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when the little girl falls into a puddle of mud. Surf Excel made a big “splash” with their “Daag Achhe Hain” advertising campaign. introducing the first detergent powder into the country. The promise of ‘superlative whiteness’ – the articulation of a great clean at the time. “Sorry bola. housewives used laundry soap bars to wash clothes.” The narrator then removes all apprehensions of dirt and stains and says.” Target Market of Surf Excel: Surf Excel has adopted the strategy of market aggregation. It is a product by Unilever. Surf Excel target market includes. The following is an analysis of the first such commercial. with much less effort. she looks to her brother for help. Surf Excel has the huge share from major cities. demanding an apology. It also targets the Social Economic class of A.Middle class. Surf was the first national detergent brand on TV. “Daag Acche Hain.B+ and B. Hindustan Unilever Limited introduced Surf in 1959.“Daag Achhe Hain” advertising campaign. Upper class. Crying. At the time. After a time and a lot of mud on his uniform. the brand used TV to effectively educate their consumers on how to use detergent powders in a bucket for a better wash. Surf offered them significantly better clean. Her brother gets an idea and starts “beating up” the puddle of mud. . he stands up and says. The advertisement features a brother and sister duo walking home from school. connected with consumers and helped to establish the brand.

The presence of kids along with the way they have acted also brings further charm to the commercial. warms the heart of the viewers. Each of the ad is filled with a heart touching message for the viewer. Reflects a major shift in the pattern of marketing in the recent years. Viewers without siblings. . As usual the latest ad fits compactly in a 60 sec run and yet manages to impress and bring a smile in the end. It makes use of children’s appeal to get the advertising message across. can relate to the advertisement and the actions of the little boy. Popular brand connect initiatives This advertisement is universally well-loved. What makes this advertisement Special: • • • • • Out-of-the-box clutter breaking campaign Classic way of using kids to promote an adult brand Uses the power of big idea. This is so because it does a lot of things right. It is a clear example of emotional marketing used effectively. The advertisement generates a sense of bonding. but the story. too. too. The advertisement does what seldom others do – cater to the emotions and sentiments of the viewers – and succeeds with it.Advertisement Appeal: Surf Excel latest ad justifies the tagline “Daag acche hain”. Surf excel gets the background music spot on. The advertisement also exudes certain warmth that reflects itself in the viewers. The background music slowly gets more joyous as the ad progresses. Not only do the children lower your guard to the advertisement.

it builds. The advertising mantra AIDA. not only sends out the message that Surf Excel will help you was them out. The product and brand are subtly introduced to the viewers such that it sub-consciously enters their minds without any jarring highlights on the product or brand. it is done so through indirect means. The advertisement leaves people with a warm feeling. the advertisement draws the attention of the viewers. It focuses on the people rather than the product.Success Factor: This advertisement also does what the majority do not. this advertisement can definitely be called and advertising success. whoever and however they may be. By showing a little boy and girl. The sentiments. across age groups. in the viewers. it creates interest in the minds of the viewers. When the little girl falls into the puddle and starts to cry. When the tagline is spouted. Thus. this advertisement caters to all the income grades and all classes of people. both are remembered. Although the advertisement does not centre on the product or brand. The brand image created through this advertisement is phenomenal. This desire often leads to action. This is one of the reasons for its success. The product is kept discreetly tucked away and does not overpower the commercial. Criticism Although there is no obvious targeting. actions and emotions of the people are highlighted and showcased throughout the advertisement in one form or another. Most mothers are concerned when their children come home in dirty and messy clothes. but that also there is no need to fear stains. This feeling also transfers to the product and brand. a desire to know more. . This advertisement. The brand and product are positioned as accessible to all people. is strictly adhered to. Although Surf Excel is a premium brand.

.Awareness should be spreaded that product is not only for the premium customers.The mothers who would feel that surf excel is an expensive product in comparison to other brands and fear of buying should be clarified by the live telecasting advertisements.Mothers who are concern about the stains all the time and because of that they don’t allow their kids to go out and play thus hampers their overall development should be targeted.Suggestions for improvement: . . .

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