can uniquely call your own.
MCB Visa Platinum Credit Card is the most reliable, competitive and gratifying Credit Card
offering a tantalizing mix of luxurious shopping, dining and traveling opportunities which will
undoubtedly be a treat for you and your family.
It is accepted at nearly 29 million locations in more than 150 countries around the globe and over
30,000 establishments in Pakistan. So make the most of a powerful card and expect what you
deserve, a liberating experience that redefines the way you spend.
Enjoy the influence of your card as you become platinum.


1. Working Capital LOANS

Based on the customer's specific needs, the Corporate Bank offers a number of different working
capital financing facilities including Running Finance, Cash Finance, Export Refinance, Pre-
shipment and Post- shipment etc. Tailor- made solutions are developed keeping in view the
unique requirements of your business.

2. Trade Finance
MCB offers trade finance services that comprise of an entire range of import and export activities
including issuing Letters of Credit(L/Cs), purchasing export documents, providing guarantees and
other support services.



Islamic Banking Division was formed with effect from 1st January 2003, which in a short span of
time, has developed sufficient expertise, necessary infrastructure, information technology, and
manpower to run Islamic Banking Operations and offer Islamic Banking Products.

Mission Statement

To play a dynamic role in promotion of Islamic Banking and win customers trust by providing
sharia compliant financial services.

Vision Statement

To become a leader among Islamic Banks of the country in the coming years capturing major
share of the domestic Islamic financial market.

Shariah Advisor

Dr. Muhammad Zubair Usmani, working as Sharia Advisor in our bank since July 2000 is a
prominent scholar having Ph.D. degree in Islamic Finance as well as Fazil Takhassus from Jamia
Darul Uloom Karachi, (i.e. specialist of Islamic Fiqh and Fatawa). He has attended and addressed
several international and local seminars / conferences as guest speaker in Pakistan as well as
abroad. He has also worked as Research Scholar and member of various forums and committees
formed for promoting the cause of Islamic Banking in Pakistan and abroad. All products are
approved by our Sharia Advisor Dr. Muhammad Zubair Usmani and these are further approved
and vetted by Dar ul Ifta, Jamia Dar ul Uloom Korangi Karachi. Majority of the products are
signed by Maulana Muhammad Taqi Usmani.

Legal Advisor

M/s Mohsin Tayebaly & Co., Advocates & Legal Consultants, has vetted all documentation. The
Co. for this purpose not only have expertise in legal and corporate affairs but also have
competent lawyers possessing knowledge of Sharia.


If you are looking for a deposit opportunity where you can purse your funds and reap HALAL
returns, we offer following products:
Al Makhraj Saving Account

The minimum deposit requirement for Al-Makhraj Saving Account is only Rs. 5,000 and profits
can be earned semi annually.

IANAT Account
If you are looking for a chequing account that gives you the ease of doing unrestricted number of
transactions, we offer Al-Makhraj Ianat Account. Ianat Account may be opened with a minimum
of only Rs. 10,000. With all the features and facilities that this product offers, it is highly
recommended for management of business funds.

Al Makhraj Term Deposit

A minimum of only Rs. 25,000 is needed to invest money in Al-Makhraj Term Deposit. Choice of
tenors can be made from a list of options namely 3 months to 2 years.


MCB offers 3 broad Islamic fund based facilities:

* Ijarah
* Murabahah
* Diminishing Musharika Equipment


MCB’s Islamic Ijarah, analogous to the English term 'leasing’, is based on the ‘Ijarah wa Iqtina’
concept which means the sale of the asset to the lessee (customer) after the Ijarah has matured.
Under this scheme, MCB will be the owner of the asset, and you (lessee) will be given the asset
to use for a certain period of time in return for monthly rental payments. MCB will give a separate
unilateral undertaking that it will offer to sell the asset to you (lessee) at the maturity of the Ijarah
agreement at a price that may be equal to the security deposit amount, hence the term ‘Wa

We currently offers 2 types Ijarah Products:

Car Ijarah
Equipment Ijarah


Under the Al-Makhraj Car Ijarah scheme, you can get a car of your choice against monthly rentals
payable to MCB Islamic Banking

At the end of the Ijarah Agreement, you will be given a choice whether to return the car to MCB
and receive back the security deposit paid by you at the beginning or to purchase it at a price
equal to the the security deposit.

Special Attractions

Free from Riba

Fully Shariah Compliant
No rental payments from the date of booking till the time of delivery
No up-front registration / tax related expenses and fees
No up-front Insurance payment
Nominal processing fee of Rs. 4400 (Non-refundable)

A unique opportunity for you to get any locally assembled non-commercial or semi-commercial
new vehicle of your choice in 1 to 5 years by paying as little as 20% security deposit and
NOTHING more!!


Equipment Ijarah
Ijarah for Machinery and other equipment to corporate clients.

Security Deposit
10% Minimum plus any other security required by the Bank from time to time.

Legal Documentation

1. Agreement to Ijarah
2. Ijarah Agreement

Other Documentation

Unilateral undertaking by the Bank to offer to sell the asset at maturity. Unilateral undertaking by
the lessee to purchase the asset at the Pre-Agreed Purchase Price on termination of Ijarah
before Maturity.


It is a contract between a buyer and a seller under which the later first purchases the goods at the
request of the former i.e., customer and then sells it to same customer after adding profit.

Murabah Sale Price = Cost + Expenses incurred + Agreed Profit

Diminishing Musharika Equipment

It is a contract through which the bank and its client participate in the joint ownership of a
property. The share of the Bank is further divided into a number of units and it is agreed that the
client will purchase the bank’s share periodically, thus increasing his own share until all the units
of the bank are purchased by him so as to make the client the sole owner of the property.


Mudaraba is a partnership in profit whereby one party provides capital (rab al-maal) and the other
party provides labor (mudarib)

Sharika al-aqd :
Sharika al-aqd (contractual partnership) means an agreement between two or more parties to
combine their assets, labor or liabilities for the purpose of making profits.

Murabaha is selling a commodity as per the purchasing price with a defined and agreed profit
mark-up. This mark-up may be a percentage of the selling price or a lump sum. This transaction
may be concluded either without a prior promise to buy , in which case it is called an ordinary
Murabaha, or with a prior promise to buy submitted by a person interested in acquiring goods
through the institution, in which case it is called a “Banking Murabaha” i.e. Murabaha to purchase
orderer. This transaction is one of the trust based contracts that depends on transparency as to
the actual purchasing price or cost price in addition to the common expenses.


This terms ijarah as used in this standard means leasing of property pursuant to a contract under
which a specified permissible benefit in the form of a usufruct is obtained for a specified period in
return for a specified permissible consideration.

Ijarah Muntahia Bittamleek

One of the forms of Ijarah used by Islamic financial institutions is ijarah Muntahia Bittamleek. This
is a form of leasing contract which includes a promise by the lessor to transfer the ownership in
the leased property to the lessee, either at the end of the term of the ijarah period or by stages
during the term of the contract, such transfer of the ownership being executed through one of the
means specified in the Standard.


A salam transaction is the purchase of a commodity for deferred delivery in exchange for
immediate payment. It is a type of sale in which the price, known as the Salam capital, is paid at
the time of contracting while the delivery of the item to be sold, known as al-Muslam fihi (the
subject-matter of a Salam contract), is deferred. The seller and the buyer are known as al-
Muslam Ilahi and al-Muslam or rabb al-Salam respectively. Salam is also known as salaf (lit.

Parallel Salam
If the seller enters into another separate Salam contract with a third party to acquire goods, the
specification of which corresponds to that of the commodity specified in the first salam contract,
so that he (the seller) can fulfill his obligation under that contract, then this second contract is
called, in contemporary custom, parallel Salam or Salam Muwazi. The following is an example of
such a contract. An institution on one hand buys a specified quantity of cotton from farmers on a
Salam basis and in turn, the buyer in the first Salam contract enters into a new separate Salam
contract with textile mills so as to provide them, by means of that new Salam contract, with
cotton, the specification of which are similar to the specifications of the cotton to be acquired
under the first salam contract, without making the execution of the second salam contract
contingent on the execution of the first salam contract.

Istisna’a Contract

Istisna’a is a contract of sale of specified items to be manufactured or constructed, with an

obligation on the part of the manufacturer or builder (contractor) to deliver them to the customer
upon completion.

Parallel Istisna’a
Another form of istisna’a, known in modern customs as Parallel Istisna’a “al-Istisna’a al-Muwazi”,
takes effect through two separate contracts. In the first contract the Islamic financial Institution
acts in the capacity of a manufacturer, builder or supplier and concludes a contract with the
customer. In the second contract, the institution acts in the capacity of a purchaser and concludes
another contract with a manufacturer, builder or supplier in order to fulfill its contractual
obligations towards the customer in the first contract. By this process, a profit is realized through
the difference in price between the two contracts and in most cases, one of the two contracts is
concluded immediately, (i.e.the Istisna’a contract entered into with the manufacturer , builder or
supplier), while the second contract (i.e. the contract entered into with the customer) is concluded