Lesson 2: User Management Pg.

4-Computer Specifications 5-Sign onto Administration Program 6-Create a New User 7-Setup User Name and Password 8-Edit User Information/Change Password 9-Remove User 10-Reports 11-Download FamilySearch Indexing 12-Start FamilySearch Indexing 13-Change Password and E-mail Address Lesson 3: Indexing Process Pg. 4-Field Help 5-Project Information Tab 6-Table Entry/Form Entry 7-Field History 8-Lookup Lists 9 and 10-Quality Checker 11-Submit Batch 13-Image Size, Invert, Nudge, Rotate, Mirror, Show Previous Image, Highlights, and Ruler 14-Cut/Copy/Paste, Undo/Redo, Insert Record, Append Record, Remove Record, Change Text Size, Change Field Order, Copy Previous, Auto-Complete 15-Work Offline 16-Saving work 17-My Work Batches 18-Return Batch 19-Getting Help Help, Publications, FAQ and Support Page Lesson 4: Basic Indexing Guidelines Pg. 4-Primary/Secondary Fields

Basic Indexing Guidelines Corrected Information Ditto Marks Variations in information in the record Unreadable records Red wavy line How Do I Index? Download Batch Read the project related information Type what you see What is the Arbitration Process? Arbitration Process Who Can Arbitrate? Download Arbitration Work Download next Batch Select a Project Using the Arbitration Wizard Multi Record Arbitration Record Matching Delete a Row Return an Arbitration Batch How Do I Use the Application Main Page Screen? Downloading Images Download Indexing Work Download Arbitration Work Download From Select a Project Using the Application Main Page My Work Work on Batch Return Batch Submit Batch See My History My Messages My Personal Goal Work Online/Offline

5-Unreadable records 9-Blank Fields and Records 12-Dittoed Information 14-Corrected Information 17-Name Titles and Terms 18-Alias Name 19-Quotes and Parenthesis 25-Punctuation 28-Abbreviations 30-No Middle Name 31-Names with Prefixes 34-Maiden Names 37-Event Dates 40-Place Names 43-International Letters Lesson 5: Arbitrations Pg. 3-Arbitration Process 5-Record Matching 6-Reindex Batch 7-Arbitration Page 8-Arbitration Buttons 9-Arbitration Help

Indexing Web Links How Do I Use the Data Entry Screen? Work Page Layout Highlights Adjusting the Highlighting Reset Highlights Changing the Highlight Color Using the Ruler Showing the Ruler Bar Adjusting the Ruler Width Zoom Zoom Menu Toolbar Zoom Box Rotating the Image Rotating the Image from the Toolbar Nudging the Image Inverting the Image Mirroring the Image Show Next Image Data Entry Area Certificates Registers Free-form Multirecord Documents Table View Form View Order Fields Saving Data Entering Data Field Labels Field Help/Instructions Project Help System Help Data Entry Aids Authorities Lookup Field History Auto-complete Look-Up Ditto Auto-fill Date Completion

Mark Field/Record Mark Document International Letters Quality Check