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This rent agreement is made on this 7th July 2008, at Hyderabad Sindh, In Between:-

1. Mrs. Shireen Saifuddin W/o Saifuddin, adult, Muslim, Bohra resident of

House No. 26 / 2, Civil Line, Hyderabad, hereinafter to as the LANDLADY,
party of the First Part co-owner of the Shireen Plaza.

2. Mr. Mohammad Faisal S/o Mohammad Hanif adult Muslim R/o Abdullah
Armit Colony Hirabad Hyderabad, hereinafter referred to as the Tenant, Party
of the second party.

Whereas, the party of the First part is co-owner and Landlady of the property
bearing Shop No. 03, Shireen Plaza, Cantt: Survey No. 41 / 562, Saddar Hyderabad and
she has agreed to rent out the above said shop on rent to the Tenant who has also agreed
to take same form the Landlady and the parties agreed between them.

That the tenancy shall / have been commenced w.e.f. 1st July 2008, for a period of
Eleven months.

That the second party looking to the prevalent rental value of the area has agreed
to pay Rs. 8000/- (Rupees Eight Thousand Only) per month as rent of the said premises
which shall be payable on or before 5th of reach calendar month in advance. No claim for
payment of rent by the tenant without valid receipt issued in this regard by the Landlady
shall be acceptable. The tenant has also paid sum of Rs. 8000/- (Eight Thousand Only) as
one month rent advance to the landlady.

3. That initially the period of tenancy is agreed as eleven months. However, if

this period is extended the rent of the said premises shall automatically stand
increased by Rs. 500/- on the prevalent rent after every eleven months.

4. That the Tenant at the time of execution of this rent agreement has paid a sum
of Rs. 125.000-00 (Rupees One Lac Twenty Five Thousand Only) as security
deposit. This amount is not adjustable towards rent and the same will be
refundable only on delivery of the vacant possession of the premises back to
the Landlady and subject to adjustment of any loss or damages caused to the

5. That the tenant will use the premises only for the purpose of Medical and not
for any other purpose and he will not part with the possession of the premises
or any portion.

6. That the tenant further agrees that he shall not sublet, assign, give on lease and
license. Basic or for conducting, or part, with the interest or part with the
possession of the said persons, without the written permission of the
7. That the tenant shall not carry out constructions, alteration, addition or
demolitions of any permanent or temporary nature in the said premises or
outside the same without the written the written consent of the Landlady.

8. That the tenant hereby further agrees that if he shall carry out any structural in
the said premises with permission of the Landlady. Then at the time to leaving
the said addition, alterations and fitting shall remain there form part of the said
premises and shall belong to the Landlady and the Tenant shall neither be
entitled to remove the same nor claim any compensation for the same form
the Landlady.

9. That the Tenant shall use said premises as a person of ordinary prudence and
he or any person or persons with him shall not cause any nuisance or
annoyance to the neighboring tenants and occupants of the said building or the

10. That the Tenant shall nor use the said premises for any illegal or immoral use
and against any Law, bye Law or rules and regulation of the Cantonment
board of Hyderabad or Government of Semi Government Authorities.

11. That the tenant shall always allow the Landlady, her agents servants and
representative to inspect and photograph the said premises at all reasonable
hour and without taking any objection for the same.

12. The landlady shall n no way be responsible for all losses of damages, suffered
by the said Tenant or to any of his articles, things, goods, fittings, furniture,
Installation etc lying and being in said premises on account of any reason of
whatsoever nature.

13. The tenant hereby further agrees that he shall not bring or store any heavy
boxes, cases, parcels, baggage’s etc containing inflammable or hazarious
material in or outside the said premises or in the said property.

14. The Tenant shall pay separately the water, drainage conservancy, electricity,
telephone and other amenity charges to the concerned authorities directly
except to property tax which shall be paid by the Landlady. Non payment of
any such charges will be deemed to be default in payment of rent and the
Landlady shall be entitled to recover the said amount form the tenant. Every
month paid bills and receipt shall be hand over to the Landlady for here

15. The possession of the rented premises has been handed over by the Landlady
to the tenant at the time of execution of this tenancy agreement along with the
electric items. The tenant shall be responsible for the maintenance of all these
items its good running condition and shall restore its delivery at the time of
vacating the rented premises.
16. The terms of this agreement shall be binding to the parties and their respective
hands at heirs successors, in interest assignees and demonstrators.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties put their respective hands this day,
month and year as mentioned above.


1. _____________________ Landlady _____________________

Mrs. Shireen Saifuddin
W/o Saifuddin.
NIC No. 450-31-073516

2. _____________________ Tenant: ______________________

Mohd Faisal
S/o Mohd hanif
R/o H. No. 117-49-3 Mohullah
Amil Colony Hirabad
NIC No. 41303-1232264-1