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Page 23, Line 5 should be ~tat t. 15:8,9.

,. 25, " 5 " •• Ex. 13:21.
" 59, " 25 " " 2nd Peter 3:3.
" 60, " 23 •• " 1st John 4:5,6 •
I' 61, ,. 10 • t " 2nd Peter 3:17 •
" 61, " 24 II If It " 3:10.
" 45, " 10 't •• •


A modern proof ot the origin of humanity and its retrogression from the original oreatlon of maD.

Verified by the Holy Bible.

RevelatloDS reoeived through thought oommunioation.


G. W. Van Tassel

First Edition

PRICE $1.50

.' - ...

Copyright 1956

G. W. Van Ta8sel




The author was born In Jefferson, Ohio, in 191U. After leaving high sahool, he worked 4 years as a flight mechanic for airlines at Chicago and Cleveland.

In 1930 he came to California and was

employed by Douglas Aircraft at santa ~onloa 'for at years. He left Douglas

and went to work with Howard Hughes in 1941. Connected with flight test for

Mr. Hughes in the desert near Barstow, California. he acquired a desire for the peace and qUiet of the great open spaces •


After 2~ years with hlr. Hughes, he went

to Lookheed Aircraft at Hurbank, Oallfornis. for 4t years flight test work there. While there he oame to a decision to live in the peace of the desert, after almost 20 years of aircraft experience.

He leased an abandoned airport at Glant Hock from the government in 1~47 and has been operating It for the past 7t years. Giant Rock is 17 miles north of Yucca Valley, California. The latter

Is on the Twentynine Palma Highway. In 1951 the author bought a 4U aore ranoh adjoining the airport property.

Having friends interested 1n the greater secrets of life and the deslre to understand phenomena that is not explained by mundane science, be organ-

ized a small group to reaeazch into th'e unseen. Immediately many things started to happen, of which records were kept of every occurrenoe.

The author and his wife d-edloated 10 acres of the ranch property to the fast

'growing organizatlon. Through thought transferreDce, which became the main subjeot of research, the space people gave the author the name for the organizatiDn. It is called "The College of

Unt versal Vii adam". The author Is now 1 ts director; while still operating the airport and ranch.

The College of Universal Wisdom publishes a monthly pamphlet called "Proceedlngs" , whloh keeps many interested readers up to date on the latest

lnformation from our friends in space.

Plans are now In progress to put buildings on the College property.

The address of the author Ie:

P.O. Box 41~, Yucca Valley, California.



1. Bef·ore Humans

2. Birth of a Uaster 20

3. Spaoecraft in the Bible 25

4. The Beginning of the End 30

5. Many Mansions 34

6. Space People and the Blble 39

7. Moses and the Spaoecraft 45

8. Contrasting DualitIes ~B

9. The New Jerusalem 53

10. The Return 59

11. The Separation 63

12. lviodern 68

13. The Second Birth 72

14. The Decision 77

15. Angels are People

16. Armageddon



I t





ABOI - A youngster of 80 years of age. BOR - An oldster of l2UO years of age. SALOD - Space people's name for our

solar system.

SHAN - Space people's name for our Earth. SYNTHESCAI - An tnat ruae nt s 1ml1ar to

;T.V •• not dependent upon a

s t att on to transml t the plotures to it. This Instrument bo t h projects and receives pictures.

"See there in the synthescan, AboD, we are approachlng the planet Shan. which the people who oocupy it oall Earth."

"But Bor". questioned Abon, "why does our conascope show a color frequency of discord 1"

CONASCOPE - An instrument that registers (and reoords) vibrations as colored pictures.

Bor answered in the way of one who

had the understanding of a sage. "That is because the present civilizatIon on the planet are ignorant of the harmony of lIfe. They have almost lost the ability, which we have. to oommunicate by thought. The people of Earth have expanded the forces of destruction. from the murder of a man called Abel by his brother Cain, to the present condition where the readers of the people have divided the entire planet into two armed camps. They are on the verge of

a war which could wipe out every livlng thing in their level."

"But what 1s ,the resson for Buoh


action?". inquired Abon. "The Creative

Spirit gave all of the race of man the same perfect oreation. Why Is it peoullar to this one planet in space that they cannot understand each other 1"

Bor smiled and replied in telethought, "It is a long story but since we have nothing to do but hover here. and await

developments, I will try to tele the faots to you as 1 learned them from our crystal records. Let us go baok to near the beginning of the record, just after the Earth was formed.

As Shan progressed out of the second density of space lnto the third. it went through another re-balanoing and the poles shifted again. In the third density the rotatlonsl speed broDght about a germInation temperature of ninety eight degrees F. This was a Bl~ degree drop from the seoond density temperature. As almost all the seoond density animals could no longer propagate their speoies, those that were not kllled In the cataolysm became extinct; except a few species of higher development.

After the Solar System Salon bad entered the third density of space, it was possible for our people to plaoe oolonies on some of the planets.

We landed a large colony of our volunteers on Shan the Earth, on a large continent we named PaD. Later the Earth people oalled it Uu or Lemurla, and the descendants of our oolony Lemurlans."

When the solar system to whioh this planet belonge came out of the first density of spaoe, Shan only had vegetatIon on Ita surface. There were no oceans or lakes as there are now, beoause almost all the molstkre was 1n the firmament.

As the p~anet moved into the second denSity, it went through 8 precessional cataclysm whioh brought about ~ new balance. a new location of its poles, and a d1fferent speed of rotation. The speed of a planet's rotation brings

about the particular germination temperature, as you know.

The seoond density germination temperat&re was lower than the first density temperature by a Ix degrees pt.; this permitted us to land animals from other planets in the seoond denSity, on Shan the Earth.

II But our people from the fa urth density had to change by assimilating substance of a greater density. In order to live in the third density; 1 remember learnlng that", AboD telethought to Bor.

As the germ of these an1mals would only propagate at one hundred and four degrees F., the varieties of animals that we brought in the Arc bad to correspond to this temperature. Theywere of the Mastadon and Dinosaur types. The~e f~ourlshed through a master oycle of ~12.UUU years.


"Correct", Bor projected. "They were processed through densiiler rays over a long period. The people of Earth use a slmillar process in reverse, when their divers come ont of water from great depths. Our denslfierB brought about a gradual ohange In the individual polar-

ity from positive to negative so they


could lIve on negative sUbstaDoes. This also made them visible in the positIve light of the Sun upon the Earth, as it sets up reflectIon by resistance."

".But do the people not have reoorda of these things such sa we have?", inquired Abon.

twig in their hands. and oertainly their intelligence can prove to them that many branches in a bundle oannot be easily broken. Why do they not combine their

many weak branohes of religIons and sciences into a strong body of unity, and set a oommon goal for the progress-

ion of all of the lr people?". interrupted Abon.

"Yes, but they do not communicate by thought as we do. They use vocal sounds in the lower frequencies of vibration. These are easily misunderstood aa they have many dlvislons of their people tnto various countries, languages, and creeds. Their reoord~ are In written characters, which they call printing and wr t t t ng , These methods are subject to misinterpretation from various pOints of view. and are confounded by translations from one language to another. Their methode

of communication have further brought about a separation of their scienoe and religIon tnto many bra.nches of opposite beliefs.


"The mul tit udes are 1i mi ted by the

organized minorIty, who keep the masses of the people on the planet In ignorance of what they are doing. The people, under the rule of authorltles. are all told how free they are and that their

governments are their protection against all other nations.

Every tyrant that ever ruled on the planet led his people to believe they were free. He excused the burdens he plaoed upon them, by explaining that those things were neoessary to protect the people from being Bubjected to persecution, or death, by the invasion of other people from surrounding oountries". Bor explained.

The Earth people have lost track of most of the basio. unohangeable laws inoorporated into the oreations by the Creative Spirit.

Their bellets are divided roads lead-

lng to the same pOint, under the general name of religion. The latest one of these they oall "Christianity", whlch io itself 1s divided into many branches .. "

"Surely they aan- uQderstand the weakness In a single branoh by snapping a


"Surely some of their reoords are correct", AboD transmitted.

Bor res'ponded, "Yes, though mostly

the people only believe in words, and not !l the act of li'ilE_6 -tne truea'18ws of =w -uie trw-Creator." - -

Let me explain how the word "belleve" came into use, in the place of faith. or


trust. in the Creative Spirit.

Man was oreated (Gen. 1:21). he did Dot evolve from the lower animals.

"Belle". or "be-lie", means to oOPY. or ·aounterflet. "Belle-eve" means to copy Eve. or material, p~81oal things. That Is why believing haa led the people of the planet into following the unreal. or illusions of refleoted realIty. Eve was the remnant of a species of highly developed animals on the Earth that had survived the cataclysm when the planet oame into the third density of space.

Let me explain, this "Eve" by reference to the book they 0&11 the Bible.

, '''l


"In the beginning God (The Creative Spirit) created the heaven and the earth." (Gen. 1:1). Thls creation was a part of the oontinuously evolving crea-

tion throughout the Universe. Eaoh instant that passes new things are being made. new phases of life unfold to llve

in ever progressing oyoles of rebirth.

As related above. God made heaven before the eart'h. In these heavens of the sky He had already created man 1n the infinite lmage of God.

Man was oreated to live in space, even as flsh live in the ocean. On many planets of many other Bolar systems. and on other planets in this solar system. man was developed through hundreds of thousands of years, long before the ·

Earth was habitable.

However, he was not created on the Earth. Man was oreated to serve as the

instruments of God's doing. You know from our records AboD, that our exploration through various expanses of space has proven that wherever we have gone

we have found more of the speoles of maD. Anyone who oontends that the Earth

Is the only planet 000 up led by the form of man. does not aocept God in His lnfinite completeness. Their narrow minds have placed a lim1t on His ability to perform Hls oreations, to one planet.

We of the Adamlo raoe know that Adam was not a single man. This is confirmed In Gen. 1:27 where the race of man in the orlglnal creation Is described as "male and female".

In Gen. 1:28 the sorlpture relates

how "God blessed them". This Is plural. not him, but them. "And God sald unto .tbem:-Tthe Adamio raoe. both male and female) be fruitful. and multiply." This

Is all before Eve is ever mentioned and before God had finished His work.

So the Adamlc raoe Is DOW established on Earth beoause we originally colonized it.


Then God finished His work of orea.tlen in regard to man. He had also finished the oreation of the heavens and the earth and all the host of them. II


·~ . ..:~ . :~, ~. I

(Gen. 2:1). This means all the living creatures that occupy the many planets and the vast heavens.

Dbiverse. not by making women out of ribs. Didn't God already create male and female in Gen. 1:271

So God "ended Hls work" and rested (Gen. 2:2-3), and stlll no mention of Eve! Can this be? Yes, the Christian's Bible 1s accurate on God's beginning of Hls oreations.

The speoies of Eve were the highest form of animal life on the Earth. They were not apes. but they were also not the race of man (male or female) created by God.

-, , ~

So comes the myth of Adam. ~Ye. and the apple,(Gen. 3:1-14). The man blamed Eve. and Eve blamed the serpent (attraction of one sex for the opposite sex).

Some of the men of the Earth oolony mated with the animals. The people of Earth are a crossbreed of the original creation of Man by God,and the highest form of animal on the· Earth at that time (now extinct). This is the reason the Earthlings have a physical (be-lieeve) counterflet body,and also a true body of higher frequency that came from the Adaml0 man of spaoe.

There is no violation of God's law in man mating with woman "after his own kind". All through space, man and woman have offspring by mating. The violation of God's law was not in "eating the apple'"'; it was in eating the !,rong apple.

God oreated every creature after ita own kind (Gen. 1:11-13 snd 21-23). but one of the race of man in the original oolony mated with an animal of Earth and crossed blood.

Next In the Bible comes the ~E!marl of the creation. This Is where the people of Earth are led into confusion. This summary was an added interpretation by a "brain" •

For the first time God is left out

of the story and a "Lord God" (Heb.Jehovah) is introduced into the record. This was one of our people of the Adam- 10 race livIng in space, who was landed

by our spacecraft with the rest of the original colony.

The men of the colony dld Dot bring their women with them. This is one of the prime rea~ons why we are so interested now in the people of the planet Earth.

The Lord God brings Eve into the picture - not the Creator. The Lord God said that the Adamlc man was lonesome. (Gen. 2:18}. Then the Lord God creates Eve "out of a rib" after one of the men fell into a deep sleep.(Gen. 2:21-22).

The Creator brings about re-oreatlon of people by birth everywhere in the



. ~ ......


Trees are a species of vegetation In the first density. Yet an elm always reproduces an elm. and an oak an oak. EverythlDg God oreated reproduoes after its

own kind exoept hu-mans.

That Is why the Earth people are oalled n91!!!la~s". and not Man. Eve the animal gave birth to Cain and Abel. She didn't know who the Oreator was, so she said

"I have gotten a man from the Lord" • (Gen. 4:1), thlnklng the Lord was the Adaml0 man who was her mate. Abel took after his father and showed the good traits of man. Cain took after his mother and showed the animal instinct

to kIll. When Cain killed Abel he revealed the animal nature of his mother. He started the praotloe of killing that has expanded to a point where a tew people ot Earth can now vaporize thousands of other people with atomio bombs.

The prinoiples of aotlons they oould now use have passed beyond the stage oalled war. The minority of authority can oommit the mass murder of thousands of inDooent babies and elderly people.

This Is another reason why we named the people of Earth hu-mans. We knew the tiger as a killer among beasts aDd our name for tiger is "Hu".

Our people from space have been watching the people of Earth tor thousands of years. One of their theorists (Darwin) tried to oonneot humans with the lower animals by the theory of evolutloD. The conneotion was Dot by evolveme,nt from, 1 t was by breeding with. That is why the evolutionists have

never found the "missing link".

The "slva-llzatlon" of humans have expanded their Balence of destruction to the point of crisla. The nations of Earth having atomto weapoDs now have eDough bombs to wipe out all liv1ng thiags OD their planet. The animal of Eve is in power. That is why we are hoyering here now, Abon."

Most of the people of Earth today are crossbreed desoendants of our peopie. the Adamlc Sona of God. and the Earth animal race of Eve. Thus they have a dense earthly animal body and an inner body of created reality as God made Man.




she was found with child". In Mat. 1:25, it is made clear that Joseph "knew her not" •

"For I know whence I came, and whither ! K2.." (John 8: 141 • - -

"1 am from above; ye are of this world; 1 am not=&of"thl& world." (John 8:

23) •


It 1s evident that Joseph was a foster father to Jesus. There was no blood of Joseph in Jesus.

"Many ~lmes we have brought our teaohers through the process of normal birth on the Earth; to try to teach the humans how to live. Our last attempt was through one they oall Jesus.

The only reoords available to their common people are misinterpreted, in most cases, by those who have not understood the laws of nature. Translation. and the great Ignoranoe among many of the preachers of their Blble. has led many of the multItudes into oonfusion.

In their Bible in Mat. 1:1-17, the

genealog~ of Joseph Is given. Further

it explains in Mat. 1:16 that Joseph was the husband of Mary. and by implioation leads them to believe that he was the father of Jesus.

Mary 1s one of the Adaml0 raoe of our people. as you know, Abon; one of the

"male and female" of the race of man that God created before "He ended Hi B work". (Gen. 2:2). This was before the crossbreeding of the race of Adam and the

race of Eve took plaoe.

Mary volunteered for the assignment of bringing through birth - to the Earth - a true Bon of our Adaml0 raoe. Jesus also accepted the assignment,

knowing beforehand what his earthly birth would entail. Mary beoame pregnant and was landed on the Earth by one of our ships.

"Tell me more of this unusual planet where people struggle to live", requested Abon.

If the Earth people would read oare-

fully Mat. 1:18-25, it would be plain that Joseph beoame the~usband of Mary "before they came together", and "after

The "three wise men" were also our Ada~10 people. They "came from the East", having already been made aware by telethought. that a creation of Man was to be brought forth on the Earth:

The three wise men followed our oraft, whioh the Earth people oalled

"the star of Bethlehem" (Mat. 2:9), until it hovered over the inn where Jesus was

being born. The luminous foroe field set up by the oraft looked like a star to the EarthlIngs.



Our people "stood by" at the birth.

The ones aboard the oraft were in telepathic oommunioatlon, not only with Mary. but also with the three wise men.

. Jesus was on the Earth ae an example

of the ways by which our people live.

Be tried to arouse the reality of the Eart.hllngs to an understanding that they were living in an extremely dense reflection of their true selves. He demonstrated the resurrection, and taught that the people mast qualify by action. and not by words alone. Belief

1s taught ~y their churohes as a method of being saved. Jesns taqght them that belief was an empty illusion unless it was demonstrated by an act of faith. This is recorded in their Bible, (Mat. 4:1U). "Thou shalt worship the Lord t~ God, and Him on1l shalt thou serve." He didn't say believe In, he saia·~erve. Service is an ao't··Or~OlEei, not a DOlief in something unseen and unknown.

. Many of their ohurches are professing belief in Jesus. belief in God, and bellef 1n the Bible. Jesus never wrote

a book, and God certainly never wrote a book. Jesus taught the multitudes in the open, he condemned the synagogues (churches). and the methods of the money changers. He taught that God was anywhere and everywhere, (Mat. 6:6), "But

thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy oloset, an~ when thou hast shut thy door. pray t.o thy Father whioh is in seoret: and thy Father whioh seith-rn

2 • a_Cd _ .

secret shall reward thee openly." Jesus

tacght them many truths which are reoorded 1n their Bible.

The preachers oonvinoe the people that if they profess belief in Jesus they are saved. Jesus said, (Mat. 8:8 and 9), "This people draweth nigh unto me with their mouth, and honoreth me

wi. tli· tlie"lr Ell B; "Sut their heart 1 B far

from me. Bu In vain they do worship me. teaohlng for dOctrInes the commandments of men. n

The churches have beoome thea800nd richest organization on the Earth. Manw lndlvlduals are controlled by nchurchlantty" throcgh propaganda and money. Jesus saId •. (Mat. 6 :24), "No man can serve two

masters; for either be will hate the one and love the other; or else he will hold to the one. and desplse the other. Yo cannot serve God and mammon." The chiircfies profess God iriS vain words, while serving mammon.

The Christian ohurohes profess the Bible as their Holy Book. They profess

Jesus as the on1l Son of God, yet the Bl ble says in-many plaoes that Jesns

was the Bon of man. (Mat. 24:21,30,37, 44; Mat. 25:13,31; Mat. 26:2,24.45).

Religions on the Earth are good, but the administration of them follows the ways of mammon. The Bible 1s full of

truths expounded by Jesus, but the Earth people have been led by the ohuroh to believe that professing bellef in Jesus is thelr salvation. People who are




honest with themselves do not expect to be saved by a profession of words, when their actions do not verify their ex-


Jesus, a master teaoher. oompleted his as~ignment on Earth. He Is daily crucified even DOW by those who have twtsted his purpose into a beltef 1n him, while mammon hides behind the


Their Bible tells them, in Aots 17:

24. "God that made the world and all thIngs therein. seeing that he is Lord

of heaven and earth, dwelleth not in temEles made with hanas." (James 1~2), "But be y8 doers 01 the word, and not hea.rers onlY·,s -d-eoelvlng your own selves."

Jesus set an example for all people of the Earth, not for ChristIana alone. He demonstrated how to consoiously depart from the physical body, and that it oould be re-entered again at will. He did not do this just for showmanship;

he was exampllfying the master control of man over human. He further expressed to the Earth people, (1 Cor. 2:4), "And my speeoh and my preaohing was not with enticing words of man's wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of



"And the Lord went before them by day In a pillar of a oloud. to lead them the way; and by night in a pillar of £lre. to give them light: to go by day and night." (Exodus 12 :21) •

"The Bible does not say that it was a vertioal pillar of fire, or cloud. Horl"zontaIly a torpedo-shaped oarrler, or "mother" space ship, looks like a pillar of fire when the foroe field Is turned on at night.

There have been many olouds sighted

in the last few years that do not move along with the other clouds. It Is possible to oondense moisture in the Earth's atmosphere around a spaoeoraft so as to conoeal it. The foroe field around the shIps iontzes the air. oaus-

ing the moisture in their atmosphere to condense as a oloud. This Is the same prl no Iple ae the "Wils.OD oloud ohamber".

used on the Earth In radiation researoh.

Exodus 19:4 relates. "Ye have seen what I did unto the Egyptians. and how

.! bare ,loU on e,a~le' ~ vW1P~S. al!~ bf~EaI!~ ~ .~q.t~ !Selt. I Exodus g:9 reala.

And tlie ord said unto Moses, La, I

come unto thee in a thiok cloud. thai the people may hear when·! speak wlth thee" •••• The Blbleof the people of Earth 1s the best history book of information on the spaoeoraft.



Exodus 19:11 states, "And be ready against the third day: for the third day the Lord will oome down In sight of all 'ilie people upo n mo un' S 1 DS 1. II Exod us 19:12 and 13. warns of the people oomtng too close to the spaoe ship beoause of the surrounding foroe field.

The Lord tells 1I40ses, "And thou

shalt set bounds unto the people round abont, saying, Take beed to yourselves, that 18 go not up into the mount. or touoh the border of it: Whosoever touoh-

8lh the mount Tshall Di surely put to

death: There sh~ll not a hand touch it. but he shall Burely be stoned, or shot

thrors~: wheth:r it be beast or man; It shal not live ••••

stood afar ·off. n

We spaoe peo~le were oonsidered angels of God by the people of Mosee' time, beoause we oame out of the sky. whloh was oonsldered the holy heavens. There were no airplanes, balloons, or any type of jet alroraft on Earth fn Moses' time, 80 naturall, the Earth

people of that period figured only bl-rds with wlngs oould fly • .Naturally. when men appeared out of the sky, they pictured us wi th wings aDd oalled 11S "angels".

nOr shot through" means with the high frequency energy of the foroe field around our ahlps,muoh like a bolt of lightning.

In Exodus 19:20 it tells what happened the third day. "And the Lord came down upon mount Sinat, on the tOR of the

mount" ••••

In Numbers 9:17 it relates how the spaoeoraft guided the Israelites out

of Egypt. "And when the aloud was taken ~ from the tabernaolei, -then -a'fier that tEe chIldren of Israel journeyed; and In the plaoe where the cloud abode.

there the ohildren cif Israel pitohed their tents."

lfhe came down on top of the mOUDtain he had to aome out of the sk¥ above the mountain, didn't he. Abon?

The light energy of our spaoeoraft Is further proven 1n Exodus 20:18, to wit, "And all the people saw the thunderlnga,

and the .1.l6'htn"in~s and the noise of the trumpet, and the mountain smoking: and

when the people saw it. they removed and


The Lord in the aloud-ooncealed spaoeoraft not only spoke to Moses. he also

=rTohte for him. (Dent. 6:22). Moses said, ese words the Lord spake unto all

your assembly in the mount out of the mIdst of the fire (torce fleld)-6{ the

clond, and of-nihs thick darkness, with a great volce: and" he added no·more. And he wrote them in two tables of stone, 8.nd delivered them unto me." In

Deut. 5ll:2-.{ ••• "we have seen this day that God doth talk with man. and he liveth."

Moses was probably oonsidered the

top "screwball" of his day. There he was,


running up and down Mount Sinal, into a aloud at the top, and emerging with all manner of information for the multitudes, who didn't know what to think.

After Koses in the Bible oame Joshua. joshua asked the man who appeared before him whose side he was on. (Joshua 5:13-14), "And he said. Nay: but 8S captal,n of the host of the Lord am 1 now come." So we

find tEat the Lord had a 9~R~a~n in

charge of his ship.

Then it is stated that they called the spaoeQ~aft an ark. In Joshua 6:7, "And he said unto the people. Pass 00. and oompass the city (Jericho), and let him that 1s armed pass on before the

ark of the Lord." (Joshua 6 :11). "So the ari 01 the Lord cO~Ra~sed the city. going about It once , If

An Ark is a spaoe ship, though the Bible does not call it suoh. Aotually the word "ark" 1s misleading as it is spelled In the Bible. It should be spelled arc.

Iu 1 Samuel 6:19, the people got into trouble "because they had looked into the ark of the Lord 1' ••••

weather balloons or jet airoraft" that the Earth people have today. The Bible does not say what the skeptios of those times oalled these strange "halluoinations". Those people oalled our spaoeoraft by the name, of what was to them, the best means of transportation known.

When Elijah was "taken up" they oalled the space ships "chariots". (2 Kings 2:11), "And it oame to pass. as they still went on and talked, that behold. there appeared a charlot of fire, and horses of fire ,-and parted them both

asunder: and Elijah went F-i by a whirlwind (vortex) lnto heaven. Even today

a song 1s sung in their churches: "Swing LOW, Sweet Charlot".

Their Bible is the best spaoeoraft book yet written. It 1s full of references to our people coming from, and going into, the sky. It tells many times of the people on Earth, talking with our people who came out of the heaven~."

David desoribed his deliverance by the Lord in 2 Samuel 22:11. "And he rode upon a cherub. and did fl : and he'was seen upon the y!1.~~ of t e wind. n

As live sald, In those days the people didn't have the "high-flying





"The book of Isaiah should be stndle-d closely by everyone. I~ brings out the many occurrences that are happening today. Isaiah 18 the foreoast of a 010110 repetition of events.

Isaiah 3:12 states, "As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. 0 my people, the whioh 1e d thee oause thee to err; an dest'roy t e way 01- -thy paths."

This Is wisdom out of the past explaining the failure of the present peoples on Earth.

Recently President Eisenhower of the United states said, "The masses of peo-

ple throughout the nations want peaoe, it is only governments that are stupid." In api te of the reoognl t ion ·of error, and thls expression of truth, the jaws o'f the golden calf go right on grinding out proft t by fosterIng destruotion. low they have disoovered the death force of atomic energy.

The 24th verse of ohapter 3 in the book of Isaiah tells of some of the effeots of atomic energy. "And it. shall come to passt that lnstead of sweet smell there shall be stink; and instead of a girdle a rent; and instead of well set hair baldness: and instead o~a stomacher" a of saokoloth; and


~r " _ .. _.. .'.


I •

p~Dlag instead of beauty."

AQY of the people of ~esqulte, levada, can tell you about the effects of radiatioD from atomio tests 110 mil •• away at Yuooa l'lsts, near Las Vegas. Many of these people have lost everz . hair OD their head and !odi, iolh men and women.

fhe authorities who dsQy there are an; bad effeats from atomlo radiations are the ones who are protltlQg from this death foroe.

ODe o£ their top scientists. Dr. A.H. sturtevant of "Calteoh", International authorl ty on h.eredl ty t said, "There is no possible escape from the oonolusion that the bombs alre~dl exploded ulti-

mately will result In the roductiOn of numerous defective Indlvldua 8 F e

race survives'l'or"m"8iiji'generatIODa:n

Moreover, every Dew bomb exploded. since Its radioactive products are widely d.lsperaed over the Earth, will result

in an increase in this ultimate harvest of defective individuals. Every student of genetics familiar with the facts knows that any inorease In the radiation level Is certain to be at least genetloally harmful to human beings when it

Is applied to most, or all, of the inhabitants of the Earth. We must not

forget that the risk Is one to which the entire human race, present and future, 1s bel~ subjected.



"As a scientist", Dr. sturtevant said, "I regret that an offioial as

important as the Chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission should have stated that there 1s no bIological hazard from low doses of high energy bomb irradia-

tions. "

Many of the Earth's people are already fulf1lling the propheoy of Isaiah 33:15 and 16. "He that walketh righteously, and speaketh uprightly; he that desplseth gain of oppressions. that

shaketh his hands from holding of bribes. that stoppeth his ears fro·m hearing ot

blood, and ehutteth his eyes from seeing of evil; He shall dwell on high; his place of defense shall be the

munitions of rooks: bread shall be gtven him; his waters shall be sure." Isaiah, chapter 35, desoribes the place of

sanctity. and chapter 51:1-3, further verIties it •

. Isaiah 6:11 brlngs out more of the effects of atomio radiation. "Then said 1. Lord how long? And he answered, Until the cities be wasted without Inhabiiaiitll• and tne houses ~Ithoui man,

"&-nd 'the- -land }>~ uttet1l desolate. it

.... '!o

Isaiah 13:2U amplifies this in re-

marklng about Babylon. (Babylon means

the confused people 1n the large oltles). "It shall never be 1nhablted, neither shall it be dwel~ in from gen rat~on tp

t 1 "

.-g ..... e.~n __ !l_r __ a_ .... o_D ••••

Isaiah 3U:20 states, "And though the Lord give you the bread of adversity, and the water of affliction, yet shall not thy teaohers be removed into a

corner anymore, but thlne ~l~~ shall see

!!;l teachers."

We are go1ng to defend Jerusalem, which Is the ODlted states. N~i D80ause their Iia!ers are more vIrtuous, or their people more righteous, but beoause this is the mother oontinent of the new oycle. This 1s verified in Isaiah 31:5, "As birds flli~ so will the Lord of hosts defe'nd-Jerusalem; defending also

he will deliver it; and ~as~)Dg over he w111 preserve it.,.

The greedy who hoard the wealth of money and property are also given prophecy of their outcome in Ezekiel 7:19. "They shall cast their slIver in the streets, and their gold shall be removed: th~lr silver and their gold shall not be able to deliver them. 1 n the day of the wrath of the Lord: they shall

not satisfy their souls, neither ftll their bowels: because it is the atumb- 11ngblock of their iniquity."

Thus the Bible Is full of the prophecy of the times, but few know that the time is now upon them."





... • I .:. I _

. . .


form to vary Its density. &8 it Is for lee to beoome water, or steam. under different conditioDS.

MaQY of the higher-frequenoy llfe forms can be ethereal In their present qualification of development, then through thought force they can command

a change in their form to densittes of lower frequencies. This Is parallel to oondensing moisture from air, then freezing it into a solid. All things In form issue forth from t-hought. whioh is Dot in form. Thought is the causal force of Creative Mind which 1s unlversal In all frequencies of life.

The same thought force, directed by the Creative Spirit to bring man into form, caused planets, ants and trees to follow their established patterns for their individual frequency levels.

Ma~ people vary even more, dependIng upon their levels of progressloD In the eternal life pattern. The "lIttle people" are as physical as the people of Earth, though of a finer physical substance. because they are two life levels of frequency above the Earth level. Their height Is different only because

of a diverse condition of gravity. As their MOOD orbits around the world tt follows in a negatIve polarity level of the world.

"The confusion among the many people, interested in spaceoraft, and those who have had experienoes with them, has been apparent in nearly every conversation on the Earth. They must open their mind to accept the full pioture if they expeot to understand its magnitude. One oannot ever know what Is outside by remaining

inside, can he, Abon?

Our experienoes with thought transference have led us into many and varied levels of life. Thought forae is infinite. It is not limited to opinion, theory, or stratum. Philosophioal teaohings that cannot be applied to praotlcal purposes are worthless on any life level. Metal

in the ore Is of no value until it has been through the fIre, or processed for


Information from other levels of life is of no value in words; it must be understood and applied in praotloe on their level, else it too is worthless.

Intelligent life in form haa substance on all levels Of life, whether the people be from Etheria, Venus, Clarion, the MOOD. or any other place or level. These Ilfe forms vary 8S greatly as does glass, air. concrete, wood.

or steel. Eaoh conforms to the oonditions or environment of its own density. It 1s as possible for life in

Between the Earth level and the Moon's orbit level. which are both negative, there Is a positive level with another


moon orbiting in the oPPosite direction. This moon cannot be deteoted by physical vision or optics. The people living in this positive polarity level were once on Earth. They can see each other but cannot be seen by negative physical vision.

.~urroundlng the negative physical level 1s an earthbound negative or transition level. Normally they cannot see the people in this level, because having discarded the sUbstance flesh, they have p rog reaaed through the boundary called death and are invisible to

physical vision. .

If they have learned the lessons of the physical level there, they will move to the next positIve level of the first mOOD. There is no flesh on any positIve level of life.

The Church teaches them about heaven, as though the life there and the one in heaven were the only two life levels. This is not BO. Heaven, the next higher level. must be earned by doing the will of the father. Jesus, whom the Church professes as the one around whom the ChrlB~lan religion was built and who

supposedly was the only son of God, said, "In my Father' B house are many mansions. n This certainly doesn't mean heaven and Earth - only two- it refers to mssy life levels in the whole universe.

Some people are accepting heaven as Venus, or Mars, or some other planet; as

back in their memory they still cling to the professions of the Church that there 1s only the Earth and one other plaoe.

They must realize that we space people are coming from "many mansions" or planets, life levels around the Earth, and other solar systems.

In our explorat1.ons through space, we have found people everywhere. Those from levels of life far beyond our frequency, have stated that they have found man 1n many places, advanced in Culture and Science almost beyond their comprehension.

When you stop to oonsider that our people, who have life spans of £rom 300 to 1500 years; no disease; sciences that have progressed for hundreds of thousands of years wlth accurate records - it makes one realIze that the Earthlings

have forgotten how to use the force of thought. and the laws of the Creator.

God is everywherel He is the thought force of oreation. They must become individual Christa by manifesting his teachIngs, no t by listenIng to sermons. Jesus sald, "Even as I do you can do and

more." He didn't sanction words, he pro-

fessed action by dOl~. They should acoept the blather' smsny mansions", many life levels, eternal lIfe, and manifest their thought expansion by d:0ine:.


The government experts, of many nations, who supervise spacecraft study and research, are oonfused by facts whlch do not oonform to their established opt nt ona and theories. The authorities are trying tD understand our spaoeoraft by brInging the outdated rocket propulsion experts and airoraft engineers into the researoh tiel·d.

We who understand God and the subtle forces of His creation, and use these forces for many things besides space travel, are not limited by established brain thenr1es. We do things that are astounding to the multitudes because

we are not limited by rules of class, authority, money, or dogma.



"I have given them Thy Word; and the world hath hated them. beoause the are not of the world, evell as I am noo?

-the worra." 14John 17: 14). - = = ad - a

The time is fast approaohlng when all these things w111 end. As lndlviduals. they must be prepared for a new condl-

t ion. "

"We have landed many of our people on the Earth In the last hundred years. This Is 'verl:fledto the people of Earth by the fact that their sclences have advanced faster in the last seventy-five years

tha~ they have in the last several thousand years. Most of them we have placed in the three strategic branohes of their industries: transportatIon. communication, and publication.

We have done this in order to control the Earth people. in event that we should be forced by their aotions to make a hasty landing.

As all of OUr methods are subtle. we have already educated their younger

generation through comic books. television. and the radio. Our people have advanced the minds of the youngsters to the pOint where they no longer desire to ~e cowboys - they want to be spacemen.

Many of their parents who have open minds are also receptive. In event that we have to make a sudden landing, the children will rush to greet us - setting an example for the adults. Their Bible tells them of this, ua child shall lead them".


If the people of Shan check their polIce records. they will find that around o ne hundred thousand of the people disappear every year without a trace. These are mostly our people that we have picked up after they have completed assignments on the planet that they were originally landed for.

Our teacher, called Jesus, expressed the fact that we ex1sted in space before the world existed, as recorded in John 17:5, "And now, 0 l!'ather. glorify thou me with thine own self with the glory which I hai with thee before the world was." Also Jesus told Ltheni" of our peo-

ple descending among them in John 3-12- 13, "If I have told you earthly thl~S. and ye believe not. now shall ye believe, if I tell you of heavenly things? And no ~!n hath ascended ER to heaven. but ni ihat came down from heaven even

the SOD of man which 1s in heaven·" Ina John 1:51: 1rAnd he saith unto him:

Verily, verily, I say unto you, Hereafter Z! shall see heaven 0 en and the angels of God ascending an de~cendlB6

. upon the Son of "man. if IT.£ z

_ JT _ •• _

ad .!g~ln!,.! 1 tself is brought to desol·atlon; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand."

This 1s the law that is now violated by the authorities. Their planet Is divided into two armed campa, eaoh determined to control the Earth. The multitudes In the various countries do not want war, but they have no influenoe on their leaders, who are influenced by the militarism, who depend on their might to make their living."

"But why 1s this f". i nqut red Abon.

"In our reoords we know of no other planet where people so flagrantly violate the law, "thou shalt not kill."

The fact that we use telethought makes

it possible for us to influence our people on the planet to do things that will be of bene~it to the Earth people. Their Bible tells of Jesus knowing how to read their thoughts., (Mat. 9:4). "And Jesus

kn~wigg ~Ee!r tp~u~h~~ saId, wherefore thiii1{ 18 evil in your hearts?" and Mat.

12:25, "And Jesus knew their thoughts and said unto them. qEv~rl Jt! ngdo"md1 vid-

"The reason" t responded Bor , "is because they have a peoullar monetary system. At one time it was used as a medium of exchange, which ~orked well. Now. however. money has beoome a commodity with which to make more money_ Eaoh

nation values its assets in money. This asset fluctuates according to the demand, therefore their money is not stable.

Then the quantity of their productlon 1s brought about by a mlnorlty of their people who produoe the value, while the majority produce nothlng. This has evolved to a point where the majority

are non-produotive people. They use what the minority produces and only Qontribute the handling of money, and the keep1ng of records. None of them realize

that they could all have more than they



could use, with equal dlstribntlon o~ productive work, and finished prodUcts

without a complicated money system. '

As you can see through the synthesoan, they have people with muoh more

than they can ever use and others with not enough."

their right to ohoose, whioh 1s God given. We would violate the Law of Free Will 1£ we interfered now.

After the Earth's people and their misguided authorities have ohosen, then we will act. If they ohoose peaoe at

the price of depression, we will assist them. If they ohoose war, we will Interfere as soon as the multltudes oall to God ~r help. We can and will assist them at any time, It they turn to their Creator and ours and abandon living by destruotion.

'''But, Bor, Our people oould straighten this out for them, by educating them to our way of living."

"Abon, mallY of our teachers have given them the laws to follow. several t1mes. If1they we~ as intelligent as

the squirrels, they would have theIr

problem solved. These people, through centuries of decline, have believed in everyone for themselves and the devil take the hindmost. They are now at a

crisis in their ways where they are all the h1ndmost. They have expanded their e~onomy on greater methods of destructlon around the planet, until now they have caught up with their destruction from in front. and their unbalanced economic system has caught up with them from behind. Their problem now Is

whether to destroy more ina effort to save the false economy, or to have it collapse upon them. In either case they are all going to suffer for follOwing the path of the golden ca1£ instead o£ following the eternal laws o£ the

Creative Spirit as we do. ·

vVe are powerless to Inte.rfere until they make a chOice. We cannot Violate

You see, Abon, .6 are surrounding Shan now, because for the first time in the hIstory of their maQY wars they DOW have the means to destr,oy all life on the planet. We have come to the Earth

.ahead 0:£ our normal time of return, that we may be sure this does not happen.

Our normal time of return would have been at the end o~ the planet's precess-

ion of the eqUinoxes, but as their experimentations with-the powerful forces of death have speeded up the precessIon, so we have had to "shorten the days" and be ready to sot ahead of time.

The atomio expe·rlments of the Earth people have inoreased the rate of the precession. Their authorities in oharge of the researoh in several nstl·oDS have

ignored the laws of cause and effect. If the planet were cut in half by an imaginary line, all the explosions .111



be found to have been carried out on one half o£ the Earth. The faot that most of them were fired in the mornlng while the planet was approximately in the samB position in relation to the sun, brought about a oontinual causal force on one half of the planet in the same direction, at nearly the same point of its revolution. This has oaused a reaction

in the poslt1vely charged core that is setting up Lriction-heat in the crust

of the planet. This oauses various lake levels, underground water levels, weather conditions, and ice caps to change. Ea~thquakes, volcanoes, and surface storm$ have increased oontinuously.

Our shIps have already taken some of their people aboard for test purposes. Those whom we have chosen for these occasions were of cooperative minds and we recorded their willingness to assist



As this is your first venture into this level, Abon, you should make muoh use of the synthescsn to observe the ways of the Earth-level people."


"You can Lmag l ne the oonsternation of the people in Moses' time, AboD. when a chariot was the best form of transportation, and few of the people ever owned a donkey, to see a spaoeoraft aome out of the sky and hover over Mount Sinal. The "11ghtenlngs" (force field of static eleotricity) causing the grass and brush to burn and the mountain to smoke. The sound. or solse, as of a trumpet - oould be very easily explained as the humming,

pulsating sound which our spaoecraft

make while hovering.

There have been many cases of "burned areas" where our spaoecraft have been

seen hovering. There have also been instanoes where airplane pllots, forced down in remote areas, have been taken for a god, because the natives had learned £rom their legends that god was

in the heaven above.

The Earth's people aooept aircraft speeds, rooket speeds, and instant radio communications and television plotures through their atmosphere. In these ·days when minds should be reoeptive to the rapid ohanges taking plaoe, a £ew people are ridiculed beoause they have sald they talked to the people from a spaoe-

ship, or went aboard. or even rode 1n

our oraft.



Many people profsss the Bibl. 8S a Holy Book, yet they do DDt aooept it 8S a history of events that are now being re-enacted in their very presence, enforcing through repetition the spiritual development of nations.

Numbers;14:2'l and 2B, reads, "How

long shall I bear with this evil CODgregation, whioh murmur against me? I have heard the mnrmuriDgs· of the ohildreD 012 Israel, which they murmur against me. Say unto them, As truly as I live, sal~h

the Lord, as l! have ~~~~eq in mine ~~r~, ~2. will 1 To tq IOu."

It Is evident enough that, in nearly every case, where any of the persons who have contacted us and were brought before the publio ( as on television or platform work), that every effort was made to make them appear both ridiculous and ludicrous. Perseoutions praotised today are only a repetltlon of those of

the old Biblical days.

The United States is the lew .,]eru~ salem of this time. The same cllque~is working from within its boundaries, and from outside, trying to overthrow its God given rights. They shall fail beoause they are known to our people.

lone of the persons contacte.d by 118 had any part In t no t tlng the mae tt ng ,

.... It h~pl>eDe.d to all of them at the inducement o? our peoPle In the spaoeoraft.

l\4OS.8S was in the same awkward 81 tuatlon as related in the book of Numbers 16:28, "And MOses said, Hereby ye shall ·know that the Lord hath sent me, to do all these work~r$~'·for .1 have not done

them of mine own mind."

_I' •• --

The Bible records this happening to MOses way baok in the donkey days. It is written 1n Exodus 20:22, "And the Lord said unto Moses, Thus t nou ahal t sa~ unto the ohlldren of Israel, Ye have

le~~ yhat 1 gay! talked with Ion from

eaven." .

It should be quite evident to the EarthlIngs by now, that many strange things are happenIng in this time of

"wars for peaoe".

In Dent. 1B:18, it says, "1 will raise them up a prophet trom among their

brethren, like unto thee. and! ~tll

Rut ~ words in his mouth; and he shall spea~unto them all tllit' I shall command

him. "




In the top of it has "two sides - the rIght and the left.

God made everything in duality - so He oould remain at rest in the middle.

God 1s peaoe. He doesn't pay any more attention to the prayers of Amerioans than He does to the prayers of Russians; when the prayers are for victory over another through destruotion.

~esua said, "My Father and I are one." That was beoause he recognized no rioh or poor, no boundaries, or colors, no ohuroh, or rellg1ons~ This was because he remained neutral - at a division polnt between the oontrasting dualities. Jesus didn't take sides with anyone. That is why he was worshiped by the one side and hated by the other.

Duality is a division of the mind in indivIduals. Those who. are not stable are in constant disagreement with themselves. They can't make up their mind which of the things at the moment they want to do: to get uP. or stay in bed;

to buy something, or not buy it.

Most people are not trustworthy because they are fence sitters. walting

to see which side they will fare the best on. Actually they shouldn't take either side - take God's course down the middle.

The Republioans think their party ls right. and the Democrats thlnk likewlse.

"In the begInning God created the heaven and the earth." (Gen. 1:1).

"This is the first contrast of dual thIngs. No thing or oondition in God's universe is without oontrast in duality. For 'every up there's a down. for every white there's a black. for every night there is a day.

In oontrast to God's free creation of the Earth, humans insist on owning some of 1 t. Owing to the Cain an-d Abel opposition, humans take sides with every

issue. Each Bide believes they are right and the other side is wrong. For that reason they have oountries, political parties, and contrasting ideas. Humans demonstrate the ignorance of their animal brains when they persist' in

OPPOSitIon to eaoh other.

Gandhi demonstrated the correct oourse

in freeing India £rom the domination of England. E~land couldn't fight with him because he offered DOD-resistance. It takes two sides to make a fight. When one side won't fight there just isn't any fight!

Anyone who haa olimbed the "tree of knowledge" can see that it has two sides. no matter in whioh direction one looks. This is Dot beoause the tree knows one side from another; it's beoause the man



The Capltallsts and Labor are always at odds. 10 duallty 1s right in OPPosition to another. Eaoh must reaoh the center to recognize the rights and wrongs of both sides.

ThB animal brains o£ some people in authority are defying God. This 1s the beast that the Bible refers to ma~ times. Two opposite systems o£ author-

ity OD the Earth are bound they are going to oontrol the planet; even 1~ they have to kill everyone l.noludlng themselves to do it. Their animal ego

leads them to believe they will escape.

The Russian principle of oontrol over masses by propaganda politics Is start-

ing to collapse. Internal rebelllon would put a stop to the authorltie's control. People can only get so f~l, then they reaoh a critioal mass and explode - the same as certain heavy atomio elements do.

If they would stand in the middle and see destruc~ion being planned on both stde~t it would be apparent that both sides are wrong. When they realize that the means of this planned destruction cannot be used construotively, then they w111 know that unbalance exists.

A fire qan warm you or destroy you.

Cold is desirable in a refrigerator, but not when it makes one unoomfortable. Speed Is required to get somewhere fast_. but its momentum oan kill one if It 1~ lost oontrol o£.

Atom~o ~n~r~ 1s ~ dea~h force. Its radiations can lIT with-out a bomb ever

being dropped. In oommercial use for power it 1s as deadly as when it 1s used

in bombs.

The non-Russian prinoiple of oontrol o,f the masses is by orad! t enslavement

_ through money. This too Is reaohlng a oritical state.

The authorities of Russ1a and the non-Russian authorities both are at a point where something must be done to preserve thelr systems. Both being of the Ca1n animal nature think that they

must whlp the other side.

This oondltion Is agitated further by the anImals in "no-man's land". the

ones who think they oan profit by the fight and assume ,oontrol when the two opponents are exhausted.

All three o£ these groups have 19nored the Intelligence 1n the middle. There Is God in the middle at rest. He isn't

Fission, or fUSion, of atoms. or

their isotopes on a planet. are not as

God intended. God brought about suns to

operate their reaotions by the atomic prlncip~es of fission and fusion. He

also placed the planets tar enough away from the suns so there would be no effects

from their waste products. .

Human creations of SUD principles. on a planet. is in direot opposItion to the creatlve prlnoiples of an all wise God.



worried. He established laws In His orlglnal creation to take care of these


The law of reaotlon will oancel every destruotlve oause. Apply sun principles OD planets and reaotion will make the planet a sun. Who escapes? Only the people who are with God In the middle.

How~'Theu will be taken out into space

• II f "

by our people in the spaoeora t.

"For as many aa are led by the Spirit of G-od, they are the sons of God."

( Ro mans 8: l; 4 ) •



"Write the things which thou hast seen, and the things which are, and the things whioh shall be herea?t'er." (RevelatioDS 1:19).

"The mew Jerusalem" referred to 1n the Bible, quoted in Rev. 21:10. 1s not really new. It Is the positive polarity "moon" that has been orbiting around the Earth for many thousands of years.

This satellite, oalled "Shanchea" by our people, 1s a spacecra£t. Our name for the Earth t a "Shan". I' Ches" means ohild in ODr language .of the Solex-Mal. or Solar Tongue. Therefore, the name

of this shIp is "Eart.ktohl1d" in English. This same oraft was called "The star of Bethlehem" nineteen hundred and sixty years ago at the birth of the child oalled Jesus.

This is not new t nro rmat.t ou, It has been before the eyes of Earthll~s hundreds of years in print; though it was not recognlzed. Rev. 21:16 tells you, "And the city ~leth foursquare, and the length 1s 8S large as the breadth: and he measured the oity with the reed, twelve thousand furlcngs. The length

and the breadth and the height of it are equal."

The zeaaon 1 t was oalled "The star of Bethlehem" was beoause when it 1s



aotlvate4 under oODtrol It looks 11k.

a star to p~slcal vision. The last time its power units were aotivated was

when the man Jesus was "born". This "posltive star body" generates a negative foroe field around it. to proteat It when it 1s 1n motton as a ship.

The ,name "Bethlehem" tells you that.

"Beth" 1s used today aa "Beta". mean-

ing negative. "Le" is used tod.ay. as "lea". meaning a meadow. "Hem" oan be nnderstopd by any woman - as the thing that goes around the bottom of a dress.

"star of Bet~-l.-hem" means - a positlve body, with a negative force field

around it. over a meadow. That 1s where Jesus was born - In a manger in a meadow.

and the seven oandlesticks wh10h thou sawest are the seven ohurches."

The po'pul~t1oll of the level of lite on the Earth Is oomposed of people from the other six levels. Ohapters .2 and 3 of Revelations tells whioh of the levels they are from. One of these seven churoh descrIptIons f1ts every mortal on and

around the Earth.

The population of Shanohea is given

in Rev. 5 :11. "A'nd 1 beheld, and I heard the voloe of ma~ angels round about the throne and the beasts and the elders: and the number of them was ten thousand times ten thousand, and thousandeN dor tnO'U8ands.JI

Shanohea 1s 1500 miles square. It is orbltlqg around the Earth in the Earth's positive force field. It cannot be seen by telescopes because it sets up no reat at.ance to the Sun',s positive rays.

The Blble tells furt~er. in Rev. 21: 11. "Having the glory of God: and her light was like unto a stone most preoious. even like Jasper stone, olear

as .! (trlst!!."

The "Seven Lights" are spoken of in Rev. 1:20, "The mystery of the seven stars whlch thou S8west In my rlgntb hana~ (posit1ve polarity) and the seven golden oandlestioks. The seven stars are the angels of the seven onurones: (seven levels of life around the Earth)

The seven sealed books in ohapter 5, 6 and 7 of Revelations are as follows. Flr~t seal - Colonlzation. Sec,ond seal _ War. Third seal - Money system. Fourth seal - Money control. FIfth seal - Salvatlon. Sixth seal - Cataclysm. Seventh seal - Our tabulatIng mind intent of Earthlings, in order to determine whom will be "taken up". The Earth is now in the beginning state of the sixth seal.

Shan~hea will be the craft that will bring the man called Jesus baok. When it Is seen approaohlng the surface with lts lrrldesoent foroe field; and the

ocoupants broadcasting over every radio and television loudspeaker. whether the sets are turned on or off: that will be the day we go into action.



.. ~. ..

. ,

On Wednesday, Deoember 29, 1954, we transmitted the following messages by telethocght to the group on the Earth at . Center C.

"'rom the Counail of Seven Lights on Shanchea. Aoting under the dlreotion of The Councl1 of Twelve L,ords and the station Sohara - with authorIty from the center at Blaau - operational headquarters are established at Nlrbue (Venus).

For the preservation of the System Salon, counterdestructlonal. measures require lmm~d18te action. At Shanchea, our square star body satellite Is being put under power and oontrol for the first time in several thousand years. (Our time is lunar - 28 day months. By our time the year is 2U14 A.D.). We have been orbiting around Shan - now we shall choose our path.

We oannot Bay when- but soon the people of Shan shall see a "star" oome out of the sky and light the night. This preventative measure, it Is hoped~ will enlighten the people of Shan, the Earth. who have not been awakened.

It Is our plan and our purpose to forestall the forces of destruction. In event that they proceed in the present pattern on Shan, the foroes from Sahare are prepared to aot in order to save.


From the COUDol1atorium on Shanohea we transfer to the Counotl of Twelve Lords on Unl. From the Council of Seven Lights we bid you everpresence."

"From the Counoil of Twelve Lords on Unl: greetings and blessings. I am Buma. We have reverted baok to our old system of control with you there. aa the entire transmission tonight oomes from within the Salon System.

With headquarters established at Venus - the fleets of Ashtar. operating on a frequency of counter-destruction. are in position around Shan, the Earth. to assume control of the planet instantly - if necessary. As you have heard, the star body Shanchea 1s activating

Its power units. It Is very possible they shall make a test run through the atmosphere of Shan. In this event your astronomers will report our passage 8S a comet. We have three measures ready for instant operation. anyone of whioh will plaoe Shan under our control. From the Council of the Twelve Lords, I am Nums. If




, I

, !

. ,


L ;

"When Jesus was asked if he was the son of God, he said in Mark 14.:62,. "I am: and ye shall see the Son of man sitting on the right hand of 2ower.

and r o-6mlng in the 010 uas oTheaven."

"The right hand of power" agaIn expresses posltive polarity.

The great pyramid of Glzeh was used to generate positIve polarity power: and its base Is also square.



Ezekiel 1:26 to 2B further desoribes Shanohea. "as the appearanoe of a

~apphlre st9~e: as the appearanoe o£ :tIre round aDout within it": and, "as the appearance of tne DOW ( lrridescent

rainbow force fIeld} that 1s in the cloud in the day of rain. so was the appearanoe of the brightness round about. ".



"And when he bad spoken these things, while they beheld. he was taken~; and

a cloud received him out 01 their sight." (Acts 1:9).

"The Earth people aotually saw the man Jesus taken up OD the tranal tor beam. This beam 1s used to nulilfy gravlty. "And while they looked steadfast-

ly toward heaven as he went ~:' behold, two men stool liy tliem· 1il whl e apparel:

Whioh also sald, Ye men ot Galilee. why stand ye gaz lng up into heaven? This same Jesus, whloh Ie taken .B.l'- from lOU rnto heaven, Genal1 so oome Tn IIie

manner 8S ye have BeeD hrm go into heaven." (Aots 1:10-111.

Most Christians who profess the


Bible as their holy book. do not under-

stand what it says. They think because nothing has happened in their lifetime, that these things are written for some other people in some distant future. This is not so! The man oalled Jesus

is about to ret urn •

._ - __ v _


Peter 3:3 t says "Knowing thla first. that there shall oome in the last days scciffers. waiklilg after their O\VO l·Us'ts."

Can it be more evident to them that the time Is ne~r? Alrforce Intelligence has been scoffing to the publl0 through



the newspapers, maktng a flat denial that there are spaoecraft in their atmosphere. This is an outrIght lie to the people by a branoh of their government. They have material proo£ that our ships are real.

milItary forces, 1s telling the opposite now.

First Thessalonians tells us in

chapt e r 5. verse 3. n]'or when the sball say. Peaoe and ~~f~~l: then au den destruction oometh upon them as tra-

vail upon a woman with child~ and thaI

shall not escape." a

The Earth's people are riding on a spaoeship 7500 miles in dlameter,and the Earth is a small globe compared to some of the larger planets. They are lIving in an endless Universe and some have lived on many other planets before they came

to the Earth.

While the &lplomats talk leace and safetl. the militarists of t-e world reveal their lusts for power in a race :for weapons of destruction.

Peter 3: 17 says, "Ye therefore, beloved. s~e2i ng ..l! know the~e ~I:! ngs before, beware lest ya also, belngJ:eT

away with the error of the w1cked. fall from your own steadfastness."

"Thsl are of the world: theref.ore speak they of the world, and the world heareth them. We are of God; he that

knoweth G~~ heareth_ us; he that Is not of God heareth not us. Hereby know we the spirit of truth, and the spirit of

error." (John 4 :5-6).

Experts by the dozens. bearing the marks of EarthlIng authority. have had their say about our spaoecraft. They give various opinions based on Earthl~ science that our craft are halluoinations. inversions, jets, balloons, sea

gulls, or spots before the eyes. Little do they realize that only about one · percent of the slghtlngs are being reported to them. One top Investigator of "unidentified flyIng objects" who discounted them while he was with the

Jesus was BeeD after his resurrection by his disoiples and others. "After that, he was seen of above five hundred brethren at once; of whom the greate~

I!_~rt remain wunt2. th=~s !>~F~~,~nt. but some are fallen asleep." 11 Cor. 15:6).

Earthlings are playing with the

death f'orce o'f atomic energy. MDre evidence that the return of Jesus 1s near, is recorded in Peter 3:10, whioh says, "But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements ahall melt with fervent

'lie-atE, tiie earth also and the worn that

are therein shall be burned up." Could atomic explosives be more accurately desori bed than "the elements" (uran1 urn. plutonium. hydrogen. and 11thlum( which melt with fervent heat?"



The rest of this book 1s wrltten from the author's poInt of vie •• The information from hereon 1s reoorded from our space friends. although trom msQY other sources besides Bor and Abon.


"The field 1s the world; the good seed are tna children 01 the kingdom; but the tares are the Q·hlldren of the wlcked one,

The ene~ that sowed them Is the devil; the harvest Is the end of the world; and ~h~ reapers ~~e the 8ESsls." (Matthew 13:3e-a9).

It stands to reason that the spaoe people are not going to reap the weeds ( tares}. Even humans gather the weed.s only to burn them.

You must understand; that to the space people, who oolonized the Earth to begin with. the Earth 1s a field where they "planted a crop" of people.

They use the ~lanets like humans use the land. Men plant various crops. but they segregate them; they do not plant

wheat, oats, corn. barley. and rye in the same fleld. This would cross the crops and make harvestlng eaoh separately impossible.

A raoe horse owner does not breed his thoroughbred mare with a plow horse. An oak tree does not mate with an elm tree.

Wheat Is pure seed stook grown as wheat. Tares are the result of orossed seed. This applies to the seed of humans as well 8S anything elss.



How low has humanity fallen; when the highest court in this great country has legalized the vi olat i on of this Un! versal Law? Does th is make 1 t right? Can

legislation change the immutable laws

of God?

The black people, and the yellow people. are as true a raoe of humans the whlte people. 8S long 8S they do propagate cross see.d by Intermatlng. 1s the "or1slnal sin".

-- - -

as not This

- • y

shall gather out of his

ki~dom a things that offend.*"ancr·'

*them""! wh t ch do int qui ty."

~What is meant here by out of his kiosdom? Have you not often heara* of the places of natural beauty belng re-

ferred to as "God's Country"? The farms. and forests, the deserts, and places

. where people go on their vacations. in order to escape for a moment from the human oauldron of "slva-l1zation" in the cities.

The spaoe people are gathering out of these plaoes those who don't belong

there, in his ~l~dpm. This Is evidenced by these peop e, who plaoe mammon

above God. rushing to the cities because they oan "make more money there".

The spaoe people originally landed (planted) three species of man on the Earth. The Ham (black). Sham (white). and Japheth (yellow}. These people are all true seed as long as they are not mixed.

All of the "angels" are not white.

They are pure seed of their own color. however.

The money-mad people are being influenced mentally to follow their professed god mammon.

On the other hand. many people are ":fed-up" with the money-mad crowd, and are being influellced to go baok to "God's Country" •

"The Son of man shall send forth his angels, and: tliey shall gather o,ut of his kin~dom all things that offend. an~tEem wnlcli do tnlqul ty." (Matthew 13 :41) •

The "Son of Man" are the people of the Adamlc raoe of true seed. Humans are the crossbreed descendants of the Adam- 10 race of Man and the animal race of Eve. This original sin of the Adamic

coloQY that was first landed on this ·

field ( the Earth). is further crossed bl the Inter-mateing between the various races.

This migratlon 1s the separation of the wheat from the t are a, Those who do iniquity. by seeking more and more money, have separated themselves from the people who are seeklng more and more "kingdom of God".

"So shall i t be at the end of the world; the angels shall come forth. and



sever the wlcked from among the just. And shall cast them In the furnaoe of fire: there shall be wailing and gnashlng of teeth." (Matthew 13:4g-50). What ls- this furnaoe of flre? Can It be

atomized 01 tle·s?

"And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: b·ut for tlia eleots siKeD tliose(Iays ahall b! shortenedi• tf wfMa tthew 24 :22) • This paragraph explains wOy the spacecraft are being seen by mil110ns of people, in such great numbers.

The spaoe people would have normally

made their appearance In the future, at the tIme the Earth ohanges on its poles. They have made their appearance sooner, or "shortened the days", in order to

see to it that all flesh is not destroyed by the radiatlon of atomic experiments, or atomio and hydrogen bomb warfare.

The I' elec t" are those who elec t t hetn .. selves by choosing "his kingdom" instead of mammon's satanic roost.

The efforts of the ~orces of darkness, through the actions of humans, are apparent on every side.

Everything is valued in monetary terms. not for the service it performs. Laws are legislated by ignorant people ·

who only see a monetary, or contrDl, gain by their enactment. No considera-

tion Is taken by the legislators, as to


whether the legislated laws confliot with the laws of nature, or God.

Be grateful that the days have been shortened by the "angela" in the spacecraft. Their appearance in the sky has verified the Bible, as no other thing

oould do.

"So likewise ye, when ye shall see all these things, know that it is near. even at the doors." (Matthew 24:33).




MOses did speak to a man in a spacecraft, with ODr atmosphere condensed around it by its force field. His title was Lord. The space people do no t assume by these titles that they are better than aqyone else. like Earthltngs do. They refer to the Creator as, "The Creative Splrltn.or, "The Single One".

"And the Lord said unto Moses, How long will this people provoke me? and how long will it be ere they belleve me, for all the signs whIch I have shewed among them?" (Numbers 14: 11) •

With the functioning of the propaganda maahlnes of today the people are purposely led into confusion. Official statements tell of the large areas

affected by radioacttve fallout on one day, then denla~s are made that the

fallout is harmful. by the same officials a week later.

The space people use the names God,

Lord God. and Lord, as identities of positions among them. The same as we use President, Viae-President, Secretary of state, eto.


Chrlstianl ty, as taught by the Church,

Is really Constantlneism. Christ did not say. "1 aome not upon Earth to bring peaoe, but the sword." Does that s~und like a Christ? Heu said, "1 oome not upon the Earth to bring peaoe, but the !lo!4." The ItS"~ was added by the agents of satan, in the flesh, to mislead people purposely and to imply that Christ sanctified war. Christ Bald "turn the other cheek." Do not fight baok. Bon-resistance waa his profession.

Why: all of thiS oon:fusion in a book that is oonsidered Holy? Why: all of the conflicting statements by authorities and departments of Government? "How

long will this people provoke me?" asked one of the Lords.

This oonfuslon is not accidental. It is propaganda to keep ignorant authorities from exposing their ignorance; by

keeping the people in oonfusion. They don't want the people to find out why we are here. how we got here, what we are here for, or what happens to us when we leave this llfe.

"It is said", "A responsIble source reporte,d", or "a friend in another department of Government stated". these are all methods of propaganda to make

people think that what the article implIes or states is official.

Does the clergy of anl of the ohurohes explain why the Bible refers to God,

Lord God. Lord, etc? Ask your local preacher, or priest, what the dlfferenoe 1s between these three names. "Churcblani ty" says the man Jesus was the Lord: yet the Lord 1s spoken of long be£ore his

time in other parts of the Bible.


You are the manifested keepers of this planet. The Insidious influences of the opposItion, to creative things, are trylng to keep YDU c cnruaed ,

The same "flaming oharlots", "pIllars of cloud by day", and "ftre by night", are in our skye today. These "wheels within wheels" •. and other spaaeoraft mentioned

in the Bible, are here to support the keepers of this planet.

The reason authority hides the fact that they are here. Is because the modern influence of de~tructlon wants to keep draining your pOcketbook. Money is the god 'of the devil'a agents.

The fact that BO~of your taxes is spent for weapons o£ destruotlon. or means to deliver them, should be evidence enough that the beast is In CODtrol.

The secrecy in research into these oraft is funny. Secrecy does not exist among friends, in spite of "seourity". Secrecy only exists between enemies.

The irony of it 1s, that satan's agents have to hire people with oreative principles. in order to make these new things. People with creative principles do not recognize seoreoy, or "seour-


Modern satan 1s In control of the world. through his agents in the flesh. Wherever the bulk of your tax money

goes; that agency is running things on this planet. The military is running the world today whether they -are in uniform

or out of It. '

The agents of Modern satan rule by division; by keeping the people divided. Two party government, two labor organizations. several denominational factions in churches. Two Ideals, depending upon the profit at the time. Nazi, or anti-Nazi; Communist. or antiCommunist. AQYthlng to keep the people


o yes! The agents of satan tell you they believe in God. But what god? Bot the Creatlve Spirit. that's for sure. Their god is destructive, dividlng. and

brings people hell on Earth.

Agents of Satan, in this great country,are hiding the faot that the agents of the Creator are here in spaceships.

Watoh out for Modern satan working through his agents in the flesh. They are the ones that tell you lies anout others; so you won't believe future events that are in the making by agents

of the Creative spirit.

The secrecy with which research is being conducted, in trying to copy the spaoeshlps that the Air Force turned

over to private firms, is one example.

They hope to use craft oopied from those foroed down on this planet, to add more speed to the delivery of their destruotive bombs.




In the mObile coffin of the physical body. you can hear voices and receive thoUghts that are not your own.


You are refleoting the real everlasting you in this level. You can't die here: you are already dead! You died before in order to get here.

Jesus said, n~'or I came down from heaven not to do mine own will, but

the wiil of hIm that sent me." He didn't say ~J he said down.

People talk of going d~wn to hell.

That is because the conSCIousness re-

members having been ~ before.

There 1s no hell more confining. or limitIng, than the dense physical body here. Everyone makes their own hel~ wherever they are. The footnote, number 2 at the bottom of page 1342, in the S~offleld Bible says, "In the sense of the present world slste~ the ethically bad Sense of ,£FieuWora~ refers to the

"order". "arrangement", u~de! whlQh Satan has org:anlze<;l _t?,!2:. worlci. of unbelieving mankind upon his cosmic

princlples of foro~. sr~ed, ~effispn~s~. ambition. and 2Ieasure. TE: worI« system

1s Imposl~ and powerful wlth !rmi!! and fleets; t s often 0 ~tward~y ,~eITtioes, sclegt!fiq, aul~ur~~. and eleant ; but. seeifii ng wrLth nat t o nat and

~ommerc 1 a1 rl valrl e a and ambi tiona, is upheld in any real crisis only ~ !~~e~ force, and is dominated £l SatanIc

prl, ~c. i . .e1sl.!. "

Yes; it says ~hls 1n the Bible. IJ-!st isn't in the Holy script but it 1s

as true!


"Verily. verily, 1 say unto you, The hour is coming, and now is, when the

dea~ e~al1 hear tEe vOlce of the Bon of GOd: and th,!ll that hear shall 11 ve , "

Of course we know dead bodies cannot hear. So what Is Implied here where it

states, "the dead shall hear the voice of the Son of God"?

You must remerpber that the man Jesus sa i d rna ny time Sf' "I t t s no t I who s pe ak ~ut the Father who speaks through me."

Of course the spirit of God is speak-

Ing from realms of per.fection. from a universal pOint of view, not from the surface of the Earth.

The first birth, on this planet, Is through the parent instruments o£ your conception.

The second birth Is when you leave this limited condItion on Earth. and are ,reborn into your true state.

Death iathe confinement of and to this planet's surface: not the condition of transition that brings the seoond birth.



Jesus came down to demonstrate the princIples by whioh you must live in

order to ~ Ms. Yes, humanity on this planet are "T e dead who shall hear"

If they but listen. •

Of course the present world system

does not function by constitutions or laws of God. It functIons by Natlo~al Emergen,cy Laws, by or,ooked politics, ,and by who has got the most of what.

Nobody in "God r s oountry" owns anythl ng , The boys up front have put i tall 1 n hock :I,or you, so the parents all have to work to break1even, while their

children beoome juvenile delinquents.

On top of that they are hatchIng up the "hellfire and brimstone'; by piling up hydrogen bombs whl1eyou foot the

bill. Bombs to "insure" peace. Who ever heard of weapons of destructIon bringing peace?

control of Satanic forces. All oountries who manufacture mass-murder weapons are guilty before God.

Every person who has had a oontact

wi th the "angels" 1 n the spaceships has received the same information from them. "Atomic energy 1s a death force whether used for war, or commerically."

"And no man hath asoended .BE to heaven, butne" tl'iat came dow~ from heaven, even the Son of man wh1ch 1s in heaven." ( John 3: 13 r:

"And when thel found not hit! bod • they came, sayfng, that they' had a so

seen a vision of aneels, which said that he was alive." (Luke 24:23). This tells you that you are alIve after the transi-

tion. That's what Jesus oame down here to prove. You are dead now!

"Jesus answered and sal d unto ht m, Verily. verily. I say unto thee, Exoept a man be born a~alnl he oannot see the kingdom o? God. (John 3:3).

This is only one grade in the school of life and you can't polish God's apple to pass to the next grade. He doesn't care how many times you take this grade over to pass it. He has forever.

Rebirth into this grade again. because you flunked it. does not constitute the second birth. The seoond birth 1s only possible when you have passed the grade here.

The radloactlvlt~ ~rom this oountrle's stockpile alone would eliminate the

citizens of America If they were drop,ped on any portion of the Earth. When

the race for "supremacy in "bombs" Is f~nished. what do we do; settle our

dIfferences with cream puffs at 10 yards?

The Satanic influenoes are being followed by the makers of these "" deVices, and the au.thorities who

break you, to make them. '

We are not inferring that this country alone Is guilty of being in the



Our space friends say If you fOllow the gol~en rule and do all things in moderatlon yoU. will pass this grade.

i~~S means livIng it; not believing In




"Two women shall be grinding together; the one shall be taken, and the

other leftE. - - ... _-

Two men shall be in the field; the o~e shall be t~ke~, and the other one left." ( LuKi 17 :35 -36) •

Either you have faith in the propheay of the Bible. or you must rejeot the whole book. The Bible is an aocurate history of events that repeat themselves in oyollc repetition.

The above paragraphs say a division of humankind wil-l be made. One shall 'be taken and one shall be left: Who {a-to make-the deoision? Who will do this

judging of humanity to see who will be taken and who will be left?



I .,

I ~ _ I

II .;



Eaoh person will have written their own ticket. Eaoh individual will have already judged himself. There will be no one acoepted by a last minute deoision.

The time is ver olose for the ones who 51 u~l ! !l to e t siena ..

Every day that passes, you, individually. are establishing your right to be taken ~ the W8¥ 19~ ~Jve. You are manifesting your choice by your actions and thinking •

Each person adds increase to their Vibratory body aura by conforming to


the laws o£ the universe. Your aura, or the frequency of the body force field, w111 determine whether you are taken. or left.

The spaoe people (angela) explained that the people who have been taken aboard their craft in these times, were

not taken aboard beoause they were better than anyone else. They explained that these people were taken aboard for

their OW~ test R~R~~e~: to see how

d£fferent types 0- people would react.

Eaoh one who has been so honored was . readily acoessable (in a remote plaoe). They were of cooperative minds. and eaoh represented a different type of the

Earth's people.

This mass piokup of people will take place very-soon. prior to the planet's rebalanolng on new poles. This cataolysm will wipe out the destructive mammon lovers who will be left on .t~'!


After the Earth has re-stabillzed on lts -new poles, and the oOI;ltlnents and oceans have been changed. wiping out this human legislated. materialistlo minded. "slvs-llzation"; then the people who have been taken up in the air will be landed baok on the surfaoe.

What happens after the people are landed back on the Earth is told in

Isaiah 65:17. 26.

"Watch ye therefore. and pray always. that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass. and to stand before the Son of

man." (Luke 21:36) •

A definite vlbrat,ion will be established in the force field surronndtng each spacecraft that will pick up people. If your body aura, or force field. conforms w.i th, or exce eds , the established level of the spacecraft foroe field. then you can enter the ships.

Remember, lOU are now qualifying, or disqualifying; yourself to be taken aboard. lone oBD1qualify another.

This sounds kind of fantastic in our everyday living oonditions. God works Hie ways in mysterious fashIon. By your own way ot thinking and living, you write your own ticket for the ascension.

The next, thing one asks ts , "where will the people who are picked up be taken ?" This Is answered 1 D Luke 17 :·37. "And they answered and said unto him, Where, Lord? And he said unto them. Wheresoever the bodl is. thlt~r will

·the e!l~le! be gathered together."

Naturally th. eagles gather together in the sky. This was said in a parable at that time. because the people in the Biblical days didn't know what it was to fly in the skies. It "was not meant for the people o£ those days. It was said

. for the people of our time.



"And the angel that talked with me came again. and waked me, as a man that 1s wakened out of his sleep." (Zechariah 4:1).

This pa~agraph fits exaotly the experienoe that I had on August 24th o£ 1953.

Having faith that there are spaoe people. and communioation with them by thought transferapoe, are two conditions of the mind that are real. However, one oannot put his fIngers on faith or thought.

Angels were always considered by me to be some vaporous type of afterlife that just floated about here and there.

MY entire concept of things changed with the physioal manifested appearance of one of these angels to me.

From the position of the full moon.

1 judged 1 t to be aro und 2 A .M. On the -de_sert here i t is nearly as bright in full moonlight as it 1s in daylight. I awakened, not knowing why, but sensing that something had happened that had disturbed me. We sleep outside about 8 months out of the year, so you oan see that our bedroom is readily aocessable.

. As I looked up from the bed I saw a

man standing about Six feet away from


the foot of the bed. This was not UDcommon,ss we operate 8 public airport

and have been awakened many times by our dogs barklng at people coming in during the night. However, at this time not a sound was heard from the dogs. This was reoalled later and was oertainly unusual.

1 asked the man what he wanted, thinking. hie car might have given him trouble and he had walked into our remote field as many others have done. At the same time 1 sat up in bed. Beyond the man, about a hundred yards away. hovered a glittering. glowing ship, around eight feet off the ground.

I knew then he was not having oar trou-ble. The man said, "l4y name is Solgonda. I would be pleased to show you our oraft. "


MY left hand a~d arm were still under the 'covers • I pinohed my wi fa. in the side, t·o awaken her. Solgonda smIled, like he knew what I was dOing. I pinohed her again. She normally awakens very easily. I didn't want her to miss what was taking place. Solgonda smiled a~aln. still no response from my wife, so I pinched her hard. Solgonda nearly laughed aloud. MY wife didn't wake up and somehow I realized Solgonda bad her under some kind of control.

I hopped out of bed clad only in skivey shorts. Solgonda preceeded me for a few yards and then I c8Dght up with him and walked beside him. Not a word


was saId as we walked to the ship. In fact, I never said another word to him. From the time I got out of bed, until

I returned to it, every time I thought of something to say he was answering me before I oould speak the first word of any sentence. This proved to me their perfeot ability to communicate by thought transference.

As we approached the craft I began to get butterflys in my stomach from about fifty feet away. Coming nearer, my halr seemed to want to stand up on end. This feeling disappeaTsd instantly npon enterIng the ship.

The craft was abo ut 36 feet 1n dlame-ter and about 19 feet high. It looked like the same type that George Adamski photographed in his olose-ups.

The interior was about 18 feet 1n diameter and about lu feet high. The walls were of some opalesoent material like our imitation mother of pearl. There was a shelf around the inside below the portholes, about elbow height from the floor when one was standlng. A column extended from the celling to the floor in the center of the ship.

Solgonds demoDstrated thelr retraotable seats, whloh formed a lounge when extended out of the walls. He sho.ed m. several oelestial navigation instru. ments, aDd then we went below the maiD deok through a manhole.

Belo. the deok it was neoessary to oroaoh down on a oiroular oatwalk. There the mechanism was exposed to view, and

I understood the prinolple of operation, wbloh Solgonda apparentl1 pioked up by telethought as he didn't say anything while we were below the deck.

We left the ship after what I judged to be 20 minutes. Solgonda walked baok

to my bed with me where my wlfe was peacefully sleeping. When I climbed

baok 1n bed I wondered if the strange feeling in my stomaoh was going to affect me in any way. Before I oould put the thought lnto words Solgonda said, "Aw

no, you'll be all right", and instant-

ly disappeared to my vision.

About a minute later the ship slipped baok slowly Into the sky and was out of sIght in lesa than a minute.

I had lit a oigarette just before I got out of bed and snapped the butt against a large rook after a few puffs. The butt was there when we ohecked later.

Two days later we ohecked the hovering spot with a compass. The vortex set up by the field from the ship, would swing the needle 10 degrees easterly In

Three other men were aboard the craft when we went tn. They were all the same

. approximate height of Solgonda. who was · .about 5 feet 7 inches tall. These three men smiled but never spoke, and I didn't learn their names.



walking into the center, and 5 degrees westerly in passing out of the center on the opposite side.

People who went there a week later to sit down and eat their lunch, became nauseated and couldn't eat.

universal laws and thereby progressed, while Earthlings experiment with new ways to destroy millions of their fellow beings.

You had a body before you oame here on Earth and you'll have another one when you leave. But maybe then you'll be called an angel.

Read the Bible with the understandIng that every use of the word "angel" refers to good people who oame out of space, and the Bible will make a different impression upon you.

Genesis tells of God making man, but it doesn't say anything about Him making angela. This further proves to me that angels are the race of man.

These things I know, for I spent 20 mlnutes with four of them.

Dan Boone, who lives on the property. was awakened and looked at his clock at 1:55 A.M. He said he heard a pulsating hum like a large generator. He decided to get up but sald it seemed like something was holding him down, ao he went back to sleep.

The next morning my wife asked me if I had heard her telling me to stoop

down BO I wonldn' t hi t my head , This is what Solgonda told me before we went below the deck and was apparently reoeived by her in her sleep.

I've slnce found out that angels are people that come out o£ space. They not only oolonize »lanets and communicate by thought, but they spend their time helping people to understand life. Right now they are around, and on our planet, to

help humanity out of the mess they have gotten into by following the Cain destructive prinoiples and worshiping the golden oalf.

People are people everlwhe~~ in the Creator's universe. The only dIfference t a that moat of them have foll·owed the





Armageddon 18 a word that is not explained In the Bible, the dlotlonary. or sny other book of interpretations.

To ans~er the question as to what this word means, our space friends explalne1d It by interpretIng from the "Man Tongue Basic Language". This Is the language of understanding by sequence of symbols. It Is the basic by which all thought oommunlc~tlon is oarried OD among our space friends.

The Mantong(ue) lnterpretation o~ our

alphabet. revealed by Richard S. Shaver 1n the "liystic" magazine of October, 1966, is the correot basis for the languages of the Earth.

As in all cyoles of orbital revolution, every beginning repeats at its end; from a given pOint. The modern English being the newest of the Earth 'people's languages, It Is also the oldest,

only repeatIng itself.

!l,lhe word "Armageddon" means. "Hu-man beings bringing horror to the real man by thelr p~sloal generation of energy of 8 destructive nature, to destroy with a souroe of power like the ohild who

. doesn't know any better."

In our receptIon of information from the Martian space station, oalled "Arma"


by them; the Kartlan. Porna, explained that their people In our skies are fully aware of our destructive oourse. They are horrifled by the ohIldllke ignoranoe of Earth authorities who perslst in the use of atomio energy: despite the sCientists' warnings of its deadly effeots.

Arma orb1ts aronnd Mars about 3600 miles away from the surface. and is spherical. Its diameter Is nearly lu miles. our astronomers oall this space statton Phobos, and have it classed as one of the two moons of Mars. They have never been able to understand why its surfaoe refleots more light than other moons. or why its orbital revolution is faster than the daily revolution of Mars on its axis.


All the affairs concerning Mars are conducted from Arma. For the explanation of why the people of Mars are horrified by the actIons of the people on Shan the Earth, we go into the Bible. This is not because the space people haven't explained it to us, but rather beoause hundreds of millions of people believe in what

the Bible says; while only a few million people accept the truth that there 1s anyone else besides the people on Earth living in the vast universe.

Revelations 19:11 says, "And 1 saw heaven opened, and behold a white horse: and he that eat upon him was oalled

FaIthful and True. and 1n righte~~!D~!S he doth judge and make war." .


The white horae indicates a white oraft coming out of heaven with power. Today the symbol for measurement of

power 1s given in horsepower. Him explains that the craft is of positive polarIty. "H~ that sat upon him 1n rlgh;t~o?us)le!,s", explains that his journey into our skies is for a right purpose in relation to the universal laws.

Revelations 19:19 says, "And I saw the beast, and the kl~s of the earth and their armies, yatherea-to5ether t~ make war a8~!ps~ h m that sat on'tne horse, and aga.!.!1st? his army."

Remember. the Bible says that the ones coming out of the heavens represent


The seoreoy of a government agency, of the military. in witholding this vital information from its own nation's people, 1s treason tn a free oountry.

Can the recent Geneva Summit Conference of the "Big ~'ourn be 'f the kings of

the ~azrth K!t~ere.,!togeutEer" ? Sa =a

Why: in a matter of a few months. did

the nation's leaders, who were on the verge of war with each other, suddenly become "buddy-buddy" to each other 1 Immediately Eisenhower announoes after the oonference, that this country&€&Is -go-

ing to exohange space satell1.te. and apaoe research information with Russia. England and ]'rance.


"Ike" returned from the oonference

~nd announced that there were no seorets. ~uddenly students and travelers iii alIa £

conce!vable subjeots are "exohanged"

with Russia and the other countries.

What is "the fly in the Ointment" behind these abrupt ohanges of policy? Did the "Big b'our" agree to pool their apace research in£ormation to o~Eose the people who are coming to our Planet in the spaceships?

Certainly they would not have to pool their strength and data to welcome the space people!

"And the armies whioh were in heaven followed him upon white horses. cl,othed in white linen. white and olean." (Revelations 19:14). This indioates that the r18ht~ous one has many followers in spaceships.

"For, behold, the Lord oometh forth out of his place, and will come down, and tread upon the high places of the earth." (lillcah 1:3 J •

Here again our Bible tells of the Lord 9.~mJpg down. The only way he can come down here is by ooming from DR. or out ol-the skies.


"In that dal snall: m!'msse!fers ~

£o£th f~~~ me in slil- s to mk e the oareless Ethiopians a raid, and great pain shall oome upon them, as in the day of Egypt: for, 10, it cometh." (Ezekiel 30:9).


The Bible says he shall send messengers In ~h,lfS"". We have spaceoraft in our skies. Peop e on Earth have been oon-

taoted by the "messengers". How platn does it have to be for people to understand?

whloh be deoelyed them that had reoelved the mark of the beast (those who value money above all). and them that worshiped his image (the golden oa11). These both were cast allve into a lake of

fire burning with brimstone." (Revela'tlons 19 :20) •

Is it ooincidence that England Is represented by Eden? Eden was also the name of the "garden"" where the fIrst sin of the crossing of the blood was


"My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: beoause thou hast re eoted kno!lu8qd6!. I will aIsohre-jeot ee, hat thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast fp';e_!! the law ~."! 1!!l God.

I will also forget thy children." (Hosea 4:6) •


Here in the Bible are the answers.

The worldly government's authorities are keeplng the people of the world in ignorance of the greatest event in our recorded history; the coming of the messengers and hosts of the Lord.

France represents "the oalf" of the four beasts, and Faure is the leader of France. In the name "Faure" we find Au. Au 1s the elemental symbol for gold. Is Faure symbolically the "golden calf" of prophecy l'

Arma-geddon 1s the word. The time 1s now! "Godden" applies to the Earth. "Arma" applIes to lIIars. li4ars symb.oll-

oally 1s the "war god" planet.

Are the "kIngs of the earth" so materialistic as to think that they could will a war against the "angela" of the Lord?

In the "Los Angeles Times", of Sunday, September 18, 1~55, was an article by Major Alexander P. de Seversky. ent 1 tle·d.

"Don't Let Censorship Destroy Ua".

Everyone should read this $rtlcle.

Since the hierarchy of the churches also know what the spaceships are. they are as guilty as the officials of the governments for wltholdlng the know-

leflge from the people. --_.,

"And the beast (materiallstlo

mammon authority) was taken. and with him the !al~e Rro~h~t (the hierarohy of the ohurch) that wrought miracles before him ( by condoning seoreoy), with

"For we wrestle not against flesh

~nd blood. but against princlpalltlis. against J2.~wer!t against t'he rulers· 9~ darkness 01 this world. against splrltdual wicKedness in ,high RJa~es." (Ephesians 6:12).



Those who understand oan interpret the above verse.


"Ye adulterers and adultresses, know ye not that the friendship of the world

is e nmt ty wi th God? WhO.!9.8V8_! .~h~ret,!re w111 be a friend of the world Is tEe

ene o:f-God." ( James 4 :4) • - =

Since 1 t 1s obvtcus that our world

Is in such a critical condition, it should also be obvious that some supernormal powers will be required to correot it.


The arrival of higher intelligent forms of man. from other planets and systems, is proof that the people on Earth have lost control of the present situation.

The Creator established His pattern of ways, so that there are parents to oorreot and raise up their children. There are oertain universal laws that cannot be ohanged by man's legislation • There are people advanced in the knowledge of how to establish laws of proper oonduct in society. He also made sure that destructive people could not unbalance, or destroy, His creations.

Hla universe will always be maintained in precise order by Man, to whom He gave dominion over all things.

The fact that people from the raoe of Man are now here, is evidence eno~h that humans have reached beyond their dominion and have violated His laws. A few

have ohosen to keep the world's multitudes under their oontrol, and Ignorant of what is really golQg on.

Those who are awakened to the truth are united in right, In love, and In

This 1s plalnly worded in the Bible.

Anyone who puts on a show, "front", or materialism before spiritual truth, 1s only oondemni ng' themselves.

"Love not the world, neither the th1_!!p:s that are in the wo-rld. If 8:111 man~love the world the love of the Father is not 1:n him. it 1 I Joliii ~: 15) •

. _-

This means that your love and your profession of God should be universal in scope.

These are the days of deoision. You each have the right to ohoose.

"And it shall come to pass in that day, that the Lord shall punish the host o'f the h1Sh, and the kl-..--.B of the earth uFoI'! the earth." (Is8 a 4~1).



understa-ndlng of His ways. For such as these this book has been most sincerely



0,.'. •

December 15. 1955

As this book goes to press. I have just received. and read. Major Donald Keyhoe I s new book "The b'lylng Saucer Conspiracy".

.., ~

This book verifies, by many offlolal reports. the data that we have been publishing for the last two years in our publication. "Proceedings of the College of Uni versal· Wi adem' •

Uur information. whlo-h Is rec e t ved

by thought aommunloatloD. Is DO. verified by sctentl:fio reports from allover the world.

, Thts proves to us that the spaoe people are therein our skies; and are transmltting correot information to us prior to its happening.

It should be evident by now, tha~ those who deny that the spaoeoraft and space people are in our skies. are agents of the Anti-Christ.

The public 1s tree to deoide which camp they are affiliated with.


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