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Commerce… Our MONOPOLY game

The cause and effect of how we provide our physical and mental capacities:
Within the context of what follows, everything pertaining to a “fictional entity” is underlined in bold font.

The game “MONPOLY” is a rendition of the game we are all in. It is about capacity. Are you a
woman/man in your natural state or are you in some other capacity? If you are in some other
capacity, then you are not a woman/man, but a person with rights and duties. If you are not in
the capacity of a woman/man, then you are in some other capacity, and all capacities other than
woman/man belong IN/ OF the game.

A woman/man can be a woman/man, and also many other capacities. For instance, there can
be no “trustee” unless a human fills the shoes. There can be no “lawyer” unless a human fills
the shoes. But at no time is the human required to fill any particular shoe. She/he may, remain
themselves..........“So long as woman/man remains woman/man”, which means does not
become: (i.e. a driver, which we will be if we do not say that we are a woman/man and
woman/man only.) So a woman/man can assume any number of roles that will make us not
woman/man. Only one role makes woman/man a woman/man, and that is to remain
woman/man, and not be any other capacity: (i.e. debtor, customer).

It is time to consider getting out of the monopoly game (sitting on the board wondering
why others are moving us), and play knowing we have supreme authority over all the tokens
on the board and respecting the liberty of the other players. The tokens on the board are the
people that have assumed titles/roles, (persons; driver, doctor, lawyer, CRA/IRS agent,
judge (Alice in WONDERLAND). This makes them part of the monopoly game because that is
where titles/roles originate, or are of. Regardless, if the human is in the capacity as a
woman/man, and nothing but, than woman/man has supreme authority (dominion) over the
entire board/world. All those movies we’ve seen with cartoon characters and live people are
showing live people with fictions. Sometimes the live people fear the fictions, cartoon
characters, believing the cartoon characters to have authority over them. In combination with
this is the fact of the people not knowing they have authority over a fiction title (cartoon
character). This is where we are at, in society.

Each legally recognized capacity also has rights, duties, and obligations attached with it, thus
if the capacity of driver attaches to a woman/man, so too does the highway traffic act, along
with all of the duties and obligations forming part of it. The Bank Act is uber alles, above all
others. The Bank therefore is the king in the fiction cartoon world, and since a bank has the
legal capacity of a real natural person (woman/man), woman/man is the banks God. Parliament
prohibits woman/man from establishing an account in our own name (of our head), because to
do so would make woman/man a fiction, and such is not possible. Parliament admits it has not
the authority to make woman/man what we are not, but at the same time, parliament provides
that woman/man may make ourselves what we are not. As per the Bank Act “natural persons”
do not issue debt notes - - - entities as defined do. So, how is it that we can be responsible
for a debt obligation, with that being the case? The reason is because we act as a customer of
the bank and a borrower, both legal capacities of the game. They stuck to us because we did
not say, I AM a woman/man and no other capacity mentioned in section 2 under "person".
Players do not borrow money. They are in control of the game but not each other.
There are three possibilities there for people: to be people, to be people acting as an entity,
or to be people acting as a personal representative. Choose any of the later two, and duties
and obligations befall us. Such duties as per the game of monopoly pertain to the token and
never the player, although a player may act as if the game is real, to the extent that we get
upset if loosing, and happy if winning. Those people have a mindset most of us have, and so
are perceived as being tokens in the game. If we know that we are not the token, and that it is a
game, why would we be anything but happy?

There is only one way for us to take control of our dominion, and that is to shed all titles of
the game and return to our original state, thereby becoming a player and no longer a token.
The source document is the Statement of Birth (SOB). This is what Government intended to
receive and is how Government recognizes woman/man in a private capacity. When we are
privately known to be a player (in no other capacity), and have shown the Birth Certificate (BC),
the BC is known by the fictions (judge) to be subject to the game rules, and not us. Further is
the fact that we can manipulate those rules any way we so choose, so long as we do not
trespass or infringe upon the same rights that the other players (women/men) hold. It is not
about ownership but control. Players may control the game as they please, so long as they
respect the rights of other players.

Have you ever heard a judge say, "You are out of order"? If you take part in a proceeding
looking like say a driver, or non compliant taxpayer, but then later say you are a woman/man in
your natural state, you are out of order in that, you are better to say before partaking in any part
of the proceeding, that you are a woman/man in your natural state and not fulfilling any other
capacity known to man.

The order is: Creator/God……. then woman/man……. and then fiction titles.
Some people may have an issue with the word “natural person”. Since the bank Act is the Act
of Acts above all other Acts, and since a bank has the capacity of you (but legally), you as a
natural person have authority over the bank, and if over the bank, then also over all other Acts
and ACTORS (titles, legally constructed capacities). In the beginning they did not exist, thus
are not of God but of law, and law itself is of man thus knows who man is. How was it possible
for a lawyer to draft laws? There was no such thing as the title lawyer until a human drafted
(created) what a lawyer is. So under all those legal titles is a human, and for woman/man to be
human, they must shake all those titles that make them perceived or perceivable as anything
but a woman/man. The title lawyer is part of and belongs to the game, to the extent that when
woman/man shakes all such titles, the titles remain on the game board and go back in the
cardboard box that the game came in, when the game is over.

Draw a circle and then draw a box within, with the box consuming as much of the circle as
possible. In the box is all the fiction stuff (the monopoly board game) and outside is where the
player is. The player is not a part of what is in the box, and thus if in the capacity of a player,
then no title in the box can attach to the player. The player is then not subject to the jurisdiction
of the titles/authorities (clerk, garbage person, electrical engineer, business owner, judge,
cop, crown, beneficiary, etc.) in the box. The token, (which is your BC) is but even then since
the player is not, and no token, fiction title/authority, can tell the player what to do, so who
We have dominion over ourselves and the token, and there is nothing any part of the game
can do about it, and if any title (woman/man as judge) on the board leaves the board, that party
just becomes woman/man, and woman/man is created equal and thus has no authority over
another woman/man. For all who are playing the bond game, you are in the thick of the game.
You may gain some relief from financial burdens, but not full inalienable liberty. You are playing
from within the box, whereas outside the box you have full control and authority over your
dominion, and the components of the game.

We look at it simply as this. As of now all people are treated as tokens, by virtue that we are
anything but in our natural state; thus as if a token on the game board. On the game board
means in the box, where all titles are fiction (judge, driver, citizen, etc.) You get the drift of
the possibilities to be other than woman/man/player. The game is what the players sit around,
thus the players belong outside the edges of the box, sitting around (circle) the box. Now as it is,
all people are on the game board due the attachment of so many titles (driver, homeowner,
insured, etc.) that stick 24/7/365. This begs the question; “Who are the players (women/men), if
all people are on the board, playing a role associated with a person, and not woman/man?”
Remember this quote, "So long as man remains man". Once one has shaken off all the
fiction titles, they literally become a player outside of the box, at which point the BC is the
token and the woman/man in control not only of the BC, but all fiction titles (the whole
game/dominion), by virtue that a fiction/token (judge, cop, agent) cannot tell the
player/woman/man (supreme being) what to do.

Here is the big one. When woman/man wakes up, we can return to our natural state, and
leave the board as token, whenever we choose. A woman/man playing the role of a judge
cannot leave the board as a judge, and still be a judge. For the judge to see you, they have to
not be a judge, but that of woman/man, at which point they and you are equal anyhow (both
with dominion).........In other words, woman/man can leave the board at any time and be a
player in control, but not one single agent/title can...........The wizard of oz got Dorothy to the
door, but he was in the capacity as wizard, so he could not go with her. The man playing a
wizard (token) is part of the game, in capacity under a title (fiction/role), and Dorothy in her
natural state is a player/woman, nothing more, and in control. There are no other capacities
Old cliché', there are no people here for 100 years.......We are all appearing as tokens.
Fix that and the BC then becomes the token. Therefore none of what we do is seen as being
personal. This whole thing is like one big monopoly game. The world is the game board, and all
the titles of the law, fiction, stuck to people 24/7/365. This is happening to such a great extent
that people are never seen as people, but rather part of the game (persons/legal titles
attached), and subject to its rules. No money leaves the game. The house and token and cars
and furniture do not leave the game. They cannot leave the game, but yet the player controls
what is within their conscience to possess. So one that is in their natural state may leave the
board whenever they choose (shed all titles), at which point not they but the BC, is subject to
the rules of the game. The tokens that play a role are in service to the player because a token
CANNOT direct/control a player. When the woman/man becomes a player, and not a legal
title/token, it is known that the BC is the token and that everything the player is doing is for the
game...................thus for all.......... = love.

The fact is, it is not possible for people to be legal titles (descriptions of capacity recognized by the law
or visible to the law), but we may play any number of roles recognized in law and if so, one is part of the
game and subject to it. If you were a player (woman/man) and nothing more, then nothing on or of the
game board, where all roles are of the “legal imagination or minds of men”, can see you - - - let alone
direct/control you. Love to all…….