This Very Moment For those of you who have chosen to walk the middle path between two

extremes, t hen one day, you may experience the most spiritually gratifying moment of your w hole entire life. What I'm trying to express to you, is the monocratic moment of a full awakening; an occurrence of true nirvana; a preeminentable moment that is within your gras p, fully within your reach. This is a moment of transcendence where you will encounter a state of consummate d fulfillment; a euphoric sensation where one feels completely whole; a state wh ere God and man becomes one body within itself. This event is more than just an experience - it is one astounding phenomenon; an imperforated state of being all great mystics have spoken about - yet beautiful ly said by most, they all have fallen short in capturing its full essence; as wi ll I. Once you have ventured into this celebrated moment of truth, you will have a kno wing; a captivating feeling of pure enlightenment; a moment of total clarity tha t is beyond all comprehension of the flesh. It is in this exact point in time when you will witness the subtle nadis of ida and pingala joining together in holy matrimony; a sacrament of a cosmic marriage , a joyousness that is utterly indecipherable. This will be a moment of jubilation, when all brain waves dance to the musical h eart beat at the glorious celebrated reception of your inner being. Within an instant, you will experience absolute oneness, a oneness with The Abso lute - a moment where yin and yang unite to become the brightest shade of the pe rfect grey. In this very moment, you will understand the purpose of everything; you will rea lize that this ever flowing consciousness is the driving force behind all things created, and the completion of all things still undone. This will be a moment where you will apprehend the fact that your many beginning s - the physical manifestation which is the grand explosion, and the inverted im plosion are controlled by one powerful thought; a disastrous continuous event so catastrophic, yet sweet and so divine. This moment is an epiphany that can never be construed by human tongue; it is a power so inexplicable, the greatest of all savants will never find the words of the highest state to inflect its sublimity. This same unspoken revelation is like a mantra that cannot be chanted, a hymn th at cannot be sung, it is a sight that cannot be seen, nor a sound that can be he ard; it is an exuberance that can only be felt by the depths of the never-ending soul. Once you have reached this pinnacle point of the infallible, you will fall to th y knees while showering the holy ground with tears of a deep abounding joy. Within that same moment you will witness the unmasking of the facade; the uncove ring of the egoistic masquerade, that will lead to a feeling of total attainment , an actualization; the peak of pure eureka - once this occurs, you will undenia bly become fully cognizant of who you once were, who you are now, and who you ar e truly yet to become.

You will then realize that you are the holy trinity - both father, son and the h oly ghost; you will become the shakti that will make the warm body of a brahma s hiva. In this extraordinary moment you will know that you are the great trinary; a thr ee pointed triangle which is undoubtedly the focal point of one. Once you have reached that seraphic moment of your true identity, make it yours, and yours alone. You maybe asking "How long will my anticipation be before reaching an occurrence such as this?" All I will say for now is stop, wait, then listen...for just one moment. Morgan O. Smith