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An Occasional Newsletter May 10, 2011 Saturday, Sunday, May 21 & 22 “Boogie on the Bayou” “Fresh, Hot Roasted Corn!!” and other delicious treats will be served up by our club at this year’s annual Spring street fair in downtown Campbell. Sign up for a shift with Bill Ellington. The 2 day event will require a host of volunteers. Join in--it’s fun! Monday, June 13 Monday, June 20 Final Board of Directors’ Meeting ! By tradition, President Chari will treat this year’s Board of Directors to a sumptuous dinner (hint, hint!) and a final meeting of his Presidential Term.

Coming Events
May 21-25

Rotary International Convention in New Orleans

Feeding the Homeless @ Emergency Housing Consortium’s Boccardo Center
Sign up with Jerry Cummings and join a most worthwhile community service activity. It’s an hour you won’t soon forget.

Tuesday, May 17:

Next Week’s Speaker

Eric Andrew, Superintendent of Campbell Union School District

Group Enjoys a Great Day on the Bay

On Saturday, April 30, a group of intrepid adventurers met in the parking lot at EMQ/FF for a funfilled “Mystery Trip.” The travelers were told only to bring comfortable shoes, as there may be (con’t
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walking involved. Not much to go on, but with the event having been planned by veteran social event planner, Kit Whitney, Rotarians knew they would be heading for fun. ! The bus arrived and soon our thrill seekers were on board and heading North on highway 280. The bus exited the road and headed for the beautiful mansion and gardens on the peninsula, Filoli. Psych! No, not Filoli. The bus continued North to the China Basin area in San Francisco. AT&T Park, home of the World Champion SF Giants! Yes? ... No.

Marj Bonsall Celebrated as Campbell’s “Unsung Hero.”

Busy Weekend for Rotarians
District 5170 held it’s annual Celebration at the Santa Clara Marriott over the last weekend. The Charis, Davises, Crowleys, Highleys, and several other Campbell Rotarians attended various sessions of this annual gala event. (Ed. note: Sorry, but had no info on the details of the event by press time.)

Long time and pioneering Rotarian, Marj Bonsall was honored at a recent meeting as our club’s first ever “Unsung Heroes.” Being among the “first” is nothing new to Marj. She was one of the first female members of District 5170 back in the 1980s when IR, at long last, welcomed women into the fold. Marj was also the second female club ! Our final and real destination President when she took the helm of the was Pier 3 to board the beautiful “Santa club in 1989. Not only has Marj been a Rosa” for a wonderful Champagne Brunch and glorious views of “Bagdad by consistent contributor to all things Rotary over the years, she also was the the Bay.” Chairperson for the District Speech Contest, traveling to more than thirty clubs to promote the contest. She also took part in numerous local vocational fairs, inspiring young people. ! On hand to present the award to Marj, was none other than District 5170 Governor, Roger Hassler (in photo above). ! Marj can be counted on to be at all of our fundraising street fairs doing whatever needs to be done to boost our sales and bring a level of fun to all she does. At last year’s signature event, Marj and Judy Armstrong were the “stars of the show” as they entertained the crowd and pumped up the bids on all of our auction items.

! Also on Saturday, Jerry Cummings represented our club at the City of Campbell’s Great American Litter Pick Up Day at John D. Morgan Park. This was a community wide effort to help clean up around Campbell parks, freeway exits and railroad tracks. Jerry was joined by other civic groups and hoards of high school student volunteers. Thanks for being there, Jerry! ! Another community service opportunity last Saturday was taken advantage by other members of our club (John Shannon, Emilie Highley, Chris Young and Mike Anderson pictured above) were on hand to help out at the Willow Glen 5K Run/Walk. Cheering on the more than 2,000 runners and walkers, our members also cheered them on to complete the 3.1 mile course. Proceeds of the days run will go to help out Willow Glen Elementary School and other educational affiliates in the area.

! Entertainment on the bus included trivia questions on the ‘60s along with jokes provided by our hostess and other volunteers. ! The weather cooperated to make it a perfect outing. Thank you, Kit, for a great outing!


Nullam arcu leo, facilisis ut

Upcoming Speakers
5/10/11 5/17/11 5/24/11 5/31/11 6/7/11 6/14/11 6/21/11 6/28/11 Bob Harper, Campbell Adult & Community Education Eric Andrew, Superintendent of Campbell Union School District Larry Reed, Sierra Club Harry Mavrogenes, Exec. Director, San Jose Redevelopment Agency Marilyn Priel, Producer/Director/Host, Weekly Cable TV, “The Better Part” TBD, National Hispanic University Amy Sigbia, Graduate of SCU New Entrepreneurial Program Ted Ko, Renewable Energy & Economics Stimulus Act Dr. Sue Klear Janine Payton Phil Nielsen Bill Highley Bill Highley Jerry Cummings Neil Reid

Bumper Stickers

Thought for the day:
"I've never wished a man dead, but I have read some obituaries with great pleasure." — Mark Twain

Club Roster

Business #
Mike Anderson (Nancy)! Safeguard Bus. Syst.! 408-938-4204! Paul Bacosa (Mary Lou)! Retired! 408-773-8233! Jason Baker (Mairead)! Audet & Partners, LLP! 415-568-2555! Marv Bamburg (Bonnie)! MBA Architects! 408-297-0288 ! Adam Beck! Beckʼs Shoes! 408-559-1601! Marj Bonsall (Gary)! Foot Solutions! 408-376-0495! Barbara Brann (Mitchell)! Bank of the West! 408-998-6549! James Burgard (Helen)! Environetics! 408-727-4274! Patrick Calhoun! Attorney-General Law! 408-279-2288! Ravi Chari (Meera)! Oracle! 408-341-6618! Kay Chleboun! BBB! 408-278-7420! Frank Cliff! ! 415-494-2826 Dave Crowley (Carolyn)! Pacific News Bureau! 408-997-0819! Jerry Cummings (Patty)! Robinson Oil Corp.! 408-517-4333! Sharon DʼAmico! BBB! 408-278-7440! Debbie Davis! Property Management! ! Rick Davis (Doris)! ! 408-209-4091! Bill Ellington (Pat)! Devco Inc.! 408-288-6928! James Evertts! Trust Admin Atty.! 408-292-1692! Derek Fujikawa (Mari)! CPA! 408-260-7977! Dick Garland (Pat)! Casualty Insurance! 408-268-7874! Warren Gilbert (Terttu)! Architecture! 831-722-6770! Ann Height! Banking! 408-248-8824! Bill Highley (Emilie)! ! 408-892-0205! Del Hocker! Business Retired! ! David Keller (Karen)! ! 408-373-7702! Sue Klear (Robert)! Klear Your Mind! 408-249-3270! Ruth Kohan! SJ Public Library! 408-996-1536! Bettina Kohlbrenner (Carmelo)EMQFamiliesFirst! 408-364-4051! William Mahan (Sherri)! Attorney! 408-371-4211! Fred Meyer (Alice)! ! 408-268-4712! Carl Middione (Helen)! The Property Network! 408-374-9500! Jim Morelan (Milly)! Architect! 408-247-3322! Jim Neal! Real Estate! 408-370-1020! Phil Nielsen (Linda)! Attorney! 408-294-9700! Rex Osborn (Gerri)! ! 408-268-2246! Janine Payton (Don)! Moreland Ed. Found.! 408-378-3493! Neil Reid! Wells Fargo Mort.! 408-335-2533! Perry Ropp ! Farmers Insurance! 408-377-8686! Jerry Ross (Judy)! WG Insurance Comp.! 408-369-9090! Steve Salmon! Real Estate Investor! 415-601-0797! Jerry Scott (Jo-Ann)! Probate Referee! 408-295-5468! Mary Beth Seratt! Business Consultant! ! John Shannon (Pamela)! ! 408-204-2604! Alan Tanenbaum (Georgette)! 408-358-3160! David Tripp ! Jeweler! 408-296-0808! Ed Von Nordeck! Artist! ! Marc Wagner (Cindy)! CPA! 408-283-9631! Kit Whitney (Robb)! ! 408-515-3441! Kathy Williamson! C.L. Lott & Assoc.! 408-264-5680! Bob Yager (Marion)! Financial Advisor! 408-978-2214! Chris Young! Petrinovich Pugh & Co.! ! President: Ravi Chari President-elect: Susan Klear Club Service: Kit Whitney Fundraising: Bill Ellington Vocational Service: Sue Klear Home/cell # 408-972-1184! 408-480-6235! 408-839-6669! 408-375-8103! 408-464-0286! 408-218-5210! ! 408-313-9696! 408-729-8260! 408-375-4293! 408-396-7420! ! 408-639-3172! 408-255-8741! 408-691-6903! ! 408-629-6794! 408-578-2576! 408-832-4519! 408-307-2762! 831-722-2668! 408-345-1553! 408-892-0205! 408-921-0069! ! 408-307-9033 ! 408-768-4226! 408-623-4886! ! ! 408-377-1040! 408-464-4436! 408-313-7973! 408-252-8284! ! ! 408-391-6244! 408-693-5775! 408-408-687-5542! ! 408-266-7909! 408-368-1938! 408-294-8050! ! 408-655-4350! 408-267-0780! 408-666-1719! ! 408-832-3307! 408-867-9747! 408-287-7911! Mikesafeguard@yahoo.com pauloub@sbcglobal.net consumerlawyer@gmail.com marvin@mba-architects.net aabeck@beckshoes.com FootSolutionsSJ@aol.com environetics@sbcglobal.net PCalhoun@sagarialaw.com! ravichari2@gmail.com chleboun@bbbsilicon.org! dcrowley@mindspring.com jerejazz@aol.com damicobbb@aol.com! debbie.davis7@gmail.com DorisnRick@aol.com wdeinc@aol.com jlelaw@aol.com derek@fujikawacpa.com goldengarland@aol.com! wgilbert@quixnet.net ann.height@uboc.com bbillhighley@hotmail.com david@keller.net DrSue@KlearYourMind.com ruthkohan@hotmail.com bkohlbrenner@emq.org wdmlaw@ix.netcom.com frmeyerh2o@aol.com cwestax@aol.com jim@morelan.net jimneal@pacbell.net! loophole@ihot.com osborn3138@sbcglobal.net thepaytons@sbcglobal.net neil.reid@wellsfargo.com propp1@farmersagent.com! jdrwillow@yahoo.com! StephenSalmon@comcast.net mseratt@virnig.com! jandp422@sbcglobal.net altanenbaum@comcast.net trippdavid@sbcglobal.net! evnart@comcast.net! mhwagner1040@aol.com robbandkit@yahoo.com kjw1040@aol.com RobertYager@comcast.net cyoung@ppandco.com!

Club Board Members 2010-2011 Secretary: Steve Salmon Treasurer: Marc Wagner Membership: Carl Middione TRF: Bill Highley Public Relations: Dave Crowley International Service:Bill Mahan Community Service: John Shannon New Generations: Janine Payton Past President: Rick Davis Programs: Jerry Cummings Socials: Marj Bonsall Future Vision: Bill Mahan

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