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I believe in inclusion – but

how can I do it?

A 1-day workshop with What will the training cover?

Overleaf is a summary of the day.
Neil Barringham and
Suellen Welch - What is the cost?
Community Inclusion This training is provided free of charge,
and the day will be fully catered.
workers at A Place to Please notify any special dietary needs
when you register.
May 20th 2011 Registering for the Workshop

8.30 am for 9 a.m. start – Please fill in the attached registration

from (which must be typed) and return by
4.30 p.m. e-mail to:
Uniting Church Merthyr
Centre 52 Merthyr Rd. Registrations close on 13th May

New Farm.
Who Should Attend?
This training is for peer workers in the Please contact:
mental health non-government sector – Gaynor Ellis on 3006 8790 or by e-mail
people who have a lived experience of as above.
mental illness who work with others on a
peer-to-peer basis.

About the trainers….

Neil and Suellen are both extroverts, both love good coffee and both are passionate about
building inclusive communities. Suellen comes from a community arts background and has
had lots of experience in education and the disability fields as well. Neil is a community
worker who enjoys his rainforest back yard and neighbourhood chook cooperative. Both
Neil and Suellen have worked long and hard to facilitate inclusion around people in their
immediate families and neighbourhoods. As inclusion workers with A Place to Belong they
also deeply enjoy interacting with passionate people in the mental health and disability
fields about ways we can together build community based supports and opportunities for
participation with people who desire to belong.
An outline of the Program for Training:
Session 1: Understanding Belonging

Neil will share reflections on his own belonging and will work from this platform to facilitate
participants’ reflections on how they belong. Through group interaction we will unpack
models and frameworks about belonging. We will then consider our involvements with
others and how they belong (or don’t belong). This is usually a great group-building
session with high involvement as it touches on people’s deep inner needs to belong and
translates easily to our work of assisting others to find belonging links.

Morning Tea

Session 2: A Story of Inclusion and getting started

A guest will share their story of inclusion and belonging. From this story we will unpack
approaches and strategies for how we can facilitate connectedness and how we can get
started in this process.


Session 3: Inclusion and the good life

In this session Suellen will reflect on the concept of ‘the good life’. She will highlight some
of the barriers and blockages to inclusion and what this means for us as workers. We
might work with some scenarios and as a community arts worker Suellen will undoubtedly
use some experiential learning techniques!

Afternoon Tea

Session 4: Models, strategies and frontiers for inclusion

In this session we will work from a range of stories of how we have seen inclusion
developing for isolated people. We will summarise some useful strategies and models to
facilitate people’s inclusion.

Title: Social Inclusion Flyer

Author: Gaynor Ellis Date: 28 April 2011
Page 2 Version: Final.
Title: Social Inclusion Flyer
Author: Gaynor Ellis Date: 28 April 2011
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