Theatre of the Oppressed “Games for Actors and non actors by Augusto Boal Year 9 Exercisies Feeling what

we touch – Reconstructing muscular relationships Cross and the Make a circle with their right hand and a circle cross with the left. Variation: Cirlce with foot and write name with hand Colombian One actor puts their about 20 -40 cm away hypnotise from their partner’s face. Hypnotiser moves their hand up, down left and right. Then explores different locomotor movements and levels. Partner must contort their body to always stay the same distance from the hypnotised hand Variation: Leader uses two hands guiding two actors. The leader cannot stop. The followers can’t touch each other. After a few minutes they all become leaders: extending their right hand to the person on their right and following the person on their left. Variation: Hypnotist uses feet and hands. Variation: Hypnotist with any part of the body eg ear, nose, hip, bottom, foot Minimum surface Two actors counter balancing themselves contact Pushing against To actors stand facing each other, and place each other their hands on each others shoulders. There is a line (imaginary or real) on the ground between them. They push with all their strength. When one feels the other is losing they ease off a little, so as not to win. Variation: 1. bottom to bottom 2. back to back so the two go from standing to sitting and back up again. 3. back-dancing, without music. Each must try to intuit what the other wants to do and where they want to go. 4. See saw. One sitting one standing, holing on to each others wrists, both go up and down like a seesaw Joe Egg (trust Group in a circle. Bodies upright without circle) bending at the waist or arching back. All together, lean in, lean out, left, right. Then describe a circle: centre, left, back, right. Variation: Circle moves in tight. Have an actor stand in the middle and close their eyes they fall forward and the circle catch them. The circle of In a circle holding hands, one actor threads Knots the circle under the arms of others – keep doing until the circle is in a tight knot. Then without violence and in silence they undo the knot without breaking their hand holds. Variation: same thing with eyes closed Variation: A line instead of a circle The Greek An Actor stands in the centre of a circle. If he

3 onher and throwing her into the air. others don’e throw her they lift her and carry If one . But the Variation Actor lies on Then tell them to get their original ball back. The conductor listens to them. Eventually doing a repetitive rhythmical action. ( can have sound) involving their whole heads body actor sits on a chair. Eg if he lifts to support that Mimed . Repeat 3: more times. The others around One (should be lots of different types of ball). the ground. One person starts a rhythm in goes around to the right with each person picking it up. Each person/ plays with an his leg they should put hands bodies under imaginary ballhe could walk above their it.exercise The Peruvian ball Game Lifting someone out of a chair West side story The Portuguese rhythmic shoes The two brooms The four brooms Horse shoe rhythm moves the others in the circle must use their body Rhythm Gamesmovement. Same thing as horse shoe rhythms but standing up using their whole body In a group each actor comes up with a rhythm or melodic sound. Two people her Teacher says find a into the chair and approach to stand. Once it reaches the end of the horse shoe that person (while everyone is still doing the rhythm) changes the rhythm and individually the rhythm changes till it gets to the other end and the process is repeated. Teacher hands 2 . The person left without the ball goes to the side to look for his ball.try to press her body partner. Circular rhythms The orchestra and the conductor Rhythm dialogues Actors sit in a horse shoe shape. After they can try to trace where it went. Some will not find their ball.spots their ball they go that’s my ball her off and they take it. ball game. under three they exchange balls. reverses their and rhythm. On the word go everyone she tries each other and observe their partners actionmovment putting their counts 1. They must reproduce that same sound whenever the conductor points at them and be quiet when given the sign. Each actor can act as conductor and produce their own music .