“Worship the Spirit” (Ephesians 2:18


I. Introduction. A. Orientation. 1. This morning, we come to the end of our series on Communion with God. a. We’ve seen that each person of the Trinity is involved in the work of redemption. (i) The Father sends the Son. (ii) The Son comes and does the work necessary to redeem us. (iii) And the Spirit is sent to apply that work. b. We’ve also seen how our communion with each person corresponds to that work. (i) We have communion with the Father in His love – the love with which He loved us and that moved Him to send His Son. (ii) We have communion with Jesus in the grace He purchased for us. (iii) And we have communion with the Spirit in the comfort He gives as He is sent to reveal the Father’s love and apply the graces Jesus purchased. 2. There was one other thing we noted at the beginning: though these things are singled out in Scripture as the way we have communion with each, these things are equally true of each person. a. The Father, the Son and the Spirit love us. b. The Father, the Son and the Spirit provided this grace for us. c. The Father, the Son and the Spirit all comfort us. B. Preview. 1. In ending this series, let’s consider that for all these things, we owe each of them worship. a. Let’s make sure we understand what we mean by worship. (i) It’s more than just thanking and praising them. (ii) Our love and devotion is an act of worship. (iii) Prayer is an act of worship. (iv) Faith – believing, trusting, acting on their Word – is an act of worship. b. Worship is both an obligation and response. (i) We are to worship the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, because they are God. (ii) And we are to let what they’ve done for us move us to worship. 2. This morning, we’ll look at the fact that we are to worship all three persons of the Godhead, but we’ll particularly consider that we’re to worship the Spirit. We’ll see three things: (i) First, that we are to worship the Spirit because He is God.

2 (ii) Second, that we are to let what the Spirit does for us in our communion with Him move us to worship Him. (iii) Finally, two closing exhortations. II. Sermon. A. First, let’s consider that we are to worship the Spirit because He is God. 1. The reason we worship any of the three persons of the Trinity is because they are God, because they are divine. a. God is the name the Bible uses for the divine Being or Spirit. b. When our Catechism asks the question, “What is God?”, it answers, “God is a Spirit, infinite, eternal, and unchangeable, in his being, wisdom, power, holiness, justice, goodness, and truth” (SC 4). This is a description of the divine Being. 2. This divine and infinite Spirit has three personalities – each of whom possesses the whole Being of God – the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Each is God, and each is to be worshiped as God. a. They’re not three parts of God, as though each owned one third of the divine Being. b. They are three persons who together share that whole Being. c. Because they each possess that nature/Being, each of them is God, which means that we are to worship and adore each as God – we are to worship the Father, the Son and the Spirit. 3. Let’s go one step further: when we worship any of the persons of the Godhead, we’re actually worshiping all of them, because they are all the one true God. a. When we worship the Father, because He is God, by expressing our love to Him, we are expressing love to the Son and the Spirit as well, because they are also God. We really can’t separate them. b. When we pray to the Father, we’re also calling on the Son and the Spirit. c. When we trust the Son, we’re trusting all three Persons. d. When we worship any of the persons, we’re worshiping all of them. e. This is another way we worship the Spirit – when we worship the Father or the Son, we are also worshiping Him. 4. Furthermore, because each of them is involved in worship, when we worship one of them, we worship them all. Paul writes in our text, “For through Him [Christ] we both [Jews and Gentiles] have our access in one Spirit to the Father” (Eph. 2:18). a. We have access to the Father, through the mediation of Christ, with the help of the Spirit. (i) The Father provides the Son. (ii) The Son provides the mediation. (iii) And both the Father and Son provide the assistance of the Spirit, through which we draw near to God.

3 b. When the Spirit does His work to draw us to worship, or when any of the persons do what is peculiar to them, and we worship, we worship the whole Godhead, because they are all involved in this work. c. And so we are to worship the Spirit because He is God; and we worship the Spirit whenever we worship any of the persons of the Godhead, because He is the one God. (As also are the Father and the Son). B. Second, we are to let what the Spirit does for us in our communion with Him move us to worship Him. 1. The reason we are to worship the Spirit – or any person of the Godhead – is because He is God, not because of what He has done for us. a. The Lord sometimes uses others to do good things for us – we don’t worship them. b. In the same way, we don’t worship the Spirit because of what He has done, but because He is God. 2. But because the Spirit is God, the things He has done – and continues to do – for us should motivate us to worship Him. a. Whatever grace the Spirit gives us, whatever work He does for us, whatever love or comfort He produces in our hearts, should stir us up to worship Him, because He is God. b. Because He is the One who produces the fruits of faith and love and everything that flows from them, we should also to look to Him in prayer to strengthen these things, believe that He will provide these blessings according to His will, and wait on Him until we receive from Him – all of which are acts of worship. c. And when we receive these blessings, we should praise Him. (i) When He blesses us with joy, peace, or any comfort, when He strengthens our love for God or reveals God’s love to us, when He shows us we are God’s children, and we don’t notice or aren’t comforted or don’t thank Him, He is grieved and His work is quenched. We should be humbled by this and repent. (ii) We should note every one of His acts of love towards us, and praise and thank Him, even as we do the Father for providing these things and the Son for purchasing them. (iii) And we should pray every day that He would continue these graces toward us just as John prayed that He would for the seven churches of Asia Minor in our meditation. (iv) Let’s not forget at the same time that when we worship Him in this way because He is God, we are also worshiping the other persons of the Godhead. C. Finally, let me close with two exhortations to seek communion with the Spirit. 1. If you have this communion, then seek more of it. a. Make sure you see, acknowledge and worship Him for His blessings. b. Also pray and ask Him further to strengthen His graces in you.

4 c. The more you seek this communion, the stronger you will be in Christ. 2. But if you don’t have this communion, then consider a few things that might motivate you to seek it. a. Without Him, you really have no comfort. (i) You will have to bear your own burdens in life. (a) You can’t have any confidence that things will turn out well for you here. (b) The Spirit’s applying God’s promises to our hearts is the only thing that gives us any assurance. (ii) Certainly you can have none that it will after your life is over. (iii) The Spirit doesn’t comfort unbelievers, but opens your eyes to what you have to be afraid of. (iv) If He has opened your eyes, run to Christ. b. Without the Spirit, you don’t have peace. (i) Not with God – for He is still your enemy. (ii) Not with yourself – your conscience still condemns you. (iii) Only the Spirit can give you peace by applying God’s promises to your heart – it’s one of the fruits of His saving work. (iv) Only He can take away the fear of the Day of Judgment. (v) If you want His peace, you must run to Christ. c. Without the Spirit, you haven’t any hope. (i) No hope that your needs will be met in this world. (ii) No hope that you will be delivered from hell and make it safely to heaven. d. e. f. g. Without the Spirit, you are spiritually dead. Without the Spirit, you don’t belong to Jesus Christ, you are none of His. Without the Spirit, you won’t have any of His blessings. Do you have communion with the Spirit of God this morning? (i) If you do, then rejoice – He will never leave or forsake you, but will guide and care for you all your life and bring you safely to heaven. (ii) But if you don’t – then be afraid. You are in danger every moment of judgment and hell. (iii) Don’t stay in that condition any longer. Run to Christ and be safe. (iv) Ask Him for His Holy Spirit to give you the strength to do so. (v) He has everything you need. Don’t turn away from Him, but look to Him now in faith and be saved. Amen.


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