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Allocation against Future Receipts

1. AFS Allocation Run

Click on "Allocation Run Menu".
2. ARun Detail
Click on"ARun Detail".
3. Selection
Click on "Selection".
4. Stock Selection
Appropriate Stock has to be selected for allocation against future receipts.
5. Batch, Purchase orders and Confirmations
Mark the stock selection rule and press "Details"
6. Future Receipts & Preview
In this rule only purchase orders and shipping notifications can be used for allocation.
Production orders could be selected, too.

Purchase requisitions and planned orders can be used or ARun in preview mode.

Click to get back to the menu.

7. ARun Type
Select "ARun Type".
8. AFS ARun Control Data: Overview
Mark the ARun types and press "Details"
9. AF test ARun type (Re-allo)
This is the ARun type that enables re-allocation

You can branch directly to the stock selection rule.

10. Future Receipts & Preview
Mark that this is the stock selection rule shown before.

Go back to the ARun type.

11. 0002 Reallocation Rule (R&F)
To enable re-allocation of already allocated schedule lines this ARun type contains a re-allocation rule.

Click to display release rule for ZRAF.

12. Sales Order Header
A minimum quota of 60% on header level is needed for a successful allocation.

Click to get back to ARun type.

13. New Entry
Click on "Next Entry" to display the settings of the second ARun type.
14. Allocation Type and Selection
This ARun type selects POs and Shipping Confirmations.

Click "Back" to get back to the menu.

15. ARun Detail
Close "ARun details".
16. Open Cross Applications
Open "Cross Applications".
17. Click on PO Handling
Click on "PO Handling".
18. Click on "Assign PO Rules"
Click on "Assign PO Rules" to find out which rule is used for plant 0001.
19. B Purchase Orders - Sorting
This is the de-allocation rule used for plant 0001.

Click on "Sorting".
20. B Purchase Orders - Go back
This is sorting rule in use. It will be used to decide which sales orders are de-allocated first if several sales orders are
allocated to one PO.

Click to get back to the menu.

21. Deallocation Rule
Click on "De-allocation rule".
22. Display de-allocation rule
Press the button to display the selected rule.
23. Future Stocks
POs will be de-allocated if their confirmed delivery date is changed by more then 10 days.
24. Quantity
A change in the quantity will trigger a warning.

Press the "Back" button.

25. View SD/PO/PR/GR/GI Handling
Similar rules can be set for the other documents that can be allocated.
26. Click on "/AFS/MD04".
Click on the new
"AFS Stock/Requirement list".
27. Enter Material
Enter Material "af2" and press Tab.
28. Material "AF2" - Date
This is the available PO stock.

Click on this date.

29. Enter "/nva01" then press Tab.
Enter "/nva01" then press Tab.
30. Enter "kaf2" then press Tab.
Enter customer "kaf2" then press Tab.
31. Item Overview
Click on tab strip
"AFS Item Overview".
32. Enter Material
Enter material "af2" then press Tab.
33. Mark row
Click and mark the row.
34. Open grid entry
Press the button to open grid entry.
35. Sales/Distribution - Enter Size (1)
Enter "50" then press Tab.
36. Sales/Distribution - Enter Size (2)
Enter "50" then press Tab.
37. Sales/Distribution - Enter Size (3)
Enter once again "50" then press Tab.
38. Sales Distribution - Go back
Save the entries.
39. Full quantity
Confirm option "Full Quantity".
40. Complete structure
Display complete structure.
41. Save
Save sales order.
42. Refresh display
Click on "Refresh".
43. Free available Stock - Quantity
The free available quantity of the PO has been decreased.
44. Enter "/nj3at" then press Tab.
Enter "/nj3at" then press Tab.
45. Select ARun type
Select "ARun type".
46. Click on "Execute".
Click on "Execute".
47. Sales 1
Go to tab strip "sales 1".
48. Enter "646" then press Tab.
Enter sales order number "646" then press Tab.
49. Execute
Click on "Execute".
50. MRP Status
This is the new ARun result screen. The displayed columns can be chosen and arranged by the user and can be saved as a

Click on "MRP status".

51. Future Allocation S
Allocations against future receipts are always "R" allocations.

Click on "Future Allocation".

52. Future Status
This status will be obtained as soon as the stock becomes available and can be re-allocated.

Click on "Future Status".

53. Stock/Supply
The status will then be "F".

Click on "Stock/Supply".
54. Vendor
In this case the PO number is displayed as stock.

Click on "Vendor".
55. Mark the lines
This vendor will deliver the PO.

Click to mark the lines.

56. Save
Save the allocations.
57. Refresh display
Up to now the sales order was temporarily assigned.

Click on "Refresh".
58. SKU-Level
The PO is now (partly) reserved for the sales order 646.
59. Enter "/nme22n" then press Tab.
Enter "/nme22n" then press Tab.
60. Enter "10" then press Tab.
DBLU will be delayed by five days.

Change the confirmed delivery date. Enter the 10th.

61. Enter "20" then press Tab.
LBLU will be delayed by 15 days.

Change the date to the 20th and press tab.

62. Assignment was automatically deallocated
Please scroll down.

The delay exceeds the allowed 10 days, the line will be de-allocated with a warning.

Click on the line.

63. Safe the PO
Safe the PO.
64. SKU-Level
After the refresh /AFS/MD04 shows only two allocated schedule lines of sales order 646.
65. Enter "/nmigo" then press Tab.
Enter "/nmigo" then press Tab.
66. Enter "4500000258" then press Tab.
Enter "4500000258" then press Tab.
67. Goods Receipt Purchase Order
Mark the line.
68. Click on "Item OK"
Scroll down and click on "Item OK" on the right side.
69. Post Document
Click on "Post".
70. Refresh display
Click on "Refresh".
71. Stock number
The "R" allocation has now been updated to the batch stock that has been posted.
72. Enter "/nj3at" then press Tab.
Enter "/nj3at" then press Tab.
73. Select ARun type to re-allocate.
Select appropriate ARun type to re-allocate.
74. Execute
Click on "Execute".
75. Tab "Sales 1"
Click on tab strip "Sales 1".
76. Enter Purchase Order no. then press Tab.
Enter sales order "646" then press Tab.
77. Execute
Click on "Execute".
78. ARun Result List
Schedule line 1 and 3 are now allocated to status F. The release rule requires 60% on order header, 100 of 150 (67% are)
achieved and therefore status "F" is obtained. The remaining line can't find a PO that lies within the defined time horizons
and therefore no quantities can be allocated to schedule line 2.
79. Save
Save allocation result.
80. Refresh display
Click on "Refresh".
81. Tab "F-Assignment fixed: open for delivery"
Fixed allocations are obtained for sales order 646.

You have now completed this session. Goodbye.