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(The following is an interview of Michael Porter, questioning by GUQgeRRnre aE Q Mike, I appreciate you coming down and visiting with us again. We talked last -- the other night about this thing and I told you that there probably would be a couple more times that we'd visit with you to try to get some ore details about stuff. I tell you I've done a lot of interviews. And typically, you know, when we get done with the interview, we say, “Well, I should fave asked such and such" question and stuff. But bottom line is, we're trying to Figure out here what happened. A T understand. a And Wé ‘asked you-all-to’ come down, and I appréciate that. T want you to know that you don‘t have to talk to us. “You tell me you want to Teave, and’-- this is a "secure ‘building, so you have to have oné of these.. So if you want to leave, you just Tet me know and we'll take you out of here, okay. A T just want to know what happened to het. aq Right. I don't blatie you, A I'1] tell you everything I know. I'm going to kind of refer back to my other notes 1 | lot of the stuff I kind of remember. We're going to go 2 | over it again. And you just take your time on these 4] things. And I want you to kind of contro? what's going on 4 | here as far as the time and doing what you think you need 5 | to do, okay. So you just let me know if we need to take a 6 | break, if you need to go to the restroom, if you neéd some 7 | more water, or if you just need to sit and do nothing for 8 | a few minutes and you want me to leave, you just say so, 9 | and I'1l-do whatever it is that you want me to do, okay. ro} A (The witness nodded his head.) iz] I want to try to get the timeline a little bit more 12] fixed, and I had taken some notes here the other day. “33.| Understand in November of this year will be a year that you've ‘known -- that you've been with Rays Dawn? A Cass 16 | @ Oh, October? 37 |'W Actually, our anniversary of meeting is coming up ial | Shere. Q What's the anniversary dats? ae T think it's around the Yg@iF I think. I think that I only know that “2h was actually because I had it in my Get?” phone. a The first time you siet was sometime around the 18th of October? sometime around there. . sialopie : © 1 [Q You-all got married Apri? 18th, 2005? - 2] A — She'd kil] me, but I think that's the date. alfa I've been married going on 30 years, and sometimes I 4 | havé a hard time remembering our date. s,A Sometimes you just take it -- 6] a Are you comfortable, Mike? I mean, is that chair 7.{ okay? ela It's like I can't breathe sometimes. It just hurts 9 | so bad. I'm fine. 26 fa lt A 22 Qa You've had a lot of visitors, huh? Aas as |'A Yeah, visitors, and we just want Kelsey to be 2a. | remembered. She was 4 special kid. .18'[-a. In what way? is-]'A. . ..She-just touched everybody that she ever met. i7-|-mean, it's unreal. Everybody -- she could fiaké you feel Vike shé*d known you ner whale 1ite@ in two minutes. T 19°|' ever had ‘anybody touch me the way she'd done. Bo Is sie pretty loveable as far as holding? A «(The witness nodded his head.) @ = Did she clit up on your lap ahd Kind of Tove’ on you “aiid -stutt? 24.) A Yeah.

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