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Harassment at Workplace

Employer’s / Management’s Liability
in the light of New Legislation
One Day Workshop
19th May, 2011 at Marriott Hotel, Karachi
24th May, 2011 at Savoey Hotel, Lahore

Workshop Background Workshop Outline

Harassment issues continue to be a major problem in our workplaces, and is one of
the biggest hurdle for working women, which keeps them away from productive  Harassment/Unethical Practices – An Over-
work, thus depriving them opportunity to effectively contribute towards poverty alle- view
viation. It is not just a personal injury to the affected female worker, but violates a  What constitutes Harassment under the
woman’s right to equality, and is outright discrimination against women at the work- prevalent laws.
place. On Mar 09, 2010, President of Pakistan signed the “The Protection Against
 Types of Harassment at workplace
Harassment of Women at Workplace Act Bill 2010” which was unanimously
passed by the National Assembly on Jan 21, 2010, and by the Senate on Feb  3 Significant manifestation of harassment at
26, 2010. The Act aims at providing a safe working environment and all Govt., Pub- workplace

lic / Private Sector organizations & Educational Institutions are required to implement  Four ways to prevent harassment at work-
it, within 30 days of promulgation i.e. Apr 11, 2010. place

Though in Pakistan Penal Code there are some sections that attempt to address sexu-  Employer’s/Senior Management’s Legal Ob-
ligation to ensure harassment free working
al harassment to a certain extent but the terminology is vague. An amendment has
now been drafted as Amendment of Section 509, XLV of 1860. In the Pakistan Penal
Code, 186 (Act XLV of 1860), Section 509, has been substituted - "509 Insulting mod-  What steps can employees take to prevent
esty or causing sexual harassment”. It elaborates and specifies what constitutes har- Harassment?

assment of women in public, private and workplaces, and also increases the maxi-  What should an employee do if he/she is a
mum punishment. victim of Harassment

 Reducing potential liability/strategies for

Workshop Objectives preventing Harassment
This workshop combines awareness of issues, regulations, policies & procedures,
with open and candid discussion & practical guidelines, resulting in positive behav-
 Harassment Training requirements for Em-
ior change. While the critical issues of harassment is emphasized, all forms of har- ployees & Managers
assment & the law on the subject in Pakistan is covered.
 Handling Harassment in a Unionized setting
 Increased sensitivity to the perspective of the others, and understanding of
what constitutes harassment & its consequences,  Understanding & Implementation of “The
 Ability to avoid engaging in & becoming subjected to harassment. Protection Against Harassment of Women at

 Managerial capability to prevent workplace harassment & respond to com- Workplace Act 2010”.
 Guidelines for drafting Workplace Harass-
 Establishing an effective complaint/grievance system & taking prompt/ ment Policy.
appropriate action, whenever an employee files a harassment.
Harassment at Workplace
Employer’s / Management’s Liability
in the light of New Legislation
One Day Workshop
19th May, 2011 at Marriott Hotel, Karachi
24th May, 2011 at Savoey Hotel, Lahore

Workshop Facilitator: Mir Akbar Ali Khan

After serving for over seven years as General Manager – HR , United Bank Ltd (UBL), Mir Akbar Ali Khan retired on May
13,2010. He has seventeen years of diversified experience, and has acquired strategic outlook, management & adminis-
trative skills, whilst handling various aspects of HR & Business as MD/CEO Sind Engineering (Pvt) Ltd -the then Assemblers
of Mazda Trucks & Busses in Pakistan, Director (Admin) Institute of Business Administration (IBA) Karachi & General Man-
ager – HR/ER, UBL. He is also a HRM Trainer at the Institute of Bankers Pakistan. For past many years he has been con-
ducting various Training Workshops on HRM, at IBP, ACE Consultants & other forums.

Mr Akbar holds MA (Economics) degree from the University of Punjab & L.L.B from University of Karachi. Is an active member of Society for Human
Resource Management, Virginia, USA, and has authored/delivered talks within & outside the country on Automobile Industry in Pakistan & Public
Transport System & its Management. Currently he is CEO of MAAK Consultants and is involved in training & management consultancy.

Who Should Attend Note:

 Human Resource Managers
This workshop can be customized to suit
 Industrial Relations Managers
specific needs of your organization, contact
 Employee/Industrial Relations Specialists
 Officers/Executives of Banks & DFI’s us for more information.
 Govt. Officers & Legal Participants.
M. Baksh Memon / 03232263637
 Operations/Administrative Managers

Workshop Details:
Timings: 9:30 AM - 4:30 PM Registration:
M. Baksh Memon / M. Nasir Khan Khattak
Fee : Rs. 7,500 /- per participant ACE Consultants
10 % discount on 3 or more nominations
406, 4th Floor Park Avenue, Shahrah-e-Faisal, Karachi
Registration 18th May, 2011 – Karachi Tel: 021-34388925 & 34544809, Fax: 021-34388926
deadline: 23rd May, 2011 – Lahore E-mail: