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SAP Solution Manager

SAP Solution Manager is a software tool, content and gateway to create, operate, manage and
monitor business management solutions. SAP Solution Manager is one of the products of software
company SAP AG.

SAP Solution Manager is a centralized support and system management suite. A SAP system landscape may
include a large amount of installed SAP systems. SAP Solution Manager tries to reduce and centralize the
management of these systems.
In such a landscape, SAP Solution Manager is the managing system, and the business suite applications (e.g.
CRM) are the managed systems.
The current version of SAP Solution Manager is SAP Solution Manager 7.0 Enhancement Package 1.
SAP Solution Manager provides an extensive set of features in the IT Support area for enhancing, automating
and improving the management of SAP systems:
• Central System Administration
• Project Management
• Test Management
• System Monitoring
• Business Process Monitoring
• E2E Root Cause Analysis
• IT Technical Reporting
• Centralized Alerting
• Installation Keys
• Early Watch Reporting
• Change Management (Change Request Management & Maintenance Optimizer)
• Service Desk
SAP is actively improving and extending all these areas, so this list may be outdated.
SAP Solution Manager is the successor to ASAP ValueSAP. SAP Solution Manager helps in implementing and
managing complex system landscapes. Globally systems are being distributed across geographies and business
processes cover more than one system. In such complex scenarios, integrating technical and business
requirements is important for the success of IT. SAP Solution Manager provides SAP customers with an
efficient means of handling both the technical and business process side of solution implementation.
As part of SAP Solution Management Solutions, the customers receive best practices relating to:
• Global Strategy and Service Level Management
• Business Process Management
• Management of MySAP Technology
• Software Change Management
• Support Desk Management
SAP delivers this using support programs during implementation of the system solution. Some of the benefits of
using SAP Solution Manager are that it helps:
• Manage the technical risk associated with the implementation of the solution ensuring technical
• Leverage users core competencies in implementing solutions
• Ensure the solution works as intended with best practices built in
See also
• Business Process Modeling
SAP Solution Manager Documentation
SAP has produced a substantial amount of documentation to support Solution Manager. Some of this
documentation is available for free through SAP's elearning and online training platform, Learning on Demand
by SAP.
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SAP Solution Manager
The SAP Solution Manager application management solution facilitates technical support for distributed systems – with functionality that covers
all key aspects of solution deployment, operation, and continuous improvement. A centralized, robust application management and
administration solution, SAP Solution Manager combines tools, content, and direct access to SAP to increase the reliability of solutions and
lower total cost of ownership.
With SAP Solution Manager, you can be sure your entire SAP solution environment is performing at its maximum potential. The toolset
addresses your entire IT environment, supporting SAP and non-SAP software and covering current and forthcoming SAP solutions. And, as a
customer of SAP, you have full access to the core SAP Solution Manager for no extra charge.
SAP Solution Manager targets both technical and business aspects of your solutions, focusing strongly on core business processes. It supports
the connection between business processes and the underlying IT infrastructure. As a result, it eases communication between your IT
department and your lines of business. And it ensures that you derive the maximum benefits from your IT investments.
SAP Solution Manager features and functions include:

• SAP Business Suite implementation and upgrades – SAP Solution Manager provides content that accelerates implementation.
Configuration information and a process-driven approach to implementation speed the blueprint, configuration, and final preparation
phases. SAP Solution Manager enables efficient project administration and centralized control of cross-component implementations.

• Change control management – SAP Solution Manager controls all software and configuration changes of the IT solution. This includes
the approval process for change requests, the deployment of changes, and later analysis of changes. This ensures quality of the solution
and enables traceability of all changes.

• Testing – SAP Solution Manager speeds test preparation and execution. It provides a single point of access to the complete system
landscape and enables centralized storage of testing material and test results to support cross-component tests.
• IT and application support – The service desk included in SAP Solution Manager helps you manage incidents more efficiently and
eases the settlement of support costs. Centralized handling of support messages makes the support organization more efficient.

• Root cause analysis – The diagnostics functions in SAP Solution Manager allow identification, analysis, and resolution of problems,
even in heterogeneous environments. This helps to isolate general performance bottlenecks, to isolate exceptional situations, to record
the activity of single users or processes, and to identify changes to the productive landscape. As a result, problem resolution is
accelerated and business availability increased.

• Solution monitoring – SAP Solution Manager performs centralized, real-time monitoring of systems, business processes, and
interfaces, which reduces administration effort. It can even monitor intersystem dependencies. Proactive monitoring helps you avoid
critical situations, while automatic notifications enable fast response to issues.

• Service-level management and reporting – SAP Solution Manager allows easy definition of service levels and provides automated
reporting. Service reporting covers all systems in the solution landscape and provides a consolidated report containing the information
you need to make strategic IT decisions.

• Service processing – SAP Solution Manager makes appropriate service recommendations and delivers SAP support services. These
include SAP Safeguarding, which helps you manage technical risk; SAP Solution Management Optimization, which helps you get the
most from your SAP solutions; and SAP Empowering, which helps you manage your solutions.

• Administration – Administration tasks are mainly executed locally on the involved systems, but can be accessed and triggered from a
central administration console. The administration work center in SAP Solution Manager offers a central entry point and unified access to
all SAP technology.

Berufsbezeichnung SAP Solution Manager (Contract) ( J93273A00113689 )

Arbeitsort --Zurich

Job Description:
- Support the Technical Architecture Team :
- Review existing setup SAP Solution Manager and identify requirements
- Setup and maintain the existing configuration
- Maintain and Support interface to Remedy ITSM
- Introduce additional functionality
- Maintain Retrofit process
- Support project team and client on Solution Manager topics

Required skills:
-Experience SAP Solution Manager (>3 years) (CHARM, Help desk, Documentation, Setup)
-Experience Retrofit process
-SAP Basis
- Nice to have skills:
-Consumer Goods experience
-ARIS, Test Management, Release Management
-English fluent required

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