Republic of the Philippines HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES Quezon City FIFTEENTH CONGRESS First Regular Session HOUSE RESOLUTION No.

1236 _____________________________________________________________________________ _Introduced by Reps. TEDDY A. CASIÑO, NERI JAVIER COLMENARES, LUZVIMINDA C. ILAGAN, RAFAEL V. MARIANO, RAYMOND V. PALATINO, ANTONIO L. TINIO and EMMI A. DE JESUS RESOLUTION DIRECTING THE COMMITTEE ON HUMAN RIGHTS TO CONDUCT AN INQUIRY, IN AID OF LEGISLATION, INTO THE UNLAWFUL AND VIOLENT DEMOLITION OF HOUSES AND UNWARRANTED SHOOTING IN PANGARAP VILLAGE, BARANGAYS 181 AND 182, CALOOCAN CITY, ALLEGEDLY PERPETRATED BY THE CARMEL DEVELOPMENT INC. (CDI) OWNED BY GREGORIO MA. ARANETA III AND THEIR HIRED SECURITY AGENCY, SECURICOR CORP. WHEREAS, on April 28, 2011, an indiscriminate shooting rocked the 156hectare Pangarap Village community in Barangays 181 and 182, Caloocan City. The incident is the latest of a series of harassment and illegal activities conducted by the Gregorio “Greggy” Ma. Araneta III-owned Carmel Development Inc. (CDI) and its hired security agency Securicor Corporation. The said Araneta company had been trying to intimidate and force out the residents of Pangarap Village to lay claim, clear out the area and turn it into a commercial business enclave; WHEREAS, reports say that guards from Securicor Corp. opened fire near the place where residents were holding a peaceful vigil. A barangay driver who tried to shield the vigil area with a dump truck was shot on the arm while a resident was hit on the hand, requiring further surgery to restore its motor functions. A minor aged 16 years old was also shot at the jaw; WHEREAS, not only was the shooting a criminal offense and a gross display of disregard for human life and law and order, the demolition itself was done well beyond the allowed time for demolitions and by a private entity, without any designated government agency and local government unit. What is more disappointing is the reported presence of the Caloocan City Police which allegedly did nothing to protect the residents;

WHEREAS, most importantly, no demolition can take place, with a pending case in the Supreme Court contesting CDI’s ownership of the massive 7,008 hectare area. The area, almost half the size of Caloocan City, includes Pangarap Village which is part of “Tala Estate,” historically a Leper Colony as determined by Commonwealth Act 161. The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) itself had filed a case (GR No. 187876) against CDI for illegally claiming the land. A number of government buildings, schools and churches have long been occupying the area; WHEREAS, according to the DENR, CDI had failed to prove that it had fully paid for the land, which is supposedly part of the “Friar Lands,” “over which the Government holds title and are not public lands but private or patrimonial property of the Government and can be alienated only upon proper compliance with Act No. 1120 or the Friar Lands Act.” Not only had the company failed to prove the validity of its title, they may have illegally bought it. There was no proof that the original sale was approved by the Director of Lands and neither was the original owner a current occupant of the land, contrary to Commonwealth Act 32 which stated that only actual and bona fide occupants at the time the land (Friar Lands) was conveyed to the Government of the Philippine Islands shall be entitled to purchase the land they actually occupy. DENR also asserted that a certain “Maceda Report” had found sufficient basis that Carmel Farms, Inc., adding insult to injury, illegally encroached upon adjacent property of the government. WHEREAS, among the unlawful activities of CDI and Securicor are the establishment of private guards’ outposts at every entrance point of Pangarap Village, and the CDI’s prohibition and/or restriction of the entry of construction materials for the construction or repair of the residents’ houses; WHEREAS, “Notices to vacate,” signed by a certain Mike Tome, Security Manager of CDI, have been distributed to Pangarap Village residents by CDI security guards reportedly armed with M16 and/or M14 rifles. Barangay officials are in fact being bypassed by these armed private security guards who are paid to demolish houses past midnight; WHEREAS, just recently, the Pangarap Village Tricycle Operators and Drivers’ Association (PV-TODA) was notified of a possible cancellation of their franchise, supposedly facilitated by the CDI to further harass and intimidate the locals; WHEREAS, residents have also complained that the CDI have long been attempting to fence the whole area, in an attempt to pass themselves off as the real occupants of the land. It suffices to say that the Araneta-owned CDI is engaging in unlawful activities amid its pending case against DENR in the Supreme Court;

WHEREAS, in the face of the apparent inaction of the local PNP and the city government of Caloocan, it is imperative for Congress to look into the situation to help defuse the violence, break the climate of fear and come up with remedial measures on the controversial land dispute; NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Committee on Human Rights conduct an inquiry, in aid of legislation, into the unlawful and violent demolition of houses and unwarranted shooting in Pangarap Village, Barangays 181 and 182, Caloocan City, allegedly perpetrated by the Carmel Development Inc. (CDI) owned by Gregorio Ma. Araneta III and their hired security agency, Securicor Corporation. Adopted,

TEDDY A. CASIÑO Bayan Muna Party-list Party-list


LUZVIMINDA C. ILAGAN Gabriela Women’s Party list

RAFAEL V. MARIANO Anakpawis Party-

RAYMOND V. PALATINO Kabataan Party-list list

ANTONIO L. TINIO ACT Teachers Party-

EMMI A. DE JESUS Gabriela Women’s Party

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