28 Years Later By JJ Bersch

EXT. BUS STOP - MIDDAY A young man sits on a bus stop bench. His name is ZACH, and he is kind of stupid. A sign reads "BUS COMES EVERY FIFTEEN MINUTES, EX. 12:00, 12:15, 12:30, ETC." Zach’s digital watch reads "12:33." He looks around and sees no one else. He starts to read a newspaper. The front page reads "APOCALYPSE NOW ? INSIDE THE VIRUS SWEEPING THE NATION." The front page flies away in the wind. Zach is reading the comics. A YOUNGER MAN, stricken with fear and panic, runs by. His clothes are torn and he is covered in scratches and blood. He is shouting. YOUNGER MAN This is it! They’re coming! They’re coming for us all! No one will be left behind! The end is here! Zach puts down his newspaper and looks at his watch. It reads "12:35." ZACH Hm. I guess I’ll get there early. He sits upright and waits for the bus. Waits a little more. Still waits. Looks around. Decides to keep waiting. Looks at his watch. It now reads "12:38." ZACH Maybe it’s not that close after all... Oh well. I’ve got time. Zach picks up his newspaper again and reads. ZACH (laughing) Oh Billy. Your family really is a circus. Another laugh, deeper and stronger than Zach’s, sounds off. Zach turns to his right. There sits a ZOMBIE wearing a bloody (and stupid) Threadless t-shirt; its face brutally disfigured and its hand full of guts. Zach jumps back and shouts, obviously. ZACH Hey man. You almost gave me a heart attack. When did you get here? (CONTINUED)



The zombie looks at Zach and grunts. Zach nervously shuffles around on the bench, away from the zombie. Time passes and the two awkwardly sit next to each other, neither uttering a single word or phrase or unintelligible zombie grunt. Finally, Zach sheepishly smiles over at the zombie, his teeth white and full of friendly cheer. The zombie smiles back, his teeth discolored a rotten yellow and stained blood-red. Zach is, once again, taken aback. The zombie, now embarrassed, looks away and lets out a sad grunt. Time passes again, the same uncomfortable way it did previously. Zach opens his mouth to talk. The zombie does the same. Each of them only get out one ungraceful noise (Zach’s being much higher pitched) and stop. Pause. The two try again. Same thing happens. Silence. Zach looks around nervously, the zombie looks around nervously, an interminable amount of time passes in an unwieldy manner, etc. Zach, with a face full of disappointed sadness, picks up his newspaper and begins to read. He laughs. The zombie looks over. He laughs again. Slowly, the zombie begins to inch closer and closer to Zach, whose eyes are still firmly focused on his newspaper. The zombie, now sitting immediately to the right of Zach and focused on the newspaper, lets out a laugh. Zach is taken aback and drops his newspaper. The zombie looks over at him and smiles, this time without opening his mouth. Zach slowly moves back over to the zombie. He picks up the newspaper and offers the right side to the zombie. The zombie takes it and smiles. They read together. Simulataneously, they both laugh. ZOMBIE Ziggy funny. ZACH That he is, friend. The two high five, read some more, laugh, look at each other, and embrace in a friendship-solidfying hug.


Zach looks down at his watch. It now reads 12:45. The bus arrives. He looks up. The zombie looks up. They turn to each other and smile. Look back at the bus. Stand up. Grab hands and walk onto the bus.

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