Effects of Imposing A Universal Requirement of G-60 and/or G-90 Coating For All Components of Ductwork

Technical Paper prepared by John H. Stratton Director of Technical Services

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is consistent with anticipated building service life of 30 years. high humidity and chemically polluted environments. Any project specification that.34 mils.e. G-60 zinc coating on tie rods is routinely available. Duct system designers should be knowledgeable about construction standards. the traditionally used zinc coating amounts reviewed herein have provided satisfactory service life in HVAC system service. trade practice. The cost increase for G-90 versus G-60 coated sheet is small but availability varies nationally. Supplemental coatings are available for fasteners in outdoor exposures.G-60 or G-90 Zinc Coatings Specifications Introduction Specifiers should exercise caution and judgment in the consideration of the coating requirements for sheet metal ductwork accessories. similar coatings for the accessories (i. Zinc coating thickness on galvanized sheet has a linear relationship to service life and for building interior service. The service life of both G-60 and G-90 zinc coatings in outdoor exposures is relatively short.. Fire dampers that comply with UL 555 and other equipment items inserted in ducts will not categorically have G-90 coatings. product availability and cost/benefit analysis of any unusually stringent specifications. rod hangers. access doors. Factors To Be Considered Where ductwork exposures do not involve wet and dry cycles. G90 is a recommended minimum on exposed sheet and reinforcements when supplemental paint coatings are not specified. tie rods.) may not be generally available in the normal supply channels. While the location and/or intended application for galvanized sheet metal ductwork usually dictates the requirement for G-60 and/or G-90 coating for the ductwork panels. 1 of 4 . etc. purports to make G-90 or G-60 coating a requirement for all steel components incorporated in ductwork and exposed to airflow is a radical departure from trade practice and will entail significant cost increases and procurement and delivery delays. Zinc plating on commercially available screws and rivets is about 0. for example. Special coatings for some accessories may be available at increased costs and delivery times. which has two-thirds the life expectancy of G-90. coating grade G-60.2 mils. G-60 coating weight is 0. Base metal thickness is reduced as zinc coating is increased.

Page 1. used on positive pressure only. renovation work has not revealed a track record problem with the customary 0. If hot-dipped. partially threaded rod.21.16: The duct gage tables are based on G-60 coated galvanized steel of lockforming grade conforming to ASTM Standards A653 and A924.000 psi (207 kPa). Fastenings shall not project into duct interiors more than 1/2" (13 mm). the industry has rods. Special orders and expense would occur as a consequence if coatings equivalent to G-60 or G-90 were demanded.5 mils (a mil is one-thousandth of an inch). Director of Technical Services 1.2 mils. The prevailing and customary plating on screws and rivets is about 0. chromate or phosphate coatings could be added to the 0.2 mm) minimum galvanized steel and the smallest edge shall face the airflow. They may be zinc or cadmium coated. other types of fastening are not allowed. Comment: This specification does not require that zinc coating equivalent to G-60 be used. Paragraph S1.2 mil coated fasteners. Otherwise. Where only bolts or welds are specified. Stratton. Minimum yield strength for steel sheet and reinforcements is 30.41. Tie straps. Polymer.16: Tie rods shall be galvanized steel. EMT conduit or rigid conduit grades. ASTM A653 grade pipe and angles are routinely available in the marketplace with zinc coatings that meet or exceed the thickness of G-60 coated steel sheet. 8. pullout and shear test data on thicker zinc-coated fasteners are not known to exist.2 mil zinc at additional expense. values could be different. conduits and other structural support members that are electroplated with zinc that is about 0. Paragraph S1.20 oz/ft2. tubing of pipe. Blind rivets using pull-through mandrels are not permitted if they leave holes for air leakage. However. Page 1. 2 of 4 . Page 1. pipe.54 mils (0.Additional Details and Comment From SMACNA’s HVAC Duct Construction Standards. Page 1. Paragraph S1. 1995 John H.16: Unless otherwise specified.11. Paragraph S1. reinforcement may be uncoated steel or galvanized steel. for dry indoor environments.8: Unless otherwise specified steel sheet and strip used for duct and connectors shall be G-60 coated galvanized steel of lockforming grade conforming to ASTM A653 and A924 standards. tube.12. Concealed components shall not be subject to nor cause galvanic corrosion.8. This exceeds the ASTM A653 G-60 coating weight (minimum one side by triple spot test) of 0. Standard or self-drilling sheet metal screws may be used as appropriate.34 mils (0.62: Fasteners used on steel duct shall be steel. Page 1.32 oz/ft2). however. Comment: All thread rod. All internal ties. they may have coatings as thick as G-90 sheet. whether of rod. or angle shall be of material having the same nature and corrosion resistance as the duct wall material. RECTANGULAR DUCT Paragraph S1.64 micrometers) and is near the G-90 minimum of 0. 2nd Edition. shall be 1" x 1/8" (25 x 3.

2. DUCT HANGERS Comment: Consult HVAC-DCS Chapter 4 for requirements and options. Table 3-2 is based on G-60 coated galvanized steel of ASTM Standards A653 and A924 grades. Zinc Coating. are as corrosion resistant as G-60 coated galvanized steel. 5. outdoors (to first rust): 1. based on mean corrosion rate less than 0. 3. reinforcements and fasteners are expected to be zinc coated as specified for rectangular ducts. indoors: G-60 — 34 years G-90 — 54 years Source: ASTM Standard B695 Appendix. Otherwise.01 mils/year. Ductwork: 30 years median. 4.5 to 6 years. Rural: G-90 — 12 to 25 years. Paragraph S2.5 to 4 years G-60 — 2. Industrial: G-90 — 2. Class 8 (0.5 to 4 years. ROUND DUCT Paragraph S3.25: Liners shall also be installed with mechanical fastening devices that: a) are spaced in accordance with Figure 2-21. Urban/Suburban: G-90 — 4 years. Source: ASTM and zinc-related industry research. Page 3.11.5 years G-60 — 8 to 16 years 3 of 4 . G-60 — 1. Marine: G-90 — 2. 3.197 mil). Class 5 (0. C.Cadmium coatings are seldom used but are available. Zinc Coating. b) when installed. OVAL DUCT Comment: Paragraph S1.0.8 applies for ducts of all shapes. Mechanically deposited coatings per ASTM B696 come in three classes: Class 12 (0.5 to 2.315 mil).5 years G-60 — 1. SERVICE LIFE FORECASTS A. 2. 4. Page 2.472 mil).1: Round ducts shall be constructed in accordance with Tables 32 and 3-3. Comment: Stiffeners and fasteners are expected to have coatings as on rectangular ducts. Source: ASHRAE Applications Handbook B.

(SPC was formerly known as the Steel Structures Paint Council and many codes and specifications still refer to it by its former name. Specification of G-90 coated galvanized steel is recommended for components exposed to weather. it is not suitable for coil coating lines. Several publications on surface preparation and painting galvanized steel surfaces.sspc. Where painting or waterproof coating of exterior insulation is applied G-60 coating may suffice. unspangled A60 coating that is ready for immediate painting (with normal cleaning). outdoor atmosphere is generally considered to be linear and varying with thickness. Practices for Preparation of Zinc-Coated Galvanized Steel Surfaces for Paint.galvanizeit. consult the many publications available from ASM International (www.org) and the Society for Protective Coatings (www. The life of zinc coating in a given not-severely-polluted.org). are available from the American Galvanizers Association (www.org) and the National Association of Corrosion Engineers (www. For extensive reporting of corrosion from outdoor atmospheres and chemicals.org). including preventing and treating wet storage stain and touch-up and repair of galvanized surfaces with zinc-rich paint. 4 of 4 .asm-intl.) Zinc-iron alloy coated steel (also known as "galvanealed") has a grey. however.Comment: Corrosive elements present can cause significant deviation from averages.nace. The commonly used standard for phosphatizing or other treatment is ASTM D2092.

121 4.0854 .0336 . Tolerances are valid for 48" and 60" wide coil and cut length stock .1233 . Zinc-Coat (Galvanized) or Zinc-Iron Alloy Coated (Galvanized) by the Hot-Dip Process.8974 2.4874 Weight Nom.0232 . TX.523 2.0172 .0575 .0236 .86 8.656 .0060 .546 2.531 5.594 .59 oz/sf of zinc equals 0.82 lb.f.0017" and is 305.0705 .5169 .5823 2.463 1.2 HVAC Duct Construction Standards – Metal and Flexible  Second Edition .6505 5.2286 .0247 .0516 4.4331 .408 1.4369 .20 3. 2.0376 .372 2.285 1. scale weight may run 2% (or more) greater than theoretical weight.0127 .653 1.004 1.270 3.167 1.510 3.0326 . 3.0164 .52 12. 0.781 .6367 .0142 .331 1. ASTM D2092.9534 1. .394 6.0276 .994 2.0865 .5755 . lb/sf . Metallic Coated by the Hot-Dip Process and Prepainted by the Coating Process for Exterior Building Products.0266 .875 Max.832 3.775 2. Zinc-Coated Carbon Steel Sheet of Commercial. kg/m2 Thickness in Millimeters Min. 7.4531 .1472 .222 Nom.05564 = minimum weight.6010 6772 .376 .7274 . or 0.132 3.0157 .0814 1.803 1.653 1.8795 6.406 1.461 1.11 28.001".0436 .0287 .7010 . ASTM A755 is the Specification for Sheet Steel. 1 oz is 0.0506 . and ASTMA653/A653M-94.656 3.5512 .0296 .0247 . Practice for Preparation of Zinc-Coated Galvanized Steel Surfaces for Paint.0336 .001" of G60 coating times 40.0296 1.01 22.3188 .002 6.0575 .763 1..061 2.362 3.759 .0217 .0770 .0650 .563 . Lock Forming and Drawing Qualities. Metallic Coated by the HotDip Process (formerly ASTMA525). Standard Specification for Sheet Steel.661 4.441 1. .665 . per s.133 4.21 NOTES: 1.8 lb per sf.0710 .028 1.530 1.4204 .0466 .4166 .1174 . Philadelphia. Much chemical and atmospheric corrosion information is available from ASM International in Metals Park. per inch plus 0.2845 .5931 .0134 .6481 2. Actual weight may be near 40.902 3.0202 .15 g/m2.156 1. G60 coating. 4.1532 .6274 . Other information is available from the National Coal Coaters Association.0306 .0635 .0525 .305 2.7534 .64 6.006 1.106 1. The gage designation is retained for residual familiarity reference only. A.00153") 40. 9.591 1.0217 .0157 .8725 3.0994 .5131 .2675 5.7772 .Galvanized Sheet Thickness Tolerances1 Thickness in Inches Gage 33 32 31 30 29 28 27 26 25 24 23 22 21 20 19 18 17 16 15 14 12 12 11 10 9 8 Min.906 1. The lock forming grade of steel will conform to ASTM A653 (formerly ASTM A527).4369 .0217 .1323 .96 16.3950 .1014 .1681 Min lb/sf .784 2.486 .1382 .820 .614 7.3607 .881 .0934 .8534 .8407 .0112 . Thickness and zinc coating class can be stenciled on the sheet. 6. 10.0516 .906 1.3569 .1084 .1292 .0346 .719 .0120 . per inch.2038 1.943 1.0104 .983 3.other dimensions apply to other sheet widths and to strip.280 3.698 . G90 coating is 0.08 10. A principle international standard is ISO 3575.3048 .9296 1.0625 . Minimum weight in this table is based on the following computation: Minimum sheet thickness minus 0.6526 1.781 6.281 4. Ohio and from NACE International in Houston.4804 4.60 oz/sf (triple spot test) total for two sides.0566 .5274 .181 1.0406 . PA.786 5.1622 .311 1.0172 . has 0.7591 .844 .81 4.6979 .0172 .00153". Continuous Hot-Dip Process.4712 .2409 . includes mill phosphatizing.0187 .342 2.500 Nom. Standard Specification for General Requirements for Sheet Steel.0090 .953 2.42 5.2642 . Based on ASTM A924/924M-9.3404 . 5.891 4.020 . lb/sf .4783 . The steel producing industry recommends that steel be ordered by decimal thickness only.90 oz/sf (triple spot test).1442 .525 4.288 1.0316 .0456 . . .204 2.0187 .1771 Nom.0356 .0187 .0695 .5143 .1381 2.4486 1. However.0142 .162 2.3263 1.9590 1.8296 .5550 .1524 .4750 .0369 lb/sf of zinc.6312 .613 1.753 3. G90 stock would be comparably calculated from: (t .158 1.040 Max.740 4.0396 .8772 . .8010 .1143 .656 2.156 2. Magnetic gage measurement of zinc coating may have 15% error.0406 . .1591 Max.0785 . 8. per ASTM A653 and ASTM A90.8 0.138 3.3988 .

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