You are the twinkle of my eyes; The smile on my lips; The joy of my face; Without you I am incomplete. Last night I matched each star with a reason for loving you. I was doing great until I ran out of stars. God is wise when he did not put a price tag on you darling. If he did, I won¶t be able to afford to have a boyfriend (girlfriend) as precious as you. Darling, if you are the second best girl for me, then who is the best? The answer is nobody, because you will always be the best girl for me. My heart for you will never break. My smile for you will never fade. My love for you will never end. I love you! When you need someone to be there for you, I¶d be just sitting right beside you. Believe me, you are the one, Whom my heart finds, Whom my mind reminds me of, Whom my destiny wants, Whom I love the most. My heart says that you like me, My eyes says that you feel something for me, My mind says that you think of me, But till now you are quiet« Look at sun and you see time. Look in heart and you see love. Look in eyes and you see life. Look at your mobile and you see who¶s thinking of u! It¶s me.

Till the end of time« In a world so close to me« I¶m just so in love« With a girl who¶s in my heart« I Love U« I love my eyes when U look into them, I love my name when U say it, I love my heart when U love it, I love my life when U are in it. Give laugh to all but smile to one, Give cheeks to all but lips to one, Give love to all but Heart to one, Let everybody love you But you love one. My love for you is like water, Falling countless« The beating of my heart, For you is so heavy and soundless, The feeling of being in your arm is so Precious and endless. This is a moon which learns from you, That is a sun which respects you, There are stars which shine for you, And here, It¶s me who live for you. Let all my smile be yours All your tears be mine, Let all my happiness be yours All your sadness be mine, Let the whole world be yours, Only you be mine You¶re like my asthma, you take my breath away. Like dandruff; I can¶t get you off my head. Like my car, you drive me crazy. Like dentures, I can¶t smile without you.

I have 3 parts of my heart, 1st 4 my Allah, 2nd 4 my Family, 3rd 4 myFriends. But no part 4 u, Becoz, U R My Heart

Latest Love Messages from Visitors
Daily Love Messages #966 when i look up i see your smiles reflecting like the sun, when i think of u my heart is favoured like the moon to shine. i can't do without u my love. (sent by ejike at 21/02/2011) Daily Love Messages #965 every girl wants a guy who hugs her when they're watching a scary or romantic movie, who gives her his jacket even when he himself is feeling cold, who will always be the one to make her laugh, most importantly he will love her for who she is !

that guy is what google calls "no result found" ..!! :) :d (sent by adeola oloyede at 20/02/2011) Daily Love Messages #964 i love the way you treat me when we are in the room i think you the most sweetest partner i ever met on earth and the way you fall in love with me

(sent by hannah at 19/02/2011) Daily Love Messages #963 i've seen angels in the sky, i've seen snow fall in july, i've seen things you could only imagine to see or do, but i still haven't seen anything sweeter than you! (sent by rohit at 18/02/2011) Daily Love Messages #962 someone said, "it's hard to live alone, it's harder to choose someone to love but the hardest part of loving is to admit that you have fallen in love with someone who can never be yours i replied, "and you know the best part is when you get the person you love the most while other peoples still keep thinking it's not possible!!!" (sent by saxa dymex at 17/02/2011) Daily Love Messages #961 you are my heart, my hope, my help, the passion that is me, the whole of which i am a part, my peace, my ecstasy. you are my future, present, past, my ship, my sail, my ocean, the wind that brings me home again, the home for every motion. you live within me, yet i am without you all alone.

with you i am full of light; without you i am stone. is this foolish? yes, perhaps, but also it is true. i think of life as something i can spend with only you. ah, my love! love longs for such sweet celebrants as this! love is a burden and a joy, slavery and bliss. this day of love come love with me, come sing with me my song. come be my valentine, and i will love you my life long, my love, will love you my life long. (sent by mt at 16/02/2011) Daily Love Messages #960 some joy are better explained in silence as a smile is better than laughter. if asked if i enjoy having you as my love, i would smile. i love you sweetie and i miss you. (sent by obed at 15/02/2011) Daily Love Messages #959 when i sit to watch the sun set, i weep 4 the fear of the lonely day ahead. honey, when you are not here, my life is hell. i love you prudy, i miss you a great deal. (sent by doug-bine at 14/02/2011) Daily Love Messages #958

for me love is no border,nor age, nor distance nor the origin or color of skin (sent by abdel at 13/02/2011) Daily Love Messages #957 i can have everything, but without you,i've got nothing (sent by emanuel matheba at 12/02/2011) Daily Love Messages #956 there is always love in my heart when i think of you you are now a special part of my life love you always (sent by ali shoja at 11/02/2011) Daily Love Messages #955 i looked at a flower and thought it was the most beautiful thing i've ever seen till i met you. (sent by mass at 10/02/2011) Daily Love Messages #954 honey! if i was to be anything in this world, i'll rather be ur tears... so that i can be conceived in ur heart, born in ur eyes and died on ur lips... that is 2show u how unimaginable ur magical luv makes me feel...i'll alwayz luv u... (sent by peculiar... at 09/02/2011) Daily Love Messages #953 i gave you the key to my heart

but you zipped my lips locked up my heart

then trough it behind you (sent by brooke at 08/02/2011) Daily Love Messages #952 i d angel of my life d one who settle my problem 4rm d day i start loving u my life change 4rm worse 2 better and 4rm better 2 best

(sent by temitope emmanuel at 07/02/2011) Daily Love Messages #951 just turn around and walk away you don't have to live like this , you have the chance to love the girl of your dreams and i won't stop you in doing so , so go on be happy :/ (sent by joy_08 at 06/02/2011) Daily Love Messages #950 you learn my secrets and you figure out why i'm guarded , you say we'll never make my parents' mistakes (sent by joy_08 at 05/02/2011) Daily Love Messages #949 when i'm with you i feel happy and scared at the same , i'm happy cause your here with me for now , and i'm sad cause someday your going to leave me just like the others do , i'm so scared of not being with you :( (sent by bff ko c gille at 04/02/2011) Daily Love Messages #948 cherish the people while they're still breathing. you'll never know when they'll say goodbye. and it's already too late to tell how much they meant in your life. :) so here i'am saying ' i cherish you ' :) (sent by joy_08 at 03/02/2011) Daily Love Messages #947 never think of the past because it brings tears, never think of future because it brings fears always live life in the present and be happy (sent by patrick at 02/02/2011) Daily Love Messages #946 true love asks kindly,admits problems...set free and never parades. (sent by joseph at 01/02/2011) Daily Love Messages #945

love is a name, sex is a game. some play the game and 4get the name.... remember, god is love and it is commanded in the bible and even in the quran that we should love. heartbreakers think about this. (sent by tammy at 31/01/2011) Daily Love Messages #944 before i found you, i was wondering in the desert of solitude, you came to show me the way to happiness, to joy, the experience of love. i love you without end. (sent by msbond at 30/01/2011) Daily Love Messages #943 im scared to be love you because deep down i feel that you might walk away im scared to fall in love with you because you are too perfect i feel like if i love you i have to love rite you are my everything and i couldn't imaging wasting one second of it (sent by unknown at 29/01/2011) Daily Love Messages #942 i'm scared to fall in love, scared to fall fast, because every time i fall in love... it never seems to last. (sent by salah at 28/01/2011) Daily Love Messages #941 your love is like a river peaceful and deep, your soul is like a secret that i never could keep, when i look into your eyes i know its true, you were made for me and i for you (sent by nethravathi at 27/01/2011) Daily Love Messages #940 the way you look into my eyes, it scares me the way you say "i love you", it scares me the way you know just what to say, it scares me

the ways you scare me, i love it (sent by nethravathi at 26/01/2011) Daily Love Messages #939 i learned the real meaning of love. love is absolute loyalty. people fade, looks fade, but loyalty never fades. you can depend so much on certain people, you can set your watch by them. and that's love, even if it doesn't seem very exciting. (sent by jude at 25/01/2011) Daily Love Messages #938 why say hi if u mean i miss u. why say let's go if u mean i want to be with u.. why say stay! if u can say be with me... and why say i care when your heart says i love you! (sent by jude at 24/01/2011) Daily Love Messages #937 without you i feel like i have died but every second i heard your voice it make me feel like im in heaven not only because i love because you are my heart and soul i love seein you every single day because you are my day night and evening angel (sent by nyeema at 23/01/2011) Latest Love Quotes Visitor Love Quotes #624 I want to see u every second... i want u here by my side (sent by Tunde at 04/06/2010) Visitor Love Quotes #623 i am happy we meet and i hope we will grow more together and one day get married i love you forever (sent by regina at 03/06/2010) Visitor Love Quotes #622 Love doesn't require two people look at each other, but that they look together in the same direction (sent by 1million dollar at 02/06/2010)

Visitor Love Quotes #621 A KISS.. Can Be A Comma (,) A Question Mark (?) Or An Exclamation Point (!) That's Basic Spelling That Every Woman Ought To Know (sent by madhu at 01/06/2010) Visitor Love Quotes #620 Love is d fastest cure for every worries,but it kills faster than aids. (sent by David jim at 31/05/2010) Visitor Love Quotes #619 I know this sounds silly, but I just wish you felt the same about me. I would give you my heart in a second, and maybe one day you will realize I am not invisible, and will give me your heart too. (sent by sandy at 30/05/2010) Visitor Love Quotes #618 For my forever love loving you is like holding a rainbow in my hands... Each moments feel new, bright you possibilites, Holding in magic and fairy-tale fantasises and dreams that really do come true... It isn't from wonder now until forever, somewhere, somehow, I'll still be lovins you, With Love Today an Forever... (sent by vishnu thakur at 29/05/2010) Visitor Love Quotes #617 When you take my hand, I get weak in the knees. I tell no lie when I say that your kiss melts me. You are a wonderful, sexy and lovely, addition to my life! (sent by martin at 28/05/2010)

Visitor Love Quotes #616 with luv everything becomes possible between u nd ur lover, u see everything clearly nd better. love is something that fills ur heart with joy nd gladness bcos it pays 2 love nd be loved. (sent by jimmy at 27/05/2010) Visitor Love Quotes #615 If someone throws stone towards u, throw love towards them them but if someone throws love towards u,then stop for a while & think because love hurts u more than (sent by Mt.vibas at 26/05/2010) Visitor Love Quotes #614 Sometime I try, you know I do, but I can't really find the right words to say. The only thing I know, is that i miss you when you are far (sent by mariah at 25/05/2010) Visitor Love Quotes #613 A silent thought, a secret tear, always think that u were near. Life goes on I know its true but its hard 2 imagine life without U⼦ (sent by maria at 24/05/2010) Visitor Love Quotes #612 The Thread asked the Candle: "Why do You dissolve yourself, when I burn?" Candle replied: "You R my heart. If U suffer, I'm bound to shed Tears 4 U" That's a Relationship! (sent by at 23/05/2010) Visitor Love Quotes #611 if it was not because of you, i shouldnt know the real love in me, if it wasnt because of your kiss,

i shouldnt dreamt so big. i love you my love, with everything i have. forever yours ,me. (sent by isaac mathebe at 22/05/2010) Visitor Love Quotes #610 i never knew there would be a better tomorrow but you've come into my life and taken away all sorrow. My days are a thing of the past, because u fill a void in my heart that u should. (sent by msizi at 21/05/2010) Visitor Love Quotes #609 You may never see how much i care for you. You may never hear how much i treasure you, you may never feel how much i miss you: because only here in my heart can you see them true. (sent by Francis Ezenwa at 20/05/2010) Visitor Love Quotes #608 there are always miracles, love is lik a butterfly. it goes where it please and it please where it goes. (sent by francis ezenwa at 19/05/2010) Visitor Love Quotes #607 You are a MARVEL because of your marvellous mannerism, you are MANIC because of your mael storm activities, you are NIFTY because you enrapture me with great enthusiasm &"I LUV YOU D WAY U ARE". My ALL-IN-ONE. (sent by Oghenero at 18/05/2010) Visitor Love Quotes #606 You've touched places in my heart and soul that no one has ever touched before. I Love you, I have done since our eyes first met, and i will do until i'm 6 foot under, even then i know i will still love you! (sent by andrea at 17/05/2010) Visitor Love Quotes #605 i love you every second of every minute every minute of every hour every hour of every day

until the time shall have its end =) (sent by babe at 16/05/2010) Popular Love Messages Love Messages 71 I do not think much, i do not think often, but when I think, I think of you! (published at 17/09/2008) Love Messages 65 Wish I was your blanket, I wish I was your bed, I wish I was your pillow underneath your head, I wanna be around u, I wanna hold u tight, & b the lucky person who kisses u good night. (published at 11/09/2008) Love Messages 33 There are times when I fall in love with someone new, but I always seem to find myself back in love with you. (published at 06/09/2008) Love Messages 99 Tears are silent langage of LOVE, When tears come with reason means u got some problem, But when tears come without reason means u r in LOVE. (published at 18/09/2008) Love Messages 113 The corner of ur heart is the place i wanna hide soul 4ever. (published at 05/09/2008) Love Messages 23 There are 3 steps to happy happiness: 1 you. 2 me. 3 our hearts 4 eternity!

(published at 23/09/2008) Love Messages 45 We are all a little weird and life's a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love. (published at 18/09/2008) Love Messages 81 Touch my heart & u will feel, Listen to my heart & u will hear, Look into my heart & u will see that U will alwayz be a special part of me. (published at 27/09/2008) Love Messages 60 A day without your love is a day without life. (published at 06/09/2008) Love Messages 68 You mean the world to me! Please be my Valentine (always)! Love always. (published at 14/09/2008) Popular Love Quotes Love Quotes 15 Love is a game that two can play and both win. - Eva Gabor (published at 15/11/2008) Love Quotes 36 Love is like a friendship caught on fire. In the beginning a flame, very pretty, often hot and fierce, but still only light and flickering. As love grows older, our hearts mature and our love becomes as coals, deep-burning and unquenchable. - Bruce Lee (published at 09/11/2008)

Love Quotes 16 How on earth are you ever going to explain in terms of chemistry and physics so important a biological phenomenon as first love? - Albert Einstein (published at 16/11/2008) Love Quotes 14 For you see, each day I love you more. Today more than yesterday and less than tomorrow. Rosemonde Gerard (published at 14/11/2008) Love Quotes 22 A love like ours could never die. As long as I have you near me. - The Beatles - "And I love Her" (published at 22/11/2008) Love Quotes 7 A lover is a man who tries to be more amiable than it is possible for him to be. - Nicholas de Chamfort (published at 07/11/2008) Love Quotes 5 Of all forms of caution, caution in love is perhaps the most fatal to true happiness. - Bertrand Russell (published at 05/11/2008) Love Quotes 26 True love is a discipline in which each divines the secret self of the other and refuses to believe in the mere daily self. - William Butler Yeats (published at 26/11/2008) Love Quotes 3 You never lose by loving. You always lose by holding back. - Barbara DeAngelis (published at 03/11/2008)

Love Quotes 17 Never close your lips to those whom you have opened your heart. - Charles Dickens (published at 17/11/2008) Latest Love Sms from Visitors Daily Love Sms #957 even though we are not together this valentines day but i'll be with you wherever you go. love you have opened the doors of my heart. now it's for you to walk through i (sent by naveen at 21/02/2011) Daily Love Sms #956 i don't know much, but i know i love you; that may be all i need to know; that may be all there is to know pls. love me (sent by raktim at 20/02/2011) Daily Love Sms #955 if kisses were water, i would give u an ocean. if hugs were leaves,i would give u a tree. if life were a planet,i would give u a galaxy.if luv is life, i will give u mine. love u dear... love u kathy (sent by kathy williams at 19/02/2011) Daily Love Sms #954 happy valentines day |´"|__|´"|.*.* | appy.* |__|´"|__|.*.* *.*.*.valentines.*.*.* *.*day (sent by unknown at 18/02/2011) Daily Love Sms #953 the more we're together, the more things we share the more we find new ways to show that we care

more hopes come to mind now, more plans and dreams too.lots of love from me (sent by emmah at 17/02/2011) Daily Love Sms #952 are u among the angels of god?are u a creature?my dear, r u a human?all these questions run in ma mind coz of ur angelic looking.ur beauty iz uncomparable 2 creatures and humans.i luv u baby. (sent by obeng shadrack at 16/02/2011) Daily Love Sms #951 there is always love in my heart when ever u call, so happy valentimeday (sent by nelson at 15/02/2011) Daily Love Sms #950 you are my valentine!!!

happy v-day, i love you so much and always will honey. (sent by subhashis ghosh at 14/02/2011) Daily Love Sms #949 i lov u alot..... u cam to my lyf as a candle wich lit up my lyf n lead it 2 a suxes...... i hope nw n hereafter u will b my lovable lover 4 ever.....!!! je t'aime my 'a' (sent by ishfana at 13/02/2011) Daily Love Sms #948 hand in hand and heart to heart my love for you shall never part (sent by andrea at 12/02/2011) Popular Romantic Messages Romantic Messages 42 You must be a thief cause you stole my heart, you must be tired cause you're always running through my mind. And maybe I'm a bad shooter cause I keep missing you. (published at 15/10/2008)

Romantic Messages 26 If someone would ask me what a beautiful life means, I would lean my head on your shoulder n hold u close to me n answer with a smile: Like this!! (published at 26/10/2008) Romantic Messages 49 Loving you is like breathing...I just can't stop. (published at 22/10/2008) Romantic Messages 43 I dropped a tear in the ocean, the day that I find it is the day I'll stop loving you. (published at 16/10/2008) Romantic Messages 53 Sometimes I neglect to tell you how important you are to me, how your presence makes such a difference. People like you are truly rare. I hope you realize how much you mean to me. (published at 26/10/2008) Romantic Messages 39 Days can be so tough and at times cruel, to much 4 1 to b alone, wen u feel dat u can't hold on any longer, il take ur hand and we'll go thru with it together. I'll be here and dat's 4ever. (published at 12/10/2008) Romantic Messages 6 A DOCTOR can save my life. A LAWYER can defend my life. A SOLDIER can give me a peaceful life. But only you can give me a MEANINGFUL LIFE. (published at 06/10/2008) Romantic Messages 13 Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was a choice, but falling in love with you was beyond my control. (published at 13/10/2008) Romantic Messages 25

it takes three seconds to say i love you, three minutes to explain, three hours to demonstrate, three days to appreciate three terms to produce it, but a lifetime to prove it. (published at 25/10/2008) Romantic Messages 3 Last night I matched each star with a reason for loving you. I was doing great until I ran out of stars. (published at 03/10/2008) Romantic Messages 1 My heart for you will never break. My smile for you will never fade. My love for you will never end. I love you! (published at 01/10/2008) Romantic Messages 48 I've came to realize that destiny can hurt a person as much as it can bless and I find myself wondering why of all the people in the world I'd fall for someone that can never be mine. (published at 21/10/2008) Romantic Messages 32 If you wake up 1 day & were asked to have a wish, what would it be? Mine would be that our love would last until you see an apple in an orange tree (published at 05/10/2008) Romantic Messages 14 When I look in the mirror all I can see is your love. (published at 14/10/2008) Romantic Messages 9 Every teardrop is precious so better make sure that if you drop some, its worth crying for 'cause you can never pick them and put them back to your eyes. Love wisely!