Personal detail:
1) Name : Buvana Vinithra Jayapal 2) Occupation : Software Engineer 3) Gender :



Ans: Female
4) Age : :

<18 >40 Ans:18-30



5) Mobile no:9944998622

6) Family Income:

10000 to 20000 above 40000 ans: 20000 to 30000

20000 to 30000

30000 to 40000

7) Address :124 3rd extension

Ezhil nagar, Trichy-620014

1.What do you prefer? Manufacturer’s brand ANS: Manufacturer’s brand Retailer’s brand

2. What’s your perception about Retailer label brands? Outsourced from other companies which sell them Manufactured by retailers

positive negative. Rate your satisfaction level for the following factors related to the retailers products? Factors Quality Availability of the prod Price charged Trusting brand Freshness Packaging Healthy 1.Highly satisfied 2.positive 3-Neutral 4-Negative 5-More negative. What’s your perception about quality of the retailer’s products? 1-More positive 2.Satisfied 3. What do you mostly shop for at a retailer’s shop? . ANS: Neutral 3-Neutral 4-Negative 5-More 4.Dissatisfied 5.ANS: Outsourced from other companies 3.Highly dissatisfied uct Neutral Satisfied satisfied Neutral satisfied Neutral satisfied ANS 6. ANS: Negative 5.Neutral 4. Perception about price of the retailers products? 1-More positive 2.

Electronic cosmetics fruits and vegetables All products cereals ANS: Fruits and vegetables 7. Which of the following means was most helpful in increasing your knowledge about retailer’s products? Pamphlets mouth ANS: Word of mouth 9. Are you pleased with the offers provided for retailers products? Extremely pleased 1 ANS:4 13. How offer do u shop? Daily weekly fortnightly monthly yearly 2 3 4 5 pleased . Do any of these cues influence your shopping decision? Friends Atmosphere ANS: Friends. Which store do you kept in preference for purchasing ? Reliance fresh specify_____________ ANS:Spencers. Big Bazzar 10. Atmosphere 8. Rank the given retailer products according to the quality on the scale of 1 to 5? a)Groceries _____4____ b)Electronic items_____3_______ c)cosmetics ____4______ d)cereals_______3____ e)Milk and milk products_____3_______ Big bazzar Mega mart Others TV Newspaper Internet Word of Family Store atmosphere Past experience 11.

PRICE Any suggestion: Vinithra Jayapal Signature . What are the things you want to improve in Retailers products? a)Quality b) Price c) Offers d)Accessibility e)others specify____________ ANS: QUALITY. How likely are you to recommend retailers brand to a friend or relative? would you say the chances are? Excellent ANS: good Good Fair Poor 16.ANS: monthly.How much do you spend for retailers product in a month? Category Personal Family ANS:1000-2000 ≤ 500 500 – 1000 10002000 20005000 500010000 ≥10000 15. depends on the NEED 14.

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