There s an organization within the EU called the European External 1. The WTO is an organization that works with countries (153) around Action Service (EEAS). In their website, they express that the EU the whole world (there are members in all the continents). As such, maintains diplomatic relations with nearly all the countries in the there are multiple treaties that join all its members. world. Some of the things they do are: 2. As they work with treaties all over the world, they are not really the a. Giving social help to countries that need it. establishers, but the supervisors of such treaties. One clear example b. Providing help during times of crisis. A good example is the is the NAFTA (North American Free-trade Agreement), which was help they re providing to Libya and Japan. signed with the approval of the WTO. c. Helping secure peace in countries that suffer war situations (they ve been most helpful in Afghanistan). 3. They work closely with the EEAS in order to guarantee fair trade and d. It works closely with the WTO to support the principles of rule compliance within the members of the EU. free and fair international trade. 4. 2. HISTORY AND REPRESENTATIVE FIGURES 1. Official formation date (January of 1995) 1. The EU has gone through many stages to reach its actual form, and a. Started as the GATT (General Agreements on Tariffs and each stage came in the form of a Treaty, the last of which came in Trade) in 1945. 2009: b. The most important stage in the history of GATT and WTO a. Paris Treaty: 1952 was the Uruguay Round. It was a process that spanned from b. Rome Treaty: 1958 1986 1994 and culminated in the formal establishment of c. Maastricht Treaty: 1993 the WTO. The current round of negotiations started in 2001. d. Lisbon Treaty: 2009 2. The idea of a unified Europe became stronger after the events in World War II. Statements such as Winston Churchill s [United States of Europe] became louder in 1946 . 3. Important Figures: a. Winston Churchill: his speech about European unity set the way for the EU. b. Jaques Delors: probably the most committed the EU has had. Intensified political union. 2. The WTO came to be as a necessity to supervise international trade agreements more easily after World War II, with the appearance of new multilateral institutions interested in international economic cooperation. 3. Important Figures: a. Peter Sutherland: his work as the first general director of the WTO was important for the process up to today.


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