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Lesson 2: User Management Basic Indexing Guidelines

Pg. 4-Computer Specifications

5-Sign onto Administration Corrected Information
Program Ditto Marks
6-Create a New User Variations in information in the record
7-Setup User Name and Unreadable records
Password Red wavy line
8-Edit User Information/Change
Password How Do I Index?
9-Remove User
10-Reports Download Batch
11-Download FamilySearch Read the project related information
Indexing Type what you see
12-Start FamilySearch Indexing
13-Change Password and E-mail What is the Arbitration Process?
Arbitration Process
Lesson 3: Indexing Process Who Can Arbitrate?
Pg. 4-Field Help Download Arbitration Work
5-Project Information Tab Download next Batch
6-Table Entry/Form Entry Select a Project
7-Field History Using the Arbitration Wizard
8-Lookup Lists Multi Record Arbitration
9 and 10-Quality Checker Record Matching
11-Submit Batch Delete a Row
13-Image Size, Invert, Nudge, Return an Arbitration Batch
Rotate, Mirror, Show Previous Image,
Highlights, and Ruler How Do I Use the Application Main Page Screen?
14-Cut/Copy/Paste, Undo/Redo,
Insert Record, Append Record, Downloading Images
Remove Record, Change Text Download Indexing Work
Size, Change Field Order, Copy Download Arbitration Work
Previous, Auto-Complete Download From
15-Work Offline Select a Project
16-Saving work Using the Application Main Page
17-My Work Batches My Work
18-Return Batch Work on Batch
19-Getting Help Return Batch
Help, Publications, FAQ Submit Batch
and Support Page See My History
My Messages
Lesson 4: Basic Indexing Guidelines My Personal Goal
Pg. 4-Primary/Secondary Fields Work Online/Offline
5-Unreadable records
9-Blank Fields and Records Indexing Web Links
12-Dittoed Information
14-Corrected Information How Do I Use the Data Entry Screen?
17-Name Titles and Terms
18-Alias Name Work Page Layout
19-Quotes and Parenthesis Highlights
25-Punctuation Adjusting the Highlighting
28-Abbreviations Reset Highlights
30-No Middle Name Changing the Highlight Color
31-Names with Prefixes Using the Ruler
34-Maiden Names Showing the Ruler Bar
37-Event Dates Adjusting the Ruler Width
40-Place Names Zoom
43-International Letters Zoom Menu
Toolbar Zoom Box
Rotating the Image
Lesson 5: Arbitrations Rotating the Image from the Toolbar
Nudging the Image
Pg. 3-Arbitration Process Inverting the Image
5-Record Matching Mirroring the Image
6-Reindex Batch Show Next Image
7-Arbitration Page Data Entry Area
8-Arbitration Buttons Certificates
9-Arbitration Help Registers
Free-form Multirecord Documents
Table View
Form View
Order Fields
Saving Data
Entering Data
Field Labels
Field Help/Instructions
Project Help
System Help
Data Entry Aids
Authorities Lookup
Field History
Date Completion
Mark Field/Record
Mark Document
International Letters
Quality Check