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TNMS The management system for next generation optics
Your customers benefit from high service availability thanks to fast and flexible service management of all technologies (PDH, SDH, DWDM and Ethernet). You benefit from an overall management system for the Nokia Siemens Networks optical transport network portfolio. This means low operating expenditure owing to an easy-to-use GUI and standard interfaces for integration into a multi-technology environment. This ensures fast return on your investment.

Your challenges You are facing the need for rapid provisioning of services and quick implementation of new technologies while still serving the legacy network. Most likely, integration into a multi-vendor environment is an issue and you are certainly subjected to massive operational cost pressure. TNMS, the efficient network management system We have drawn on our wealth of experience in optical networking to create TNMS (Telecommunication Network Management System), the nextgeneration optical network management family. TNMS carries out all common management functions in the element, network and service layer extremely efficiently. Its outstanding graphical user interface (GUI) simplifies – and therefore speeds up – optical network management. Scalable architecture allows inexpensive solutions to be implemented for small and simple networks as well as full FCAPS support for very large networks. Open

interfaces allow you to integrate TNMS into your business and multi-vendor environment. Outstanding convenience improves management efficiency The TNMS family provides an easy-to-understand network view and simple network navigation coupled with uniform fault, configuration, security and performance management. Its ergonomically designed and intuitive user interface creates a new dimension in operating convenience. This in turn results in higher efficiency, error-free routine operations and reduced staff training time, lowering overall costs (OPEX reduction). Since data security and availability are crucial issues for carriers, TNMS Core provides:

Your Business grows thanks to cost-optimized network solutions and fast provisioning of end-to-end services, resulting in lower service cost and satisfied customers. Your Network enjoys numerous benefits from management with the TNMS family. It has high service availability due to effective fault handling and fast service provisioning due to optimal operator support with an intuitive GUI. Standard interfaces ensure easy integration into an umbrella management system for adaptation in a multi-vendor environment.

• Periodical database backup
during operation

• Improved server availability •
due to duplicated hotswappable hard disks A stand-by concept for server duplication

high-end fault and performance data management. TNMS Core is designed as a multi-user system based on a client/server architecture. Products and solutions herein are subject to change without notice. Management of radio networks In order to support an end-to-end management of mixed radio and optical networks. This assures a universal management concept as well as easy communication between the operator in the network management center and local staff using the LCT. Product code C401-00184-DS-200801-1-EN www. as well as log files. This pay-as-you-grow concept means you can start with a small and cost-effective system and gradually add more servers as the network grows. Integration options via open interfaces TNMS Core can be excellently integrated into different management network scenarios. Please contact us to learn more www. TNMS CT provides a network view for centralized management as part of the NCT functionality. In its LCT configuration. Because TNMS Core and TNMS CT have a common user interface in the element layer.com Nokia Siemens Networks and the wave logo are registered trademarks of Nokia Siemens Networks. TNMS has proven its worth in over 300 installations spanning more than 70 countries. TNMS helps you maintain an edge over the competition.nokiasiemensnetworks. a wealth of information concerning network topology. traffic and software management as well as card configuration. both manage the complete functionality of a network element in the same way. All rights reserved. a flexible domain concept and – last but not least – a very attractive and clear graphical user interface allowing individual configurations of the network presentation. All solutions are tuned to complement each other in the best possible way.com . and includes the Next Generation SDH equipment family fully integrated. TNMS CT The craft terminal family is a scalable solution addressing the element and network management layer. is available thanks to a number of scheduled export and import interfaces. allowing a further reduction in OPEX. the radio element management system Netviewer is fully integrated with TNMS Core. For integration into higher level management systems (umbrella systems). Other company and product names mentioned here in may be trademarks or trade names of their respective owners. TMF CORBA and SNMP open and standard interfaces are supported. automatic routing options.nokiasiemensnetworks. Moreover. TNMS Core TNMS Core is the solution for management tasks with full support from element layer to service layer in one system.Future-proof scalability via flexible architecture The TNMS family offers solutions covering a range of tasks from very small networks with basic management tasks (TNMS CT) up to very large networks demanding sophisticated management (TNMS Core). Copyright © 2008 Nokia Siemens Networks. For small networks (up to 150 NE). It provides you with various wizards. It can be scaled within wide limits to provide customized and costoptimized network management solutions. it can be used by service staff locally to support fault. It puts you in the position of being able to satisfy your customers' needs quickly by offering them services that are highly available and extremely reliable. Highlights at a glance • Overall network view of the Nokia Siemens Networks’ Next Generation Optical and SDH Network • Full FCAPS support • OPEX reduction through easyto-use GUI • CAPEX reduction through payas-you-grow concept • Ready for integration into multivendor environment Above all.

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