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Keep the Reader Alive and Free Since '93. FREE ASSANGE. River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 29 No. 993 • January 2022 3
4 River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 29 No. 993 • January 2022 FREE ASSANGE. Know More. Do More.

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Keep the Reader Alive and Free Since '93. FREE ASSANGE. River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 29 No. 993 • January 2022 5

One Year Later

of mail-in ballots commingled with Trump supporters were still at the
cast-in-person ballots; illegal ballots Ellipse listening to Trump’s speech (he
were counted, while legal ballots were had not finished yet). There is more
Media and Congressional Political thrown out; large anomalous numbers
of adjudicated ballots cast for Biden;
than ample video footage contradict-
ing the highly fragmented, incomplete
Agendas Continue to Gaslight the access denial for bipartisan-election video clips media has played in endless
Increasingly Implausible January-6-Was-an- observation protocols for counting
ballots; deliberate erasure of current
repetitive loops to depict a very dif-
ferent version of events from that of
Insurrection Narrative election databases (required by law to thousands of eyewitnesses who deny

be preserved for 22 months after an there was ever an organized effort to
he crazier things get, the simpler magazine’s July 23, 2020, publica- election) to sabotage audits; stonewall- take over the government.
solutions become for those still tion of the Lincoln Project’s confes- ing legislative remedies for curing Most egregious is time-stamped
capable of distilling relevant, sion to stealing the 2020 election by election irregularities; and collusion manufactured footage falsely portray-
evidence-based facts with which to Alana Abramson and Tessa Berensen, by both political parties to thwart ing Trump supporters beating Capitol
explore viable options for a renewed “Revenge of the Never Trumpers: Meet investigations of multiple irregulari- Officer Brian Sicknick to death with
sense of order and sanity – restore non- the Republican Dissidents Fighting to ties. The list is exhaustive and stun- fire extinguishers. It is pure fiction
partisan rule of law and adherence to Push Donald Trump Out of Office,” ning in scope. and a horrific lie and breach of ethics
oaths of office. an admission unprecedented in its The second historic event was the by news organizations who used that
Oh, and as voters and taxpayers, amoral, un-American hubris and blan- January 6, 2021 protest, comprised of fiction to manipulate the American
stop the inexcusably naïve expecta- ket unaccountability to this Repub- nearly a million Trump supporters of people into believing Trump protes-
tion that the very beneficiaries (career lic’s laws and citizenry – and as such, all shapes, sizes, ages, colors, sexes, tors violently murdered a Capitol
politicians and bureaucrats) of rigged a way-paver. ( and backgrounds, who gathered in and police officer when nothing of the sort
systems and loophole lawfare will fix never-trumpers-2020-election.) around Capitol Hill in Washington occurred. In fact, it was Capitol police
things. They won’t. They are the sole Deniers of 2020 election fraud cloak D.C. to protest what they believed was officers who violently murdered two
beneficiaries of such corruption and their sympathies for it by claiming a stolen election, and to support Con- female protestors.
have no intention of disadvantaging that all nationwide judicial review of gress’ challenge to the Electoral Col- The four-hour Capitol breach
themselves by allowing pesky voters alleged evidence found no credible lege’s certification of the 2020 election. resulted in violent deaths of two
to actually decide things – a pain- support, and were appropriately dis- Yet mainstream media, in coopera- female protestors at the hands of Capi-
fully obvious across-the-board failure missed. Most legal scholars, even some tion with and the establishment politi- tol police: (1) Ashli Babbit, a 13-year
of governance that has finally boiled lawyers, know better. Of the 64-plus cal apparatus, dubbed this protest a Air Force veteran, was shot in the
over, exposing a dire need for correc- lawsuits filed in 2021, all but one case planned insurrection to overthrow neck at close range by Capitol Police
tion that can only be accomplished was actually heard. The rest were our government, declaring it the worst Officer Michael Byrd. (2) A recent
by the mass re-engagement of the dismissed on process errors alone, suc- attack on democracy in the Capitol’s court-ordered release of three hours
American people at all levels of civic cessfully avoiding adjudication on any history after several hundred people of tunnel video footage exposed the
participation. merits (or lack thereof ) of the reams of were accused of violently breaching brutal murder of Rosanne Boyland, a
In 2021, America experienced two evidence amassed and still waiting to the Capitol building, creating massive 34-year old Georgia woman errone-
pivotal historic events. The first actu- be presented. disorder and chaos. ously reported as an overdose death,
ally occurred at the end of 2020 with Note: For anyone supporting this However, if this narrative is to sur- was instead beaten to death by Capitol
the controversial November 3, 2020, criminal conduct as opposition to vive such an dastardly characteriza- police inside one of the Capitol tun-
presidential election that ultimately Trump and prevention of some delu- tion, it must overcome a few straggling nels. Rosa’s body was removed from
installed Joe Biden as the 46th Presi- sional notion of electoral decertifi- loose ends that will otherwise eventu- the tunnel and delivered to paramed-
dent amidst a long, comprehensively cation, don’t. You, too, should want ally disqualify this odious event as an ics by one of the officers who also
documented list of nationwide election to stop any and all election corrup- actual insurrection. testified as one of four Capitol police
irregularities, illegalities, and unethi- tion, regardless of party affiliation, officers who testified before the Con-
cal election processes. because next time it could very well Why Would Trump Sup- gressional House Select Committee on
be deployed against someone you January 6.
porters Want to Stop
"All we really know for sure support. This is about process, not
is that Congress was back people, and it demands your commit- Electoral College Where Are the 14,000
in session in fewer than six ted engagement to prevent any further Review? Hours of Video?
hours of the worst attack on undermining by political parasites.
democracy in our Capitol's First and foremost is that no one
history, certifying the Compelling documented evidence The third narrative hole is that there
Electoral College votes to of election fraud includes $430 mil- has explained the motive behind why
are 14,000 hours of video footage
secure Biden's win. Given the lion private sector Zucker-bucks Trump supporters would deliberately
being withheld from the public. But
official narrative's evidence infused into election offices of at least storm the castle to sabotage the Con-
with its gaping holes, and gressional Electoral College certifica- more importantly, this footage is being
eight swing states (including Ari-
the stunning lack of actual, tion process when they considered it withheld from detainees arrested for
coherent evidence, it's just zona, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Min- use in their defenses. Fourteen-thou-
insulting." nesota, Michigan, Wisconsin, North the last best hope to see their precious
Trump restored to the office of the sand hours detailing the entire day’s
Carolina, Nevada … and Iowa) from activities from all across the Capitol,
Facebook’s Mark Zukerberg/Precilla President. Sabotaging these particular
It would be disingenuous to claim and most especially from within it,
Chan Foundation; rule-making strictly proceedings hugely benefited Biden’s
that American elections were pure as that include myriad examples dem-
confined to state legislatures’ purview faction, not Trump’s, by squashing any
the driven snow prior to 2020, because onstrating easy, friendly, respectful
but illegally usurped and implemented process irregularities from coming
nothing could be further from the banter between Capitol police and
by bureaucrats in local and state elec- forward state by state and opening the
truth. It’s just that all pretense at protestors. There are clear depictions
tion offices (such as cut-off times for door for potential investigations, yet
hiding the amount of election corrup- of protestors being escorted by Capi-
ballot acceptance and/or counting, the official narrative leaves that gaping
tion that had to be deployed in 2020 tol police into the Capitol, dutifully
no requirement for signature verifi- hole unaddressed.
was abandoned for the “noble lie” of confining themselves to single-file
cation, etc.); massive ballot harvest- The Capitol breach occurred at
defeating Donald J. Trump.
ing by outside third parties; millions approximately 12:50 p.m., while most
This was attested to with Time Continued On Page 6
6 River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 29 No. 993 • January 2022 FREE ASSANGE. Know More. Do More.

responsibility provocateurs bear; and piece of media reads somewhat like a of due process or our Republic will
One Year Later: Cont. from Page 13
what precisely occurred when, at what Michael Crichton spy novel, expos- fail. (
procession between the supplied ropes times, and in what coherent sequence. ing the corrupted underbelly of D.C.’s civil-liberties-are-being-trampled-8bf)
so as to not disturb the paintings or The public is getting none of this out-of-control deceptions.
historical furniture in the rotundas. exposure. Instead, we are bombarded “Meet Ray Epps: The Fed-Protected "Malfeasance that has at its
Some of the older protestors were with snippets of mere seconds of Provocateur Who Appears to Have center the highly unconstitu-
politely asking to use restrooms unintelligible video chaos as our Led the Very First 1/6 Attack on tional Congressional Select
(there is various video testimony to only view of that day’s events. It is the U.S. Capitol” by Dennis Beat- Committee on January 6, this
these precise requests born of des- woefully inadequate to support any tie, October 25, 2021. (Revolver.
committee has zero
perate need because the Capitol did substantiated conclusions about what news/2021/10/meet-ray-epps-the-fed-
constitutional authority or
not supply the otherwise customary really transpired that afternoon. All
to-have-led-the-very-first-1-6-attack- jurisdiction to investigate
facilities for these particular protes- we really know for sure is that Con-
on-the-u-s-capitol) alleged criminal activities of
tors on January 6. gress was back in session in fewer
than six hours of the worst attack “Meet Ray Epps, Part 2: Damning private citizens."
These 14,000 hours of video footage
could definitively prove whether an on democracy in our Capitol’s his- New Details Emerge Exposing Mas-
insurrection actually occurred on any tory, certifying the Electoral College sive Web of Unindicted Operators
level, yet it is being withheld from the votes to secure Biden’s win. Given the at the Heart of January 6” by Dennis In a recent post to his Apple podcast,
public and from defendants, and is a official narrative’s evidence with its Beattie, December 18, 2021. (Revolver. Judge Andrew Napolitano further clari-
glaring, insurmountable loose end. gaping holes, and the stunning lack news/2021/12/damning-new-details- fies the bullying tactics being used to
There is no justification for denying of actual, coherent evidence, it’s just massive-web-unindicted-operators- force plea agreements from Trump sup-
what is almost certainly exculpatory insulting. january-6) porters arrested but not charged with
evidence to at least some defendants “One Year Later, More Lingering anything beyond misdemeanor tres-
who are facing prosecutorial abuses Independent Journalists Questions About January 6” by Julie passing and/or destruction of property
Kelly, January 3, 2022. (AMGreatness. (broken windows). Not a single charge
otherwise inconceivable in a constitu- Are Superb Sources com/2022/01/03/one-year-later-more- of insurrection or sedition has been
tional republic.
In addition, not a single weapon lingering-questions-about-january-6) levied against a single detainee, some of
In-depth independent journalis-
was found among any of those who “Exclusive: Secret Commandos with whom still languish without bail, some
tic efforts from Julie Kelly (America
breached the Capitol that afternoon. Shoot-to-Kill Authority Were at the in solitary confinement, in disgraceful
Greatness), Dennis Beattie (Revolver
And the FBI has confirmed they Capitol” by William M. Arkin, January prison conditions that rival those of
News), Newsweek, the Wall Street
found no evidence whatsoever of an 3, 2022. ( third-world countries.
Journal, and Gateway Pundit have
organized effort among Trump pro- secret-commandos-shoot-kill-author- These unwitting Americans are
each uncovered compelling evidence
testors to breach the Capitol, factually ity-were-capitol-1661330) pleading guilty to charges rather than
of provocateurs that are not Trump
dispelling any lingering notion of a Malfeasance that has at its center the face additional punitive charges and
protestors, instigating the Capi-
planned insurrection by any defini- highly unconstitutional Congressional jail time under a little known “plea
tol breach on January 6, including
tion of that word. Select Committee on January 6, this enhancement” tool passed during the
FBI agents and informants scat-
We deserve comprehensive access committee (Adam Schiff, Liz Cheney, Clinton Administration that allows
tered throughout the crowd actively
to all the continuum of footage so Bernie Thompson, Jamie Ruskin, prosecutors to add an act of terror-
encouraging the breach. Newsweek’s
that we can judge for ourselves what Stephanie Murphy, Elaine Luria, Pete ism to the original charges of prop-
recent article discloses an entire cadre
really happened that afternoon; Aguilar, Adam Kinslinger, and Zoe erty damage, doubling or tripling the
of various agencies’ specialized fed-
where the breaches occurred; whether Lofrgren) has zero constitutional amount of jail time when attached.
eral commandos that were deployed
Capitol police invited protestors into authority or jurisdiction to investigate Most of those arrested have no crimi-
and on deck at Quantico in the event
the Capitol as so much video foot- criminal activities of private citizens. nal record, and have demonstrated no
of a catastrophic event ensuing that
age reportedly shows; who really Period. Yet this nine-member commit- provable criminal intent other than to
day. None were deployed. Huh? Below
instigated violent interactions; what tee has openly and blatantly violated civically participate as is their right,
are links to these articles and each
the rights of hundreds of private citi- and there are countless videos attest-
zens by secretly subpenaing thousands ing to their innocence. That are being
of electronic records from third-party withheld from their defense attor-
providers, with no authority to do so neys – those that have them, anyway.
and arguably committing criminal acts Meanwhile, the DOJ is ignoring the
themselves with their own violations well-documented evidence of instiga-
of citizens’ privacy and due-process tion and, in some cases, violent interac-
rights, ignoring their lanes and bedrock tion with Capitol police, by clear and
separations of power. present provocateurs who have now
Glenn Greenwald has a superb been curiously scrubbed from the FBI’s
explanation of this unprecedented most-wanted list.
betrayal by elected officials that helps Be clear: I do not give a fig for
immeasurably in understanding what is Trump’s loss, nor for Biden’s win.
at stake beyond a deliberately mislead- Both choices were no choices at all, as
ing insurrection construct rife with per usual. What I do give a fig about
hidden political agendas that is rapidly is the growing impunity with which
falling apart. Greenwald’s analysis government officials violate our
highlights the overwhelming abuses rights, thereby violating their own
of power the government is using to oaths of office, as well. You should
persecute political opponents. It is also care because it is only a matter of
appalling, and the American people, time before they are your rights being
regardless of political affiliation, need violated. Then what?
to stand against this open violation
Keep the Reader Alive and Free Since '93. FREE ASSANGE. River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 29 No. 993 • January 2022 7

January 6: In Their Own Words Jason Bermas: None. I wanted to

further legal process was done to
ensure the accuracy of the vote.
Firsthand Accounts from Five Concerned Citizens Who be in D.C. to get a feel for everything
going on. The main event was at the Jason Bermas: I am there to cover
Were in Washington D.C. on January 6, 2021. Ellipse. I didn’t even know I would be it, but at the same time I want full

going to the Capitol. There were events accountability. And this isn’t about
ublisher’s Note: Thank you to motivation to attend the rally in D.C.
all over and people were talking about right and left. I want one person, one
these five concerned citizens who I also wanted to show my support to
the event that actually had a permit vote, audits, and a real electoral system
provided their candid and first- President Trump for all the deep-state
behind the Capitol that was going on of checks and balances. I want a justice
person perspectives about a day that attempts to destroy his presidency.
after Trump’s speech. I was at the main system. And if we don’t have free and
many would have live in infamy. Below
area in the Ellipse before security. This fair elections on any level and you can
are short bios on each participant, fol- Corey Eib: I knew this was going to
was the event most of the people were gaslight the public and then criminal-
lowed by each person’s response to our be a large event and something poten-
there for. ize the public for thinking a certain
12 questions. tially historical. I’ve seen pictures of
way afterward it becomes extremely
past rallies in D.C. that showed huge
Pat Miletich: We just wanted to wit- dangerous.
Clyde Cleveland was the Iowa crowds, and I always wondered what it
ness the crowd and take in the atmo-
Libertarian candidate for Governor in would be like to be at an event with so
sphere. We listened to Trump talk for Pat Miletich: If I actually care about
2002 when he also published the book many people.
five minutes and then left to walk to the my children’s freedoms I should be
Restoring the Heart of America. In
Capitol while he was still talking. present and do something and take
2007, Clyde published “Common Sense Jason Bermas: Many aspects of the
part in the process. There’s a lot wrong
Revisited,” a modern-day tribute to election and the media coverage, even
Sarah Ford: I wanted to see Trump, with our freedoms being stripped for
Thomas Paine’s original. Learn more before Trump, but especially with
and I was proudly there in my long decades and this has gone far enough
about Clyde at CommonSenseRevisited. Trump, were not only disingenuous but
blue tie-dyed skirt with crystals and with recent election-integrity issues.
com. extremely corrupt. It was something I
homegrown sage in my coat pockets.
knew I had to go cover. I knew it was
I’m an Independent, tired of the D.C. Sarah Ford: My message was to
Corey Eib is a California native, going to be historic. Whitney Webb
swamp, and that’s why I like Trump. He the D.C. swamp – the crooked career
photographer, small business owner, and I discussed the possibility of false
exposed the corruption and hypocrisy politicians, the fake news, the liars
and, along with Reader publisher Todd f lags or the demonization of people
of D.C., and he worked for the Ameri- and deceivers, the cheaters and projec-
McGreevy, co-hosted and co-produced who attended. She warned me not to
can people – for free! tors. Everything they accuse Trump
the podcast Agenda31 from 2013 to go. With today’s climate there was no
of doing, they actually do. We know
2017. More info at doubt I was going to cover this.
they cheated, they know we know they
"If I actually care about cheated, and they’re scared and show-
Jason Bermas is a documentary film- Pat Miletich: Conversations with my children's freedoms I ing it.
maker who recently moved to the Iowa two Quad Cities’ friends. We felt that should be present and do
Quad Cities from New York. His films something historic was going to take something and take part in 4) Where did you spend most of
Loose Change, Fabled Enemies, Invisible place because election integrity was the process. There's a lot
your time and how many attend-
Empire, and more have been watched being violated. I did not go in support wrong with our freedoms
being stripped for decades ees do you estimate were on
by tens of millions. Jason generates of Donald Trump. Not one of us wore a
and this has gone far hand?
new content daily at and single thread of Trump clothing.
his coverage of January 6 is available enough with recent
election-integrity issues." Clyde Cleveland: Most of our time
at, and Sarah Ford: When Trump
- Pat Miletich was spent at the morning rally. I have announced the “Stop the Steal” rally, I
solid video proof that there were over 2
was hoping I could go, though I didn’t
million attendees.
Pat Miletich lives in Scott County, have extra cash for a trip at that time.
3) What message did you want
Iowa, and is a former UFC world cham- When I woke up on January 1 with
to send, and to whom, with your Corey Eib: I spent the first half of the
pion, Hall of Fame inductee, coach of stimulus funds in my bank account, I
presence in D.C. that day? day near the Washington Monument,
12 world champions, and has 25 years decided to answer this “calling” I felt to
then when the speaking portion of the
of training law enforcement and mili- go to D.C. I’m also a freelance jour-
Clyde Cleveland: We need to sup- event was over, I walked to the Capitol
tary personnel. Pat has 15 years broad- nalist and figured something historic
port honest elections and support the building and walked one complete loop
casting experience on Showtime, ESPN, could happen, but I had no expecta-
first president in my lifetime that was around the building counter clock-
and AXS TV. tions.
a real businessman and not a politician wise. I would guess there were at least
bought and paid for by lobbyists. 400,000 people there. By far, it was the
Sarah Ford is a mother of three and 2) What was the particular
largest crowd I have even seen.
a freelance reporter with 13 years of rally, speaker, or event that you
Corey Eib: Before the event, I had
work in print media. She lives in rural wanted to attend if any?
read that the purpose was to hear a Jason Bermas: I went from the
Rock Island County and enjoys life on a
number of speakers including the Presi- Ellipse all the way through the Trump
farm, traveling, and rock-hounding. Clyde Cleveland: The morning event
dent, then walk to the Capitol building. speech. The initial things happening at
with all the speakers.
The crowd would then make a lot of the Capitol had already started to take
1) What motivated or inspired
noise while walking around the capitol place … people were leaving as Trump
you to go to D.C. on January 6, Corey Eib: I wasn’t there to actually
to let Congress know of the amount of was speaking, which is very odd. I
2021? listen to any particular speaker. In fact,
dissatisfaction with questions about am not saying everyone who left was
I really couldn’t hear the presenters
the election. I was fine participating in an FBI provocateur, but it certainly
Clyde Cleveland: I have never from where I was near the Washington
that, as I felt there was enough election seems like there was a movement to get
been more disgusted in my life by the Monument. The public address system
irregularities reported that Congress
obvious voter fraud in the 2020 elec- just didn’t have the capability to reach
should not certify the election until
tion. That was clearly my number-one that far. Continued On Page 16
8 River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 29 No. 993 • January 2022 FREE ASSANGE. Know More. Do More.

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approximately 60 artworks, including Tue.-Fri. 10am-4pm, Thu. 10am-7pm, Sat. & lllustration: Grades 5-12, Tuesdays thru Mar. Karen Kubby; learn to use two-hole tile beads…
lithographs, woodcuts, and watercolors, tracing Sun. 1-4pm; for information, call 563-263-8282; 1, with instructor Emma Hubner; students will… Beadology Iowa, 10am Sat Jan 29
Blackburn’s artistic evolution from figurative Muscatine Art Center, 1314 Mulberry Ave., Bereskin Gallery & Art Academy, 5pm Tue Jan 11
work to highly colored abstraction alongside Muscatine IA,, thru Clay Pot Snowman, adults are invited to make a
the art of his contemporaries; Tue.-Sat. 10am- Wed Feb 2 Virtual Stitch Club: Embroider on Your clay pot snowman; for… Davenport Public Library -
5pm, Thu. 10am-8pm, Sun. noon-5pm; $4-10; Clothes, on Thursdays; learn how to add Fairmount Street Branch, 6:30pm Mon Jan 31
for information, call 563-326-7804; Figge Art Exhibit Your Lego Brick Creation, builders embroidery to your favorite… Davenport Public
Museum, 225 W. Second St., Davenport IA, of all ages display a favorite completed set or Library - Main Branch, 2pm Thu Jan 13 thru Thu Paint Like the Impressionists, Tuesdays thru, thru Sun Jan 9 unique creation; Tue.-Fri. 10am-4pm, Thu. 10am- Jan 27 Feb. 22, with instructor Brad Bisbey; explore the…
7pm, Sat. & Sun. 1-4pm; for information, call 563- Bereskin Gallery & Art Academy, 6pm Tue Feb 1
Dimensional: 3D Works from the Figge 263-8282; Muscatine Art Center, 1314 Mulberry Make 3 Pairs of Earrings: Intro to Wirework,
Collection, this exhibition showcases sculpture Ave., Muscatine IA,, with instructor Karen Kubby; two skills are Wheel 102, Tuesdays thru Feb. 22, with instructor
from the museum’s collection, highlighting thru Wed Feb 2 learned and practiced:… Beadology Iowa, 3pm Laura Warner; this class… Bereskin Gallery & Art
rarely exhibited works and recent additions Sat Jan 15 Academy, 5:30pm Tue Feb 1
to the collection; this exhibition is sponsored Jon Fasanelli-Cawelti, an Historic House
by Mark and Barbara Zimmerman; Tue.-Sat. exhibition; Tue.-Fri. 10am-4pm, Thu. 10am-7pm, Make Glass Beads: Introduction to


10am-5pm, Thu. 10am-8pm, Sun. noon-5pm; Sat. & Sun. 1-4pm; for information, call 563-263- Lampworking, with instructor Karen Kubby; this
$4-10; for information, call 563-326-7804; Figge 8282; Muscatine Art Center, 1314 Mulberry Ave., class will teach you the… Beadology Iowa, 10am y
Art Museum, 225 W. Second St., Davenport IA, Muscatine IA,, thru Sat Jan 15, thru Sun Jan 16 Wed Feb 2 Quad City Arts Annual Call for Exhibition
Photography for Beginners, led by Merlyn Proposals, Quad City Arts invites artists residing
Kate Hoyer, the inspiring oil paintings of Kate Sean Kenney’s Nature Connects, award- Law; learn to be the next Ansel… Our Lady of the within a 250-mile… Quad City Arts Center, thru
Hoyer… Moline Public Library, thru Fri Jan 28 winning exhibition of art made with Lego Prairie Retreat, 3:30pm Sat Jan 15 Sun Jan 9
pieces; Tue.-Fri. 10am-4pm, Thu. 10am-7pm,
Elaine Miller: Uncommon Ground, exhibit of Sat. & Sun. 1-4pm; for information, call 563-263- Surprise Winter Crafternoon, drop-in for a Call for Entries: 42nd Rock Island Art Guild
paintings by the Chicago-based artist;… Quad 8282; Muscatine Art Center, 1314 Mulberry Ave., fun winter themed craft; all supplies will… Rock Fine Arts Exhibition, seeking works by artists
City Arts Center, thru Sat Jan 29 Muscatine IA,, thru Island Public Library - Southwest Branch, 4pm living within 200 miles of the Figge Art Museum
Wed Feb 2 Wed Jan 19 working in any medium; artists may submit
Pandemic Planet: A Community Collaboration up to three works for consideration per $35
with Artist Jane Gilmor, reflect on your Maker Session: Feminist Art Movement, join application fee; this year’s juror Susan Watts will
pandemic time to explore what helped you Classes Artist Anna Richards for this exciting, hands- select the works in the Feb. 26-May 15 exhibition
through the past or what is helping you in the on program that explores the Feminist Art and the award winners; for information, call
present; drawings made at the activity table Brushstrokes, Thursdays thru Jan. 27, with Movement in relation to the exhibition “Jane 563-326-7804; Figge Art Museum, 225 W. Second
in the gallery will be transferred to metal and instructor Brad Bisbey; explore the… Bereskin Gilmor: Breakfast on Pluto”; this workshop will St., Davenport IA,, thru
installed in the exhibition; Tue.-Sat. 10am- Gallery & Art Academy, 11am Thu Jan 6 be an opportunity to explore the personal and Sun Jan 16
Keep the Reader Alive and Free Since '93. FREE ASSANGE. River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 29 No. 993 • January 2022 9
Virtual Event: Community Quilt Project, Public Library - Eastern Avenue Branch, 6:30pm Good Omens, a discussion of Terry Pratchett
using books, reading, or community as the… Wed Jan 12 and Neil Gaiman’s book with… LeClaire Classes
Davenport Public Library - Main Branch, thru Fri Community Library, 6:30pm Tue Jan 25
Jan 28 Station Eleven, a discussion of Emily St. John Acting for Ages 11-12, classes thru the week
Mandel’s book with the… Davenport Public An Evening with Silvia Moreno-Garcia, of Mar. 31; this imaginative, high energy
Library - Eastern Avenue Branch, 6:30pm Wed bestselling author Moreno-Garcia discusses environment provides basic theatre terminology,

MUSIC Jan 12 her newest book “Velvet Was the… Rock Island improvisation, characterization, vocal technique
Public Library - Downtown Library, 7pm Wed and physical skills; the session concludes with an
Bettendorf Writing Club, this program is aimed Jan 26 in-person performance; $130-150; for information
Avey Grouws Band, concert with the ensemble at writing enthusiasts who wish to… Bettendorf and to register, call 563-888-2227; Davenport
headlined by Jeni Grouws, Chris Avey, and Public Library, 6:30pm Thu Jan 13 Last Monday Book Club, light refreshments will Junior Theatre, 2822 Eastern Ave., Davenport IA,
Bryan West; for information, call 563-328-8000; be paired with good conversation; copies of…, 11:30am Sat Jan
Rhythm City Casino Resort Rhythm Room, 7077 Winter Reading Kickoff, staff will hand out Silvis Public Library, 6:30pm Mon Jan 31 15 6:45pm Tue Jan 18
Elmore Ave., Davenport IA, RhythmCityCasino. sign up bags at our South… Rock Island Public
com, 7:30pm Fri Jan 7 Library - Downtown Library, 3pm Fri Jan 14 Pageturners, books are provided on a first- Acting for Ages 9-10, classes thru the week
come, first-served basis; free; for… Moline Public of Mar. 31; this imaginative, high energy
QCSO Up Close with Andrew Parker, join Rock Island Public Library Winter Reading Library, 1pm Tue Feb 1 environment provides basic theatre terminology,
QCSO principal oboe Andrew Parker for an Challenge: Build a Better World, thru Feb. 26; improvisation, characterization, vocal technique
intimate evening of music at the Figge featuring register online with the Beanstack website or… Virtual Event: World Read Aloud Day, and physical skills; the session concludes with an
works by Alyssa Morris, Francis Poulenc, Marina Rock Island Public Library - Downtown Library, celebrate World Read Aloud Day with one of in-person performance; $130-150; for information
Dranishnikova, and Sigismund Toduță; $10- Mon Jan 17 thru Wed Feb 2 our librarians… Davenport Public Library - Main and to register, call 563-888-2227; Davenport
25; for information, call 563-322-0931; Figge Branch, 7pm Wed Feb 2 Junior Theatre, 2822 Eastern Ave., Davenport IA,
Art Museum, 225 W. Second St., Davenport IA, The Boston Girl, a discussion of Anita Diamant’s, 10am Sat Jan 15, 7:30pm Sat Jan 8 book with the Book Babes… Rock Island Public 4:30pm Mon Jan 17 4pm Wed Jan 19

Library - Downtown Library, 6:30pm Tue Jan 18
Nicholas Fahrenkrug and Eleonora Advanced Musical Theatre for Ages 11+, classes
Apostolidi: Die Schöne Müllerin, Opera Golden Hill, a discussion of Francis Spufford’s thru the week of Mar. 31; class focuses on more
Quad Cities celebrates its return with a recital book with the Contemporary Books… Performances & Auditions complicated choreography and music, as well as
featuring… Great Hall at Trinity Cathedral, 7pm Bettendorf Public Library, 7pm Wed Jan 19 character development, to continue to challenge
Sun Jan 9 We Wrote This in a Day (Don’t Yell at Us), and advance actors; $130-150; for information
Bullet Journals 101, we’ll have everything Haus of Ruckus presents the results of a 24-hour and to register, call 563-888-2227; Davenport
Opera Quad Cities, celebrate Mozart’s birth you’ll need to get started on your… LeClaire playwriting… The Mockingbird on Main, 7:34pm Junior Theatre, 2822 Eastern Ave., Davenport IA,
month with a live musical performance from… Community Library, 6pm Wed Jan 19 Sat Jan 8 and Sun Jan 9, noon Sat Jan 15
Moline Public Library, 7pm Tue Jan 11
Harry Potter & the Sorcerer’s Stone, a Auditions: Rabbit Hole, auditions for the Tony- Musical Theatre for Ages 5-6, classes thru the
Aaron Lewis, concert with the chart-topping discussion of J.K. Rowling’s fantasy novel with winning family drama by David Lindsay-Abaire, week of Mar. 31; class develops storytelling and
country singer/songwriter; $35-60; for tickets, the Harry… Davenport Public Library - Eastern running… Playcrafters Barn Theatre, Sat Jan 8 communication skills through acting, song, and
call… Adler Theatre, 8pm Fri Jan 14 Avenue Branch, 6:30pm Wed Jan 19 and Sun Jan 9 dance; physical coordination and confidence
flourish; no one is required to sing a solo, as this
Mike Conrad & the Iowa Jazz Composers The Mapmaker’s Wife, a discussion of Robert Medea, Euripides’ classic tragedy translated class is about building confidence; $110-130; for
Orchestra, University of Northern Iowa Whitaker’s book with the Contemporary Books… by Nicholas Rudall, directed by Becca Casad;… information and to register, call 563-888-2227;
Professor and award-winning jazz composer Bettendorf Public Library, 1pm Wed Jan 19 Honkamp Myhre Black Box Theatre, Augustana Davenport Junior Theatre, 2822 Eastern Ave.,
Conrad… The Redstone Room, 5pm Sun Jan 16 College, Thu Jan 13 thru Sun Jan 16 Davenport IA,,
The Push, a discussion of Ashley Audrain’s book 9:30am Sat Jan 15 6:15pm Mon Jan 17 4:30pm
Casey Donahew, concert with the chart-topping with the Novel Naptime… Moline Public Library, Auditions: Disaster!, auditions for the Tue Jan 18
country singer/songwriter; $25-35… The Rust 9:30am Wed Jan 19 ’70s-disaster-movie musical-comedy spoof
Belt, 7pm Thu Jan 20 running Apr. 1 -… Quad City Music Guild - Musical Theatre for Ages 7-8, classes thru the
Meet the Author Online – The New Return to Prospect Park Auditorium, 1pm Sat Jan 15 and week of Mar. 31; class develops storytelling and
Tech N9ne - Joey Cool - Jehry Robinson, the Great Mother: Birth, Initiation and the Sun Jan 16 communication skills through acting, song, and
concert with the platinum-selling hip-hop Sacred Feminine, led by Isa Gucciardi, Ph.D.; dance; physical coordination and confidence
musician, featuring sets by Joey… The Rust Belt, this talk will focus on… Our Lady of the Prairie The Play That Goes Wrong, backstage slapstick flourish; no one is required to sing a solo, as this
8pm Fri Jan 21 Retreat, 6pm Wed Jan 19 comedy by Jonathan Sayer, Henry Shields, and class is about building confidence; $130-150; for
Henry Lewis,… Circa ’21 Dinner Playhouse, Wed information and to register, call 563-888-2227;
Keys to a Good Time: Windy City Dueling The Big Cat, a discussion of Louise Erdrich’s Jan 19 thru Wed Feb 2 Davenport Junior Theatre, 2822 Eastern Ave.,
Pianos, an evening of high-energy live music story with the SaSS: Saturday… Davenport Davenport IA,,
and hilarious, interactive comedy… Bally’s Quad Public Library - Fairmount Street Branch, 10am An Officer and a Gentleman: A New Musical, 10:30am Sat Jan 15 4:45pm Mon Jan 17 4:45pm
Cities, 7pm Sat Jan 22 Sat Jan 22 romantic musical drama based on the Oscar- Thu Jan 20
winning film; $37-95; for… Hancher Auditorium,
Mike Mains & the Branches, concert with When Dimple Met Rishi, a discussion of 7:30pm Wed Jan 19 Musical Theatre for Ages 9-10, classes thru the
the indie-rock band based in Michigan; $15… Sandhya Menon’s book with the Love Letters… week of Mar. 31; class develops storytelling and
Raccoon Motel, 7pm Wed Jan 26 Bettendorf Public Library, 3pm Sat Jan 22 Auditions: Peter & the Starcatcher, auditions communication skills through acting, song, and
for the Tony-winning adventure comedy on… dance; physical coordination and confidence
The Ghost of Paul Revere, concert with the A Redbird Christmas, a discussion of Fannie The Spotlight Theatre, Fri Jan 21 and Sat Jan 22 flourish; no one is required to sing a solo, as this
Americana trio in support of their most… The Flagg’s book with the Southwest Book… Rock class is about building confidence; $130-150; for
Redstone Room, 7:30pm Wed Jan 26 Island Public Library - Southwest Branch, 4:30pm Freedom Riders, performed by Mad River information and to register, call 563-888-2227;
Tue Jan 25 Theater Works; the production will explore… Davenport Junior Theatre, 2822 Eastern Ave.,
Tuneful Tuesdays, enjoy a musical interlude John & Alice Butler Hall - University of Dubuque Davenport IA,, 9am
over the lunch hour; free; for… Rock Island Heritage Center, 7:30pm Mon Jan 31 Sat Jan 15 5:45pm Tue Jan 18
Public Library - Downtown Library, noon Tue
Feb 1 Professional Acting for Ages 13+, classes thru
the week of Mar. 31; students will learn the ins
and outs of the professional acting world, as well

LITERARY ARTS as get the inside scoop on headshots, creating

resumes, auditions, and more; $130-150; for
information and to register, call 563-888-2227;
Call for Submissions: Great River Writer’s Davenport Junior Theatre, 2822 Eastern Ave.,
Retreat, call for submissions for the writing Davenport IA,,
retreat and… Midwest Writing Center, Thu Jan 6 11:45am Sat Jan 15
thru Wed Feb 2
Stage Management for Ages 12+, classes thru
The Missing File, a discussion of D.A. Mishani’s the week of Mar. 31; learn all the in, outs, cues and
book with the Mystery Book… Bettendorf Public promts necessary to make a show run like magic;
Library, 9:30am Sat Jan 8 $130-150; for information and to register, call 563-
888-2227; Davenport Junior Theatre, 2822 Eastern
Cora Unashamed, a discussion of Langston Ave., Davenport IA,,
Hughes’ story with the Short &… Davenport 10:15am Sat Jan 15
Public Library - Fairmount Street Branch, 10am
Mon Jan 10 Acting for Ages 5-6, classes thru the
week of Mar. 31; this imaginative, high
City of Thieves, a discussion of David Benioff’s energy environment provides basic theatre
book with the Get Lit… Bettendorf Public terminology, improvisation, characterization,
Library, 7pm Tue Jan 11 vocal technique and physical skills; the session
concludes with an in-person performance;
Unbecoming, a discussion of Rebecca Scherm’s $110-130; for information and to register,
book with the West End Book… Davenport call 563-888-2227; Davenport Junior
Public Library - Fairmount Street Branch, 6:30pm Theatre, 2822 Eastern Ave., Davenport IA,
Tue Jan 11, 4pm Mon Jan 17
5:30pm Wed Jan 19
Letter Writing, in celebration of Letter Writing
Week, write a real paper-and-pen… Davenport Aaron Lewis @ Adler Theatre -- January 14
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10 River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 29 No. 993 • January 2022 FREE ASSANGE. Know More. Do More.

Theatre, 2822 Eastern Ave., Davenport IA, Theatre, 2822 Eastern Ave., Davenport IA, Ave., Davenport IA, DavenportJuniorTheatre.

CLASSES, 7pm Tue Jan 18, 4:15pm Thu Jan com, 4:30pm Tue Jan 18
Theatre Fun! for Ages 3-4, classes thru the Beginning Hip Hop for Ages 5-6, classes
week of Mar. 31; this high-energy class will focus thru the week of May 15; students will explore

Advanced Acting for Ages 10+, classes thru on getting our youngest students engaged by popular basic hip hop steps alongside hip-
the week of Mar. 31; this class deepens the using their bodies, voices, and imaginations; hop music; this style builds precision and
imagination and technique of storytelling, they’ll learn basic theatre warm-ups, games, coordination where the focus will be on
through script analysis, character development, and skills to create imaginative stories and Ballet Quad Cities School of Dance Classes, developing a dancer’s style; $150-170; for
movement, and voice and articulation work; characters; $110-130; for information and to offering classes in Ballet Pointe, Modern, Jazz, information and to register, call 563-888-2227;
students will be challenged to delve into the register, call 563-888-2227; Davenport Junior Tap, Conditioning, Creative Movement, and Davenport Junior Theatre, 2822 Eastern Ave.,
creative elements of presentation; $150-170; for Theatre, 2822 Eastern Ave., Davenport IA, Adult Ballet, for ages 3 to adult; all classes Davenport IA,,
information and to register, call 563-888-2227;, 5:30pm Tue Jan taught by the company’s professional dancers; 4:15pm Tue Jan 18 5:45pm Wed Jan 19
Davenport Junior Theatre, 2822 Eastern Ave., 18 for information and to register, call 309-786-
Davenport IA,, 2677; Ballet Quad Cities School of Dance, 617 Hip Hop for Ages 10+, classes thru the week
6:30pm Mon Jan 17 Improv for Ages 11-12, classes thru the week 17th St., Rock Island IL,, of May 15; students will explore popular basic
of Mar. 31; through games and exercises, thru Wed Feb 2 hip hop steps alongside hip-hop music; this
Broadway Beats! for Ages 3-4, classes thru students develop the ability to think quickly style builds precision and coordination where
the week of Mar. 31 our youngest performers and imaginatively; $130-150; for information Beginning Ballet for Ages 5-6, classes thru the the focus will be on developing a dancer’s
explore storytelling through song and dance; and to register, call 563-888-2227; Davenport week of May 15; dancers continue learning ballet style; $160-180; for information and to
musical theatre develops coordination and Junior Theatre, 2822 Eastern Ave., Davenport fundamentals and concepts such as turnout register, call 563-888-2227; Davenport Junior
social skills through exercises, movement, IA,, 6:30pm Wed and spatial awareness; this class focuses on Theatre, 2822 Eastern Ave., Davenport IA,
and games; $110-130; for information and to Jan 19 developing musicality, ballet vocabulary, and, 5:15pm Tue Jan
register, call 563-888-2227; Davenport Junior having fun; $150-170; for information and to 18
Theatre, 2822 Eastern Ave., Davenport IA, Improv for Ages 7-8, classes thru the week register, call 563-888-2227; Davenport Junior, 5:15pm Mon Jan of Mar. 31; through games and exercises, Theatre, 2822 Eastern Ave., Davenport IA, Intermediate & Advanced Ballet/Jazz:
17 4pm Thu Jan 20 students develop the ability to think quickly, 10am Sat Jan 15 Teacher Recommended, classes thru the week
and imaginatively; $130-150; for information 5pm Mon Jan 17 4pm Wed Jan 19 of May 15; jazz technique is developed from
Costume Creation for Ages 11+, classes and to register, call 563-888-2227; Davenport ballet with small but noticeable differences such
thru the week of Mar. 31 learn what it takes Junior Theatre, 2822 Eastern Ave., Davenport IA, Beginning Tumble for Ages 5-7, classes thru as parallel vs turned out feet; ballet is typically
to create costumes for any sort of theatrical, 5pm Wed Jan 19 the week of May 15; tumblers will learn basic more fluid where jazz is more upbeat; $180-200;
show; students will learn how to develop skills such as cartwheels, handstands, back for information and to register, call 563-888-
and alter costumes using a variety of Intermediate Musical Theatre for Ages 9+, bends, and more; class begins with stretching to 2227; Davenport Junior Theatre, 2822 Eastern
techniques; $140-160; for information and to classes thru the week of Mar. 31; building on improve flexibility and warm ups before working Ave., Davenport IA, DavenportJuniorTheatre.
register, call 563-888-2227; Davenport Junior skills learned in previous courses, Intermediate on tumbling skills; $160-180; for information com, 6pm Tue Jan 18
Theatre, 2822 Eastern Ave., Davenport IA, Broadway provides a greater learning and to register, call 563-888-2227; Davenport, 6:15pm Mon Jan challenge; physicality, characterization, and Junior Theatre, 2822 Eastern Ave., Davenport IA, Tumble for Ages 8+, classes thru the week of
17 vocalization skills are expanded upon in this, 9:15am Sat Jan 15 May 15; tumblers will learn basic skills such
high-energy class; $130-150; for information 5pm Tue Jan 18 4:15pm Wed Jan 19 as cartwheels, handstands, back bends, and
Musical Theatre for Ages 11-12, classes thru and to register, call 563-888-2227; Davenport more; class begins with stretching to improve
the week of Mar. 31; class develops storytelling Junior Theatre, 2822 Eastern Ave., Davenport Budding Ballet for Ages 3-4, classes thru flexibility and warm ups before working on
and communication skills through acting, IA,, 5:15pm Wed the week of May 15; our tiniest dancers learn tumbling skills; $160-180; for information and
song, and dance; physical coordination and Jan 19 ballet fundamentals and dance class etiquette; to register, call 563-888-2227; Davenport Junior
confidence flourish; no one is required to dancers work on coordination, ballet positions, Theatre, 2822 Eastern Ave., Davenport IA,
sing a solo, as this class is about building Intro to Tech Design for Ages 10+, classes and movements across the floor; $150-170; for, 6:15pm Tue Jan 18
confidence; $130-150; for information and to thru the week of Mar. 31; learn what it takes to information and to register, call 563-888-2227; 5:15pm Thu Jan 20
register, call 563-888-2227; Davenport Junior put up a theatrical production, how to program Davenport Junior Theatre, 2822 Eastern Ave.,
Theatre, 2822 Eastern Ave., Davenport IA, lights, design sound, build a set, and collaborate Davenport IA,, Ballet for Ages 7+, classes thru the week of May, 6pm Mon Jan 17 as a designer with a director; $130-150; for 9am Sat Jan 15 4pm Mon Jan 17 5pm Wed Jan 15; class will work on posture, musicality, and
information and to register, call 563-888-2227; 19 the proper execution of steps; dancers will be
Theatre on a Roll for Ages 12+, classes thru the Davenport Junior Theatre, 2822 Eastern Ave., introduced to basic turns, moving steps, leaps,
week of Mar. 31; learn to create great characters Davenport IA,, Tumble Tots for Ages 3-4, classes thru the week and work on flexibility; $160-180; for information
using Dungeons & Dragons; create your own 4:30pm Wed Jan 19 of May 15; our preschool floor gymnastic classes and to register, call 563-888-2227; Davenport
medieval fantasy character and adventure; teach coordination and class etiquette; all Junior Theatre, 2822 Eastern Ave., Davenport IA,
focus is on storytelling, character creation, and Musical Theatre for Ages 13+, classes thru the classes use floor mats with no use of trampolines, 6pm Wed Jan 19
elements of improv to create great characters week of Mar. 31; class develops storytelling and or bars; tumblers will learn forward and
and stories; $140-160; for information and to communication skills through acting, song, and backwards rolls, cartwheels, and more; $150-170; Beginning Hip Hop for Ages 5-6, classes
register, call 563-888-2227; Davenport Junior dance; physical coordination and confidence for information and to register, call 563-888- thru the week of May 15; students will explore
Theatre, 2822 Eastern Ave., Davenport IA, flourish; no one is required to sing a solo, as this 2227; Davenport Junior Theatre, 2822 Eastern popular basic hip hop steps alongside hip-, 6:45pm Mon Jan class is about building confidence; $130-150; for Ave., Davenport IA, DavenportJuniorTheatre. hop music; this style builds precision and
17 information and to register, call 563-888-2227; com, 10:30am Sat Jan 15 4pm Tue Jan 18 coordination where the focus will be on
Davenport Junior Theatre, 2822 Eastern Ave., 4:15pm Thu Jan 20 developing a dancer’s style; $150-170; for
Acting for Ages 7-8, classes thru the Davenport IA,, information and to register, call 563-888-2227;
week of Mar. 31; this imaginative, high 7pm Wed Jan 19 Intermediate Tap: Teacher Recommended, Davenport Junior Theatre, 2822 Eastern Ave.,
energy environment provides basic theatre classes thru the week of May 15; this course is Davenport IA,,
terminology, improvisation, characterization, Improv for Ages 13+, classes thru the week for students looking to challenge and grow 5:45pm Wed Jan 19
vocal technique and physical skills; the session of Mar. 31; through games and exercises, themselves in their tap technique; more
concludes with an in-person performance; students develop the ability to think quickly complex rhythms and combinations will be Hip Hop for Ages 7-9, classes thru the week
$130-150; for information and to register, and imaginatively; $130-150; for information introduced; $160-180; for information and to of May 15; students will explore popular basic
call 563-888-2227; Davenport Junior and to register, call 563-888-2227; Davenport register, call 563-888-2227; Davenport Junior hip hop steps alongside hip-hop music; this
Theatre, 2822 Eastern Ave., Davenport IA, Junior Theatre, 2822 Eastern Ave., Davenport IA, Theatre, 2822 Eastern Ave., Davenport IA, style builds precision and coordination where, 4pm Tue Jan 18, 7pm Thu Jan 20, 5:30pm Mon Jan the focus will be on developing a dancer’s
6:15pm Wed Jan 19 5:15pm Thu Jan 20 17 style; $160-180; for information and to
Improv for Ages 9-10, classes thru the week register, call 563-888-2227; Davenport Junior
Intermediate Acting for Ages 8-10, classes of Mar. 31; through games and exercises, Lyrical Dance for Ages 9+, classes thru the Theatre, 2822 Eastern Ave., Davenport IA,
thru the week of Mar. 31; building on skills students develop the ability to think quickly week of May 15; this free and fluid style will work, 4:30pm Wed Jan
learned in previous courses, the class provides and imaginatively; $130-150; for information expression and story telling through movement; 19
a greater learning challenge; physicality, and to register, call 563-888-2227; Davenport technique in ballet, jazz, and modern dance
characterization, and vocalization skills are Junior Theatre, 2822 Eastern Ave., Davenport are at the heart of this style; $160-180; for Novice Tumble for Ages 5-7: Teacher
expanded upon; $130-150; for information IA,, 5:30pm Thu information and to register, call 563-888-2227; Recommended, classes thru the week of
and to register, call 563-888-2227; Davenport Jan 20 Davenport Junior Theatre, 2822 Eastern Ave., May 15; tumblers will continue to improve
Junior Theatre, 2822 Eastern Ave., Davenport Davenport IA,, tumbling basics as they are the foundation
IA,, 5:15pm Tue Intermediate Acting for Ages 11+, classes 6pm Mon Jan 17 for intermediate and advanced skills; class
Jan 18 thru the week of Mar. 31; building on skills will begin with a warm up and stretch
learned in previous courses, the class provides Tap for Ages 7+, classes thru the week of session; $160-180; for information and to
Magic for Ages 8+, classes thru the week of Mar. a greater learning challenge; physicality, May 15; this style develops leg and foot register, call 563-888-2227; Davenport Junior
31; led by local magician David Casas; students characterization, and vocalization skills are coordination, timing, and rhythm; dancers Theatre, 2822 Eastern Ave., Davenport IA,
will learn basic slight of hand magic, using expanded upon; $140-160; for information will learn beginner to intermediate skills and, 5:30pm Wed Jan
everyday objects such as cards, coins and rubber and to register, call 563-888-2227; Davenport combinations; $160-180; for information and to 19
bands; new tricks are taught every session; $68- Junior Theatre, 2822 Eastern Ave., Davenport register, call 563-888-2227; Davenport Junior
85; for information and to register, call 563-888- IA,, 6:30pm Thu Theatre, 2822 Eastern Ave., Davenport IA, Beginning Poms for Ages 5-6, classes thru
2227; Davenport Junior Theatre, 2822 Eastern Jan 20, 4:15pm Mon Jan the week of May 15; dancers will learn basic
Ave., Davenport IA, DavenportJuniorTheatre. 17 arm positions that when used in combination
com, 5pm Tue Jan 18 Storytelling Spectacular for Ages 5-6, together create sharp visual effects in routines;
classes thru the week of Mar. 31; explore Ballet/Jazz for Ages 7+, classes thru the week dancers will also learn stretches to improve
Teen Acting, classes thru the week of Mar. 31; storytelling and creative expression in our of May 15; jazz technique is developed from flexibility, basic turns and jumps, and short
a great way to get theatrical training, some introductory improv class that focuses on ballet with small but noticeable differences such combinations; $150-170; for information and to
onstage experience, and meet other teens games and exercises geared toward students as parallel vs turned out feet; ballet is typically register, call 563-888-2227; Davenport Junior
from around the QCA who share an interest developing the ability to think quickly and more fluid where jazz is more upbeat; $170-190; Theatre, 2822 Eastern Ave., Davenport IA,
in theatre; $130-150; for information and to imaginatively; $110-130; for information and to for information and to register, call 563-888-, 4pm Thu Jan 20
register, call 563-888-2227; Davenport Junior register, call 563-888-2227; Davenport Junior 2227; Davenport Junior Theatre, 2822 Eastern
Keep the Reader Alive and Free Since '93. FREE ASSANGE. River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 29 No. 993 • January 2022 11
Intermediate & Advanced Lyrical Dance: Hoosier Arenacross Nationals, two nights of
Teacher Recommended, classes thru the extreme-racing events; for… TaxSlayer Center,
week of May 15; dancers with previous lyrical 7pm Fri Jan 21 and Sat Jan 22
experience will continue their growth in dance
expression and musicality; class will focus Adult Tabletop Adventures Guild (TAG):
on advanced turns, jumps, and tricks as well Dungeons & Dragons, adults to get together
as more in depth story telling; $160-180; for and roleplay, role dice, and have… LeClaire
information and to register, call 563-888-2227; Community Library, 6pm Thu Jan 27
Davenport Junior Theatre, 2822 Eastern Ave.,
Davenport IA,, From Word to Word Made Flesh, led by Fr. Mike
5:30pm Thu Jan 20 Schaab; Bible study, scriptural reflection and…
Our Lady of the Prairie Retreat, 9am Sat Jan 29
Intermediate & Advanced Poms: Teacher
Recommended, classes thru the week of May Lunar New Year Gala, a brilliant artistic
15; dancers will learn basic arm positions that celebration of Asia’s largest holiday; the rich…
when used in combination together create sharp Coralville Center for the Performing Arts, 6pm
visual effects in routines; dancers will also learn Sun Jan 30
stretches to improve flexibility, basic turns and
jumps, and short combinations; $160-180; for Spice Up Your Life, join us each month as we
information and to register, call 563-888-2227; try a new spice,… Davenport Public Library -
Davenport Junior Theatre, 2822 Eastern Ave., Fairmount Street Branch, 6:30pm Tue Feb 1
Davenport IA,,
6:45pm Thu Jan 20

Intermediate & Advanced Tumble: Teacher LECTURES

Recommended, classes thru the week of
May 15; tumblers will continue to improve Resume Building, a skills presentation led by
tumbling basics as they are the foundation Angela Striegel from Black Hawk… Bettendorf
for intermediate and advanced skills; class Public Library, 7pm Thu Jan 6
will begin with a warm up and stretch
session; $170-190; for information and to Joe Gatto @ Rhythm City Casino Resort -- January 13 Telling Your Family History for Future
register, call 563-888-2227; Davenport Junior Generations with Dan Foley, we will discuss
Theatre, 2822 Eastern Ave., Davenport IA, reasons for considering creating a family, 6:30pm Thu Jan archive,… Davenport Public Library - Main

20 evening;… The Circa ’21 Speakeasy, 8pm Sat Branch, 6:30pm Thu Jan 6
Jan 22
Poms for Ages 7+, classes thru the week of May Virtual Opening the Box: Scrapbooking
15; dancers will learn basic arm positions that Quad City Storm vs. Huntsville, professional through the Ages, explore and learn about

when used in combination together create sharp minor league hockey; for information and the curious world of archives and… Davenport
visual effects in routines; dancers will also learn tickets, call 309-277-1343… TaxSlayer Center, Fri Public Library - Main Branch, 2:30pm Fri Jan 7
stretches to improve flexibility, basic turns and Jan 7 and Sat Jan 8
jumps, and short combinations; $160-180; for Jugendstil: Art for All, at the turn of the 20th The Trader at Rock Island: George Davenport
information and to register, call 563-888-2227; century,… German American Heritage Center, UFC 270: Ngannou vs Gane, feared knockout and the Founding of the Quad Cities,
Davenport Junior Theatre, 2822 Eastern Ave., thru Sun Jan 9 artist Francis Ngannou defends his crown presentation by Regena Trant Schantz for the
Davenport IA,, against interim titlist Ciryl Gane; free; for Rock Island-Moline Branch of the… Butterworth
5pm Thu Jan 20 Birds & You, the exhibit examines the role we all information, call 563-328-8000… Rhythm City Center, 10am Sat Jan 8
can play in… Putnam Museum & Science Center, Casino Resort Rhythm Room, 9pm Sat Jan 22
Tribute National Talent Competition, for thru Mon Jan 31 Rock Island Arsenal 160th Anniversary
information, visit… Adler Quad City Storm vs. Peoria, professional minor Series: The Battle of the Rock Island Rapids,
Theatre, Fri Jan 21 thru Sun Jan 23 Faces of the Past, an original Putnam exhibit league hockey; for information and tickets, call join Kevin Braafladt, the Army Sustainment
that explores portraiture around the world… 309-277-1343… TaxSlayer Center, Fri Jan 28 Command Deputy Historian at… Davenport
PrimeTime Dance National Talent Putnam Museum & Science Center, thru Mon Public Library - Main Branch, 6pm Wed Jan 12
Competition, for information, visit Jan 31 Quad City Storm vs. Knoxville, professional… Adler Theatre, Fri Jan 28 minor league hockey; for information and Rock Island Arsenal 160th Anniversary Series:
thru Sun Jan 30 Oma’s Haus: Highlights from the Home, view tickets, call 309-277-1343… TaxSlayer Center, Sat The Battle of the Rock Island Rapids, learn
items from the GAHC’s collection and… German Jan 29 and Sun Jan 30 about the history of the Rock Island Arsenal
Dancing with the Stars: Live Tour 2022, the American Heritage Center, thru Wed Feb 2 from… Rock Island Public Library - Downtown
tour delivers a spectacular night of pulse- Library, 2pm Wed Jan 12

pounding dance performances… Adler Theatre, Pieces of the Past: Grandma Julia Koenig
8pm Wed Feb 2 Blocker’s Vintage Christmas Cards, Julia Virtual Presentation – Exploring
Koenig Blocker was one Davenport local who Intersections: Education Justice, a live-
could trace… German American Heritage Center, Call for Submissions: Eddy Award streamed conversation series in the “Catholic

COMEDY thru Wed Feb 2 Nominations, River Action applauds excellent Sisters on Racism,… Humility of Mary Center,
work with the… River Action, Thu Jan 6 thru 3pm Wed Jan 12
Winter Wheels: Antique Motorcycle Tue Jan 25
Ran Barncelo, standup comedian performs in Exhibition, this exhibition features vintage, Foreign Language and You: Your Home,
the Tomfoolery on Tremont series; for… Renwick classic, and antique motorcycles… Putnam Viva La Divas, the area’s hottest drag show Your Voyage, take your French, Mandarin or
Mansion, 8pm Sun Jan 9 Museum & Science Center, thru Wed Feb 2 delivers unforgettable production numbers as… Portuguese from hesitant to conversant…
The Circa ’21 Speakeasy, 8pm Fri Jan 7 Davenport Public Library - Eastern Avenue
Joe Gatto, an evening with the comedian German American Heritage Center Branch, 6:30pm Thu Jan 13
from the hit TV shows “Impractical Jokers” Community Open House, Jan. 8 & 9; enjoy free Showbiz National Talent Competition, for
and “The Misery Index”; $25-45; for tickets and admission to the museum… German American information, visit… Adler Remembering Dr. King, join us for this special
information, call 844-852-4FUN; Rhythm City Heritage Center, Sat Jan 8 thru Sun Jan 9 Theatre, Fri Jan 7 thru Sun Jan 9 presentation by the Friends of… Davenport
Casino Resort Event Center, 7077 Elmore Ave., Public Library - Fairmount Street Branch, 6:30pm
Davenport IA,, 8pm Thu Family Scrabble Tournament, grab the Thu Jan 13

Jan 13 prestigious title of Scrabble Boss in this family-
friendly… Davenport Public Library - Eastern Virtual Spice Club 2.0: Chinese Five Spice, this
Jim Belushi and the Board of Comedy, an Avenue Branch, 2pm Sat Jan 8 group meets once a month on Zoom to talk…
evening with the TV and film actor/comedian; Interactive Movie Kit: Labyrinth, enjoy a Rock Island Public Library - Downtown Library,
$25 &… John & Alice Butler Hall - University of fun family movie night at home; kits will… Doki Doki Anime Club: Lunar New Year 5:30pm Thu Jan 13
Dubuque Heritage Center, 7:30pm Thu Jan 13 Davenport Public Library - Main Branch, 2pm Celebratio, watch a variety of anime you get to
Mon Jan 10 vote on… LeClaire Community Library, 5pm Tue Feeding Backyard Wildlife, join Naturalist,
Nate Bargatze, an evening with the comedian Jan 11 Becky Baugh, from the Wapsi River
and podcaster on his “The… Adler Theatre, 7pm Interactive Movie Kit: Coco, enjoy a fun family Environmental Education… Davenport Public
Sun Jan 16 movie night at home; kits will… Davenport Adult Tabletop Adventures Guild (TAG): Library - Fairmount Street Branch, 1pm Tue Jan
Public Library - Main Branch, 2pm Tue Jan 18 Dungeons & Dragons, adults to get together 18
Rocky LaPorte, an evening with the touring and roleplay, role dice, and have… LeClaire
comedian from season 8 of NBC’s “Last Comic Afternoon Classics, join us as we watch classic Community Library, 6pm Thu Jan 13 Third Thursday at Hoover’s: Behind the
Standing”; $15; for information, call 563-328- movies starring your favorite… Davenport Scenes at the Archives, Hoover Presidential
8000; Rhythm City Casino Resort Rhythm Public Library - Eastern Avenue Branch, 2pm Chess Club, an all-ages chess club that will Library archivist Matthew Schaefer shares “A
Room, 7077 Elmore Ave., Davenport IA, Wed Jan 19 allow enthusiasts to find… Bettendorf Public Few of… LeClaire Community Library, 6pm Thu, 7pm Sun Jan 16 Library, 10am Sat Jan 15 Jan 20
Interactive Movie Kit: Monsters, Inc., enjoy
Laugh Hard Comedy Show, stand-up comedy a fun family movie night at home; kits will… Lord of the Rings Trivia Night, share your Trax from the Stax: Stevie Wonder in the ’70s,
show featuring many hilarious comedians from Davenport Public Library - Main Branch, 2pm Tolkien knowledge and compete for cash prizes; Troy Rangel will talk about the songs and albums
across the… The Circa ’21 Speakeasy, 8pm Fri Mon Jan 24 up… The Tangled Wood, 7pm Tue Jan 18 Stevie… Bettendorf Public Library, 7pm Thu Jan
Jan 21 20
Interactive Movie Kit: Fantastic Beasts & Come to the Quiet, led by Pat Shea; an
Shots and Giggles, improv comedy and Where to Find Them, enjoy a fun family movie opportunity to step away from… Our Lady of the
drinking crash together into one hilarious night at home; kits will… Davenport Public Prairie Retreat, 9:30am Wed Jan 19
Library - Main Branch, 2pm Mon Jan 31 Continued On Page 12
12 River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 29 No. 993 • January 2022 FREE ASSANGE. Know More. Do More.

Unfiltered: The Hidden Brain, discuss topics Coal Valley City Council Meeting, held on the (Center for Active Seniors), 11:30am thru Wed

LECTURES from the group-voted podcast of the month; first and third Wednesdays of each month;… Feb 2
hosted… Iron + Grain Coffee House - Davenport, Coal Valley Village Hall, 6pm Wed Jan 19
6:30pm Mon Jan 10 NAMI (National Alliance for Mental Illness),
Davenport City Council Committee of the Mon.-Fri. by appointment; for information, call
Virtual Presentation – 3rd Thursday at Rock Island City Council Meeting, Public Whole Meeting, the Davenport City Council 563-386-7477 ext. 266… CASI (Center for Active
Hoover’s Presidential Library & Museum Comment is held at the beginning of City meets on the first and third… Davenport City Seniors), thru Wed Feb 2
Presents “A Few of My Favorite Things” by Council… Rock Island City Hall, 6:45pm Mon Jan Hall, 5:30pm Wed Jan 19
Matthew Schaefer, Hoover Presidential Library 10 and Mon Jan 24 Reflexology, Mon.-Fri. by appointment; $20/
archivist Matthew Schaefer shares “A Few of… Illinois Freedom Alliance Town Hall Meeting, session; for information, call 563-349-5832…
Davenport Public Library - Main Branch, 6pm Sherrard City Council Meeting, held on the with the IFA Presentation Meet your PCs / Poll CASI (Center for Active Seniors), thru Wed Feb 2
Thu Jan 20 second Monday of the month; for information,… Watchers… The Logger House Bar & Grill, 5pm
Sherrard City Hall, 7pm Mon Jan 10 Wed Jan 19 SHIIP (Senior Health Insurance Information
Searching for the Snow Leopard, the Snow Program), Mon.-Fri. by appointment; free; for
Leopard Conservancy shares stories and images Geneseo City Council Meeting, meets on the Virtual Event: EICC Board of Trustees information, call 563-386-7477… CASI (Center for
from photographers… Davenport Public Library 2nd Tuesday of the month; for information,… Meeting, held via Zoom; for information, call Active Seniors), thru Wed Feb 2
- Eastern Avenue Branch, 2pm Sat Jan 22 Geneseo City Council Chambers, 6pm Tue Jan 11 563-336-3300… Eastern Iowa Community
College District, 7pm Mon Jan 24 CASI Book Club, $2/meeting; for information,
Collecting The Beatles On Records! Yeah! Village of Erie Board/City Council Meeting, call 563-386-7477… CASI (Center for Active
Yeah! Yeah!, David Baker, an experienced held on the 2nd Tuesday of the month; for Erie School District Board Meeting, held Seniors), 10am Fri Jan 7
second-generation Beatles fan, will have tips… information,… Village of Erie Office, 6pm Tue on the 4th Monday of the month in the… Erie
LeClaire Community Library, 6pm Mon Jan 24 Jan 11 Community Unit School District No. 1, 6:30pm The Vanishing Half, a discussion of Brit
Mon Jan 24 Bennett’s book; $2/person; for information,
Identify Domestic Violence, join our program Moline City Council Committee of the Whole call… CASI (Center for Active Seniors), 10am Fri
in person or virtually to learn the… Davenport Meeting / Regular Meeting, meets in Council Illinois Freedom Alliance Town Hall Meeting, Jan 7
Public Library - Main Branch, 6:30pm Mon Jan Chambers; the formal City Council meeting is… with speakers TBA and featuring a gun raffle;
24 Moline City Hall, 6pm Tue Jan 11 and Tue Jan 25 5pm order… Welcome Inn Restaurant, 5pm Sat Friday Afternoon Bingo, on Fridays; no
Jan 29 admission fee, card costs are $0.25 &… CASI
Get Your Local Business on Google Search Riverdale City Council Meeting, held on the (Center for Active Seniors), 1pm Fri Jan 7 thru
and Maps, ensure customers can find accurate, 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month;… Riverdale Bettendorf City Council Meeting, recorded Fri Jan 28
updated information about your local… City Hall, 7pm Tue Jan 11 and Tue Jan 25 meetings can be seen at or City’s
Davenport Public Library - Main Branch, 4pm Cable… Bettendorf City Hall, 7pm Tue Feb 1 Senior Theatre: Second Avenue Players, on
Tue Jan 25 Rock Island-Milan Board of Education Fridays; bring your theatrical side to CASI’s
Meeting, held in the school library on the 2nd & Scott County Board of Supervisors senior theater… CASI (Center for Active Seniors),
Intro to Collections Management, join Onnica 4th… Rock Island High School, 6pm Tue Jan 11 Committee of the Whole Meeting, the board 10:30am Fri Jan 7 thru Fri Jan 28
Marquez and learn how to properly handle, and Tue Jan 25 will review legislative actions, administrative
store,… St. Ambrose University, 5:15pm Tue Jan items, and contracts; for… Scott County Zumba Gold, Tue. & Thu. 9am, Fri. 10:15am; $3/
25 Rock Island Committee of the Whole Meeting, Administrative Center, 8pm Tue Feb 1 person; for information, call… CASI (Center for
held on the 2nd Wednesday of the month Active Seniors), 10:15am Fri Jan 7 thru Fri Jan
Life & Estate Planning: The Tools of the Trade (subject to… Rock Island County Office Building, Silvis City Council Meeting, held on the 1st & 28
& How to Use Them, the presentation will cover 5:30pm Wed Jan 12 3rd Tuesday of each month;… Silvis City Hall,
the last will & testament, trusts,… Davenport 6:30pm Tue Feb 1 Bridge, on Mondays & Fridays; $2-5; for
Public Library - Fairmount Street Branch, 1pm Davenport City Council Meeting, the information, call 563-386-7477… CASI (Center
Tue Jan 25 Davenport City Council meets on the first and Coal Valley City Hall Meeting, held on the first for Active Seniors), 11:30am Fri Jan 7 thru Mon
third… Davenport City Hall, 5:30pm Wed Jan 12 and third Wednesdays of each month;… Coal Jan 31
Stories from Around the World, presented by and Wed Jan 26 Valley Village Hall, 6pm Wed Feb 2
the World Affairs Council of the Quad Cities;… CASI Walking Club, on Mon., Wed., and Fri.;
Bettendorf Public Library, 7pm Tue Jan 25 Illinois Freedom Alliance Town Hall Meeting, Davenport City Council Committee of the free; for information, call 563-386-7477… CASI
with the IFA Presentation Running for Office – Whole Meeting, the Davenport City Council (Center for Active Seniors), 8am Fri Jan 7 thru
How to Plan Your Funeral Service, led by Petition Drive… Riverside Grille, 5pm Thu Jan 13 meets on the first and third… Davenport City Wed Feb 2
Pastor Dianne Prichard, from 9:30am-noon and Hall, 5:30pm Wed Feb 2
6-8:30pm; join… Our Lady of the Prairie Retreat, Library Board of Trustees Meeting, free; for Courtside Styling Salon, Fri. & Mon.-Wed. by
Wed Jan 26 information, call 563-344-4175… Bettendorf appointment; for information, call 563-265-

Public Library, 5pm Thu Jan 13 2150… CASI (Center for Active Seniors), Fri Jan 7
Sustainable Stewardship: Barb Arland-Fye thru Wed Feb 2
Interview Series, Barb interviews Delia Moon Moline Public Library Board of Trustees
Meier, senior vice president of Iowa… Our Lady Meeting, agendas are available prior to the Zoom Chair Yoga, on Thursdays; Daina Lewis, Euchre, on Wed. & Fri.; $2/session; for
of the Prairie Retreat, 5pm Thu Jan 27 meetings; minutes are available… Moline Public a Registered Yoga Teacher, will teach… Moline information, call 563-386-7477… CASI (Center
Library, noon Thu Jan 13 Public Library, 11am Thu Jan 6 thru Thu Jan 27 for Active Seniors), 12:45pm Fri Jan 7 thru Wed
Human Trafficking: Becoming an Abolitionist, Feb 2
human trafficking is a crime involving the Bettendorf City Council Committee of the Deep Peace Yin Yoga, Sound Healing & Yogic
exploitation of someone… Davenport Public Whole Meeting, recorded meetings can be seen Sleep, led by Rev. Dr. Catherine Quehl-Engel; Shuffleboard, on Mondays; $2/person; for
Library - Fairmount Street Branch, 6:30pm Thu at or City’s Cable… Bettendorf using a tranquil, slow,… Our Lady of the Prairie information, call 563-386-7477… CASI (Center
Jan 27 City Hall, 5pm Mon Jan 17 Retreat, 10am Wed Jan 12 for Active Seniors), 1pm Mon Jan 10 thru Mon
Jan 31
The Play with Rocky Bleier, four-time Super East Moline City Council Regular Meeting / The Complexities of Caregiving and Self Care:
Bowl champion Rocky Bleier performs his one- Committee of the Whole Meeting, meets on How Can We Manage Both?, led by Chris Pries; Ugly Quilts, on Mondays; volunteer group; no
man show… John & Alice Butler Hall - University the 1st and 3rd Monday of every month;… East millions of Americans take care of… Our Lady of sewing experience necessary; free; for… CASI
of Dubuque Heritage Center, 7:30pm Fri Jan 28 Moline Council Chambers at City Hall, 6:30pm the Prairie Retreat, 9am Thu Jan 13 (Center for Active Seniors), 9am Mon Jan 10
Mon Jan 17 thru Mon Jan 31

Aledo City Council Committee of the Whole Zumba Toning, on Mondays; $3/person; for
Meeting / Regular Meeting, held on the 1st and information, call 563-386-7477… CASI (Center
3rd Mondays of each month; Committee… Aledo for Active Seniors), 10:15am Mon Jan 10 thru
Scott County Board of Supervisors Regular City Council Chamber, 6:15pm Mon Jan 17 Bob Gaston New Horizons Band Practice, on Mon Jan 31
Meeting, activities may include voting on Thursdays; $2-5; for information, call 563-386-
actions and conducting public hearings;… Scott Milan City Council Meeting, held on the 7477… CASI (Center for Active Seniors), 12:30pm Winter Tree Diamond Painting Class, join
County Administrative Center, 5pm Thu Jan 6 first and third Monday of the month;… Milan thru Thu Jan 27 CASI’s own Amy Warren as she leads you
and Thu Jan 20 Municipal Center, 5:30pm Mon Jan 17 through… CASI (Center for Active Seniors), 9am
Card Embroidery, on Thursdays; learn how to Tue Jan 11
Goose Hollow Prayer Garden Open Bettendorf City Council Meeting, recorded create fun embroidery greeting cards… CASI
for Outdoor Prayer, at 1006 Western meetings can be seen at or City’s (Center for Active Seniors), 9am thru Thu Jan 27 Beginning Line Dancing, on Tuesdays; $2/
Ave., Davenport; for information, e-mail Cable… Bettendorf City Hall, 7pm Tue Jan 18 person; for information, call 563-386-7477… or… Goose Hollow, Zumba Gold, Thu. 9am, Fri. 10:15am; $3/person; CASI (Center for Active Seniors), 10:15am Tue
Thu Jan 6 thru Wed Feb 2 Rock Island County Board Regular Meeting, for information, call 563-386-7477… CASI (Center Jan 11 thru Tue Feb 1
all meetings are open to the public, but may for Active Seniors), 9am thru Thu Jan 27
Muscatine City Council Meeting, meets on the be… Rock Island County Office Building, 5:30pm Canasta, on Tuesdays; $2/session; for
first, second, and third Thursday of each… City Tue Jan 18 Billiards, Mon.-Fri.; $1/day; for information, call information, call 563-386-7477… CASI (Center for
Hall of Muscatine, 7pm Thu Jan 6 and Thu Jan 563-386-7477… CASI (Center for Active Seniors), Active Seniors), 1pm Tue Jan 11 thru Tue Feb 1
20 Scott County Board of Supervisors 8am thru Wed Feb 2
Committee of the Whole Meeting, the board Chair Yoga, on Tuesdays; with Logan Anderson,
Quad Cities Social Action Committee, for will review legislative actions, administrative Home Helpers, Mon.-Fri. by appointment; for owner of All Strong Fitness;… CASI (Center for
information, e-mail; items, and contracts; for… Scott County information, call 563-386-7477 ext. 253… CASI Active Seniors), 2pm Tue Jan 11 thru Tue Feb 1
help protest unfair treatment of the elderly… Administrative Center, 8pm Tue Jan 18 (Center for Active Seniors), thru Wed Feb 2
Sippi’s Fine Food and Cocktails, 12:30pm Fri Jan Crocheting & Knitting, on Tuesdays; volunteer
7 Silvis City Council Meeting, held on the 1st & Low Impact Exercise, Mon., Wed., & Fri. 9-10am, group; free; for information, call 563-386-7477…
3rd Tuesday of each month;… Silvis City Hall, Tue. 11am-2pm, Thu. 11am-noon; $2/person;… CASI (Center for Active Seniors), 12:30pm Tue
Quad Cities Mississippi Valley Ski and Social 6:30pm Tue Jan 18 CASI (Center for Active Seniors), thru Wed Feb 2 Jan 11 thru Tue Feb 1
Club (QCMVSC), come at 6:30pm if you would
like to order dinner… Granite City Food & Milestones AAA Meal Site, Mon.-Fri; meals
Brewery, 7pm Mon Jan 10 must be reserved 24 to 48 hours in… CASI Continued On Page 22
Keep the Reader Alive and Free Since '93. FREE ASSANGE. River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 29 No. 993 • January 2022 13
THEATRE By Rochelle Arnold, Pamela Briggs, Madeline Dudziak, and Mike Schulz

Picks o' Six 2021

mela). A big show requires massive amounts of an intimate space, offering great direction
of time and exertion, even if done poorly. to her two-actor cast: Anthony Hendricks as
Director Sara Tubbs’ production, however, ran Dr. Martin Luther King and Erica Faye as the
amazingly smoothly, with many exceedingly mysterious maid Camae. This drama was a
Highlights from the Year in Area Theatre talented folks working in harmony. Like the poignant look into the unique inner struggles

movie, it was a gratifying panoramic feast for of one of history’s most influential civil-rights
ith the fruits of our non-laborious three times. When someone contributed two eyes and ears – but, being live, worlds better. leaders.
labors landing in your laps (or on mentions to a category, those choices had to
your laptops) as a special New Year come from works at two different venues. You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown, Spot- Tommy Ratkiewicz-Stierwalt, The Music
gift, your intrepid theatre correspondents Every title had to be produced in the area – light Theatre (Rochelle Arnold). Directed Man, Countryside Community Theatre
Rochelle Arnold, Pamela Briggs, Madeline making touring stops at Davenports Adler and produced by Spotlight co-founders (Pamela). Ratkiewicz-Stierwalt led a big cast
Dudziak, and I officially welcome you to the Theatre, for instance, ineligible – and no one Brent and Sara Tubbs, this show had colorful through well-loved musical numbers and
sixth-annual Reader Tony Awards! Now could hand a figurative Tony to a spouse, characters, whimsical props, and bright set wordy scenes. The leads sang dazzlingly, acted
returned to full fighting strength after 2020’s family member, or editor, though productions designs. A playful musical nicely put together naturally, and presented novel takes on their
truncated-by-necessity ceremony! they were involved with were fair game. Ties with lots of imagination, the lighthearted pro- characters. The townsfolk sang and danced
For those who don’t remember, and for were allowed, but only when two or more per- duction featured cartoon animations periodi- their hearts out. The kids were exceptionally
those who understandably choose not to, formers from the same show had equivalent cally flashing onto a backdrop, plus fantastic talented. The topnotch crew put everything
the Reader’s annual celebration of local and stage time. And yes, you’ll be relieved to learn, lighting that added wonderful silhouettes. together beautifully. Nothing halfway about
local-ish stage accomplishments was pan- no one’s individual write-up was allowed to this production.
demically forced to look a little different last exceed 50 words. I have yet to meet anyone Director
year, considering that our area’s traditional who either wrote for or read the Reader Tonys Cait Bodenbender, Red, Mississippi Bend Mike Turczysnki, The Whistleblower’s
assemblage of 80-ish theatrical productions who had a problem with that. Players (Madeline). This glorious production Dilemma, Playcrafters Barn Theatre
was whittled down to, like, 12. Troupers that Sadly, our annual recap does come with the looked at the concept of art as a whole: the (Madeline). Staging brand-new works can
we are, we went on with the show regard- news that Rochelle Arnold – who contributed creative process and ultimate value. Certainly be difficult, especially when the playwright is
less, but in a format that only allowed for six more than five dozen articles since her Reader a demanding challenge, but Bodenbender checking in, too. But Turczynski is a fantastic
categories as opposed to the usual 10, and only debut in the spring of 2018 – has decided to slayed it with a production that was both visu- director to bring something to life for the first
two write-ups for each category instead of the move on from regular reviewing duties, and ally stunning and mentally stimulating. Her time. With its great physical comedy, swift
six we initiated in 2019. her talents and enthusiasm will certainly be directing acumen guided the whole experi- scene transitions, and awesome staging all
And in all honesty, our area still didn’t missed. But with Pamela Briggs and Madeline ence to a crescendo of artistic prowess. around, Turczynski’s production was some-
completely return to über-expansive form in Dudziak happily still on-board, we’ll continue thing to be proud of.
2021. While an absence of their titles hope- to provide the informative, incisive, and enter- Jennifer Popple, Macbeth, Augustana
fully won’t continue into 2022, there were no taining area-theatre coverage you’ve come College (Mike). Following her springtime Lead Actress
new shows from the Prenzie Players, the QC to expect, and will no doubt be adding a new knockout One Flea Spare, Popple crafted a Cait Bodenbender, Mollie Schmelzer, and
Theatre Workshop, or New Ground Theatre. voice or two to the team in 2022. sleek, stylish, legit-scary and -funny Scottish Melita Tunnicliff, Hippolytus, Genesius Guild
Venues such as the Playcrafters Barn Theatre, So stay tuned – and in the meantime, enjoy Play, and while Shelley Cooper’s movement (Madeline). As a constant stage presence, this
the Richmond Hill Barn Theatre, the Circa ‘21 the 2021 Reader Tonys! It’s great to be back! coaching was sublime, it augmented – rather Greek chorus was a indeed a constant presence
Dinner Playhouse, and the Spotlight Theatre Like, for realz back! than overwhelmed – the director’s inspired throughout Michael Callahan’s production.
found their seasons starting later in the year – Mike Schulz guidance of actors and expert staging. This What a trio! Whether speaking in unison of-
than usual. Quad City Music Guild, Augus- Macbeth was worth catching twice. So I did. fering commentary, guiding the stage action,
tana College, and St. Ambrose University Production or merely listening intently while sorting their
delivered months of virtual presentations The 25th Annual Putnam County Spell- Kayla Jo Pulliam, I & You, Black Box Theatre washing, Bodenbender, Schmelzer, and Tun-
before re-opening their doors to the public. ing Bee, Timber Lake Playhouse (Pamela (Pamela). A one-set production in which nicliff were a genuinely captivating group.
Genesius Guild produced fewer works than in Briggs). Director Natalie Novacek’s backwa- two teens sat around talking about school,
the past; the Mississippi Bend Players switched ter-brainiac battle featured bright tweens of music, and poetry – but bigger than that. This Noel Jean Huntley, Macbeth, Augustana Col-
to a season of one-weekend runs. many temperaments, with six adults providing intriguing drama-with-comedy ended with a lege (Madeline). There truly aren’t enough posi-
But consider what did happen! Professional genius portrayals. Those playing adults were hugely shocking revelation that literally tears tive adjectives to describe Huntley. Her spin on
summer-stock companies the Clinton Area likewise brilliant. Every voice was powerful; this little world apart, and Pulliam did mar- Lady Macbeth was unbelievably impassioned,
Showboat Theatre and Mt. Carroll’s Timber the acting and improv cracklingly comical. velous wonders with this moving, outstand- and she leaned into the grief her character felt
Lake Playhouse – both shuttered for 2020 – Trances, crushes, rants, cartwheels, sabotage, ing, hard-to-stage play. without restraint while manipulating her way to the
came roaring back to life, as did Eldridge’s a divine visitation, and a kid dancing on one top; Huntley stole focus in all the right ways. This
Countryside Community Theatre. Moline’s foot spelled F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C. Kira Rangel, The Mountaintop, Mockingbird performance was nothing short of phenomenal.
Black Box Theatre opened nine shows between on Main (Rochelle). Rangel made skillful use
March and December. Davenport’s new venue Constellations, Clinton Area Showboat Continued On Page 14
The Mockingbird on Main was launched and Theatre (Mike Schulz). An achingly roman-
produced a half-dozen works over the last tic, imaginative two-hander by Nick Payne,
six months. And unlike their combined 10 in directed by the magnificent James Beaudry,
2020, Rochelle, Pamela, and Madeline were starring the staggeringly gifted Timber Lake
able to review a full 57 area stage productions Playhouse alumni Jess Ford and Alexandra
this year, with yours truly also managing to E. Palkovic. No way was I missing this. There
get his butt to a theatre nearly two dozen times was probably also no way I wasn’t going to fall
since March. It may not have been 2019 again, madly in love with it.
but it sure as hell wasn’t 2020!
That being said, there were still several Deck the Halls: A Holiday Musical, Mocking-
area productions that, because of scheduling bird on Main (Madeline Dudziak). This de-
conflicts, our team was collectively unable to lightful little dose of yuletide cheer provided
cover, for which we sincerely apologize. But lots of laughs and enough Christmas spirit to
as always, the Reader Tonys are meant to be help Santa’s sleigh fly for years. With just a cast
a representation of the awesomeness of our of four and running under an hour, Tristan
area-theatre scene as opposed to any kind Tapscott’s pint-sized original show was here to
of final word on the subject. So we chose to remind us all to not underestimate new works.
take a slightly different tack to reach a similar
result this year: the same 10 categories that we Mamma Mia!, Quad City Music Guild (Mad-
covered from 2016 to 2019, but with our three eline). A talented cast, beautiful set, stunning
reviewers and myself offering one-and-a-half lights, completely unique and hilariously good
opinions per. Everyone got to submit an entry flipper dance, background actors serving an
for each category, and then Rochelle, Pamela, actual purpose, glorious costumes, and ABBA
and Madeline chose five additional categories tunes? Colleen Houlihan’s production was
they wanted to augment with another men- every bit the unmitigated joy 2021 needed. A
tion. I added my two cents to the five catego- phenomenal and triumphant return to live
ries remaining, and presto! Picks o’ Six 2021! theatre in Prospect Park.
Ain’t math grand? Caleb Mathura and Roy Brown in
As in the past, the same rules applied. No The Sound of Music, Spotlight Theatre (Pa- the Timber Lake Playhouse's Jesus Christ Superstar.
one could personally cite a show more than
14 River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 29 No. 993 • January 2022 FREE ASSANGE. Know More. Do More.

Caleb Mathura, Jesus Christ Superstar, familiar favorites, Patterson stole focus more devastating pandemic. The actor’s malignant
Theatre Picks o' Six: Cont. from Page 13 Timber Lake Playhouse (Rochelle). A rising than once with Mrs. White’s silent responses yet hilarious creepiness made you fear for
Noel Jean Huntley and Kira Rangel, Beehive: star for sure, Mathura’s portrayal of Jesus was to the goings-on in Boddy Mansion. Under anyone physically encountering the man. But
The ‘60s Musical, Circa ‘21 Dinner Playhouse absolutely breathtaking – one of the best I’ve Dana Skiles’ direction, people kept dying right at least he was outside.
(Mike). While their co-stars were wonderful, ever seen. His falsetto was remarkable, with and left, but Patterson’s reactions never got
Beehive generally belongs to its Tina/Aretha a piercing quality so appropriate for this role, less interesting … even with flames on the side Brad Hauskins, The Church Basement Ladies
and Janis tribute artists – and Rangel and and Mathura employed his expressive eyes of her face. in You Smell Barn, Circa ‘21 Dinner Play-
Huntley effing owned this production. These and facial expressions to make you feel his house (Rochelle). Hauskins was impressive
powerhouse vocalists/interpreters should every emotion. Susan Perrin-Sallak, Outside Mullingar, as he played three different musical-comedy
immediately tour solo showcases for all three Richmond Hill Barn Theatre (Mike). Maybe roles. But I particularly enjoyed him as Tillie,
icons. Granted, that would require cloning Philip Tunnicliff, Hippolytus, Genesius a sentimental choice, considering Perrin- the local columnist tapping away on her type-
Rangel. It feels like a science experiment Guild (Mike). Another face-masked perfor- Sallak has played my stage mom three separate writer singing “Tillie’s Tidbits” as she rolled
worth exploring. mance – but this one intentional, not circum- times. Her regality, subtle emotionalism, and around in a chair, and resembling Tootsie with
stantial! No doubt employing his years as a razor-sharp comic instincts as a grieving Irish a curly red wig, bright orange hat, and white
Adrienne Jane, I & You, Black Box Theatre Guild vet, Tunnicliff made you feel deeply for widow, however, made me wish I was her child cat eyeglasses.
(Pamela). Caroline is a caustic, mercurial a man who, in truth, was oftentimes a douche. a fourth time. Apologies, Jessica White. You
teenager, critically ill, and trying to evade a That Hippolytus’ tragic fate still meant some- were fantastic. I still totally wanted your role. Greg O’Neill, The Whistleblower’s Dilemma,
strange classmate, and Jane did exceptional thing was testament to the actor’s abjectly Playcrafters Barn Theatre (Madeline). No
work displaying the shifting hues of this honest, bighearted portrayal. Sara Wegener, Dick Tracy: A Live Radio Play, one embodies “Featured Actor” more than
complex, emotional girl trying to be cool and Black Box Theatre (Madeline). I loved how this production’s O’Neill. Playing a multitude
controlled. She made Caroline a rich, fully real Featured Actress Wegener brought apparent disinterest to an of characters ranging from an evil boss to a
person – not just a stereotypical defiant youth. Katelyn Baughman, The 25th Annual Put- entirely new level with her character in Lora drunken bar patron, he was completely com-
nam County Spelling Bee, Timber Lake Play- Adams’ production. If there was a contest for mitted to whichever role he portrayed. Even
Kim Kurtenbach, Disenchanted!, Circa ‘21 house (Pamela). Quintessential overachiever the best stage scream in 2021, Wegener would his villain was lovable – a testament to O’Neill
Dinner Playhouse (Rochelle). Kurtenbach 13-year-old Marcy is a superstar in languages, win that category, too, because her dead- bringing his all to his performance(s).
shined in this Disney-princess satire. She was music, and sports. The energetic, charming panned shrieks were the absolute funniest
the comedic epitome of Snow White – one Baughman, meanwhile, sang frenetically of things I’ve seen/heard in years. Daniel Williams, Irving Berlin’s Holiday Inn,
a little rough around the edges, but dressed Marcy’s accomplishments, dancing around Quad City Music Guild (Madeline). Admit-
to the nines – and combined sassy with sexy the stage and expressing both pride and Featured Actor tedly, Williams often plays the same slightly
when delivering lines such as “Do I look like I unbearable stress. When Marcy threw the Kevin Babbitt, Outside Mullingar, Richmond buffoonish, over-dramatic character that
need to wait for a prince?” bee, her joy at defying expectations instead of Hill Barn Theatre (Pamela). When Babbitt features his ability to charm, sweeping vocals,
exceeding them was contagious. first entered, his Tony exuded weary stoicism. and excellent dancing. But if it ain’t broke,
Wrigley Mancha, Matilda: The Musical, When he spoke, he unleashed cranky bluster don’t fix it, and Williams was phenomenal as
Quad City Music Guild (Mike). Despite Abbey Donohoe, Company, Black Box in a formidable Irish accent. And all through- Ted. An excellent dance partner, he elevated
donning a face mask, I felt like I didn’t miss Theatre (Mike). Amidst Company’s fearsome out, Babbitt was blunt, exasperating … and everyone around him to the same greatness he
a single euphoric grin or touchingly down- talent, Donohoe was MVP for playing April likable. Tony’s contentious relationship with exudes.
turned expression of despondence in Man- as I’ve never seen her before: smart as hell. his son was completely convincing. So was his
cha’s thunderously present, jubilant, excitingly Traditionally a ditz, this stewardess instead love and regret when he said goodbye. Costuming
sung portrayal of Matilda. The seven-year-old emerged as ultra-savvy, and in going for Peggy Freeman, Matilda: The Musical,
who accompanied me was riveted by this curious as opposed to needy, Donohoe’s skill Jack Bevans, The Music Man, Countryside Quad City Music Guild (Mike). The eternally
young dynamo. So was the guy 46 years her – and Sondheim’s elastic lyrics – made this a Community Theatre (Pamela). Whenever the amazing Freeman passed away in October. I
elder. fabulous choice. charismatic Bevans showed up, it felt as if the want to belatedly hug her for myriad reasons.
stage lights became brighter and warmer. His I’d also love to tell her how superb Matilda’s
Lead Actor Autumn Key, Ain’t Misbehavin’, Timber
Lake Playhouse (Rochelle). Always captur-
Marcellus was full of spark, shenanigans, and
enthusiasm, his dancing and singing were top-
costumes were – including the mandated face
masks. Melissa Anderson Clark’s had tacky
Ben Gougeon, An Oak Tree, Mockingbird on
Main (Madeline). It takes an obscene amount ing my attention as her character Nell crossed notch, and Bevans made it all look as natural jewels stitched in! Tony Hiatt’s had a freaking
of skill to be able to act opposite an actor who the stage with slinky body language, Key was as breathing. He’s great. He’ll no doubt keep mustache drawn on!
has never read the script, which is exactly what super-sultry and beautiful. In this enticing getting better.
Gougeon did each and every night. It’s ironic, musical, she was a smoking-hot triple threat, Gregory Hiatt, Disenchanted!, Circa ‘21
really, that his character was a hypnotist, given displaying great dance skills, a dynamic voice, Will Crouch, One Flea Spare, Augustana Dinner Playhouse (Mike). This is either a
that his performance was so mesmerizing to and the ability to convey Nell’s personality College (Mike). Employing a pitch-perfect wardrobe thing or a prop thing. But when,
witness. through believable acting. Cockney dialect, Crouch was hugely en- amongst innumerably winning costumes,
tertaining and devastatingly sinister as the Aladdin’s Jasmine floated onstage with a
TJ Green and Calvin Vo, “Jacques”alope, Kady Patterson, Clue: On Stage, Richmond watchman who practically dared his trapped magic carpet at her waist, I was teary-eyed
Mockingbird on Main (Mike). Best buds Hill Barn Theatre (Madeline). In a cast of charges/victims to leave their home during a from laughter. This was the hands-down-fun-
playing best buds. Easy feat, right? Maybe niest area show I’ve seen in years, and Hiatt’s
so. But perhaps one made a li-i-i-ittle bit contributions were a significant reason why.
tougher by Green and Vo having to visibly
nail a bromance while also creating comically Gregory Hiatt, Saturday Night Fever, Circa
distinct personae, performing lightning-quick ‘21 Dinner Playhouse (Rochelle). When it
verbal-slapstick routines, chatting with a dude comes to dressing up his performers, Hiatt is
in cactus garb … and keeping straight faces. truly the best. In this disco-era musical, we
saw plenty of bell-bottoms, plaid suits, pant-
Anthony Hendricks, The Mountaintop, suits, large-collar shirts, oversized jewelry,
Mockingbird on Main (Rochelle). Despite and stunning sequenced outfits that simply
having an extravagant amount of dialogue, sparkled. Every costume was well-fitted and
Hendricks delivered his lines in a simple and dazzling, empowering each actor to dance the
conversational manner. I felt like a fly on the night away.
wall while watching the actor portray Dr.
Martin Luther King in the most compelling Rebecca Rankin, All Shook Up, Clinton Are
way, and deliver a riveting performance that Showboat Theatre (Rochelle). Rankin’s Elvis-
captured my heart and imagination. meets-Twelfth-Night costuming was impres-
sively diverse, featuring a soldier’s uniform, a
Jacob Johnson, Little Shop of Horrors, Spot- mechanic’s jumpsuit, a dress to fit a male actor
light Theatre (Pamela). As written, Seymour’s playing a female role, men’s clothing fitting a
a schmendrick, and many might’ve leaned on woman, suspenders and loafers for the guys,
the lines alone for laughs, maybe adding some ‘50s style dresses for the gals, and a great
tired Jerry-Lewis-style shtick. Yet Johnson’s leather jacket for the lead
fresh, authentic portrayal expressed both
meekness and strength, provoking hilarity Joe Thomas, Irving Berlin’s Holiday Inn,
and sympathy, and his control over his fine Quad City Music Guild (Madeline). If audi-
voice and limber body made shy Seymour a ences were capable of offering a slow clap for
hero. costumes, Thomas would’ve received one for
Adrienne Jane and Michael Alexander in the Black Box Theatre's I & You. his visually stunning collection for Holiday
Inn. Albeit ridiculous, the Easter bonnets
Keep the Reader Alive and Free Since '93. FREE ASSANGE. River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 29 No. 993 • January 2022 15
alone would have qualified these costumes for They were on their feet clapping, cheering, and Plus, even though the cast danced scarily close embraced his role, and sent a contestant off
greatness, and the Christmas-wreath tutus put singing along to such classic tunes as “Peggy to the pit, no one fell in to figuratively – and with heartfelt praise and advice in a joyous,
things over-the-top in a good way Sue,” “Maybe Baby,” and “Oh Boy,” and amidst literally – impact the musicians. uplifting company gospel number. Eli Nash’s
the positively charged atmosphere, the acous- magnificent voice overwhelmed me in this
Sara Wegener, The Sound of Music, Spot- tics were fabulous Smokey Joe’s Café, Clinton Area Showboat sublime, energy-filled musical experience.
light Theatre (Pamela). With variety and Theatre (Rochelle). With music direction
quality, Wegener accomplished a huge feat: Church Basement Ladies, Clinton Area by Kory Danielson and Harrison Roth, the The Reminders, The Guys, Black Box
She assembled habits, evening dresses, tuxes, Showboat Theatre (Pamela). Five glorious show’s company of singers delivered smooth, Theatre (Rochelle). I remember where I was,
military uniforms, sailor suits, three-piece voices elevated a standard-yet-catchy show-biz silky harmonies. Highlights included “Young and what I was doing, on September 11, 2001
suits, party dresses, dirndls, lederhosen, and score, and rang sweetly in solos, duets, and Blood,” “Stand by Me,” “On Broadway,” and
play clothes with multiples of each in different multi-harmonies – the performers sounded “Love Potion #9,” but each singer offered a
– especially on that clear Tuesday morning
sizes. The outfits were appealing and period- like they’d been singing together for years. The unique flair and personality to every Lieber & when, suddenly, coordinated terrorist attacks
appropriate, and looked natural alongside the pro-level musical skill and genuine enthu- Stoller song that was performed. against the U.S.A. were executed by high-
others. Brava! siasm in these talents was extraordinarily jacked commercial airplanes. In memorializ-
satisfying, and even made me want to be in Memorable Moment ing that day, The Guys was an emotional piece
Scenic/Lighting Design this show. The Furry Interloper, The Piano Lesson, that brought forth painful memories.
James Kyle Davis, Brian C. Seekfort, and Playcrafters Barn Theatre (Madeline). It was
Samuel Verdino, Constellations, Clinton A Closer Walk with Patsy Cline, Timber Lake so great to see a packed house attending one The Sing-along, Little Shop of Horrors, Spot-
Area Showboat Theatre (Rochelle). Seckfort’s Playhouse (Pamela). This portrait of 1950s of August Wilson’s best stories brought to life light Theatre (Mike). Midway through Act
set design for this time-twisting romantic country/pop legend Patsy Cline is painted on opening night. It was surprising, though, II, Audrey II broke down. Literally. Yet our
drama was unusual and futuristic, boasting a with nearly non-stop music, and the colors are when halfway through the first act, a little enjoyment didn’t stop. Because amidst the
wooden platform that looked like a spaceship’s vibrant and beautiful. Star Felicia Finley has dog wandered out from backstage, through sounds of behind-the-curtain resuscitating
launching pad. And as the performers circled an incredible voice, a wide vocal range, and the action, and into the audience. Still: one- drills was our audience joyfully singing along
around the platform, it was admirably high- lively allure, and the on-stage band provided to Neil Diamond’s house-music tune “Sweet
the perfect toe-tappin’ sounds and vocals to
hundred-percent unforgettable!
lighted in different spectra, beneath a purple Caroline” (Bah bah baaaaah!), reminding
hue, by lighting designers Davis and Verdino. back her up. us all that a happy show creates happy, and
The Inspiration, La Divina: The Last Inter-
view of Maria Callas, Black Box Theatre forgiving, audiences.
Kris Eitrheim, Aaron Hook, and Daniel Disenchanted!, Circa ‘21 Dinner Playhouse
Rairdin-Hale, She Kills Monsters, St. (Mike). Boasting some of the finest solos (Rochelle). In portraying the lovely Callas,
Shelley Cooper’s stellar vocals genuinely The Tango, Six Dance Lessons in Six
Ambrose University (Pamela). Among other and harmonies I’ve yet heard at Circa ‘21,
I’m citing this stage riot over Beehive only blew me away. As the actress belted out Weeks, Playcrafters Barn Theatre
effects, this production boasted an outlandish
netherworld throne and an enormous, multi- because I was previously unacquainted with her big notes, I was reminded of “Swedish (Pamela). Man, woman; tall, short; younger,
headed beast, with hand-held set pieces pro- Disenchanted!’s hysterical, gloriously sung Nightingale” Jenny Lind, another famous older; rude, refined; broke, rich; breezy,
viding animation-like effects. (A tree became songs. But really, it’s a tie between all-female opera singer. And apparently, saying so in my reserved. Unsurprisingly, they clash. Sur-
a dragon’s head with flickering flames!) The ensembles. Sheesh. Men can’t catch a break in review helped inspire Cooper’s next produc- prisingly, they also dance, and this unlikely
panoply of innovative scenery and gorgeous this industry … . tion: the story of Jenny Lind. twosome become one. In their tango, vet-
lighting wizardry created as much magic as eran performers Adam Cerny and Stepha-
the D&D characters possessed. Newsies: The Musical, Countryside Com- The Prayer, The 25th Annual Putnam nie Naab moved together in character,
munity Theatre (Madeline). With live pit County Spelling Bee, Timber Lake Play- beautifully to and fro in graceful sync, with
Jennifer Kingry, Six Dance Lessons in Six musicians and a huge cast of 30-plus actors, house (Pamela). Mitch is an uncomfortable hilariously deadpan expressions.
Weeks, Playcrafters Barn Theatre (Mike). Ashley Mills Becher’s production hit all the “comfort counselor” roped into consoling the
Suggesting the design for a tchotchke-free right notes and sounded great while doing it. eliminated spellers. Eventually, though, he
Golden Girls episode, director Kingry’s set
gave the outstanding Stephanie Naab and
Adam Cerny loads of room to banter, bitch,
and, most importantly, dance, and her light-

Davenport Junior Theatre &

ing effects smartly echoed mood and emo-
tional candor. I would’ve happily watched
seven seasons of this on NBC.

Michael Kopriva, Murder in Green Meadows,
Black Box Theatre (Madeline). Kopriva cre-
ated a completely stunning-in-its-normalcy
set – a true model home come to life with
attention to detail not often seen. The artwork
Classes for Kids
that adorned the walls was beautiful, and I
still wish my own walls could accommodate Ages 3-18
the large painting of trees that adorned this
playing area.
Acting / Ballet
Brent Tubbs, Little Shop of Horrors, Spot-
Winter Session Starts Musical Theatre
light Theatre (Mike). You might think the
Spotlight’s extravagant opulence would January 15 - 20 Tap / Tumbling
overpower a show as lean and mean as Little
Shop. But it proved perfectly fitting for Tubbs’
Improv / Poms
comically dramatic, memorably hued lighting Hip Hop / Jazz
effects and admirably rotating Skid Row set ... Register
even when things didn’t go according to plan.
Theatre Design
(See “Memorable Moment” below.)
& Learn & More!
Brent Tubbs, You’re a Good Man, Charlie
Brown, Spotlight Theatre (Rochelle). I loved More
Tubbs’ cutout-type sets that were very (appro-
priately) cartoony, such as the bright orange
piano and yellow mailbox. And his lighting
effects were done in a way that allowed for
great depth and dimension while the fun
background tones blended well with the color-
ful scenery.

Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story, Timber Lake
Playhouse (Rochelle). Timber Lake’s musical
revue played like a professional rock concert,
with audience members going absolutely wild.
16 River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 29 No. 993 • January 2022 FREE ASSANGE. Know More. Do More.

Jan. 6 In Their Own Words: definitely time to go.

Cont. from Page 7
5) How would you describe
those people there before Trump was
the atmosphere or general vibe
even done. And there was really not
amongst those in attendance?
a large police presence. You could
safely say there were a hundred
Clyde Cleveland: It was a true love
thousand people there. I don’t know
fest and the feeling level was ineffable.
if a million people were in D.C. that
It was love of family, love of country,
day. You’d have to go to the official
love of freedom. Most of us were expe-
numbers. But certainly tens of thou-
riencing spontaneous tears of joy all
sands. And I was amongst what felt
morning long.
like at least ten thousand people at
the Capitol itself.
Corey Eib: It was a concerned but
happy vibe. People were very friendly
Pat Miletich: We spent part of our
and polite. The mayor of D.C. had
time by the Washington Monument
ordered bathroom facilities closed, and
early on and then we walked down
banned selling food to people stay-
to the Capitol. We were at the front
ing in D.C. for less than a week. I saw
of the crowds at the barricades at
people sharing food, water, etc., and
the bottom of the hill by the Capitol
there were no supplies for people. There
building. We stayed there for hours
were far to few trash cans provided, and
and when the barricades were moved
the few that the City did provide were
and the mass crowds went up the
quickly filled. People were very consci-
hill to the Capitol, we shook our
entious and placed trash near the cans
heads and said there’s something
in one location. This is were I saw what
too obvious about this and did not
appeared to be a news producer kick-
follow the masses up to the Capitol.
ing trash that had been stacked near
There was at least 500,000 people
the can so a more dramatic video shot
and more likely one million people
could be taken.
in attendance.
Jason Bermas: It felt mostly like a
"It was a true love fest concert. There were so many grandmas,
and the feeling level was moms and dads, and blue-collar people.
ineffable. It was love of You look around and yes, there’s a lot
family, love of country, love of Trump stuff and Americana, but the
media always try to make it about the
of freedom. Most of
Confederate f lag. It certainly wasn’t
us were experiencing one of hate. It was almost a party-like
spontaneous tears of atmosphere by the time I had got to
joy all morning long." the Capitol and ventured up the stairs.
- Clyde Cleveland I can’t speak to the people that first
encountered the police and got violent
or the people that went into the Capi-
tol. If you look at the publicly available January 6, 2021 protesters at the US Capitol building. Photo courte
Sarah Ford: The first few hours
footage even the people that went into
were spent near the White House
the Capitol are extremely peaceful. The
and Washington Monument, just Sarah Ford: It was epic and amazing! Clyde Cleveland: I have not been to
idea that this was a “violent insurrec-
watching the crowds and waiting There was such a positivity early in the previous rallies in D.C.
tion” in any way is absolutely laugh-
for Trump’s speech. There had to day, and it’s shameful that attendees
able. The only person that was shot
be a quarter of a million people, have since been demonized. We had Corey Eib: I’ve never been to any
and killed was Ashlee Babbitt and she
at least. After Trump’s speech, we as much a right to protest as any other other rallies in D.C.
was unarmed and in no way, shape, or
started walking along Constitution protest that’s ever happened in D.C.
form should have had force like that
Ave. When we got to the Capitol, the There was just a sea of patriotic people Jason Bermas: Only the impact
used against her, especially with no
crowd was massive, so we stopped by – all ages, races, and backgrounds – after the fact. Anybody who commit-
warning. The fact that that shooter was
the ref lecting pool. I heard a couple with signs and f lags and good vibes. I ted a crime that day should be charged
not revealed and not only not pros-
booms and not long after, the emer- got videos of the “QAnon Shaman” in with that crime. It’s not no bail, it’s not
ecuted but exonerated by the media is
gency vehicles started sounding. I two different locations before Trump’s solitary confinement. It’s not you tried
needed food and a phone charge, so speech, I couldn’t believe that he to take over the government. That’s
we walked half a mile to Ollie’s Trol- became the face of the “insurrection.” all laughable. The publicity after the
Pat Miletich: The whole thing was
ley, one of a handful of places open I also smoked up in front of the White fact. As far as the amount of people,
like a love fest. There were Chinese-
that day. It was here that I found out House with E-Dawg from New York I ‘ve been to rallies in D.C. and G8
Americans, there were Latin-Ameri-
what was going on at the Capitol and, City. That’s a cool memory. rallies in Pennsylvania and New York
cans and African-Americans. It was
being a reporter, we walked back to City rallies. Not much of a different
a huge diverse mix of cultures. There
the Capitol, arriving at 4:17 p.m. and 6) If you’ve been to one or more feel. The slogans were a bit different.
were even people there from Israel that
staying until six when curfew went other rallies in D.C., how was I was immersed in MAGA land. For
I spoke to.
into effect. The militarized police this one the most different from me, it was a mixture of people who
were also showing up, so it was the other(s)? were fed up with people who believe in
Keep the Reader Alive and Free Since '93. FREE ASSANGE. River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 29 No. 993 • January 2022 17
to demand audits and demand that them, “Where’s the baseball game?”
their state legislatures investigate all They did not respond and kept moving
credible claims of the fraud that had through the crowds. I observed what
occurred. I remember him saying that appeared to be Proud Boys members in
if you go to the capitol building, be their uniforms becoming aggressive.
peaceful and let them see your signs
so they get the message that people of Sarah Ford: I wasn’t encouraged at
this country want honest elections. He all, but we arrived late. We did come
never in any way encouraged people across two guys playing Trump’s
to break into the Capitol building or recorded speech over and over through
do anything violent or disrespectful. a megaphone, where he’s asking people
We all walked toward the Capitol and to go home.
enjoyed the fellowship and meeting
people from all over the country. The 8) Did you have an opportunity
crowd broke up to some degree because to go inside the Capitol build-
it was getting windy and cold. When we ing? Why or why didn’t you go
got to about half a mile from the capitol in?
building, we stopped and did not go
further. We all had the feeling that it Clyde Cleveland: I did not go closer
might not be wise to move closer. I left to the Capitol building after witness-
the group for a while and walked closer ing this. It is my feeling that these were
to the Capitol and then saw something paid forces there to cause trouble and
very interesting. A f leet of what looked carry out a plan to make this event look
like brand-new vans that each held like an insurrection. The next morn-
about 12 people drove up all in a line. I ing, as we were driving home, we began
saw the drivers get out and they were in to hear the news reports and we were
uniforms. I couldn’t tell whether they furious by how it was being portrayed
were city police, federal, or private, by the media.
but the people coming out of the vans
were younger and did not look or feel
like Trump supporters. All I can say is "When I was in D.C., I didn't
that I had a very bad feeling about these witness anybody that was
people. even talking about going
into the Capitol. I was not
Corey Eib: There wasn’t anyone that even going near the Capitol
directly encouraged me to enter the building until I got word
building or even get on the steps. I was that someone had been
very concerned personally from what shot in the Capitol."
I saw of people on the Capitol building - Jason Bermas
steps was illegal. I didn’t actually see
anyone go in, and I made sure I stayed
off the steps of the building.
Corey Eib: It never crossed my mind
Jason Bermas: Nobody. Prior to this to enter the building or even climb the
esy Jason Bermas. Cover photo of Capitol building courtesy Corey Eib. event, I was telling people to go to their steps. That wasn’t part of the advertised
local state capitols and “storm” them in protest plan, and seemed to be a minor
the sense that when they had a meeting, illegal act to me.
superheroes and fantasies and Trump a group from the Quad Cities. I was go and take over the meeting, and then
could do no wrong, and other people more of a liberal at that point, but we peacefully non-comply and assemble Jason Bermas: I would not even have
who want to trust a plan that was not were protesting the same idea: the D.C. there and say, “We want our constitu- thought to go in. I slowly went up to
there and the Q-anonsense. It was a swamp. It still baff les me that the left is tional rights back.” This wasn’t even to the highest point. I wanted to see who
hodgepodge. But at the same time, it’s a so into “trusting the government” now do with the election; this was to do with was up there and what was going on.
good feeling to be amongst a bunch of when I witnessed their anger against these mandates and lockdowns. When You could smell the smoke bombs that
people who want accountability and do the system back then. I was in D.C., I didn’t witness anybody had gone off from the concussion gre-
truly want the Constitution and the Bill that was even talking about going into nades. Some people had gotten gassed
of Rights, even if they might be a little 7) Describe any encounter(s) you the Capitol. I was not even going near and sprayed and they were coming
nave or ignorant on some of the issues. had with attendees who were the Capitol building until I got word through. I am there to get the footage.
encouraging you and/or others that someone had been shot in the I clearly get violence on tape, mostly
Pat Miletich: Never been to any to enter the capitol building. Capitol. The footage I took on the way on the second level. It was never even a
rally in D.C. before. This rally seemed from the Ellipse to the Capitol shows a thought in mind that we were going to
like Americans were uniting in a very Clyde Cleveland: I didn’t see any- very peaceful vibe. go inside the Capitol. There were people
peaceful way over what we believe is thing strange going on. It was just a big trying to waive people in and smash
about as corrupt a government you can Love Fest. President Trump was the last Pat Miletich: We observed several windows.
get. speaker and he went through all the people dressed all in black with back-
major fraudulent findings that we knew packs with baseball bats sticking out
Sarah Ford: I was at the Jon Stewart/ happened from eyewitnesses, cameras, of them. They were obviously there to
Steven Colbert Rally to Restore Sanity and written testimony. He emphasized Continued On Page 23
incite violence and not to protest elec-
and/or Fear on October 30, 2010, with how important it was for all Americans tion integrity. The crowd kept asking
18 River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 29 No. 993 • January 2022 FREE ASSANGE. Know More. Do More.

Movie Reviews ByBy

Mike Schulz
Mike •
Schulz •

'21 Fun Salute

glorious life spirit comes to seem as majestic
and full of possibility as the wide-open spaces
lovingly captured by cinematographer Joshua
The Best (and Worst) James Richards. Since February, I’ve watched
and adored Zhao’s film a good half-dozen
from the Year in Movies times. A half-dozen more and I might get the

memory of Eternals out of my head forever.
ast year, as a way to help compensate for If Nomadland is a picture of the West as
the dispiriting everything of 2020, I altered it is, Campion’s The Power of the Dog (cur-
my annual recap of 10 favorite movies rently streaming on Netflix) is a picture of
and mentions of dozens of others by focusing the West as it was – at least in the mind of the
solely on 20 awesome works that brought me cruel cattle rustler and avowed manly man
cinematic joy. A 20 for ‘20, if you will. Phil Burbank, a role fearsomely enacted by
But even though movie-going habits Benedict Cumberbatch. It still feels too soon in
got sli-i-ightly back to normal in 2021 – A the movie’s release for spoilers. Suffice it to say,
$250-million-weekend smash! A bunch of though, that Burbank’s blowhard posturing,
other comic-book and sequel hits! Movies for while a hit with his supportive and uncompre-
grown-ups that grown-ups refused to show up hending cronies, isn’t fooling everyone. Not
for! – the year for admirers of the silver screen Jesse Plemons’ sensitive brother; not Kirsten
Cooper Hoffman and Alana Haim in Licorice Pizza.
still felt off enough that returning to my tradi- Dunst’s terrorized bride; and definitely not
tional way of doing things seemed impractical. great movies feels like a bunch of different amidst the perilous pleasures of 1973 Hol- Kodi Smit-McPhee’s genteel teen, none of their
Three of my absolute favorite 2021 releases, for great movies assembled in a tidy, two-hour-ish lywood. But their frequent (mis)adventures mutual recognition of the cowboy’s delusions
instance, were movies that won Oscars for the package. are so specific and beautifully shaped that P.T. making the man any less repellant, or deeply
2020 film year, so some sort of compromise That’s almost literally the case with The Anderson’s retroactive bear hug oftentimes frightening. A slow boil that quietly grows
felt necessary. French Dispatch, Wes’ deliriously clever suggests a full season of a first-rate sitcom in scalding-hot, Campion’s exceptionally well-
So welcome to my 21 for ‘21 – a list of 21 anthology – three short films, two super-short a zippy 130 minutes. Here’s the episode in written, -performed, and -designed chamber
cinematic favorites from 2021 (even if they films, and an adieu – designed as the contents which Gary jump-starts his waterbed busi- drama – easily her best work since 1993’s The
were technically 2020 releases, and even if they of the titular, fictional literary magazine. I ness! Here’s the one that finds Alana working Piano – is as hypnotic as Jonny Greenwood’s
didn’t literally play at cinemas), along with 21 devoured it cover to cover. If you’ve seen even for a closeted politician! The one with Sean sinister score. It’s also educational. As I’ve
runners-up, and, because I’m not yet back to two of the filmmakers’ whimsically moving Penn as a drunk acting icon! The one with learned, when encountering a Phil on the
full-bitchy critic mode, 10-and-a-half citations offerings over the years, you know what to the van’s backward slide through the Valley! range, do your best to maintain a safe distance.
for the most egregious offenders of the past 12 expect: enormous casts of gifted perform- The one with the sibling rockers from Haim But even then, always wear gloves.
months. As with last year’s trip down memory ers most likely led by Bill Murray; complex playing sisters – with their real-life parents
lane, I’ve also paired the first 20 into themati- emotional states delineated with the lightest playing their parents! As a foodstuff, “licorice (5) and (6): The Mitchells vs
cally or presentationally similar double-fea- of touches; production design so ravishingly pizza” would no doubt be gross. Ditch the the Machines and
ture options if you wanna kill two figurative yummy you don’t know whether to marvel at quote marks, though, and add some italics and
birds with one four-to-five-hour stone. You the images or lick them. Yet the sheer, expan- capital letters, and it’s bliss.
Spider-Man: No Way Home.
maybe won’t want to in the case of inclusions sive variety of what Wes gives us here as he One I saw, and have subsequently seen over
and over, from the comfort of my couch. One
nine and 10. But I digress. blends color with black-and-white, live action (3) and (4): Nomadland and I saw in the most giddily packed auditorium
with animation, hilarity with heartbreak, and
The Power of the Dog. I’ve been in since three Christmases ago. Yet
(1) and (2): The French stunning intelligence with joyously ridiculous
Just because I’m pairing Chloé Zhao’s both films had me routinely laughing out loud,
Dispatch and Licorice Pizza. slapstick puts his latest in an unmissable class
supremely elegant and haunting new-West literally dropping my jaw in excitement, and
A pairing that, with apologies to Orson by itself. Only in a Wes Anderson – only, in
elegy with Jane Campion’s supremely elegant fighting back tears – occasionally submitting
Welles, I like to call “The Magnificent Ander- truth, in The French Dispatch – could Jeffrey
and haunting old-West elegy doesn’t mean I to them – with a force to make my ribs ache.
sons.” Although both Wes Anderson and Paul Wright’s inspired channeling of James Bald-
think we’ll have two consecutive years of Best Now that’s entertainment. Seven months after
Thomas Anderson (no relation) released their win sit comfortably beside Owen Wilson acci-
Picture champions by Oscar-winning female it debuted on Netflix, I don’t think I’ve been
debuts in 1996 – Wes with Bottle Rocket, P.T. dentally riding, and crashing, his bike down
directors. But ya know: Ma-a-aybe. If you’ve as colossally entertained by a 2021 movie the
with Hard Eight – neither producer/writer/ the steps to a subway terminal. If more movies
been shying away from last year’s victor (cur- way I continue to be at The Mitchells vs the
director has crafted quite as many feature did that, what a happier world this would be.
rently streaming on Hulu) because the thought Machines. It’s the year’s most hysterical ani-
films over a quarter-century as you might The world of Paul Thomas Anderson’s
of a house-less Frances McDormand barely mated release, as well as the format’s cleverest,
presume. (The French Dispatch is Wes’ tenth, Licorice Pizza, meanwhile, is crazy-happy –
eking out an existence between minimum- sweetest, and most continually surprising one.
while Licorice Pizza is P.T.’s ninth.) And not all this despite romantic woes, an oil crisis, a lot of
wage jobs sounded depressing, the exact oppo- A straight-to-streaming sci-fi action comedy
of them succeed to this super-fan’s satisfaction; acne, and the realization that Bradley Cooper
site turns out to be true. In its low-key way, featuring a precocious teen, malevolent robots,
I still find The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou is so coked up he might just kill your entire
Nomadland is legitimately thrilling, because a cross-eyed pug, and a vocal lead for Danny
and Moonrise Kingdom overtly precious even family. (It’s actually Cooper’s character Jon
Zhao and her unimpeachable star understand McBride? No thank you, I initially thought.
for Wes, and despite several tries, I still can’t Peters – professional hairdresser and onetime
that people, in all their messy contradictions, A trillion-or-so viewings later, my attitude is
get fully on-board with P.T.’s Punch-Drunk Barbra Streisand beau – who makes the threat,
are thrilling. And as McDormand’s Fern gets now Yes please!!!, given writer/director Mike
Love and The Master. But when the Andersons but either way it’s scary … and awfully funny.)
to know a succession of wearily hopeful travel- Rianda’s skillful fashioning of a parable for
are working at A-game level as they are here, Leads Alana Haim and Cooper Hoffman, both
ers (portrayed by mostly non-professional escalating technological upgrades and devo-
there are few artists whose works make me in their movie debuts, make for a dreamy pair
talents effectively portraying themselves) in tion that’s also an uproarious family slapstick
quite so elated – especially when, as with these of not-quite-lovers as their youths Alana and
post-economic-meltdown America, their that’s also a wittily imaginative rescue mission
superior 2021 achievements, just one of their Gary navigate growing up and getting wise
Keep the Reader Alive and Free Since '93. FREE ASSANGE. River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 29 No. 993 • January 2022 19
that’s also an emotionally honest tearjerker more scores like Encanto’s and we might have a more empathetic deep dive into the trou- (11) and (12): Passing and
about a kid going off to college. I can’t imagine to reevaluate that notion. Disney’s most thor- bling landscape of dementia I’ve never seen,
ever not loving this one. I’d also gratefully oughly satisfying animated musical in nearly and the heartbreak of Hopkins’ downward
C’mon C’mon.
For when you want to escape your color-
adopt Eric and Deborahbot 5000, but they’ve three decades, this dazzlingly colorful wonder spiral and Olivia Colman’s confusion is made
filled life for the cinematic artistry of black-
already got it pretty good. by directors Jared Bush and Byron Howard bearable through profoundly confident and
and-white. Rebecca Hall’s masterful Passing,
Considering how tight-lipped I want to is about a magical Colombian house and, our clever dialogue, performances, compositions,
the writer/director’s vibrant adaptation of
remain about Power of the Dog, which hit “normal” protagonist Mirabel aside, its magi- and production design that make the film, if
Nella Larsen’s 1929 novel, presents us with two
Netflix on December 1, I should probably say cally gifted denizens. But its true magic came not strictly “enjoyable,” at least consistently
Black women (acted with extraordinary grace
absolutely nothing about director Jon Watts’ courtesy of the richly drawn family saga that transfixing. Plus, you know: Hopkins. Damn.
by Tessa Thompson and Ruth Negga) who are
Spider-Man: No Way Home, the billion- carefully, cannily explored the links between Presuming a posthumous sentimental win
able to pass as Caucasian in pre-Depression
dollar-plus global sensation that premiered, hard-won triumphs and traditions of the past for the late Chadwick Boseman, it was terrible
Manhattan, with their complicated relation-
if you can believe it, barely half-a-month ago. and the desperate need to forge one’s own path judgment on the producers’ part to conclude
ship mirrored in the vast complexity of their
(See my online review if you want spoilers. in the present. Lyricist Miranda’s and com- the Oscar telecast with the Best Actor cat-
individual situations. Insightful, gripping,
It’s loaded with ‘em!) So let me instead just poser Gernmaine Franco’s songs, meanwhile, egory. But no one can say the ultimate victor
narratively adventurous, and sometimes
reference my opening-day audience that were a knockout blend of expository inven- wasn’t deserving.
downright horrifying (especially in the undis-
laughed throughout, sniffled frequently, made tion, aching ballads, and goofy comic numbers Perhaps thankfully, dementia only plays
guised racism of Alexander Skarsgård’s obtuse
continued vocal acknowledgment of loads of that simultaneously revealed character and a supporting role in writer/director Steven
husband to Negga), Hall’s feature-length
Marvel callbacks and guest stars, and broke furthered the narrative, as every show tune Karam’s The Humans, where it affects a
directing debut also boasts the most ambigu-
into applause a full five times during the worth its salt absolutely must. I’ve now listened wheelchair-bound grandmother played by
ously disturbing finale I saw all year. It took
screening before applauding again after the to “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” more times June Squibb. Her scenes are tough to endure.
me three rewinds and I’m still not convinced
final credit cookie was consumed. I may not than a 53-year-old without grandkids reason- Then again, the whole movie is tough to
of what happened … which is as it should be.
have taken part in the clapping. But at Watts’ ably should. I should probably be embarrassed endure – or would be, that is, if the remark-
Employing black-and-white photography
tremendous example of fan service that’s also by that, right? Nah. able ensemble completed by Richard Jenkins,
for charm rather than neo-realism, writer/
wholly satisfying blockbuster escapism in its Jayne Houdyshell (reprising her Tony-winning
director Mike Mills’ C’mon C’mon delivers
own right, that doesn’t mean I wasn’t feeling – (9) and (10): The Father and role), Amy Schumer, Beanie Feldstein, and
what might be the special effect of the year:
and silently contributing to – the love. Steven Yeun weren’t giving such exhilarating
The Humans. Joaquin Phoenix being completely convinc-
performances amidst Karam’s considerable
Even though I’m pairing many of my 2021 ing as a relatable, endearing, rational human
(7) and (8): West Side Story favorites in potential-double-feature format,
black-comedy despair. That’s six collec-
being! As the weeks-long guardian to an
tive characters, and as this clan gathers for
and Encanto. don’t think I’m necessarily advocating that estranged nephew played by the effortless
Thanksgiving dinner in a ramshackle two-
All told, fans of movie musicals were they be watched that way. Take this particular young scene stealer Woody Norman, Phoenix
story apartment, you’re given a treasure trove
spoiled rotten in 2021. (So were fans of music pairing, for example. Both of these dramas is as soulful and sweet as he’s been since
of family secrets, resentments, hidden health
documentaries – see numbers 19 and 20 with gallows humor are, I think, magnificent. he was 14-year-old Leaf Phoenix in 1989’s
issues, extramarital excursions, and “cheer-
below.) Yet despite the significant pleasures But they’re also claustrophobic, and fre- Parenthood, and the film itself is a sensitive
ful” backstabbing to make you grateful for the
of In the Heights, Sing 2, tick … tick … Boom!, quently painful, and if you have a loved one yet impressively tough-minded celebration of
worst family gathering you’ve ever endured.
et al, it was this two-fer of late-in-the-year suffering from dementia, as I do, one of these familial love, willing sacrifice, and passages
Yet there’s actually an unnamed seventh
titles that got my cinephilic soul a-dancin’. Broadway adaptations might be more than from literary works that should probably
character – the apartment itself – that might
In truth, like most of us probably were, I was enough for one sitting. That being said, I don’t become instantly required reading in Oprah’s
prove the most fascinating. As the relatives
nervous about the prospect of Steven Spielberg know that I’ll ever get enough of The Father. Book Club.
squabble and conceal, the home itself appears
rebooting West Side Story. The notion of him An Academy Award-winning tour de force
to be creaking, groaning, and dismantling
fixing some of the original’s problematic, for Anthony Hopkins, playwright Florian
in tandem with the miseries of its human (13) and (14): The Green
culturally insensitive casting was noble and Zeller’s intentionally disorienting direction
all, but could the guy’s first stab at a feature- and incisive, equally Oscar-lauded screenplay
residents, giving this penetrating drama and Knight and Judas & the
length musical – one of histroy’s most iconic (co-written by Christopher Hampton) make
vicious comedy the added kick of a high-class Black Messiah.
haunted-house flick. It’s an amazing place to For when you’re feeling like a fraud and
feature-length musicals, no less – possibly you feel as though you’re losing your bearings
visit. I’m overjoyed that I don’t have to live there. want to feel better about yourself. No char-
match its Oscar-hoarding 1961 predeces- right along with the octogenarian lead. Yet
sor? It turns out, however, that Spielberg acter in 2021 movies may have gotten in over
didn’t match it. He transcended it. Boasting his (soon-to-be-lopped-off) head more than
one showstopping solo, duet, and ensemble Dev Patel’s Sir Gawain, The Green Knight’s
number after another, and with its score and feckless and cowardly hero who accepts a dare
lyrics delivered with playfully enthusiastic for stupid reasons, and embarks on a quest
reverence, the Bernstein/Sondheim composi- for even stupider reasons. But as written and
tions were explosively ebullient as Spielberg directed by David Lowery, Gawain’s gor-
brought his customary wizardry to “America,” geously harrowing Arthurian trek is thrill-
“Cool,” “Gee, Officer Krupke,” and loads of ingly, and perhaps unforgettably weird, this
other timeless tunes. As grand as this West moody anti-adventure boasting a talking fox,
Side Story was, though, it was also disarmingly naked giants, a headless Lady in a Lake, bodily
intimate, and in completely unanticipated secretions of every imaginable type, and two
ways. Who could’ve predicted that screen- Alicia Vikanders for the price of one.
writer Tony Kushner would, wisely and Patel plays a fictitious fraud. LaKeith
refreshingly, get away with so much dialogue Stanfield, in Judas & the Black Messiah, plays
between Puerto Rican characters that wasn’t a formerly flesh-and-blood one. As Stan-
forced to be subtitled? Speaking as a patron field’s FBI informant Bill O’Neal grudgingly
who couldn’t translate everything being said enacts the undercover assignment of spying
yet didn’t need the subtitles, this marvelously on Black Panther chairman Fred Hampton
emotional presentation ensured that we always (deserved Academy Award winner Daniel
understood – and more importantly, under- Kaluuya) in the late 1960s, writer/director
stood what it meant. Shaka King’s spellbinding and affecting bio-
Even with In the Heights and Hamilton pic-slash-dramatic-thriller begins to seem like
to his credit, Lin-Manuel Miranda isn’t at a tragic, historically honest take on Scorsese’s
Benedict Cumberbatch in The Power of the Dog
Bernstein/Sondheim level … yet. But a few Continued On Page 21
20 River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 29 No. 993 • January 2022 FREE ASSANGE. Know More. Do More.


Schulz’s Review of
the Latest Movies On Demand


Paul Schrader's hypnotic, thrillingly
intense exploration of the director's
favorite artistic themes – obsession,
addiction, redemption – is a singularly
arresting achievement, and even in its
most lighthearted beats, you can sense
the film's deliberate, quickening pulse.

In this stunningly designed Frank Herbert
adaptation, director Denis Villenueve
does an elegant, oftentimes supremely
clever job of making even Dune novices
feel gratefully up-to-speed, and it
becomes nearly impossible not to grin at
the imagination and grandeur of
what's on the screen.

A big-budget blockbuster that
understands the emotional connection so
many audiences have with its franchise,
and one that honors that affection with
excitement, sincerity, gravitas, and more
wrenching portrayals than you may have
imagined this series could deliver.

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Keep the Reader Alive and Free Since '93. FREE ASSANGE. River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 29 No. 993 • January 2022 21

21 Runners-Up to the 21
'21 Fun Salute: Cont. from Page 19
The Departed. It also emerges as a riveting
showcase for Stanfield and Kaluuya, whose
The Card Counter; The Eyes of Tammy Faye;
title characters were somehow both deemed
F9: The Fast Saga; In the Heights; King Richard;
“supporting” figures on Oscar-nomination
Mass; Minari; MLK/FBI; My Octopus Teacher;
day. You know. Like those “supporting” title
National Champions; No Time to Die; One
characters in Thelma & Louise.
Night in Miami …; Nobody; A Quiet Place Part
II; The Rescue; Roadrunner: A Film About
(15) and (16): Dune and Anthony Bourdain; Spencer; Tina; The World
Free Guy. to Come; Wrath of Man; Zola.
For when you want to enter, and briefly stay
in, whole new worlds. Of course, if you read And the 10-and-a-Half
Frank Herbert or are a David Lynch comple-
tist, you’re already up-to-speed on the world
Bottoms of the Barrel …
10.5) Heaven. In truth, this was the worst
of Dune. But previous exposure to this sci-fi
cineplex release I saw this past year. It’s the
behemoth might still not prepare you for you
worst I’ve seen in several years. But as the film
the visual wonders that writer/director Denis
is a micro-budgeted pro-faith drama by people
Villeneuve and his sterling creative team
no doubt doing their best, I’m sure God will
supply. And even familiarity might not prep
forgive it. Even if I won’t.
you for the storytelling coherence of this lavish
genre offering – a quality much appreciated by The Mitchells vs the Machines 10) The Woman in the Window. A Rear
someone whose eyes tend to instinctively glaze
Window-y thriller with quite the talent pool:
over at discussion of House Atreides versus Something Ain’t Right. Jóhannsson’s craft- Nina Simone, Sly & the Family Stone, Mahalia Director Joe Wright! Screenwriter Tracy Letts!
House Harkonnen and whether Spice is really ily edited animal “performances” here are as Jackson, The 5th Dimension, and loads of Amy Adams and Gary Oldman and Julianne
just high-grade weed. strong, and surprising, as any I’ve ever seen. other essential pop, soul, gospel, and R&B Moore! And you can’t blame the pandemic on
No hallucinogens are necessary to enjoy Including the one by the animal wielding the musicians. Questlove’s dizzying remastering this dull, silly, convoluted stinker being quietly
director Shawn Levy’s Free Guy, the visually shotgun. of the experience, however, augmented by cur- shuffled off to Netflix.
transporting, comically rich tale of a video- rent reminiscences from the likes of Marilyn
game figure who gradually discovers that his
entire world is a lie. It’s been a rough movie
(19) and (20): The Sparks McCoo and Billy Davis Jr., more than makes 9) Godzilla vs. Kong. The first major release
up for my absence. You don’t just want to see,
year for Ryan Reynolds (see way way way Brothers and Summer of in 13 months to get a significant number
hear, and feel Summer of Soul. You want to hug
below), but he’s as sharp and winning as he’s Soul (… or, When the the ever-lovin’ crap out of it.
of movie-going butts back in theater seats.
Proof that after a year in relative hibernation,
ever been, Jodie Comer is revelatory as the Revolution Could Not Be blockbuster-minded crowds will pay good
human who falls for an avatar, and the cease- Televised). (21): Barb & Star Go to money to see absolutely anything.
less parade of genius-level in-jokes and pricey
effects successfully employed for laughs is
For when you want a movie that more Vista Del Mar.
accurately suggests the greatest of greatest- For any time, anywhere, under any circum- 8) House of Gucci. Overcooked ziti with gen-
topped only by the slithery presence of Chan- hits albums. It is to my massive shame that stances. Silliness is oftentimes its own reward. erous helpings of cheese.
ning Tatum, who, to our enormous benefit, I haven’t yet seen Peter Jackson’s Beatles
apparently didn’t get the memo that he wasn’t And the rewards are copious in director Josh
documentary mini-series on Disney+. Maybe Greenbaum’s and screenwriter/stars Kirsten 7) Eternals. A true first: Marvel movie as oil
actually starring in Magic Mike III. someday I’ll subscribe to Disney+. In the Wiig’s and Annie Mumolo’s indescribable painting. But slightly less fun to watch for two-
meantime, I’m more than content to keep hoot about two Midwestern pals who travel to and-a-half hours than an actual oil painting.
(17) and (18): Candyman returning to this thunderously fine pair for Florida for some R&R and unwittingly foil a
and Lamb. music-centric documentaries that can be nefarious mastermind’s plan to suffocate the 6) The Marksman. Liam Neeson with a gun. I
For when you want to get divinely freaked respectively viewed on Netflix and Hulu. beach with mosquitoes. Nope: Not kidding. know! How does Hollywood keep coming up
out. Initially, a remake of Candyman felt up Director Edgar Wright’s The Sparks Broth- Greenbaum, Wiig, and Mumolo sure are, with such fresh ideas?!
there with a remake of West Side Story among ers blends new interviews with ingratiating though, and this delirious verbal and visual riot
“Do we really need this?” releases for 2021. Sparks musicians Ron and Russell Mael, recol- that clocks about 10 jokes per minute is one of 5) Cry Macho. In Clint Eastwood’s latest,
But while we may not have needed it, I’m lections from some two dozen of their biggest the smartest, looniest goofball endeavors the “Macho” is literally the name of a young teen’s
grateful that we got it, because writer/direc- (famous) fans, and archival material to paint a 21st century has yet delivered. Whether you’ve literal cock. And that’s the least of the film’s
tor Nia DaCosta’s shivery horror yarn about resplendently cinematic picture of uncompro- been unknowingly pining for a salute to middle- offenses.
everyone’s favorite hook-handed serial killer mising artists whose interest in keeping their aged best-friendship or an exacting dissertation
(co-written by Jordan Peele) brought thematic fans happy was secondary to keeping them- on the name “Trish” or a talking crab voiced 4) Space Jam: A New Legacy. Message to the
depth and modern-day relevance to its not- selves happy – which, it turns out, is exactly by Morgan Freeman whose character name is “content” providers at Warner Bros.: I hate
insignificant bevy of jolts. It also cemented what fans (and I’m now euphorically among Morgan Freemond, this is clearly the movie for you.
Yahya Abdul-Mateen II’s promise as a wildly them) needed to be happy. In 2021, Wright you. (It’s also the movie for the late-blooming
charismatic movie lead, even when the actor also gave us Last Night in Soho, and the Maels Jamie Dornan fans among us; the Fifty Shades 3) Tom & Jerry. Seriously, Warner Bros. con-
was doing his best impression of Jeff Goldblum gave us the songs in Annette, and this was their of Grey hunk may get an Oscar nomination tent providers: I hate hate hate you.
at the end of The Fly. most exemplary film achievement by far. this year for Kenneth Branagh’s Belfast, but
There’s far less blood shed in writer/director If The Sparks Brothers is one specific group’s he deserves one even more for his ingenuous 2) Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard. Insultingly
Valdimar Jóhannsson’s Lamb. But I almost personal “best of” album, director Ahmir himbo who belts a power ballad while doing derivative and stupid action-comedy nonsense
wish there was more, given that I’d then have a “Questlove” Thompson’s doc on the 1969 cartwheels and crushes on a gal who looks like from June in which Ryan Reynolds looked as
better sense of whether this Icelandic freakout Harlem Cultural Festival is like one of those Mike Myers’ Dr. Evil.) I demand sequels ASAP. miserable as I’ve ever seen him …
was a fright film, a lost-child lament, or the old K-Tel compilations that gave us two LP Barb & Star Find the Bar Sub-Par. Barb & Star at
nuttiest of Nordic comedies. Whatever this sides of tunes by disparate yet seemingly com- the Tartar Bazaar. And, for Jaws devotees, Barb 1) Red Notice. … for five whole months.
singular outing is, it’s miraculous – a story plementary artists. And Jesus, what artists! I & Star in the Yard Not Too Far from the Car.
of two grieving parents, one half-sheep/half- would’ve only been one year old at the time of That one sounds funnier with an Amity Island
the concert dates, and I’m still irrationally mad Don't miss Mike every Thursday on
human hybrid, and the creatures (four and accent. But even in their Nebraskan cadences, I
two-legged) who know in their bones that at my parents for not bringing me to an event Loving Living Local on KLJB Fox 18!
know Wiig and Mumolo would crush it.
featuring performances by Stevie Wonder,
22 River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 29 No. 993 • January 2022 FREE ASSANGE. Know More. Do More.

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expert Mike Shinbori; bring your laptops, Librar y, 10:30am Fri Jan 7 3:30pm Wed Jan 12 thru Wed Feb 2 with… Davenpor t Public Librar y - Eastern
tablets,… CASI (Center for Active Seniors), noon Avenue Branch, 5:30pm Thu Jan 20
Tue Jan 11 thru Tue Feb 1 Children’s Book Talk /Unboxing, on Toddler Stor y time, on Wednesdays; we’ll
Fridays; join Miss Ranell for either a sing songs, dance, and read fun stories;… Teen Librar y Council, students in grades
Step into Balance: Balance & Strength, on book talk… Rock Island Public Librar y - Davenpor t Public Librar y - Fairmount Street 6 -12 are needed to give advice and… Moline
Tuesdays; half-hour exercise class with Logan Downtown Librar y, 2pm Fri Jan 7 thru Fri Branch, 10am Wed Jan 12 thru Wed Feb 2 Public Librar y, 3:30pm Thu Jan 20
Anderson, owner of… CASI (Center for Active Jan 28
Seniors), 1pm Tue Jan 11 thru Tue Feb 1 Virtual Event: Little Makers to Go, on Family Stor y time with Ashe: Wishes,
Southwest Toddler Tales, on Fridays; Wednesdays; kits will include a special craf t stories, songs, and fun; ever y week is a
Grief Support Group, on the 2nd & 4th Wed. of stories, songs and a craf t for ages 5… Rock for the… Davenpor t Public Librar y - Main dif ferent theme… LeClaire Communit y
the month; food… Family Restaurant, 9:30am Island Public Librar y - Southwest Branch, Branch, 3pm Wed Jan 12 thru Wed Feb 2 Librar y, 10:30am Fri Jan 21
Wed Jan 12 thru Wed Jan 26 10:30am Fri Jan 7 thru Fri Jan 28
Virtual Event: Unicorn Dreams, on Lego Club, create your LEGO masterpieces;
Bunco, on Wednesdays; $2/person; for Stor y time @ Main, on Fridays; stories, Wednesdays; celebrate all things unicorn whether you want to take-on the… River
information, call 563-386-7477… CASI (Center dancing and more for children bir th -… as we craf t, journal,… Davenpor t Public Valley District Librar y, 11am Sat Jan 22
for Active Seniors), 2pm Wed Jan 12 thru Wed Davenpor t Public Librar y - Main Branch, Librar y - Main Branch, 6pm Wed Jan 12 thru
Feb 2 10am Fri Jan 7 thru Fri Jan 28 Wed Jan 26 Teens Book s & Cocoa, ages 11-19 are
invited to join Miss Amber for a… Davenpor t
Evening Bingo, on Wednesdays; 5pm doors, Facebook Live: Krafty Kids, join Mrs. Young Adult Tabletop Role-playing, on Public Librar y - Eastern Avenue Branch, 2pm
$10 card pack minimum purchase; cash prizes… Swanson for a live take-away craf t tutorial; Wednesdays; create a character, roll some Sat Jan 22
CASI (Center for Active Seniors), 5pm Wed Jan free;… Silvis Public Librar y, 2pm Sat Jan 8 dice, adventure, and… Bettendor f Public
12 thru Wed Feb 2 Librar y, 1:30pm Wed Jan 12 thru Wed Feb 2 Crafts Around the World Livestream:
The Rock Island Elk s Lodge #980 Hoop Tiger New Year ’s Envelopes, celebrate
TOPS (Taking Off Pounds Sensibly Weight- Shoot Contest, a free-throw contest for Creativity Lab: Paper Collage Snow the Lunar New Year with a fun Chinese
Loss Support Group), on Wednesdays; $1/ boys and girls ages 8-13; this… Countr yside Globes, grades K-5 will be making paper Tradition… LeClaire Communit y Librar y,
meeting plus national dues; for information, Christian Church, Sat Jan 8 plate snow globes using… Moline Public 4pm Mon Jan 24
call 563-386-7477… CASI (Center for Active Librar y, 6pm Thu Jan 13
Seniors), 10:30am Wed Jan 12 thru Wed Feb 2 Young Adult Reading Club, ages 10 -14 will Mason Jar Bank s, for ages 6+; tar t your
meet -in person or via Zoom to… German Outreach/Headstart: Horace Mann LC, savings of f right with a… Davenpor t Public
T’ai Chi Ch’un, on Wednesdays; $24/six-week American Heritage Center, 4pm Sun Jan 9 children’s staf f from the Rock Island Public Librar y - Main Branch, 4pm Mon Jan 24
class; for information, call 563-386-7477… CASI Librar y will be… Rock Island Public Librar y -
(Center for Active Seniors), 10:15am Wed Jan 12 Hands- On Art History: Picasso Guitar Downtown Librar y, 9am Thu Jan 13 PNG littleBits Advanced Series, on
thru Wed Feb 2 Collage, for ages 6+; join us this month for Mondays; students in grades 4 -12 with
a fun… LeClaire Communit y Librar y, 4pm PNG Chemistry Bits: Water, discover the previous block coding… Moline Public
Quad City Blind and Low Vision Friends, Mon Jan 10 world of chemistr y through a collection of Librar y, 6pm Mon Jan 24 thru Mon Jan 31
join others with low vision or blindness in this mini-experiments… Moline Public Librar y,
supportive… CASI (Center for Active Seniors), Mason Jar Bank s, star t your savings of f 6pm Thu Jan 13 Teens Webtoons Discussion, Miss Amber
Tue Jan 18 right with a large mason jar… Davenpor t needs you to recommend great comics
Public Librar y - Eastern Avenue Branch, 4pm Facebook Live Stor y time, recommended on Webtoon… Davenpor t Public Librar y -
Chair Yoga, on Tuesdays; with Logan Anderson, Mon Jan 10 for grades 3 & under; Join Mrs. Swanson Fairmount Street Branch, 6:30pm Tue Jan 25
owner of All Strong Fitness;… CASI (Center for on… Silvis Public Librar y, 6pm Thu Jan 13
Active Seniors), 2pm Tue Jan 18 thru Tue Jan Tween/ Teen Ice Lanterns, ake a stunning thru Thu Jan 27 Outreach/Headstart: Ridgewood/
25 lantern out of ice; for information, call… Jefferson, children’s staf f from the Rock
Moline Public Librar y, Mon Jan 10 DIY Teen: Mango Salsa, ages 11-19 are Island Public Librar y will be… Rock Island
Step into Balance: Balance & Strength, on invited to join Miss Amber for some… Public Librar y - Downtown Librar y, 9am Thu
Tuesdays; half-hour exercise class with Logan Virtual Mini Masterpieces, register to Davenpor t Public Librar y - Main Branch, Jan 27
Anderson, owner of… CASI (Center for Active receive an ar tist kit with ever y thing you 3:30pm Fri Jan 14
Seniors), 1pm Tue Jan 18 thru Tue Jan 25 need… Davenpor t Public Librar y - Main Family Story time with Ashe: Chinese New
Branch, Mon Jan 10 Family Stor y time with Ashe: Penguins, Year!, stories, songs, and fun; ever y week
Country Dance w/ DJ Don Coker, $7/person at stories, songs, and fun; ever y week is a is a dif ferent theme… LeClaire Communit y
the door; for information, call 563-386-7477… Movers and Shakers Story time!, on dif ferent theme… LeClaire Communit y Librar y, 10:30am Fri Jan 28
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Dream Horse, screening of the racehorse thru Mon Jan 31 Facebook Live: Full S.T.E. A.M. Ahead, join recommended for ages 5-12; join Mrs.
drama in the Movie Matinee series;… CASI Mrs. Swanson for her live experiment; free; Swanson to build an… Silvis Public Librar y,
(Center for Active Seniors), 1pm Fri Jan 28 Stor y Time, on Mondays; featuring bubbles, for information,… Silvis Public Librar y, 2pm 2pm Sat Jan 29
music, craf ts, games, snack s, and tons… Sat Jan 15
Shaker Cards, join this beginner craft class to River Valley District Librar y, 10am Mon Jan Virtual Presentation: University of Iowa
learn how to make… CASI (Center for Active 10 thru Mon Jan 31 Full STEAM Ahead!: Sink or Float?, join us Health Care Kids Go STEM, a free vir tual
Seniors), Tue Feb 1 as we experiment with all kinds of odd… educational program targeted to students
Teen Advisor y Board Meeting, TAB LeClaire Communit y Librar y, 10:30am Sat in grades 6… Universit y of Iowa Health Care
CASI Advisory Council, free; for information, Members volunteer, organize & par ticipate Jan 15 - Muscatine, 9:30am Sat Jan 29
call 563-386-7477… CASI (Center for Active in teen programming, and give their…
Seniors), 9am Wed Feb 2 Davenpor t Public Librar y - Fairmount Street Winter Reading Carnival Kickoff, stop Mad River Theater Work s: Freedom
Branch, 6:30pm Tue Jan 11 in any time today for carnival-st yle games, Riders, a per formance in the 2021-2022 Live
craf ts, and activities;… Moline Public at Heritage Center SchoolBus… John & Alice

KIDS' STUFF Teen Tuesday: Teen Advisor y Board, earn Librar y, Sat Jan 15 Butler Hall - Universit y of Dubuque Heritage
volunteer hours and decide on book s and Center, 12:15pm Mon Jan 31
programs for… Silvis Public Librar y, 5pm Lazy Crafternoons: Button Art, ages 12+
Big/Little Bookclub, Littles (kids in Tue Jan 11 make super simple craf ts that are relaxing PJ Party Stor y time: Penguins!, put on your
3rd through 5th grade) and their Bigs… to… LeClaire Communit y Librar y, 5pm Tue PJ’s and join us live for a… Moline Public
Davenpor t Public Librar y - Eastern Avenue Recycled Book Crafts, on Tuesdays; give Jan 18 Librar y, 6pm Mon Jan 31
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Public Librar y - Fairmount Street Branch, Overbooked, teens talk about the new Tales for Tots: Session 1, on Mondays;
Outreach/Headstart: Marshall, children’s 3:30pm Tue Jan 11 thru Tue Jan 18 book s they’re reading; refreshments stor y time for ages 0 -3 and their caregivers;
staf f from the Rock Island Public Librar y will provided;… Silvis Public Librar y, 5pm Tue par ticipants… Bettendor f Public Librar y,
be… Rock Island Public Librar y - Downtown Girls Love Code, on Tuesdays; an af ter- Jan 18 10am Mon Jan 31
Librar y, 9:30am Thu Jan 6 school club for girls in 3rd-5th grade…
Davenpor t Public Librar y - Eastern Avenue Read-Along Stories with Mr. Haack , for Tales for Tots: Session 2, on Mondays;
Virtual Teen DIY to Go: T-shirt Yarn, Miss Branch, 4pm Tue Jan 11 thru Tue Feb 1 those who had master stor y teller Mr. H as stor y time for ages 0 -3 and their caregivers;
Amber invites ages 11-19 to joining her in PV… LeClaire Communit y Librar y, 6:30pm par ticipants… Bettendor f Public Librar y,
ripping… Davenpor t Public Librar y - Main Preschool Story time, on Tuesdays; a free, Tue Jan 18 10:30am Mon Jan 31
Branch, 4:30pm Thu Jan 6 enter taining oppor tunit y for preschoolers
to come… Davenpor t Public Librar y - GreatWork s Theatre Co. – Tubman: Road Homeschooler ’s Hangout, grades 1-12
Teen Bookmark Contest, thru Jan. 15; teens Eastern Avenue Branch, 10am Tue Jan 11 to Freedom, a per formance in the 2021- visit the librar y and par ticipate in a fun…
can design a bookmark for a… East Moline thru Tue Feb 1 2022 Live at Heritage Center SchoolBus… Bettendor f Public Librar y, 11:30am Tue Feb
Public Librar y, thru Sat Jan 15 John & Alice Butler Hall - Universit y of 1
Virtual Stor y time, on Tuesdays; watch Dubuque Heritage Center, 9:45am Tue Jan
YA Tabletop Adventures Guild (TAG): stor y time on the Rock Island… Rock Island 18 Outreach: RIFAC Preschool, a children’s
Dungeons and Dragons, From board games Public Librar y - Downtown Librar y, 10:30am librarian will be sharing stories with RIFAC
to RPGs, check out our new YA… LeClaire Tue Jan 11 thru Tue Feb 1 Outreach/Headstart: Longfellow & preschool… Rock Island Public Librar y -
Communit y Librar y, 5pm thru Thu Jan 20 Academy, children’s staf f from the Rock Downtown Librar y, 10am Wed Feb 2
Lego Club: Name Challenge, come Island Public Librar y will be… Rock Island
Sesame Street Crafts, on Thursdays; let ’s play with over hundreds of Legos; for Public Librar y - Downtown Librar y, 9am Thu
get creative and have some fun; per fect… Jan 20
Keep the Reader Alive and Free Since '93. FREE ASSANGE. River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 29 No. 993 • January 2022
tunnel violence of the police being bom-
Jan. 6 In Their Own Words:
there was an insurrection. Trump people barded by people. Someone tried to pass thousand people.
Cont. from Page 17 were actively taking people away from a sledgehammer that was given to the
the Capitol building that were breaking police. You can see someone breaking a Jason Bermas: It is another talking point
Pat Miletich: We went nowhere near the windows etc. These were bad actors. window with a gas canister. I want those and tool of a predatory class to further
Capitol steps. After a while, we went on the people identified. Who are they? Have demonize the American people and crimi-
grass of the Capitol and had no idea any Corey Eib: I witnessed the exact oppo- they all been arrested? Are these some of nalize their legal lawful and constitutional
so-called breach had happened. We were site. The crowd was there, by and large, to the Federal informants or provocateurs? behaviors while getting past any type of due
not there to break into the building, we make noise so that Congress would hear The people who committed violence process, accountability, checks or balances
were there to protest and have conversa- the people. The relatively few people who should be charged with those crimes. and moving us towards a security state
tions with people about freedom. were on the Capitol Building steps and where political dissents or lower could be
went in the building weren’t following the Pat Miletich: The violence that I considered domestic terrorists and just be
Sarah Ford: We got fairly close to the protest plan that had been published. witnessed was when the crowd was going put away and locked in a black hole in this
Capitol in the late afternoon, and I noticed up the hill to the Capitol a lot of riot-gear new techno-fascists great-reset agenda.
a back door was open and people were police starting hitting the crowd with
streaming in and out. I’d briefly talked to "Propaganda and false batons, shields, rubber bullets, and OC Pat Miletich: It seemed to be that in
spray. many ways it was orchestrated to end in
my dad while at Ollie’s Trolley and he told flags have no power people breaching the building and for the
me not to go in the building, so I heeded
his advice. when evidence is Sarah Ford: The only violence I wit- government to use the narrative that this
nessed was against the people. I saw an was an insurrection. Anybody knows if
presented, and 500,000 people wanted to take over a build-
9) What were the most prevalent elderly Chinese man being led away by
reasons other attendees told you we’re still in that bystanders, his eyes closed and watering ing it would have resulted in rubble, which
from tear gas. I saw another guy who’d did not happen. Many of the people that
as to their goal or motivation for unraveling process." took part in the violence took part in Antifa
attending? been hit in the cheek with a projectile
- Sarah Ford spitting out blood (I later found out he was and BLM protests causing violence at those
Clyde Cleveland: I believe most of the arrested for entering the Capitol.) I saw rallies. Which suggests to me they are paid
people there had the same motivations many dealing with close contact with tear actors and agitators.
that I had. Jason Bermas: Zero. Zero. gas, and watched two guys carry a lady
away from the zone after she was over- Sarah Ford: Despite the Democrats’
Corey Eib: Election irregularities. Pat Miletich: Nobody said anything of come. I got to taste and feel the burning and mainstream media’s insistence that
any plans of going into the building that sensation of tear gas myself, though I was it was an insurrection, their evidence is
Jason Bermas: They felt that the elec- I heard from anybody. The only reason able to quickly take cover. weak, and their panic is palpable. The real
tion had been stolen and they wanted people went up the hill to the Capitol was insurrection was on November 3, and we
accountability. And I agree with them because the barricades were removed by 12) What’s your summary take- the people had every right to rally on Janu-
100 percent. I don’t think the election the police officers who waived everyone in away(s) on this event one year ary 6. What gets me is the hypocrisy – we
was “fortified” like Time magazine said. to come up to the Capitol building. People later? watched the left’s “summer of love” with
I think they stole it on many levels. One took them at their word and followed the riots and violence, but the right is demon-
person, one vote should be an easy thing. police officer’s invites. Clyde Cleveland: It was an incredible ized for expressing our Constitutional
No, they want fractional voting. They want event. I am so glad I attended and I pray the right to protest that day? It’s upside-down
black-box voting. Issues I’ve been talking Sarah Ford: I wasn’t close enough to the truth about the actors that tried to create world. But like everything these corrupt
about since 2003. Dominion is the name Capitol during the breach, so I didn’t wit- the phony insurrection get the justice they politicians do to try and take down Trump,
now. Diebold is the name of old. They are ness anything firsthand. I never really felt deserve. they will fail again. The truth takes time,
all the same thing. in danger, though. It was a surreal experi- but it ultimately prevails. Propaganda and
ence, like seeing the Capitol while the Corey Eib: This event was perfectly false flags have no power when evidence is
Pat Miletich: Really similar. Everyone crowd sang “The Star-Spangled Banner” hijacked into a political-theater weapon one presented, and we’re still in that unraveling
was frustrated with what had gone on with as it was getting dark. It was history in the party can use against the other, by demon- process.
the election which had obvious illegal making and that’s why I had to get close to izing hundreds of thousands of people for
activities. A guy who had close to a million the building – so I could bear witness and the actions of hundreds, or perhaps a few
attendees at his rallies was beat by a guy take photos. When I saw the “insurrec-
who stayed in his basement and did not tion” narrative that the mainstream media

"This event was perfectly hijacked

campaign? was pushing, I was not surprised, since
the media generally lies about everything
Sarah Ford: Trump is the people’s Presi-
dent, and we were there to let it be known
into a political-theater weapon
that he has the support of the American
people, despite the media’s lies and the
11) What, if any, violence did you
witness? one party can use against the
left’s hatred toward him and his support-
ers. Also, the election was stolen, and Clyde Cleveland: I did not get close other, by demonizing hundreds
Democrats cheated. enough to the Capitol building to see
any violence. That came later and there is
of thousands of people for the
10) What visible or audible evi- plenty of video evidence of these anti-
Trump people creating havoc.
actions of hundreds, or perhaps a
dence did you witness that the
crowd was there to execute an
Corey Eib: I did not witness any
few thousand people."
violence, but was exposed to a very small
amount of tear gas.
- Corey Eib
Clyde Cleveland: There were actors
there that were clearly not Trump people
that were there to create the narrative that Jason Bermas: You can watch the
24 River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 29 No. 993 • January 2022 FREE ASSANGE. Know More. Do More.

ZZZ... • JANUARY 11, 2021 December 14 Answers: Page 28

Downward Doghouse Save the Inundate

There’s a woman in my yoga class I’d like to On dating apps, guys who message me
ask out. Though she’s friendly to me, I worry always end up losing interest. My friend
that this could lead to awkwardness in class thinks my repeatedly replying before the
if she rejects me or if we date but things go guy writes back is the problem. I’ll reply to
poorly. I have a two-year relationship with this a guy’s first message and, while awaiting his
class – much longer than my fantasy relation- response, have more to say and add messages
ship with her. What should I do? Grow a spine (usually no more than four). I’m an enthusi-
and go for it regardless of the eventual conse- astic person. What’s the problem with show-
quences – or fish in a different pond? ing that honestly?
– Stuck – Authentic Woman
Spines are not to be grown promiscuously. Most of us bring an important understand-
In other words, there’s no one-size-fits-all ing to our workplace: The fact that we have a
answer to your question. Unlike 7-Elevens feeling is not reason to let it give us marching
– pretty much the same in Boise as they are orders. That’s why, when our idiot boss makes
in Bumpass, Vermont – people vary wildly. us stay late to complete a “super important
Individuals have individual levels of “risk assignment” (busywork no one will ever look
tolerance”(or what risk-intelligence specialist at), we say, “Sure thing!” – and only picture
Dylan Evans calls “risk appetite”): their ability ourselves attaching battery cables to his
to bear potential losses, should their initiative go nipples at a CIA black site.
toilet-ward. Admittedly, anger is an obvious target for
Take the question “Should you risk $5,000 on emotional restraint. But enthusiasm, while
a seemingly profitable investment?” Well, that praised on elementary school report cards,
depends on who “you” are – emotionally and, should not be flung around like birdseed.
in this case, financially. Because your risk toler- Chances are your storm of messages – a
ance will vary in different situations, answering monologue in the space for a conversation –
that takes more questions – situation-specific sends the wrong messages about you, such
ACROSS 59. Figure of speech
questions. For example: Do you shrug off losses as: “desperate” and “has the social skills of a
70. Alpine resort town 10. _ -Dixon Line
1. Amenable 71. Somersaults 11. Maneuver in skate- 61. Wiccan group … or flog yourself bloody like the weird albino five-year-old.”
5. Lesser Antilles indigene 72. Side offering shelter boarding 62. Preen monk in The Da Vinci Code? Financially, would Unfortunately, avoiding the impulse to act
10. Grinder 73. _ of March 12. Property claim 63. Serviceable
15. Uproar 74. Perry relative 13. Welding fuel 64. Base in number
losing the 5K be a bummer or an enduring on our emotions is hard work. Psychologists
19. Magwitch of "Great 75. Usual weather 14. Odor, for short systems nightly bummer when the inability to pay your Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky explain
Expectations" 76. White-tail eagle 15. Astounds 65. Shortwave rent leads to your taking up residence in a walk- that emotions are “fast”: popping up immedi-
20. _ citato 77. Rest 16. Furnish 66. Works at
21. Rock's Cooper 78. Worrying: 2 wds. 17. Zealous 67. Pied-a- _ in ATM? ately – automatically – and motivating us to
22. Son of Jacob 80. Active ones 18. Something unfor- 68. Become aware of Apply this method to your dilemma, “Can act. Rational thought, however, is “slow” (and,
23. Groggy child 82. Coffee beverage: Var. tunate 70. Ends I afford to ask out the hot lady from hot yoga?” frankly, lazy). We have to yank it out of bed
25. Postpones a decision: 84. Farm implements 24. Set down suddenly 71. Skedaddles
3 wds. 85. Rug 26. Precipitous 74. Budgetary concern Tempting as it is to overdramatize – rewrite and feed it a bunch of mental energy to make
27. Like a flower part 86. Palindromic name 29. Voters opposed 75. Gospels' Mighty _ what would likely be a somewhat uncomfort- it do its job – for example, explore whether our
28. Inunct 87. Spiritual leaders 32. Cargo vessel _ Joy
30. Hot beverage 89. Directed 34. Took legal action 78. Surcease
able situation into an epic disaster movie – drill emotions’ directives might have ruinous con-
31. Youngsters 90. Extended, in ballet 35. Stiff shoe 79. Indian title of respect: down to the actual worst-case scenarios. For sequences. This feels, shall we say,unfun – and
32. Fresh air 93. Soviet leader _ 36. Genus of fishes Var. example, would getting a “Thanks, but I’m not also depressing when all we can do is damage
33. River in West Flanders Brezhnev 37. Essential rest: 2 wds. 80. Sinker: Var.
35. Texas river 95. Feign 38. Retained 81. Describe, in a way ready to date” from the lady really trigger the control after some off-leash emotion has blown
38. Bulk 99. Parties for kids 39. Russian pancakes 83. Gnawing creature giant zombie jellyfish apocalypse – or the rather up our life.
39. Red Giant cousin: 101. Bedtime instruction: 40. Bogart film of 1946: 85. Make less extreme mundane urge to temporarily relocate your mat Consider that the “job” in online dating
2 wds. 2 wds. 3 wds. 87. Valley
43. Smart _ 103. Chester _ Arthur 41. Soap substitute 88. Still not solid to the other side of the room? is not getting someone to like you but seeing
44. Drops off: 2 wds. 104. Brink 42. American Beauties 89. Military action Consider that awkwardness between people whether you like them enough to take it
47. Managed care grp. 105. Kind of orange 44. Celebrations 90. Romanov ruler
48. Snake 106. Neither masc. nor 45. Old calculator 91. She, in Seville
– some big uncomfortable something hanging beyond the small screen. As an experiment,
49. Embankment fem. 46. Cuts 92. _ tide in the air – usually stems from somebody acting you might put your impulse to reply on a strict
50. Kind of alley 107. Engrossed 49. Sierra _ 94. Mysterious: Var. all weirded out. There’s a remedy for this should diet: One message from a guy. One reply from
51. Biz big shots 108. So far: 2 wds. 51. Chili con _ 95. Homophone for seize
52. Sch. in Columbus 109. Printer part 53. Like a baby bird 96. Golden- _
asking her out go badly: preplanning to keep you. Period. As a perhaps helpful model, try to
53. Hinder 110. Gaelic 54. Reduces 97. Reasoner's word your cool – to act like the guy you were before come off like a rare vintage of fine wine – that
54. A Founding Father 55. Odd fellows 98. Diminutive suffix you hit on her. In practice, how hard might that is, hard to get – as opposed to red wine spilled
55. Wire DOWN 57. Coin-toss bet 100. Gametes
56. Adorned with henna 1. Breathe with effort 58. Sci-fi being 102. Sch. in Baton Rouge be? You’re probably inviting her to join you for across a white shag carpet (impossible to get
58. Succulent plants 2. Competent “a coffee” after class – which few of us immedi- rid of … save for a willingness to broaden one’s
59. Whig opponents 3. Sports event ately recognize as code for “a mid-morning orgy stain removal methods to include arson).
60. Opens wide
New Cross Word Puzzles
4. Of a school of old
61. Persian king Greek thinkers in my sex dungeon.”
62. Tine
63. Of bears
5. Prairie wolf
6. Insect genus posted EVERY week at Got a problem? Write Amy Alkon, 171 Pier Ave, #280, Santa Monica, CA 90405. E-mail, visit
65. Garments
66. Shows of dissent
7. Tall grass
8. Nest egg letters @amyalkon on Twitter, and listen to Amy’s weekly radio show at Order
Amy Alkon’s book Unf---ology: A Field Guide to Living with Guts and Confidence (St. Martin’s Griffin, 2018).
69. Count 9. Awe
©2021, Amy Alkon, all rights reserved. New column published weekly at
Keep the Reader Alive and Free Since '93. FREE ASSANGE. River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 29 No. 993 • January 2022 25

FREE WILL ASTROLOGY New Columns Weekly at By Rob Brezsny

ARIES (March 21-April 19): In the fan- internalize the doubts that come from such LIBRA (September 23-October 22): your guide in the coming months. I hope it will
tasy tale The Wizard of Oz, a tornado moments. You will have an enterprising spirit. “Everything good I’ve ever gotten in my motivate you to rigorously manage the sometimes
lifts the hero Dorothy from her modest You will continually try new things, even taking life, I only got because I gave something pesky and demanding details that will ultimately
home in rural Kansas to a magical realm risks, confident in your ability to bounce back else up,” wrote author Elizabeth Gilbert. enable you to score a big victory. “It isn’t the
called Oz. There she experiences many provoca- from failures and feeling destined to succeed.” That has often been true for me. For example, if I mountains ahead to climb that wear you down,”
tive and entertaining adventures. Nonetheless, hadn’t given up my beloved music career, I Ali said. “It’s the pebble in your shoe.”
she longs to return to where she started from. A CANCER (June 21-July 22): I would love wouldn’t have had the time and energy to become
friendly witch helps her find the way back to to unabashedly encourage you to travel a skillful astrology writer with a big audience. AQUARIUS (January 20-February 18):
Kansas, which requires her to click her ruby slip- widely and explore wildly in 2022. I What about you, Libra? In my reckoning, Gil- At a pivotal moment in his evolution,
pers together three times and say, “There’s no would rejoice if I could brazenly autho- bert’s observation should be a major theme for Aquarian playwright Anton Chekhov
place like home, there’s no place like home.” I sus- rize you to escape your comfort zone and wander you in 2022. (1860-1904) swore an oath to himself. I’ll tell you
pect, Aries, that there’ll be a different ending to in the frontiers. It’s not often the planetary omens about it here because I hope it will inspire you to
your epic tale in 2022. At some point, you will offer us Cancerians such an unambiguous man- SCORPIO (October 23-November 21): make a comparable vow to yourself about how
decide you prefer to stay in your new world. date to engage in exhilarating adventures and Author C. S. Lewis wrote that we don’t you’ll live your life in 2022. Author Robert Greene
Maybe you’ll even click your ruby slippers intelligent risks. There’s only one problem: that simply want to behold beauty. We “want is the source of the quote. He says that Chekhov
together and say, “There’s no place like Oz, there’s annoying inconvenience known as the pandemic. to be united with the beauty we see, to promised himself he would engage in “no more
no place like Oz.” (Thanks to author David Lazar We really do have to exercise caution in our pur- pass into it, to receive it into ourselves, to bathe in bowing and apologizing to people; no more com-
for that last line.) suit of expansive encounters. Luckily, you now it, to become part of it.” If there were ever a time plaining and blaming; no more disorderly living
have extra ingenuity about the project of staying when you could get abundant tastes of that and wasting time. The answer to everything was
TAURUS (April 20-May 20): Fifty-five safe as you enlarge your world. extravagant pleasure, Scorpio, it would be in the work and love, work and love. He had to spread
percent of the people who live in Toronto coming months. If you make it a goal, if you set this message to his family and save them. He had
speak primarily English or French. But LEO (July 23-August 22): I suspect that an intention, you may enjoy more deep mergers to share it with humanity through his stories and
for the other 45 percent, their mother your life in 2022 might feature themes and delightful interactions with beauty than you plays.”
tongue is a different language, including Portu- beloved by Leo author Emily Brontë have had since 2010.
guese, Tagalog, Italian, Tamil, Spanish, Canton- (1818-1848). “No coward soul is mine,” PISCES (February 19-March 20):
ese, and Mandarin. I wish you could spend some she wrote, “No trembler in the world’s storm- SAGITTARIUS (November 22-Decem- Here’s what Piscean author Anaïs Nin
time there in the coming months. In my astro- troubled sphere.” I suggest making that one of ber 21): Sagittarian singer-songwriter wrote in one of her diaries: “When I first
logical opinion, you would benefit from being your mottoes. Here’s another guiding inspiration Tom Waits began his career in 1969. He faced pain, I was shattered. When I first met fail-
exposed to maximum cultural diversity. You from Emily, via one of her poems: “I’ll walk where achieved modest success during the next ure, defeat, denial, loss, death, I died. Not today.
would thrive by being around a broad spectrum my own nature would be leading: / It vexes me to 11 years. But his career headed in an even more I believe in my power, in my magic, and I do not
of influences from multiple backgrounds. If you choose another guide: / Where the grey flocks in successful direction after he met Kathleen Bren- die. I survive, I love, live, continue.” According to
can’t manage a trip to Toronto or another richly ferny glens are feeding; / Where the wild wind nan, who became his wife and collaborator. In a my analysis of the astrological omens, Pisces, you
diverse place, do your best to approximate the blows on the mountain-side.” Here’s one more of 1988 interview, Waits said, “She’s got the whole could claim her triumphant declaration as your
same experience. Give yourself the gift of splen- Brontë’s thoughts especially suitable for your use dark forest living inside of her. She pushes me own in 2022, with special emphasis on this: “I
dorous variety. in the coming months: “I’ll be as dirty as I please, into areas I would not go, and I’d say that a lot of believe in my power, in my magic. I survive, I
and I like to be dirty, and I will be dirty!” the things I’m trying to do now, she’s encour- love, live, continue.” This will be a golden age, a
GEMINI (May 21-June 20): One of your . aged.” In 2022, Sagittarius, I’ll invite you to go time when you harvest the fruits of many years of
primary meditations throughout 2022 VIRGO (August 23-September 22): looking for the deep dark forest within yourself. labor.
should be the following advice from The What reversals and turnabouts would I’m sure it’s in there somewhere. If you explore it
Laws of Human Nature, a book by moti- you like to experience in 2022, Virgo? with luxuriant curiosity, it will ultimately inspire Homework: What problem are you most likely to
vational author Robert Greene. He writes, “In Which situations would you like to you to generate unprecedented breakthroughs. outgrow and render irrelevant in 2022? Visit Free-
ancient times, many great leaders felt that they transform dramatically? Are there imbalances of Yes, it might sometimes be spooky – but in ways
were descended from gods and part divine. Such power you would like to rectify? Contradictions that ultimately prove lucky.
self-belief would translate into high levels of con- you’d love to dissolve? Misplaced priorities you
could correct? All these things are possible in the CAPRICORN (December 22-January Go to to check out Rob Brezsny’s
fidence that others would feed off and recognize.
It became a self-fulfilling prophecy. You do not coming months if you are creative and resource- 19): Capricorn-born Muhammad Ali EXPANDED WEEKLY AUDIO HOROSCOPES
need to indulge in such grandiose thoughts, but ful enough. With your dynamic efforts, the last was far more than a superb professional & DAILY TEXT MESSAGE HOROSCOPES
feeling that you are destined for something great could be first, the low could be high, and the weak boxer. He was an activist, entertainer, The audio horoscopes are also available by phone at
or important will give you a degree of resilience could become strong. and philanthropist who gathered much wisdom 1-877-873-4888 or 1-900-950-77
when people oppose or resist you. You will not in his 74 years. I’ve chosen one of his quotes to be

New Red Meat Cartoons Weekly at

26 River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 29 No. 993 • January 2022 FREE ASSANGE. Know More. Do More.

MUSIC By Max Allison

Four Favorite Albums of 2021 vocal performances, grounding each song in

a head-nodding pulse. Above all, the trio’s
vocal arrangements continue to stun, as
demonstrating that she’s perfectly comfort-
able in the relative big leagues of interna-
tional pop/R&B. Her first album on the
complete with beautiful vocal melodies, they exhibit a sense of complete control over legendary “indie-major” label 4AD, Sensa-
layers of synth, ballistic drum program- close harmonies and melismatic flights of tional feels like a step up in terms of de Casi-
ming, and proggy licks on piano, bass, and beauty. er’s smooth vocal delivery, idiosyncratic and
guitar. The composite result is something tongue-in-cheek lyrics, and the post-Y2K
like a Fiona Apple album and an FKA 2) Various Artists, R&B production sculpted by Natal Zaks
Twigs EP dipped into a vat of musique Sounds of Pamoja and de Casier herself. Deriving influence
concrète exploration and reanimated into from the purposefully synthetic MIDI-tone
an experimental post-soul opus. L’Rain’s When a new strain of music coalesces production that appeared on classic turn-of-
live performances on the tour following the within a specific scene outside of the typical the-millennium albums by antecedents such
album’s release not only managed to capture Eurocentric/American circles that domi- as Aaliyah, Destiny’s Child, and Brandy,
the peaks of Fatigue but also expanded the nate critical attention, and it breaks into the album’s beats coast through gorgeous
album’s palette off into new directions. the western sphere, it can either induce a passages of electronic harp, MIDI acoustic
Her large ensemble, which featured Cheek state of complete culture shock to some of guitar, and electric keyboards – all struck
shredding on guitar or bass while singing, our delicate sensibilities, or inspire a sense through with drum patterns from U.K.
along with her bandmates performing on of stunned awe at the new experiences garage music and synth layers that skirt
drum kit, keyboards and electronics, and that music can offer us. In this spirit, the closer to contemporary big-budget pop.
L'Rain, Fatigue samplers, often crested into something While this might sound like some pleasant
Uganda-based label Nyege Nyege Tapes,

closer to full-on prog fused with D’Angelo- which has yet to release anything less than nostalgia trip on paper, one listen to the
t would be easy to kick off my reflec-
adjacent neo-soul, all struck through with pure brain-melting brilliance, continues album shatters any conception of de Casier
tions about the music of 2021 with some
a distinctly improvisatory impulse that to streak off on its own majestic trip to the as a mere imitator of the Y2K pop style. Her
well-deserved spiel about how this was a
pushed certain passages into the realm of vanguard of contemporary music. One of vocal takes and lyrics exude charisma, as she
hard year and how music was a balm for our
free-jazz and noise. their most aggressively mind-altering drops tries on different personae that range from
troubled times, etc. Consider this to be me
doing that. More importantly, I would say last year, the compilation Sounds of Pamoja, pensive, to flirty, to regretful, to ecstatic. The
that music as a whole in 2021 was accelerat- 3) Les Filles de Illighadad, documents the music known as singeli, productions ripple with unexpected details,
ing into whole new realms that none of us At Pioneer Works which originated in Dar es Salaam, the bumping over busy basslines or suddenly
could have foreseen, and that the generally largest city in Tanzania. The album focuses veering into baroque arrangements for
screwed state of the world seems to have The label Sahel Sounds has spent the last on the scene centered around the Nyege synthetic orchestral instruments. Para-
had no impact on that acceleration – or decade documenting the modern sounds Nyege Tapes artist Duke, whose 2019 album doxically, de Casier sketches out her own
perhaps the hellscape was helping it along. coming from West Africa, focusing above Uingizaji Hewa continues to blow minds vision of futuristic pop by digging deep into
More than a balm, music this past year was all on music from Mauritania, Senegal, and with every spin. Most of the artists involved specific aesthetics that have essentially been
a glorious brick to the head, shaping how Mali, which ranges from traditional Tuareg in Sounds of Pamoja are between 18 to 20 out of style for decades at this point. But this
we see the world and introducing us to new guitar music, to electronic-infused cosmic years old, and have been pushing boundar- move isn’t necessarily surprising. Even the
experiences that temper our reality in ways keyboard exploration, to beat-focused ies with their production and vocal styles pop music that stands at what we consider
that aren’t always positive, but are always mixtapes that veer closer to contemporary since they were in their early teens. To the the peak of contemporary experimentalism
quite welcome. Here are four releases from hip-hop and dance music. Every release uninitiated, the first dose of singeli can feel (see: whatever Björk or Arca are up to at any
last year that blew my mind and kept the from their catalog is well worth investi- like a visit to an entirely unimagined musi- given moment, Shygirl, Kelela, Charli XCX)
bricks flying. gating, and the full spread of their output cal landscape. The rhythms fly at our domes can’t possibly avoid cribbing sounds and
sketches out a sprawling vision of African at unspeakably high BPM, with battering compositional strategies from the music of
4) L’Rain, Fatigue music in all its multi-faceted glory. This past drum patterns akin to footwork or juke decades past. While those artists might uti-
year saw the ascent of label mainstay Mdou music pushed to even faster extremes. The lize digital production techniques with less
The project of singer/songwriter/co-pro- Moctar, the brilliant Nigerien guitarist and vocal performances delivered by the MCs of a precedent, or rather a precedent local-
ducer Taja Cheek and her collaborators, bandleader, to the status of full-on inter- on each track explode with manic energy, ized within the last few years, the skeletons
L’Rain evolved from an intriguing and national rock star with the release of his often blazing at warp speed through com- of their songwriting still remain somewhat
forward-thinking bedroom experimental incredible record Afrique Victime (another plicated cadences and impassioned howls. the same as anything else that we identify as
pop project into something closer to an clear highlight of 2021) on venerable U.S. The sum total sounds like a record played pop music. Erika de Casier simply shifts the
all-consuming soup of genres and progres- indie institution Matador Records. Another at double the speed it “should” be played at, window back a little further into the past in
sive ideas. More than any other album I mainstay of the label, the trio Les Filles de and yet the tracks on The Sounds of Pamoja terms of her aesthetics, but writes songs that
can think of from last year, Fatigue made Illighadad from rural Niger, rose to greater often stretch past the seven-minute mark prove no less affecting and compelling in
the case for the continued existence of the prominence with their third album At – challenging unfamiliar listeners both on their final delivery.
discrete album as an art form, as opposed to Pioneer Works – a spellbinding display of a bar-by-bar basis and in the long duration
Spotify playlists and loosie singles and You- their interwoven vocal melodies, guitar that those sounds stretch across. The album
Tube cuts. The record glistens with inventive lines, and polyrhythms. Though the live provides that rare feeling that you’re hearing
production flourishes and a collage-like album contains cuts from their two previous something that seems absolutely improbable
approach to smashing sounds together, albums, 2017’s Eghass Malan and 2016’s self- in its existence, so contrary to the “rules” of
stewing up passages of spoken word and titled record, At Pioneer Works stands as a what we’re used to hearing, and yet here it is,
found sound with spectral yet hooky pop self-contained statement of the trio’s vision, and it f---ing slays.
and R&B jams, all shot through with an and truly benefits from showcasing their
almost math rock-esque approach to instru- hypnotic performances in a live context. 1) Erika de Casier,
mental performance. Clouds of disembod- The trio latches into almost lock-groove like Sensational
ied electronics and voices drift through patterns of guitar and harmonized vocal
the album as both shorter interludes and lines, striking a balance between passages of The most incessantly replayable record
complete pieces unto themselves. Just when pure euphoria and melancholic ethereality. of the year, bar none, Danish singer/
you think the spread of sounds has reached Steady rhythms driven by handclaps and songwriter/producer Erika de Casier’s
its most amorphous and abstracted point, hand drums sketch polyrhythmic cycles Sensational builds on the strengths of her
a serious banger emerges from the haze, that float alongside the swirling guitar and already-classic debut album Essentials while Erika de Casier, Sensational
Keep the Reader Alive and Free Since '93. FREE ASSANGE. River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 29 No. 993 • January 2022 27
MUSIC By Loren Thacher

Light in the Darkness: Lung, Come Clean Right Now

Cincinnati’s Lung may be the most
improbably heavy duo in music. Their call-

Musical Favorites of 2021 ing card is short, menacing songs wound Cirith Ungol, Half Past Human
as tight as Kate Wakefield’s electric-cello When most cult bands reunite, it’s usually
strings; their newest finds them putting for a tour or two, some festival appearances,
more dynamics into the mix. “Normal” and maybe a forgettable “reunion” album.
Star Thistle, The Best of Star Thistle Cirith Ungol returned from the primordial
Canadian folkie Uncle Sinner is known cello sounds are contrasted with Wake-
field’s wrenching distortion, and a greater chaos in 2015 and have managed to buck this
for his doomsday renditions of American trend, consistently releasing new material
folk, blues, and gospel songs. Star Thistle emphasis on melody in the vocals belies her
operatic training. Drummer Daisy Caplan is each year since 2018. 2020’s Forever Black
is his alter ego, a new name for a debut col- was a triumphant collection of new songs
lection of original songs. The audacity of capable of the measured violence of the Mel-
vins’ Dale Crover, but maanges to keep those mixed with old ideas, but 2021 saw the leg-
the title belies an album of heartbreaking endary Californian epic metal band looking
honesty and vulnerability, the confessions measurements within the appropriate limits
of the songs. What comes out is “senseless backward. Half Past Human unearths four
of a man who’s lost what he held dear and songs dating from the band’s beginnings in
is still trying to swim up from the bottom. beauty” of the kind Wakefield sings about
in “Sun God,” a beauty unlike any other in the ‘70s, brought to life with modern power
Love, loss, isolation, and a chance for rebirth by the 2021 version of the band. Legions of
haunt these 12 achingly beautiful songs. heavy music.
chaos, rejoice!
Ov Moros, Of Whisperings and Bitchin’ Bajas, Switched on Ra
Eight compositions by the legendary Sun Xenospawn, Eternal Bloodlust
Reflections Three concise tracks of old-school death
Ov Moros take an already dark view of Ra, given the electronic treatment by the
Chicago experimental synth trio. The result metal played by four Quad Cities extreme-
humanity’s future, combine it with prog- metal veterans who are good enough to show
rock leanings and a healthy dose of old- is a warm, listenable set of grooves and
Ryan Werner, Beverly Beverly mood pieces that will satisfy heads and new- off, but don’t. The best local release of 2021,
Beverly school Star Trek, and come out the other metal or otherwise.
end with an ambitious doom-metal concept comers alike. Though little, if any, Sun Ra
This 21-minute micro-masterpiece is material has made it into the Bajas’ live set,
loaded with more hooks, riffs and guitar album about humanity reaching for the stars Darsombra, “Call the Doctor”
in desperation as the seeds of overpopula- Switched on Ra may serve as enticement for
harmonies than most albums twice its those who are on the fence about attending /“Nightgarden”
length. 13 rock songs shrunk down in a tion and climate change are sown on Earth. Ordinarily purveyors of a heady audio-
You won’t be hearing about this Wisconsin their live appearance at the Raccoon Motel
microwave for mass consumption, bubble- in Davenport on March 3. visual trip dubbed “trans-apocalyptic galaxy
gum hooks written by a literary-minded trio on the bigger blogs and metal sites, but rock,” the Baltimore duo decided to have
metal-head clever enough to drop lines their second album is both timely and worth some fun with“Call the Doctor,” a loving
your time. Shogun, Tetra
about “circumstantial feasts.” There’s more On their fourth album, Milwaukee riff 15-minute send-up of ‘70s arena rock, com-
emotion here than meets the ear; repeated merchants Shogun have struck the right plete with vocoder, jungle noises and Who-
listening is mandatory. Heavy Temple, Lupi Amoris esque synths. “Nightgarden” is 11 minutes
The doom-metal/stoner-rock subgenres balance with their doomy riff-rock, expertly
laying new guitar sounds on top of the good of blissed-out synths, singing guitars and
Eyehategod, A History of Nomadic have reached peak saturation. Any band cricket samples. It’s a tantalizing taste of
wanting to stand out from the rest of the ol’ tube crunch that one expects from a
Behavior quality stoner metal band. Tales of cosmic their forthcoming double-album, tentatively
Eyehategod’s first new album in seven tune-low-play-slow crowd would do well to planned for 2022.
temper their sound with something differ- adventure are tempered with a growing
years was heralded by a billboard near the emotional maturity that adds real pathos to
Superdome in their native New Orleans. ent, or do the damn thing really well. Philly’s Prelude to Ruin, Ronin ex Mortis
Heavy Temple do the damn thing really tracks such as “Gone Forever,” a bittersweet
Equally surprising was the crystal-clear pit-stop adorned with Wishbone Ash-esque Classic power metal played with speed,
production on the album. These things may well. It helps that bassist and frontwoman precision, melody, and intensity. Prelude to
High Priestess Nighthawk has an impres- harmonies. These guys know how to grow,
be heresy to some, but Mike IX’s ordinar- and how to reflect it in their music without Ruin’s mission statement: “Rock and Roll
ily half-decipherable lyrics benefit from the sive set of pipes, and actually sings – nay, is the last bastion of salvation afforded the
belts – over the walloping riffage on the betraying their fundamental sound.
clarity, and the music loses nothing. Pared current mortals who have been chosen,
down to a power trio of Jimmy Bower, Gary trio’s first official full-length.“Stoner metal” should they fail to complete their visions
at its core is just heavy blues-rock; to do it James McMurtry, The Horses & the
Mader, and Aaron Hill, EHG rips through Hounds the consequences could be catastrophic.” In
their trademark combination of raging well requires a band to lock in and swing other words, listen to this now.
together. Swing they do, with Nighthawk James McMurtry’s songs have been mel-
hardcore punk, metal attitude, and a per- ancholy and darkly political long before the
verse New Orleans swing, riffs swaying like a and drummer Baron Lycan providing the Black Widows, Kandi Korn
groove underneath guitarist Lord Paisley’s shroud of the 21st century fell on America.
drunk in an alley. The lurching rhythms and No one expected him to change his tune, Hailing from Minneapolis, Black Widows
end-time message of EHG is the soundtrack Orange-washed riffs and fluid pentatonic play catchy, high-attitude guitar music
solos. It’s part of what’s given Heavy Temple and his newest album is all the better for it.
of an unstable nation, lurching deeper into Songs about Blackwater mercenaries and self-described as “punk surf-roxotica.” Their
the hell of poverty, addiction, despera- a reputation as a powerful live band, cap- newest EP is best summed up by the blurb
tured perfectly on Lupi Amoris. dead lady truckers still bear his occasional
tion and degradation from which Mike IX wry humor. Choice line: “How’re they gonna on their Bandcamp page: “This 3 song EP …
pulls his tortured, half-formed lyrics. The build a wall with no Mexicans anyway?” features tracks about powerful women who
absurdity of it all fits like a tattered fingerless Richard Dawson and Circle, Henki won’t take shit from anyone! We’ve got a
glove. The absurdly prolific, ever-changing cannibalistic stripper that will eat you alive
Circle are not a band one associates with Allison Russell, Outside Child
Outside Child is an incredibly touching if you cross her, a sharp-shootin’ madame
S.T.O.P., Moanin’ in the Mornin’ moderation or restraint. On this col- from the West, and a mummy that dances
laboration with the eccentric and strik- statement from a woman cut loose from her
When I stuck the debut album by Phila- roots, turning a life of trauma into a trans- her way back from the dead to get revenge
delphia’s drunkest blues band onto last year’s ingly original English singer/songwriter on those who silenced her in a previous
Richard Dawson, the Finns dial back their formative record touching on R&B, soul,
best-of list, I had no idea that the Band- jazz, and even the country music of Russell’s life! This EP is dedicated to anyone who has
camp-only release was basically a demo, heavily psychedelic experimental metal ever felt unsafe at a music venue. We will
sound, functioning as the backing band for new home in Nashville. It’s not just personal
an unmastered version unintended for catharsis – it’s a glorious effort to reach and be donating proceeds from this recording
public consumption. It’s since been slightly Dawson’s tales of “special plants through- directly to survivors of sexual assault in the
out history.” Dawson’s guitar drones and lift up the weary and world-beaten.
cleaned-up, renamed, and pressed to vinyl Minneapolis music scene. To find out how
(complete with a Howlin’ Wolf nod on the chimes ominously over Circle’s minimalist you can help make spaces safer, visit Show-
cover), exactly where their straight-outta-’70 Krautrock grooves, evoking a fog-shrouded”
heavy boogie belongs. England both personal and historical.
28 River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 29 No. 993 • January 2022 FREE ASSANGE. Know More. Do More.

MUSIC 1:00-4:00PM Jam Packed with Patrick December 14 Crossword Answers

KFMH 99-Plus DJs’ Top Five

Patrick O’Leary’s Top Five
1) Goose, Shenanigans Nite Club

Albums from 2021

2) Billy Strings, Renewal
3) Dinosaur Jr., Sweep It Into Space
4) Dry Cleaning, New Long Leg
5) The The, The Comeback Special (Live at
9:00 AM-1:00 PM the Royal Albert Hall)
Bill Klutho’s Top Five
1) Jason Isbell & the 400 Unit, Georgia 7:00-11:00 PM Off the Beaten Track with
Blue Roberto
2) The Roomsounds, Good Company Roberto’s Top Five
3) Michael Stanley, Tough Room (Michael 1) Public Service Broadcasting, Bright Magic
Stanley’s LP is his last release prior to 2) Amyl and The Sniffers, Comfort to Me
his death in March. Kind of a lifetime 3) Trigger Cut, ROGO
achievement for me.) 4) Dry Cleaning, New Long Leg
4) Christone “Kingfish” Ingram, 662 5) Wovoka Jr., Trouvalle Songs

5) Brandi Carlile, In These Silent Days
ublisher’s Note: KFMH 99-Plus,
the “pirate radio station” broad- 1:00-7:00 PM
cast on the FM airwaves from 1973 Jim Hunter’s Top Five
to 1994. Nearly all of its on-air talent 1) Lord Huron, Long Lost
reunited in 2013 and re-launched their 2) Tedeschi, Trucks Band featuring Trey
eclectic-music-curation-like-no-other Anastasio, Layla Revisited
as an Internet-only radio station one can 3) The The, The Comeback Special
tune into 24/7 at 4) Robert Plant & Alison Krauss, Raise The
After a 19-year hiatus, the talented Roof
disc jockeys have revived KFMH’s pio- 5) The Ronnie Wood Band, Mr. Luck: A
neering programming such as “block Tribute to Jimmy Reed
parties,” and their never-gets-old blend
of rock, blues, jazz, and reggae. While 7:00-11:00 PM
they do spin the classics, it’s always the Roberto’s Top One
deep cuts from the archives and not the 1) Los Lobos, Native Sons
tired old saws commercial radio has
watered the airwaves down to.
The KFMH team keeps up with the
times, constantly introducing listeners
to new releases that range from Neil
Young to Portugal. The Man. Is there
one FM station locally that even has the
new The The’s live album in rotation?
And, KFMH picks up the local talent
slack by spinning artists such as Trip-
master Monkey, Einstein’s Sister, The
Tape Beatles, and David Zollo.
The blues scene is strong in the Quad
Cities and it’s due in no small part to
the KFMH legacy and renewed Web-
based broadcasting of legendary blues
artists and the new generations they’ve
inspired, such as Susan Tedeschi and
Shemekia Copeland. SATURDAY
The KFMH brain trust programs and 1:00-3:00 PM Heartland Hootenanny
broadcasts out of the KCJJ AM radio Mary of the Heartland’s Top Five
station offices in Coralville, Iowa, but 1) Steve Earle, JT
their reach is now truly worldwide. 2) Joe Strummer, Assembly
We invited the on-air DJs at KFMH 3) Lord Huron, Long Lost
to share their top-five favorite new 4) Valerie June, The Moon & The Stars:
albums from 2021 and are pleased to Prescriptions for Dreamers
share these lists (along with their on-air 5) Dry Cleaning, New Long Leg
schedules) as a sampling of what one
can expect by tuning back into “The 7:00-10:00 PM The Blues Zone with Cap-
Plus.” tain Steve
Captain Steve’s Top Five
MONDAY-FRIDAY 1) Carolyn Wonderland, Tempting Fate
6:00-9:00 AM 2) Joe Bonamassa, Time Clocks
Tommy Lang’s Top Five 3) Mick Fleetwood and Friends, Celebrate
1) Weezer, Van Weezer the Music of Peter Green & the Early Years
2) Greta Van Fleet, Battle at Garden’s of Fleetwood Mac
Gate 4) Joanna Connor, 4801 S Indiana Avenue
3) Lord Huron, Long Lost 5) Christone “Kingfish” Ingram, 662
4) Foo Fighters, Medicine at Midnight
5) Liz Phair, Soberish
Keep the Reader Alive and Free Since '93. FREE ASSANGE. River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 29 No. 993 • January 2022 29


BREAKFAST ON PLUTO Through February 6, 2022

Jane Gilmor, American b. 1947

Breakfast on Pluto, 2020 | Dinner on the Dark Side, 2020
Fabric, embossed metal, images courtesy of the artist

SUPPORTING SPONSOR: The Current Iowa, Autograph Collection


Davenport, Iowa • 563.326.7804
30 River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 29 No. 993 • January 2022 FREE ASSANGE. Know More. Do More.

Get Your Local Licks On
Through February 3, 2022
February Print Edition Deadline:
Jan. 30:

2020/09/04 (Fri) (6) Steve Grismore & Ron Tegeler – The Karaoke Night – RIBCO, 1815 Second Ave., Matthew Kane & Greenbrier – Rhythm Golf Resort, 3184 Highway 22, Riverside

Push the Limit (5:30pm) – Riverside

Grape Life Wine Store & Lounge, 3402
Elmore Ave., Davenport IA
2020/09/10 (Thu) (9) Rock Island IL City Casino Resort Rhythm Room, 7077
Elmore Ave., Davenport IA

Casino and Golf Resort, 3184 Highway

22, Riverside IA
Tangled Reality – Green Tree Brewery,
309 N. Cody Rd., LeClaire IA
Big Room Open Mic (6pm) – Village
Theatre, 2113 E 11th St, Davenport IA THURSDAY
2020/09/05 (Sat) (13) North of 40 – The Gypsy Highway Bar &
Grill, 2606 W. Locust St., Davenport IA
Vinyl Live – Kas Music – The Gypsy Karaoke Night – Pub 1848, 1601 River Caleb Talbott (6:30pm) – The Gypsy Tyler Richton & The High Bank Boys Ariel McReynolds – Bootleg Hill Honey
2020/09/05 (Sat) (7) Highway Bar & Grill, 2606 W. Locust St., Drive #106, Moline IL
Nicholas Fahrenkrug and Eleonora
Highway Bar & Grill, 2606 W. Locust St.,
Davenport IA
(3pm) – Hawkeye Tap Sports Bar N Grill, Meads, 321 E. 2nd St., Davenport IA
Davenport IA 4646 Cheyenne Ave., Davenport IA Code 415 – Harley Corin’s, 1708 State St.,
Avey Grouws Band – Rhythm City Casino Apostolidi: Die Schöne Müllerin – Bettendorf IA
Resort Rhythm Room, 7077 Elmore Ave.,
Davenport IA SATURDAY (8) Great Hall at Trinity Cathedral, 121 West
12th St., Davenport IA
FRIDAY (14) SATURDAY (15) Crooked Cactus – The Gypsy Highway Bar
& Grill, 2606 W. Locust St., Davenport IA
Danger Zone – Harley Corin’s, 1708 State Big John Hammer & the Rusty Nails – Aaron Lewis – Adler Theatre, 136 E. Third 1st Impression – Hawkeye Tap Sports Bar Ed James – The Pub - Milan, 426 1st Ave.
St., Bettendorf IA
Jen & a Nightengale – Bootleg Hill Honey
The Gypsy Highway Bar & Grill, 2606 W.
Locust St., Davenport IA
TUESDAY (11) St., Davenport IA
David Paige Band – Riverside Casino and
N Grill, 4646 Cheyenne Ave., Davenport West, Milan IL
Open Mic Night – Pub 1848, 1601 River IA Keys to a Good Time: Windy City
Meads, 321 E. 2nd St., Davenport IA First Dance – Riverside Casino and Golf Golf Resort, 3184 Highway 22, Riverside
Drive #106, Moline IL The Carefree Highwaymen – The Grape Dueling Pianos – Bally’s Quad Cities,
Karaoke w/ Michelle from Party Times Resort, 3184 Highway 22, Riverside IA IA
Opera Quad Cities – Moline Public Life Wine Store & Lounge, 3402 Elmore 777 Bally Blvd., Rock Island IL
DJ Service – Manning’s Whistle Stop, The Hotrods Plus Horns (7:30pm) – Freddy Allen 2&4 Swing Trio – The Grape
Library, 3210 41st St., Moline IL Ave., Davenport IA Mungion – Gabe’s, 330 E. Washington St.,
416 N. 2nd St., Clinton IA Junior Talley (9:30pm) – Rhythm City Life Wine Store & Lounge, 3402 Elmore Donovan Gustofson – Bootleg Hill Honey Iowa City IA
Karl and Ko – Hawkeye Tap Sports Bar N Casino Resort Rhythm Room, 7077 Ave., Davenport IA Meads, 321 E. 2nd St., Davenport IA Ron Tegeler Organ Trio – The Grape Life
Grill, 4646 Cheyenne Ave., Davenport IA Elmore Ave., Davenport IA Karaoke w/ Michelle from Party Times Ed James (6pm) – Tuggers Burger Bar & Wine Store & Lounge, 3402 Elmore Ave.,
Marbin – Gabe’s, 330 E. Washington St., Lewis Knudsen – Bootleg Hill Honey Bob Dorr & the Limestoners 6 (5:30pm) DJ Service – Manning’s Whistle Stop, Ale House, 201 N. Main St., Port Byron IL Davenport IA
Iowa City IA Meads, 321 E. 2nd St., Davenport IA – Riverside Casino and Golf Resort, 3184 416 N. 2nd St., Clinton IA Karaoke in the Speakeasy – The Circa Rout38 – Hawkeye Tap Sports Bar N Grill,
Push the Limit – Riverside Casino and Golf QCSO Up Close with Andrew Parker Highway 22, Riverside IA Lucinda Williams & Her Band – Englert ’21 Speakeasy, 1818 Third Ave., Rock 4646 Cheyenne Ave., Davenport IA
Resort, 3184 Highway 22, Riverside IA – Figge Art Museum, 225 W. 2nd St., Ed James (6:30pm) – The Faithful Pilot Theatre, 221 East Washington St., Iowa Island IL Serendipity – Riverside Casino and Golf
Davenport IA Cafe & Spirits, 117 N Cody Rd, LeClaire IA City IA Piso’s Cure – The Gypsy Highway Bar & Resort, 3184 Highway 22, Riverside IA
Grill, 2606 W. Locust St., Davenport IA
The Student Body – Riverside Casino and
Golf Resort, 3184 Highway 22, Riverside SUNDAY (23)
IA Big Room Open Mic (6pm) – Village
Sweet Dreams & Honky Tonks – Theatre, 2113 E 11th St, Davenport IA
Ohnward Fine Arts Center, 1215 E Platt Evan Bartels & Angela Meyer – Bishop
St., Maquoketa IA Hill Creative Commons, 309 N Bishop
The Tailfins – Rhythm City Casino Resort Hill St., Bishop Hill IL
Rhythm Room, 7077 Elmore Ave., Karaoke Night – Pub 1848, 1601 River
Davenport IA Drive #106, Moline IL
Patti Griffin – Parker Millsap – Englert
SUNDAY (16) Theatre, 221 East Washington St., Iowa

Karaoke Night – Pub 1848, 1601 River

Drive #106, Moline IL TUESDAY
City IA
Mike Conrad & the Iowa Jazz Composers Open Mic Night – Pub 1848, 1601 River
Orchestra (5pm) – The Redstone Drive #106, Moline IL
Room, 129 Main St, Davenport IA
Still Shine – Bishop Hill Creative
Commons, 309 N Bishop Hill St., Bishop
Hill IL Bill Chrastil (5:30pm) – Riverside Casino
Three’s a Crowd: Musical Trios (2:30pm) and Golf Resort, 3184 Highway 22,
– Coralville Center for the Performing Riverside IA
Arts, 1301 5th St., Coralville IA DRUMLine Live – John & Alice Butler Hall -
University of Dubuque Heritage Center,
TUESDAY (18) 2255 Bennett St., Dubuque IA
The Ghost of Paul Revere – The Redstone
Open Mic Night – Pub 1848, 1601 River Room, 129 Main St, Davenport IA
Drive #106, Moline IL Karaoke Night – RIBCO, 1815 Second Ave.,
Rock Island IL
WEDNESDAY (19) Mike Mains & the Branches – Raccoon
Motel, 315 E. Second St., Davenport IA
The Dead South – Rainbow Girls –
Englert Theatre, 221 East Washington
St., Iowa City IA THURSDAY (27)
Karaoke Night – RIBCO, 1815 Second Ave., Kaki King – Englert Theatre, 221 East
Rock Island IL Washington St., Iowa City IA
Michael Mikrut Band (5:30pm) – Zay – The Gypsy Highway Bar & Grill, 2606
Riverside Casino and Golf Resort, 3184 W. Locust St., Davenport IA
Highway 22, Riverside IA
THURSDAY (20) Fair Warning & Far Out 283 – The Gypsy
Casey Donahew – The Rust Belt, 533 12th Highway Bar & Grill, 2606 W. Locust St.,
Ave., East Moline IL Davenport IA
Sugar & Spice (6:30pm) – The Gypsy Jake McVey – Riverside Casino and Golf
Highway Bar & Grill, 2606 W. Locust St., Resort, 3184 Highway 22, Riverside IA
Davenport IA Karaoke w/ Michelle from Party Times
Watkins Family Hour– Courtney DJ Service – Manning’s Whistle Stop,
Hartman – Englert Theatre, 221 East 416 N. 2nd St., Clinton IA
Washington St., Iowa City IA Kovacs and Company – Rhythm City
Casino Resort Rhythm Room, 7077
FRIDAY (21) Elmore Ave., Davenport IA
Rob and Gary of the Night People –
Country Dance w/ DJ Don Coker – CASI Bootleg Hill Honey Meads, 321 E. 2nd
(Center for Active Seniors), 1035 W. St., Davenport IA
Kimberly Road, Davenport IA Troy Rangel & Friends – The Grape Life
The Dead South – Rainbow Girls – Wine Store & Lounge, 3402 Elmore Ave.,
Englert Theatre, 221 East Washington Davenport IA
St., Iowa City IA
Karaoke w/ Michelle from Party Times
DJ Service – Manning’s Whistle Stop, SATURDAY (29)
416 N. 2nd St., Clinton IA Avey Grouws Band – The Gypsy Highway
Project X – The Gypsy Highway Bar & Grill, Bar & Grill, 2606 W. Locust St., Davenport
2606 W. Locust St., Davenport IA IA
Rock Steady – Rhythm City Casino Resort Code 415 – Crabby’s Bar & Grill, 826 W. 1st
Rhythm Room, 7077 Elmore Ave., Ave., Coal Valley IL
Davenport IA Final Mix – Riverside Casino and Golf
Tech N9ne – Joey Cool – Jehry Robinson Resort, 3184 Highway 22, Riverside IA
– The Rust Belt, 533 12th Ave., East Irish Winterfest (3pm) – Coralville Center
Moline IL for the Performing Arts, 1301 5th St.,
Your Mom Band – Riverside Casino and Coralville IA
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Stormy Chromer – In The Attic –
SATURDAY Gabe’s, 330 E. Washington St., Iowa MONDAY (1)
Jason Ringenberg – Bishop Hill City IA
Tony Hoeppner & Friends – The Open Mic Night – Pub 1848, 1601
Creative Commons, 309 N Bishop
Grape Life Wine Store & Lounge, River Drive #106, Moline IL
Hill St., Bishop Hill IL
3402 Elmore Ave., Davenport IA Tuneful Tuesdays (noon) – Rock
Kovacs and Company – Rhythm City
Island Public Library - Downtown
Casino Resort Rhythm Room, 7077
Elmore Ave., Davenport IA SUNDAY
20/09/10 (Thu) (30) Library, 401 19th St., Rock Island IL
Lori Gravel & the Timber City
Ramblers – Ohnward Fine Arts
Brother Moses – Bishop Hill Creative
Commons, 309 N Bishop Hill St.,
20/09/10 (Thu) (2)
Center, 1215 E Platt St., Maquoketa Bishop Hill IL Cursive – Gabe’s, 330 E. Washington
IA Karaoke Night – Pub 1848, 1601 St., Iowa City IA
Pat Foley – Bootleg Hill Honey Meads, River Drive #10 6, Moline IL Karaoke Night – RIBCO, 1815 Second
321 E. 2nd St., Davenport IA Ave., Rock Island IL
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