Abstract Stress and Work Life Balance Among the Employees of MRF Ltd

Stress and Work Life Balance among the Employees of MRF Ltd.

Visakh Soman S4 MBA, CET
Objectives of Study:
General Objective:  To study the level of stress and work life balance among the workers of MRF Ltd. Kottayam. Specific Objectives:  To study the various sources of stress among the employees of MRF Ltd.  To identify the organizational factors that causes stress.  To study the relationship between good interpersonal skills and stress management.  To study the various methods through which stress c an be minimized.  To find out how a balance can be maintained in the work life without being affected by stress.

About the topic:
Stress: A condition or circumstance, which can disturb the normal physiological and psychological functioning of an individual . Signs of stress may be cognitive, emotional, physical or behavioural. The events that provoke stress are called stressors. Stress may be positive or negative, i.e.; it may be constructive or destructive. Workplace stress is the harmful physical and emoti onal response that occurs when there is a poor match between job demands and the capabilities, resources, or needs of the worker. Stress-related disorders encompass a broad array of conditions, including psychological disorders (e.g., depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder) and other types of emotional strain (e.g., dissatisfaction, fatigue, tension, etc.), maladaptive behaviours (e.g., aggression, substance abuse), and cognitive impairment (e.g., concentration and memory problems). In turn, th ese conditions may lead to poor work performance or even injury. Job stress is also associated with various biological reactions that may lead ultimately to compromised health, such as cardiovascular disease, or in extreme cases death.

perceptions.1 position for the last 21 years. MRF quickly emerged as the leading maker of tread rubber. Kottayam Plant is the second manufacturing unit of MRF. Limitations of the Study:  Sample size has been limited to 50 due to lack of time and personal constraints. This study will help to identify the factors inducing stress in the employees of MRF Ltd.  There may be errors due to the bias of the resp ondents. aspirations and abilities. Is the leader in the category of tyre manufacturing and holds t he No.Work life and personal life are the two sides of the same coin. values. Stress management is important to maintain this balance. a fair degree of understanding of people working around him can develop employee competencies. Scope of Study: All organizations are comprised of individuals having different personalities. motives. and also to find reasonable solutions to maintain a balance between their work life and personal life. and a balance has to be maintained between the two. . MRF. There after the plant expanded with addition of facilities to produce Tread Rubber. Present employee strength is 2350. Despite the complexity of factors affecting beh aviour. Unit had started in 1969 with a small rubber mixer and seven employees. Sampling Framework: The population for the study includes all the employees of MRF Limited. Individual responsibilities to work environment are varied and their behaviour is unpredictable. Established as toy -balloon manufacturing company in 1946 by KM Mammen Mappillai. Inner Tubes. The researcher tries to identify all the factors causing stress and affecting the work life balance of MRF by conducting an interaction with 50 employees of different categories with the help of a structured questionnaire. attitudes. About the company: MRF Ltd. and Tyres etc.

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