Your Digitally Integrated Wireless Office Solution
The INT4000 900MHz digital interface cordless phone offers unparalleled range and channel separation, providing superior voice communication, performance and security. Utilizing both ends of the 900MHz frequency, the INT4000 avoids interference with industrial inventory system 900MHz products in the marketplace. It also has less traffic interference on the narrow band compared to spread spectrum technology. When you can't be at your desk or work station, your still have access to all the deskset features you are currently using. Utilizing a digital expansion board, the INT4000 includes all the functionality of an Inter-Tel Converged Communications System, providing you greater flexibility and improved productivity. Don't let those important calls go unanswered. Stay connected with the INT4000 – feature for feature one of the best digital cordless phones available – keeping you mobile and available. The INT4000 Digital Cordless Phone Package includes the handset, remote antenna base, charger, belt clip, battery, wall mount and AC adapter. Additional optional accessories are available.

Product Features
• Desktop Feature Access • Compact Handset • 900MHz Narrow Band FM with ADPCM • 750 mAh NI-MH Battery • 30 Simultaneous Conversations • 3 Ring Tones & Vibrate Ringer • Charging Cradle • Remote Antenna Base • Multi-Line Access • Wall Mountable

High Performance 900 MHz Narrow Band with ADPCM
High quality secured conversation by 32 kbps ADPCM codec.

Ringer ON/OFF Switch on Handset
Allows you to turn off the ringer to avoid unwanted calls.

4 Step Volume Control
Allows you to select from 4 levels of volume in the earpiece.

Status Display
The INT4000 provides quick and easy-to-read information with a 2-line, 16-digit dot-matrix display plus 4 status icons.

Mute your phone for privacy while in your office or while walking through the halls, simply by pushing the Mute ON/OFF switch.

Eight Programmable Keys (with 4 appearance lights)
A total of eight programmable function keys give you the same selected functionality as your desk set including extension number.

Compact Handset
The INT4000 is compact and lightweight for optimum mobility.

Headset Jack
Allows for the connection of an optional headset for handsfree operation. For easier access, the headset jack is located at the top of the handset.

30 Simultaneous Conversations
With 65,535 way security code.

Belt Clip
A sturdy belt clip is included for maximum mobility.

3 Selectable Ring Tones and Vibrate Ringer
You can choose from 3 ring tones and each one can be set to high or low volume. Choose the silent alert (Vibration mode) to receive calls without disturbing others, or if you are in a busy environment.

Base Unit
PBX Digital Interference Board
• Direct connectivity to a digital PBX lines • Loop through connectivity available • Full deskset functionality

Base Unit
• Dimensions: 4 1⁄4" x 2 1⁄4" x 7 5⁄8" • Weight: 11.8 oz. • Color: Black

• Type: 3.6V 750mAh Nickel Metal Hydride rechargeable battery pack • Charging Time: 5-6 Hours max. to full charge • Consumption: Up to 7 hours talk time; Up to 5 days standby

Inter-Tel Systems
The INT4000 is digitally integrated for: • Inter-Tel 5000 Network Communications Solutions v1.2 or higher. DEI (Digital Expansion Interface Unit) required • Axxess® Systems v5.119, 5.2, 5.3 or higher • Eclipse2™ Systems v5.3 or higher

Telephone Handset
• Dimensions: 2" x 5" x 1 1⁄2" x 1 1⁄4" (without antenna) • Weight: 5.2 oz. (with battery) • Color: Black

Display Type
• 2-Line, 16-Digit LCD with Status Icons

Desktop Charger
• Dimensions: 3 1⁄4" x 2 1⁄6" x 3 1⁄2" • Weight: 2.5 oz. • Color: Black

RF Characteristics
• Frequency: 902 – 905MHz & 924-928MHz • Bandwidth: ±30KHz • Transmit Power: 4mW approx. • Method: Narrow Band FM

System Part Number
• Digital Cordless Phone (900.0367)

Optional Accessories
• Headset (902.0326) • Spare Battery (900.0369)

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*Some features and applications mentioned may require a future release and are not available in the initial release. Future product releases and applications are subject to availability and cost. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Some features may require additional hardware and/or specific software. Copyright 2003. Inter-Tel, Incorporated. All products and services mentioned are the trademarks, service marks, registered marks or registered service marks of their respective owners. Part # 935.0364 09/06

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