Big D’s Bounce!

Big D Entertainments Bouncy Castle Booking form Daniel Marfell 3 Valentine lane Chepstow Monmouthshire NP16 5TH Name of Client: _______________________ Customer phone number: __________________________ Date of Booking: ______________________________ Duration of Event: Event style: BARE HIRE Address of event:__________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ ________ Terms & Conditions of hiring/booking. Conditions of hire. Warning; Failure to comply with any of the conditions below will make the Insurance for liability invalid & any liability will be on you & not that of Big D Entertainments.

1. It is a condition precedent to this contract that for all bare hires have a signed contract of hire for the hire and the contract contains as a minimum the following conditions: 2. All persons using the equipment remove their footwear prior to use. 3. The equipment will be supervised at all times by a responsible person over the age of seventeen. 4. The equipment will be fully secured to the ground at all times during use. 5. That all participants do not become reckless or boisterous. 6. That no intoxicated person or any person under the influence of prescribed and/or non prescribed drugs and/or any other intoxicating substance will use the equipment or supervise the equipment at any time. 7. Any equipment being operated on licensed premises must be located in a fenced off, glass free area and not operated after eight pm. 8. Any equipment being operated will not be used by adults.. 9. ALL liability is on the Bare Hirer (client/customer)

Endorsements. 1) BC101 - The equipment is supervised at all times by the insured (Big D Entertainments) or a suitable qualified Employee who must be aged over seventeen years and\or a responsible person over the age of seventeen when the hire is ‘bare hire’. 2) BC103- Inflatable equipment is only used by persons aged fifteen or under. 3) BC104 - The equipment must not be used by Adults 4) BC105 – Any equipment being operated on licensed premises must be located in a fenced off, glass free area and not operated after eight pm. 5) BC106 - The equipment is supervised at all times by the insured or a suitable qualified employee who must be aged over seventeen years. 6) No liquids are to be used on the inflatable, including washing up fluids or any other kind of domestic or non domestic fluids including water.

7) Any poor weather conditions including rain, high wind or any other severe instances, the castle will be deflated and all electrical equipment will be taken into a dry area and wiped off and dried in full before any further usage. 8) Big D Entertainments responsibility is strictly limited to the suitablility/condition of the supplied eqipment in hiring. You will ensure the following terms and conditions are adhered to at all times. The equipment will be stored away in a safe locked area overnight and will be safe, secure, and clean.

If we have any issues with the inflatable or other equipment during the hire period I/we will contact Big D Entertainments with immediate effect on 077 8699 1206
I agree and understand to the above and will take every reasonable care whilst the bare hire is under contract with myself to maintain safe use of the equipment at all times, any disregard of these conditions will cause any liability and legal claim to be deemed my responsibility. As a condition of hire, you are required to take out your own insurance to cover all eventualities to include Public Liability and Equipment cover. I have received: • Bouncy Castle • Safety Mat • Extension Cable (with Thermal Cut out)* • X2 Ratchet straps • X4 Bouncy Castle weigh downs/tie downs All of the equipment has been checked and is a good clean and undamaged condition. I understand that if the equipment is damaged, dirty, or lost, I will pay for a replacement(s) or pay for cleaning. *Must be used at all times during hire.

I have read and understand, and agree to all the above details. Signed: (Client) ………………………………………… Date: ……………………………………….

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