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Cross-Stream Testing is end-to-end testing of integrated processes through execution of predefined business flows (within the collaboration with legacy systems. First off test script so that a full end to end test can be performed and ensure that the results you get are the results you expect. mandatory fields. default values. Then the business sce to business steps. etc. is a very important part of development and delivering a solution to a client. such as determining operational res needs. Create Sales Order) to confirm the operation of transactions and re checks (e. I suggest that you firstly create a process flow to diagram what you believe the process is. that t change during the development of the test script and unit testing Testing (or Unit Testing) as we refer to it. Transaction Testing is testing of a single transaction (e. . In-Stream Testing covers chains of transactions that flow together and which reflect important business process and scenarios process).g. Acceptance Tests (UAT) are in-stream or cross-stream tests by the user community with the objective of formal acceptance. Remember. and problem management procedures In order to do this you need to have specific business specialist that can give you the business scenario.g.Description ERP Testing is a procedure that usually occurs before a company fully implements an ERPsoftware package and the software g order to identify certain situations may arise after the implementation has been completed.

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