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Apportation - The ability to call for an object and have it orb to the caller.

Astral Echo - Allows one to use people's essence to form telepathic links with them.

Astral Projection - The ability to create a duplicate of your body/physical form through the astral plane.

Blinking - The ability to move from one place to another in the 'blink of an eye' by concentrating on a person or
place. This is exclusively a warlock power. (However it is said that Matthew Tate copied it from a witch)

Cloaking - The ability to hide someone supernaturally from others.

Cloning - The ability to create a duplicate of yourself in the physical plane.

Deflection - The ability to deflect the powers of witches/warlocks away from yourself, and back onto the enemy.

Elasticity - The ability to stretch parts of the body out in an elastic fashion

Electricity Generation - The ability produce and channel electricity

Empathy - The ability to sense human emotions. The owner also has the ability to alter emotions or transmit their
own onto others

Energy Balls - The ability to throw balls of energy, high or low-voltage.

Fire-balls-The ability to throw balls of fire

Fire breathing The ability to breathe fire.

Fire-throwing The ability to throw streams of fire. It is an upper-level demonic power

To teleport with flames accompanying you

Flight The ability to fly (similar to levitation)

Forcefield Generation
The ability create forcefields that block outside forces

Freezing Breath (Cryokinesis) Blow cold breath

Freezing Power Turns the target into ice

Healing Touch The ability to heal others with the touch of a hand. Triggered by love.

Invisibility The ability to become invisible

Intangibility The ability to pass through another object or the ability to enter another person or object
Levitation The ability to raise/float your body above the ground

Orbed Telekenisis Where you call for something and it telekinetically orbs to you

An ability belonging exclusively to White Lighters, allowing them to transport themselves around Earth, and also to
their home plane.
Half-White Lighters can also orb, but neophyte ones can only orb in the same place.

Psychokenisis The ability to move things one cannot see

Pyrogenism/ Pyrokenisis
The ability to produce fire/heat

Reconstitution The ability to reconstitute ones body after it has been destroyed

The ability to hear and locate charges

Ability to travel from one place/plane to another. So far used exclusively by evil beings.

Teleportation with smoke accompanying you

Supernatural speed
The ability to move at unnatural speeds

The ability to copy and duplicate supernatural powers.

The ability to move objects using the power of your mind alone.

The ability to read thoughts

Temporal Stasis The ability to freeze time

Thermodynamic generation
The ability to produce heat energy

Thought Projection
The ability to make your thoughts come to life through drawings. An extremely rare power.

Transmogrification/Shapeshifting –
The ability to change form (of self and others) into animate and/or inanimate objects

Water-capsule A column of water that surrounds a person and prevents them from moving

X-ray vision
The ability to see through material
Book Of Shadows A combination of spellbook, demonology and history. In this case of the Halliwell Family. It is a
family heirloom dating back to the first witch of the Halliwell line, Melinda Warren. Each decendent has added their
own spells and information to the Book. In the case of the sisters, it's where their powers were stored.

Crystal cage Five cydarite crystals that when oriented in an east-to-west circle have the ability to create a cage of
light with the power to contain a demon/warlock and reflect their powers back to them.

Ouija / Spirit Board A spirit board is a flat board with letters, numbers and the words "yes" and "no" etched on the
surface. When called on, spirits guide the pointer on the board to spell or select answers to questions. It is also
known as a Ouija Board from the "yes", which translates as "Oui" in French and "Ja" in German thus spelling out

A spell used to locate someone or something. Requires a crystal and a map

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