The world-fa mousa uthor Ja m es A. lMiichelmerstaired iin 19'79 that he 'Was "totally ,opposed many meaSl.!

llre that wou~dl enOOUlII',age UI,e50 states ,of ,01 Ii' nation to allilllelilld our nat~onal Gonslituti:on by means ,of ~hle co:rnvellltio:rn Imetihod. J:I He made this: statern ernt at a li'nlealrmng Ibefolfe the SU boom m~ltee mil tlllle Constitution ef the '(:Olm m itlee on the jlllLllidiiciary ef the Umited States Senate on November 29, 1919. IBelowal'1e some more of the waminss that

M lehener IProvffided tbat Sena~e su boom m~ttee, for its hea nilnlg:

I a m, however~ tats 11'1 op posed to any measure that woulld encourage the, 50 states of au r nation to ,a mend OliJIf natlenal Ccmstitutmon by means of t~le conventimll met~odrfolr I" betterlhalWilI most [Michener was Secretary of ' the Pelmn.sylvaWil,ia state con.stitllLllltiolrnall,oo nv'entiionilrn 19 67 .. 68.,]"a p pll"eciiate the 1~lidden d a nBers inh erent lin tl~i.s system ••..

I oibjiect [00 convening a constitu1tional ooIntiVienti~on] for two r,eaISIOlms: The plalm weal'1e usins has s,srved us s,o well and so oonstwctlively in the 182 y,ears .shllcel {B,9 tbat as a tradltlenalist l see no need for meddUng wrlth th e .sys.tem; but more i m po rta nt, m know fmm hlistO'ry am d from exp,eri€nc~ th at oneea oo:rnstmtuent assam billy has been colriliViened, there is mll power tihlart can restrict ilt to liimits arbitrarily set.

AWiliY such arconvelrrl'tioirili ,oontains tltThe right and the iimplUed power~o become a lrunaway ,oonV'entiion,and thiis iis the most dangerous possib~lity tlhalt sho'lllilid be avoided j'fat ell possible. A!nldin 'the case like the presentJ

whe n we ah'iea dy have a spl~e nd ld Iy fu ncti,onmng syswem of a m ern d mell1lit.,it wou~ d befolillyto I~u reh off ilrwesp'ons.ibilly to an alternative method witilich has not been Ipr,o,ved and whi,eh contaiilrillS dicllnglers of the most treacli1lelrous kind.

History is l'1epl'ete wiith exam[pl,e,s. of Innocent OOIri!iV,ent~ons, alssemb!led for olme purpose, whi~ch ,exlploded into unfor,es,een dil"ecti,ons# til1le tWio, most mernora b le baling th e tegi.s!lative Assem b~iy wl~ich gav,e h ldeous

iIl!!il~ da nee to' time IFroench IRevO'I utlen €11m d the Lo,ns Pa nil a ment whliclWnI su pervris<ed t~ e more pea ce~~11 ri!'vo~ utlen in Engla nd, ~Ia m aira id of :SIILllICh I'1L!1Willaway cenvsntlens,

But, it is argued,if the Urnimd States ,oonv.ened su ch a constltutlena I oo:rnv.entl]onits powers woulld be strictly liimited by the enablin~ legisl~aiUolm whic1til summoned it iintQ being:. And helre Ipr,ecis'ely is ·the tr,oulb~e.11 do believe that a ny pnor law, Ina matter how care~t!llily d rawn~ cannot i nhibit~ or restrict or ci elllim~lt a constltu ent ass!emlOly once itconV!1llmirE!S. Of eousse, thos~ilf1l~liati ng the ocmVientmon wau Id say, ~Blliltitsf1i!1llld ,o,f I~egal~ 0lPelraUo:ril is U m ited. We ihlalVie said so.' My oolrnilient~on iis th at rt cann ot be :so Ii m ited.At the m omelrnt a oo:rnv'entl]onis ass,embl,ed and sworn h'r~ it becomes a sallf~dir,ecting bodly wlith only sucb llmltetlons as it plfudentmy places upon !itself, and tli'nre priorQonSill:ra~nts which have se calref,UI~lly been plaeed upon rlt If1IO l'Olmilger app1iY.



NTh~r.···"',S~1:1f CO~GDSS

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s. 3,S. 530, an,d S. 1''710

DILLS ~D'P{.()Vln·~ •• oomDUBBS BUR f.lIlLUING OgiNiTIT'U~ TlDN~U:.ieON ENTlI)[J:N,S FOB, PROl'o.srN6AMENDM:~STO IjIUEI 'CONS!l'IT1I;1'!fIOIf OF '':IDE U:NJ'l"B,D'S~:A'FlmSi' ON~P~IOA~ ';I'fOiN' OF "FOEI Lmf.lISLA."TUBB$ Olr ~O'"-TH.m»f31 'OF TO ST'ADS, PUBsnANT TO AlIT'rOLE V OF' !!l'JIB OONS'':r~IlTION

F~I_~J,ob D.:

Tas_t_«Dy ' ~--"'- __ ~'-~~------~.' __ -'~~--,-----_-~,

LtUer '00 ;~~(IF:r B~b~ _ ~~~ __ -_~ __ -m ~~--~--- ~ - _

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A.mentill~~~to:f ·~B.e Co.~~,til!J!,tw'Q. by the Ci!llllv,e:nl!i:ion"MeltDQ d, lJ1il!cl~

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G ' ~ Frofessor:

___ ._ ........ ........ ,...; __ ......... __ ."'!'. __ • __ , __ , _, __ • _ __, L_. J .- __ --......

s~~eme:nrt._, ~ _- ..... ~ __ ' ~;. = __ ~ .. __ -_'= _ --= _ ~ _,~_ "='~-~

- --' -' od g;t~C'liMling 't.h~ t1I'm!t~S~~ C(l~£'Utl,~ioH~ ~'rieW'I' ''\1'01}. 1i1~ Ed, 19'7'9!~~~~~~_-----_----

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