Europe’s Transport Network Innovation Forum

23-25 May 2011 Marriott Rive Gauche, Paris

Modern Transport Networks for Mobility, Video & Cloud applications Setting the strategy for 2020 : P-OTN, MPLS-TP & Ethernet innovation

Featuring The Broadband Forum’s official “MPLS-TP Tutorial”

The Broadband Forum, Layer123 and Orange France Telecom are working together to deliver a meaningful industry forum where you can do your strategic thinking, quickly and efficiently, to: Enable new revenue streams for your key business units Strengthen your procurement position – get the inside track from your peers on the different vendor solutions Develop a profitable long term network evolution – future-proof today’s network investment Boost your capacity for innovation – be the first to hear about new architectures, technologies and solutions Develop your expertise – become a knowledge centre for your team

Pierre Combescure, Head of Transmission & IP FT Group, , France Telecom Orange Christophe Alter, Technical Committee Chair and Board of Directors,The Broadband Forum Hans-Martin Foisel, Carrier Working Group Chair, OIF To follow Senior Executives from: Telecom Italia, Deutsche Telekom, BT and more







Layer 123 is a member of

T: +44 (0)20 8465 5440 E:

” Robin Mersh.extremely high levels of interaction rarely seen at these type of events Cisco Much better emphasis on colleague to colleague interactions BT Better Targeted: A unique opportunity to meet all relevant experts in one place Deutsche T elekom Perfect point to meet (the) many carriers interested in (our business area) CENX Better Value: We have attended several events over the past couple of months and this one was a level above TINET A brilliant debut! . Co-Hosts – The Broadband Forum & Layer123 Who You Will Meet Meet over 200 of your industry colleagues. CEO. co-hosted by The Broadband Forum and Layer123. video? This best of breed conference. supported by primary market actors provides a uniquely focused forum to examine this new vision. individuals responsible for: Making network evolution decisions .vendor selection. Data Centre Virtualisation. multiservice architecture Exchange knowledge and experiences with the market makers and technology leaders shaping the future of the modern transport network Delegate Organisation Profile Carrier Analyst/Press Regulator Telecom Solutions Vendor Optical Systems Vendor Management Solution Vendor Test & Measurement Other Delegate Job Function MD/VP/GM CTO/Principal Engineer Network Strategy Product Management Business Development Research Validation Analyst Other T: +44 (0)20 8465 5440 E: registration@layer123. Get up to speed with packet optical networking ideas and their practical implementation in key application areas – Mobility. technology adoption & implementation decisions for service providers in EMEA and beyond Designing and implementing new transport network technologies. advanced services Learn from the experiences of the pioneers in modern transport network design and implementation Gather insights from your peers on how you evolve from a multilayer network towards a www. planned and deployed? How should GMPLS evolve to play a bigger role in modern Transport Networks? What role will Ethernet play? How will the new MPLS-TP-OTN convergence be applied in mobile networks? How should operators evolve from today's heterogeneous mixed-technology networks? How can P-OTN help in designing infrastructure to support new business applications and architectures – data centre connectivity.that are helping to shape the building blocks of modern transport networks “The Broadband Forum is happy to co-host this event. Cloud Computing.senior figures from the main industry organisations.layer123... MEF and OIF .Layer123 offers a NEW experience of meeting. Join other industry activists and help to push the debate forward on issues such as: What are the strategic issues facing service providers and how can P-OTN help? How can P-OTN be used in the migration to 4th Generation mobile infrastructure? What are the key developments in standards from the operator’s point of view? How can multi-layer architectures be optimised. end to end. The Broadband Forum Knowledge Exchange Event Objectives Meet and engage with the prime carrier and industry activists shaping the evolution of P-OTN technologies and standards Learn what service providers need from new P-OTN technologies. Data Centre Virtualisation and high performance Ethernet services for business users. Cloud Computing. emphasizing quality over quantity Cyan Europe’s Transport Network Innovation Forum The 2nd edition of Packet Optical Transport Networking. is your opportunity to meet and debate with the specialists shaping the future architecture of Packet Optical networks for the new .. Video (Content Delivery Networks / IPTV / MobileTV).. senior technologists and specialist standards coordinators from the main vendor organisations specialising in packet optical systems and solutions design and marketing Driving the industry forward . services and architectures to support new mobility. video and cloud applications Planning network evolution strategy to meet new business requirements senior product managers. uncluttered by history and bringing the best of packet and the best of optical together. because we recognize the importance of discussion and education around this important new technology. learning and sharing knowledge – here’s what customers have said in 2010 More Interactive: . including The Broadband Forum. systems and architectures Find out how MPLS-TP is developing as a technology and how network designers are using it to develop new advanced architectures Share insights into how to maintain control of network costs and complexity while enabling new. to formulate a wider understanding of the future Packet Optical Transport Network.

org LEAD OPERATOR Orange is the key brand of France Telecom. Not only will all of the key players be in Paris for this event. For more information visit www. and our open cross-network software platform that includes the popular Junos operating SILVER SPONSORS Cyan enables service providers to For more information about the Forum. The MEF's mission is to accelerate the world-wide adoption of carrier-class Ethernet networks and services. To do this involves understanding what your competitors are doing. Exhibition Space The conference venue is perfectly designed for the conference and exhibition. At the end of 2009.acgresearch. please visit www. Juniper remains uniquely positioned to maintain industry leadership based on our core competencies in architecture. and manage finances. The Broadband Forum's formal BroadbandSuiteT Release Program and all technical reports are publicly available at www. as well as a drinks reception on the evening of the 24th May. how efficient and effective your own operations are. Economically scaling from 1 Gigabit to 10 Gigabit Ethernet. and testing organisations. but they will be comparatively easy to reach in this highly interactive.” Additional information can be found at networking and service provider companies. Juniper Networks® delivers innovative software. Packet Optical transport is a specialist marketplace with a comparatively small number of highly influential people and organisations setting the perform worldwide interoperability testing. The Broadband Forum is a global consortium of approximately 200 leading industry players covering telecom equipment. and business model T: +44 (0)20 8465 5440 E: registration@layer123.broadband-forum. providing the broadest line of solutions for transporting data. With almost 131 million customers. Juniper has an exclusive focus on providing solutions that solve the toughest and most complex networking problems—delivering on the promise of the “New Network. This is accomplished through industry member participation working together to develop specifications (IAs) for: • External network element interfaces • Software interfaces internal to network elements •Hardware component interfaces internal to network elements. please contact Anthony Streeter. For more information visit www. our standards empower providers to achieve more with their broadband deployment. augmented if necessary. one of the world’s leading telecommunications operators. Cyan’s revolutionary CyMS provides transformational planning. Implementation agreements will be based on requirements developed cooperatively by end-users. At 30 September 2010. the Z-Series platforms support unprecedented scale from tens to hundreds of Gigabits of service capacity per card slot and Terabits of capacity per shelf. Junos Space network application platform. The OIF will create www. silicon design. As multi-layer transport scales across the network. . and what your customers are saying about you. please contact Anthony Streeter. simplify and transform metro. and Junos Pulse integrated network client. interoperable solutions. with the two areas sitting side by side and enough room for up to 10 pop-up style stands. SONET/SDH or OTN transport rings to meshed multi-layer DWDM/ROADM grooming networks with 40G to 400G capacities per fiber. and security hardware and software run the world’s largest and most demanding global networks. It’s a great opportunity to learn what the Tier 1 carriers of Europe are looking for from packet optical network technologies. sell Benefits for Sponsors This is not a trade show – this is a specialist event co-hosted by The Broadband Forum and Layer123 and developed with the support of some of Europe’s most experienced and knowledgeable network strategy professionals. across campuses. Find out whether your strategy is on MEF is a global industry alliance comprising more than 160 organisations including telecommunications service providers. Cisco is recognized as a pioneer. the Orange brand covers internet. The tradition of innovation continues as Cisco creates leading products and key technologies to make the Internet more useful and dynamic in the years ahead. Through ROI and TCO analysis. With its union with the IP/MPLS Forum. under the brand Orange Business Services. switches. the Broadband Forum is now the central body for next generation IP network specifications. Introducing a revolutionary new PLATINUM SPONSOR Cisco is the worldwide leader in networking. being successful means realizing as much as possible from your existing telecom operations and capabilities. the Broadband Forum has seen its work over the past 14 years evolve from addressing physical layer ADSL transport specifications to advanced transport and management specifications for all forms of broadband. meet the people closest to the action and exploit this efficient way to engage with them. and component technologies.5 million mobile customers and 13. service providers. All refreshment breaks will be served in the exhibition OFFICIAL ANALYST PARTNER In tight economic times. Layer123 at or call +64 (0)226 543 812. silicon. For more information visit: www.layer123. We help service providers and vendors design new business models that focus on understanding customers and the market. offer training. or globally.7billion euros at 30 September. network processing elements. services and solutions. computing. operations and management tools to optimize network design and utilization for maximum network efficiency. These include 144. The MEF develops Carrier Ethernet technical specifications and implementation agreements to promote interoperability and deployment of Carrier Ethernet world-wide. wireless backhaul and data center networks for more profitable packet-optical transport and management of SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES To find out more about sponsorship options and pricing for Layer123's events. including a complete listing of all current MEF members. ACG Research offers a comprehensive program of services that addresses Managing and Selling at the Business Level and Strategic and Technical Product Planning. For further information regarding sponsorship and exhibition opportunities. metro and regional networks. and government networks worldwide. equipment vendors and technology providers. astreeter@layer123. The OIF will provide feedback to worldwide standards organizations to help achieve a set of implementable. and public sector organizations. and aligned with worldwide standards. product and service message testing. Cyan’s Z-Series is redefining transport and management scalability across access edge.3 million broadband internet (ADSL) customers worldwide. Sales Director. and video within buildings. build market awareness and promote education for technologies. Power.layer123. semiconductors vendors. 2010). cable MSOs. leading enterprises.metroethernetforum. Cisco Internet Protocol-based (IP) networking solutions are the foundation of the Internet and most corporate. For more information visit www.oiforum. France Telecom had sales of 44. network equipment/software manufacturers. standards and solutions. is one of the world leaders in providing telecommunication services to multinational companies. ACG Research provides answers to service providers and vendors so that they can grow their operations more efficiently and make business decisions with confidence. Established in 1994 as the ADSL Forum and later as the DSL Forum.EVENT SUPPORTERS AND PARTNERS Co-Host The Broadband Forum mission is to develop the full potential of broadband. Focused on home-to-core network and management solutions. regional. voice. and systems that transform the experience and economics of networking for global service providers. television and mobile services in the majority of countries where the Group operates. For a full events schedule visit www. education. uncluttered and engaging environment. Cyan backs the Z-Series products with advanced support services collectively yielding the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry.8 billion euros ( SUPPORTING ORGANISATION The Optical Internetworking Forum (OIF) promotes the development and deployment of interoperable networking solutions and services through the creation of Implementation Agreements (IAs) for optical networking products. Orange is the number three mobile operator and the number three provider of broadband internet services in Europe and. the Group had a total customer base of more than 203 million customers in 32 countries. Our core routers. space and table and chairs are included in the exhibition package. using the Internet to provide customer support.

com and we will contact you.6% VAT) = £1554.00 1 Day £ 600 (+ 19. please email enquiry@layer123. or email registration@layer123. Video & Cloud applications Setting the strategy for 2020 : P-OTN.00 Booking after 8/04/2011 £1700 (+ The Cisco workshop on Monday 23rd May is for operators only.20 £700 (+ 19. All other workshops are open to all delegates. Data Protection Authorising Manager: Payment Contact: Company: Address: The basic contact information that you include in this booking form will be held on the Layer123 database. How would you like to pay? Bank Transfer – Full bank transfer details will be sent to you with your invoice Credit Card – we will contact you to process your payment FOUNDING SPONSORS & PARTNERS – PACKET OPTICAL TRANSPORT NETWORKING Discounts: Only one discount can be claimed per event. If you cancel before 22nd April 2011 you will receive a refund less 10%+VAT. transfer your registration to a colleague.00 1 Day £350 (+ 19.20 £1300 (+ www. MPLS-TP & Ethernet innovation 23-25 May 2011 Marriott Rive £750 (+ 19. If you cancel between 22nd April 2011 and the 6th May 2011 you will receive a refund less 50%+VAT. who may wish to communicate offers relating to your specific business activities.layer123.60 Booking after 8/04/2011 £950 (+ 19.6% VAT) = £717. Please keep this and bring it with you to the VAT) = £598. There are group discounts available for multiple bookings – please contact us directly for more Or contact us directly on +44 (0)20 8465 5440 during office hours 2.20 2 Days £500 (+ 19. Scan the booking form and email it to registration@layer123. To book a room please telephone Venue Search UK on +44 (0)20 8546 6166 or email beds@venuesearch.PACKET OPTICAL TRANSPORT NETWORKING REGISTRATION Modern Transport Networks for Cancellation Policy Postcode: Tel: Email: Fax: If you are unable to attend this event you can nominate to receive a voucher for a future event.6% VAT) = £2033.6% VAT) = £418. you are advised to book your room as early as possible. There are a limited number of rooms available. Days You Wish To Attend BROADBAND FORUM TUTORIAL & WORKSHOPS CONFERENCE DAY ONE CONFERENCE DAY TWO Monday 23 May 2011 Tuesday 24 May 2011 Wednesday 25 May 2011 My organisation is a sponsor of the event and I wish to claim my sponsorship discount 5.6% VAT) = £837.00 Venue Details Marriott Rive Gauche 17 Boulevard Saint Jacques Paris 75014.layer123. or cancel your booking and receive a refund. You can also book online at www.6% VAT) = £1136.6% VAT) = £ . If you cancel less than two weeks before the event we cannot offer you a refund. please let us know via enquiry@layer123. where applicable: First Name: Last Name: Department: Delegates are responsible for arranging and paying for their own accommodation and travel. Confirmation A confirmation of your booking will be sent on receipt of payment. Paris Produced by: Co-Host Lead Operator 4.40 2 Days £ 1000(+ 19. France T: +33 1 4078 7980 F: +33 1 4588 4393 ACCOMMODATION SPECIAL RESERVED RATES FOR DELEGATES Layer123 has negotiated discounted room rates at the Marriott Rive Gauche .com www. Event discounts: I am a member of Layer123 and claim my 5% member discount I am a member of the Broadband Forum and claim my 20% member discount I am a member of the MEF and claim my 15% member discount I am a member of the OIF and claim my 15% member discount BOOKING PROCESS 1. If you do not wish to be contacted. Tick the correct price box below SERVICE PROVIDER & REGULATOR PRICING Booking before 8/04/2011 3 Days £700 (+ 19.60 STANDARD PRICE Booking before 8/04/2011 3 Days £1400 (+ 19.layer123. Enter your contact details Mr/Mrs/Ms: Job Title: Company Name: To assist us with future correspondence please supply the following details. If you wish your details to be modified or removed from this database. 3.6% VAT) = £837.20 £500 (+ 19.6% VAT) = £1196.6% VAT) = £897. T: +44 (0)20 8465 5440 E: registration@layer123.6% VAT) = £ Occasionally your contact details may be shared with authorised companies on a strictly moderated basis.

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