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The four gospels record ’ 

’  ’
in which the Saviour carried out
the purging of the temple.

-c x  time was at the  of his earthly ministry, recorded here in
John. John is the only who records the initial purging of the temple. The

-c ×  was at the 

 of his ministry, and is recorded by Matt, Mk and
Lk. So we learn that the LJC was not interested in the  ’ of the
multitude but the honour of his father and  ’ of worship in the house
of God. Where ever   was required He rebuked,    
required he did so. Wherever      was needed to take
he was not slow in it, as here.

In his purging of the disciples we see Him in action. As the disciples stood
watching their master. He made scourge, turned upside down the tables of money
changers, they remembered the words of scripture, u
 . As we read in the
text. And     the words of psalmist with the action of the Lord. They
were    by the zeal the Lord shown to the house of God.   
              So look at this event in His
earthly ministry. It is interesting that he did purging in the beginning and again
after 3yrs at close of his ministry. Oh how ’   . The things that we
are taught and learned. They forgot what he did in the beginning of ministry and
same again just after three years. It is this first purging of temple the Lord has
shown the zeal.

  ’  . V13, he came there in for the Passover.
But note the mention, µ     . How is it told in OT?   !, keep a
feast to the Lord; " ’  Passover unto the Lord your God. So it  
  , to Him who brought them out of Egypt. Now here it is not Lord¶s but
Jews Passover. What has happened? How the Lord is out of it? First and foremost
it is the Lord¶s. ×       
      . He is not part of
many services, ministries. For they are not carried out according to the scripture,


but methods of men. Today  is become the 

. The Lord our Passover
entered the temple that day. Notice

’ ’ ’  # $. LJC went up. No matter from the
worshipper travel from. To Jerusalem is always up. It is in the elevated
location. From miles apart you can see these golden city. But it is important
for us to know from where he travelled to go up? See , he was in Cana of
Galilee, from Galilee to Capernaum it is a day¶s journey. Notice they
continued there not many days. So not much time or rest in between , Cana
to Capernaum and started unto Jerusalem. How far it is from Capernaum to
Jerusalem, it is % 
. He went 110miles to Jerusalem for the Passover.
No wonder that the disciples remembered that verse. Is it not demonstrate
for us of his zeal, that he was prepared to walk 110miles. No transport then,
so he walked up to the house of God, along the dusty road, under the burning
heat, sleeping under heaven. There you have his zeal for the house. ÷ 
        , that demonstrates your zeal. He travelled so
much for the Passover ceremony. Who will be prepared today? Walking
110miles? Very few. Simple, the LJC loved the father¶s house.  
         . He just
travelled so much, but to be here. May we have the same       for
the house of God. because not only he had to contend with the distance but
difficulties. That stretch of land 110miles, mile after mile walking, allowing
nothing to hinder him. No wonder the disciples remembered. 6  
with him. 6  
with him to Capernaum to Jerusalem,
witnessed the zeal. Is it not today that   &   
, a
difficulty not to go to house of God. Certainly there are some situation as
that. But when all being okay, have good health, house, conveyance and yet
excuse for not to go. How often we are very disappointed for some of the
folks attendance to the house of God. Except the provisions are made for
them they would rather sit at home on Lord¶s Day. Those in good health
and not living far from hall.    Ê

’ came to church a year ago, she
started walking, when saw getting late started running, 70yr old, when a
motorist saw, gave her a ride, where and why are you running? I am getting


late. The zeal for the house of God. The LJC had the zeal, prepared to walk

Ê ’ ’  # $. In other words

a.c He arrived 
   . Before the Passover feast began. It was
drawing nigh and he travelled and arrived in good time, completing
110miles journey. In time, and disciples remembered, the zeal of
thine house has eaten me up. Why was the Lord in good time?
Because of the zeal. Turn to   here is ʏ called to offer
his son, v2. What was he going to do? Offer son, but worship God.
because of that  , an    with the Lord, he rose up
early morning. ÷      
   .   $!, be ready in the morning and come up in
the morning unto Mt Sinai and present to me, don¶t let anything
hinder you. In !, '

rose up early in the morning. Going to
meet with God. The Lord had appointed the time, and Moses rose up
early. So () rose up in the morning, the zeal of the house of God.
  . They will go and wait in queue for hours. When sale comes
along. They would sleep outside all night to be the first in the store to
get the bargain. That is how the world lives, zeal world shows for
worldly things. Believers are we not to show for the spiritual things.
Abraham, Moses and here LJC rose up early in the morning.
Mcshane said, 



b.c Here is Lord, before the Passover begins and ÷   merchants,
money changers going on. Before the Passover begins ÷    the
temple. You could say, because he came in time, he got time to
prepare for the feast. When we go up to the house of God, early, sit,
meditate and prepare our heart. The Lord prepared the house. Let us
ask the Lord to      . A dear man would attend every
meeting, early, sitting head bowed, prayed, and reading word,
preparing heart to the service of the king. When disciples saw all that,
they saw the zeal. This is our Saviour, believer. This is how he

. This is      the house of God and the worship of
God.   . Remember when Lord return from land of Gadara, came
across Galilee in boat with disciples (& *!%, they gladly received
him, for    
  . That is a good way to be, waiting
for the Lord. So you have his ascent, arrival at temple and then his
attendance in the temple.

ʒ’   ’  . He made his way from Capernaum to
Jerusalem to attend the Passover. Last time      attending at age
of 12yrs. That is when a Jewish boy is permitted to. In (& !%+!, LJC
 old accompanies Joseph and Mary for the Passover feast in Jerusalem.
Now he is $%
, beginning his ministry and        In the
temple again, at Passover. 

’ ()  
  . His
 him well, from earliest days, to go up to the
Lord¶s house to attend the house of God. They  
   for him
to follow. Form that example set by parents; from it he developed the zeal
for house of God. He loved the house of God. That when disciples saw the
examples of that zeal remembered, the zeal of thy house has eaten me up.
ü’ again in (& ,        , at feast of Passover, they
have taught him well and no wonder he had love zeal for the house of God.
  ,   the house of God. His great love for Gods house,
disciples remembered. This was the zeal he had for house of God. Had the
Lord not really allowed for God¶s house? And no love then he would not
have bothered, not purged. After all the         . They
were    to keep it clean, the way men ought to come to worship.
They didn¶t care but the Lord cared. Why? It was His father¶s house. That
is why he loved it. Son loves to be in the house of father. He could not
tolerate the way it was kept. Why you and I love this house, yes the brick
and mortar, for it is Lord¶s house. His presence is here, his word is here, his
name honoured here, it is Lord¶s house do we love so? We would say, day in
thy court is better than 1000days in world. u
 *!%. There is the
aviour¶s presence. His ascent, arrival, attendance.

This is a remarkable, unique incident purging the temple. That is prior to

Calvary. Consider brethren.