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Excessive rainfall from two giant storms combined with the springtime snow melt of earlier blizzards in the upper Midwest have resulted in deadly flooding along the Mississippi River.
Three openings were blasted in levees on the Birds Point floodway last week. The positive side: Protected communities downstream, reduced the level of the river by about 60 cm (2 ft). The downside: Flooded about 130,000 acres of farmland, forced the evacuation of 100 homes. City: expected crest heights


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Cairo State of emergency declared in Kentucky.

State of emergency 1927 GREAT FLOOD: Heavy declared in Tennessee. rains for a year led to massive ARKANSAS flooding. The Mississippi TENNESSEE Graceland in reached 130 km wide at some Area of significant Memphis was saved points. The death toll was Memphis: 14.6m (48ft) flooding The water from any flooding. estimated at anywhere from crest expected May 9/10 occurring/ on the Mississippi 250 up to 1,000, with more is so high that the rivers imminent than 600,000 left homeless and creeks that feed into The Memphis levee and levee breaches inundating MISSISSIPPI The Mississippi River crested it are backed up, and that system is built to 67,000 sq. km. in Memphis on Tuesday just has accounted for some withstand a water flow of 1937: Massive flooding from shy of the record of 14.8 of the worst of the 2.4 million cubic feet per Cairo, Ill., to Arkansas City, metres set in 1937. flooding so far. second. The current Kan., forced the use of the water flow is perilously Birds Point-New Madrid, Mo., close, at 2.2 million cubic Floodway for the first time. The State of emerfeet per second. Greenville: 19.6m GEORGIA record crests set in 1937 at gency declared in ALABAMA (64.5ft) May 15 Cairo, New Madrid, Missouri, Mississippi and two other locations Lost revenue already have been eclipsed this LOUISIANA Vicksburg: 17.5m year. Bonnet Carre Spillway All of the casinos in Mississippi along the river (57.5ft) May 20 also used for the first time. were to be closed, costing governments about $12-$13 million in taxes per month. About 1973: The largest volume of 13,000 employees will lose their income. water to flow down the If the predicted levels in Mississippi since 1927 caused Natchez: 19.5m Vicksburg and Natchez are 28 deaths and displaced (64ft) May 22 reached, they will break the 45,300 people. The Bonnet records set during the 1927 Carre Spillway was opened for and 1937 floods. a record 75 days and the TEXAS Baton Rouge: 14.5m Morganza Spillway was used FLORIDA (47.5ft) May 23 for the first time. Amount paid out by Morganza Spillway 1993: Record flooding on National Flood InsurCould be opened to the Upper Mississippi and ance Program (NFIP) relieve pressure, tributaries led to about 50 New Orleans: forcing evacuation in flood insurance deaths. More than 1,000 5.9m of 20,000 people levees were topped or failed (19.5ft) May 24 claims last year. and thousands of people went homeless. Estimated number Bonnet Carre Spillway 2008: Heavy rain forced the was opened Monday of Americans with opening of the Bonnet Carre Average cost Flood waters pouring into Lake Spillway for the first time in 11 flood insurance kilometres Pontchartrain as a result will negatively of flood years. Flooding delayed policies last e ect the lake, driving out the crabs and rebuilding of levees damaged 100 miles Length of the insurance per year. fish that normally call the lake home, by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. year. Mississippi. 160km and prompting algae blooms.

Historical Floods

Disaster area declared for counties in Missouri.

Species of wildlife that the Mississippi River is home to.


Mississippi River


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