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The Maya is a Mesoamerican civilization, with fully developed in written language,

art, architecture, and mathematical and astronomical systems.

Initially established during the Pre-Classic period (c. 2000 BC to 250 AD),
many Maya cities reached their highest state of development during the Classic
period (c. 250 AD to 900 AD), and continued throughout the Post-Classic period
until the arrival of the Spanish.

But The Maya peoples never disappeared, neither at the time of the Classic period
decline, nor with the arrival of the Spanish conquerors and the subsequent Spanish
colonization of the Americas. Today, the Maya and their descendants form sizable
populations and maintain a distinctive set of traditions. Many Mayan languages to
be spoken today.

The Maya civilization shares many features with other Mesoamerican civilizations.
like writing or calendar. So, that calendar did origínate 3500 years ago with the
Olmec, the early mesoamerican civilización. But the mayas civilization fully
developed them.

The maya`s calendar is really 3 simultaneous calendar:

- Sacred Calendar, of 260 days (tzolkin)

- Civil Calendarl, of 365 days (haab)

- The long count.

The tzolkin and the haab calendar match each 52 years. This is a one
calendar round.

The long count, is the cicle of the solar sistem around the galaxy, that late
25.625 years. Is like a “galactic day”, where 12812 years is nigth, and
12812 years is day, depends on the distand to the center of the galaxy.
Dicember 21 of 2012, represents just the passage to the galactic day.
According to the mayas, this would dawn to the 5º sun, galactic sun, the sun
of the solar sistem.

Now, I will explain in detail only the Sacred Calendar. The Tzolkin.

The tzolkin is made uo of 13months of the 20 days each one. And every day
has meaning and purpuse.

The first development

red Dragon, symbolizes the the birth, the origin of the life in a wáter, the
blood and maternal energy.

White wind, is a breath of life

Blue Nigth, is the great mistery of the life, the uncertainty.

Yellow seed, is the power of the orderly growing.

Red snake, is the sensory development and the autonomy.

White Linker worlds, simbolizes the change, the death of the previous
learner`s state, and the consolidation of the news knowledge.

Blue hand, is the power of the realization, of the concretize.

The second development.

Yellow star, is the ligth guides, is the art and beauty.

Red moon, represents the movement under influences, like fluctuation of

the level´s wáter. Flow.

White dog, is the demostration of the emotions, the love and fidelity.

Blue monkey, represents the transformation thougth the game, the child
that learn gaming. Also, Represent the origin of the malice.

Yellow human, represents the free will

Red skywalker, symbolizes the growth of high thiking, the doors of the way
of heaven.

White magus or jaguar, is the end of the developend the fhysical plane, is
the highest level of the human can be reach.

The thirth developmen.

Blue Eagle, represent the high collective thinking. Allows to society see

Red Earth, represents the human unión, the synchrony with the laws
of nature.

White mirror, natures laws is clearly shows, reports that there has to
endure and what to must be chance, destroy.

Blue Storm, is just the final transformation. Sometimes as a crisis.

But is the step necesary for the sunrise.

Yellow sun, is the ilumination. The complete love and