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Ansys Products 12.1 Final | x32 & x64 + Training Kit 1

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Ansys Products v12.1 Final | ISO With Training Kit | 5.13 GB ANSYS 12 delivers innovative, dramatic simulation technology advances in every major physics discipline, along with improvements in computing speed and enhancements to enabling technologies such as geometry handling, meshing and post-processing. These advancements alone represent a major step forward on the path forward in Simulation Driven Product Development. But ANSYS has reached even further by delivering all this technology in an innovative simulation framework, its latest-generation ANSYS Workbench. The ANSYS Workbench environment is the glue that binds the simulation process; this has not changed with this new major

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10/20/2010 2:24 AM

Ansys Products 12.1 Final | x32 & x64 + Training Kit 1 - Taringa!

evolution. In ANSYS 12, while the core applications may seem familiar, they are bound together via the innovative project page that introduces the concept of the project schematic. This expands on the project page concept. Rather than offer a simple list of files, the project schematic presents a comprehensive view of the entire analysis project in flowchart form in which explicit data relationships are readily apparent. More-complex analyses involving multiple physics can be built up by connecting systems. Data dependencies are indicated clearly as connections. State icons at the right of each cell indicate whether cells are up to date, require user input or need to be updated - for example, whether they are just meshed or fully solved. In addition to serving as a framework for the integration of existing applications, the ANSYS Workbench platform also serves as an application development framework and ultimately provides project-wide scripting, reporting, a user interface (UI) toolkit and standard data interfaces. Further advancing the adaptive architecture of ANSYS Workbench and its ability to fit into your design and engineering processes, release 12.0 introduces the ability to record, customize and automate analysis steps with journaling and scripting. Journaling captures operations that modify data in an ANSYS Workbench session and records them in a journal file. Such a file can be replayed to return the state of an ANSYS Workbench session exactly. Alternatively, a journal can be modified to change or incorporate additional operations, which are referred to as scripting. Many applications hosted in ANSYS Workbench support their own scripting languages (e.g. Mechanical APDL) and these application-specific commands can be can be embedded in a ANSYS Workbench script. This coordination between ANSYS Workbench and its individual applications provides comprehensive scripting support of the complete engineering simulation process. An example of how an equivalent ANSYS Workbench workflow can be represented by a script Another significant enhancement at release 12.1 is the External Connection add-in, which allows applications that are not yet integrated with ANSYS Workbench to communicate with the framework by sharing parameters in the workflow. This add-in enables external applications to take advantage of ANSYS Workbench functionality, such as design of experiments, sensitivity and six sigma design studies enabled within ANSYS DesignXplorer. Microsoft Excel can be used to access parameters, perform external calculations and drive the solution ANSYS Workbench represents a sizable step forward in engineering simulation. Within this innovative software framework, analysts can leverage a complete range of proven simulation technology, including common tools for CAD integration, geometry repair and meshing. A novel project schematic concept guides users through complex analyses, illustrating explicit data relationships and capturing the process for automating subsequent analyses. Meanwhile, its parametric and persistent modeling environment in conjunction with integral tools for design optimization and statistical studies enable engineers to arrive at the best designs faster. Geometry and Meshing

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10/20/2010 2:24 AM

greater flexibility and improved ease of use for the task of preparing geometry for analysis. curvature and proximity feature speed.Taringa! http://www. Merge. 3 of 23 10/20/2010 2:24 AM . With the addition of capabilities from GAMBIT and TGrid meshing applications. release 12 includes support for 64-bit operating systems and smart and selective updates of CAD parts. Geometry modeling in the ANSYS Workbench environment is greatly improved to provide increased automation. sliver faces. additional attributes such as colors and coordinate systems. This brake rotor example can be meshed with a pure hex mesh in a single operation. New features and enhancements are available for solving both direct and sequentially coupled multiphysics problems. and boundary layer capturing. including new data types such as line bodies for modeling beams. geometry interfaces have been enhanced to import more information from CAD systems. major improvements have been made in the automatic generation of CFD-appropriate tetrahedral meshes with minimal user input. For example. These images show an aircraft model before (top) and after (bottom) cleanup.Ansys Products 12. a user can mesh complicated models with a pure hex mesh without the need for geometry decomposition. ANSYS has combined rich geometry and meshing techniques with its depth of knowledge and experience. seams and faces with sharp angles. Advanced size functions (similar to those found in GAMBIT). users performing structural analyses will benefit from the improved automation and mesh quality. A primary focus for ANSYS 12 has been to provide an automated meshing solution that is best in class for fluid dynamics. New tools automatically detect and fix typical problems. Though many of these enhancements were driven by fluid dynamics needs.. quality. holes. Multiphysics ANSYS 12 expands the company?s industry-leading comprehensive multiphysics solutions. Sequence of images showing simulation of the motion of a screw pump solved using immersed solid fluid structure interaction The integration of the broad array of ANSYS solver technologies has taken a considerable step forward with release 12. and the ANSYS Workbench framework makes performing multiphysics simulations even faster than before. Geometry models can now be prepared for analysis at a much faster pace.1 Final | x32 & x64 + Training Kit 1 . and improved support for named selections created within the CAD systems. Connect and Project features have been added for improved surface modeling in ANSYS 12. they also benefit users of other types of simulation. prism/ tet meshing (from TGrid) and other ANSYS meshing technologies combine to provide improved smoothness. Using the new MultiZone mesh method. For pre-processing larger models. such as small edges..taringa. The ANSYS Workbench environment has been redesigned for an efficient multiphysics workflow by integrating the solver technology into one unified simulation environment. At ANSYS 12. resulting in integrated geometry and meshing solutions that share core libraries with other applications.

Another new capability for fluid structure interaction in ANSYS 12. Another new enhancement to the ANSYS Workbench framework is the support for direct coupled-field analysis. Another exciting new capability is the new family of direct coupled-field elements is available in ANSYS 12. ANSYS 12 extends the distributed sparse solver to support unsymmetric and complex matrices for both shared and distributed memory parallel environments. This technique is based on a mesh superposition method in which the fluid and the solid are meshed independently from one another. Crack tip analysis of a turbine blade Geometry courtesy of PADT The most notable new element in release 12 is the four-noded tetrahedron for modeling complex geometries in hyperelastic or forming applications. Relevant direct coupled-field elements (SOLID226 and SOLID227) are now natively supported in the ANSYS Workbench platform for thermal?electric coupling. This new solver technology dramatically reduces the time needed to perform certain direct coupled solutions including Peltier and Seekbeck effects as well as thermoelasticity. many integrated into the ANSYS Workbench platform. 4 of 23 10/20/2010 2:24 AM . these new elements enable the modeling of fluid flow through a porous media. while maintaining the accuracy of the solution. materials. along with linear.. including the Peltier and Seebeck effects. FLUID136 now solves the nonlinear Reynolds squeeze film equations for nonlinear transient FSI applications involving thin fluid films.. In regards to materials.1 Final | x32 & x64 + Training Kit 1 . contact and solver performance.Taringa! http://www. and flexible dynamics. Specific improvements focus on elements. and thermoelectric coolers and generators.Ansys Products 12. There is a new analysis system for thermal?electric coupling that supports Joule heating analysis with temperature-dependent material properties and advanced thermoelectric effects. help reduce overall solution time. the model was courtesy of WEG Electrical Equipment One of the major enhancements for fluid structure interaction (FSI) is a new immersed solid FSI solution.taringa. This reduces the time it takes to develop an analysis from geometry through solution. This capability enables one-way load transfer for surface temperatures or surface forces between ANSYS FLUENT and ANSYS mechanical products based on ANSYS CFXPost. The applications for this new technology include Joule heating of integrated circuits and electronic traces. The solution enables engineers to model fluid structure interaction of immersed rigid solids with imposed motion. rigid. Structural Mechanics The ability to drive the engineering design process in structural applications has taken a significant step forward with the improvements in release 12. Release 12 introduces several additions to the wide choice of materials already New features and tools. busbars. Version 12 offers another exciting new FSI capability: the ability to perform one-way fluid structure interaction using ANSYS FLUENT software as the CFD solver. The thermoelectric analysis was performed in the ANSYS Workbench environment.

a host of improvements has been added to the graphical user interface (GUI). Fuel injector model with close-ups of mesh and of vapor volume fraction contours at the injector surface Ease of use has been enhanced in various ways. connect and re-use systems.taringa. consistent with other applications integrated in ANSYS Workbench. that increases the speed of computation for problems with a large number of modes ? in the realm of several hundred ? on large structures that typically have over a million degrees of freedom.1 Final | x32 & x64 + Training Kit 1 . or CMS. for both ANSYS CFX and ANSYS FLUENT ANSYS 12 introduces a new modal solver. the need for advanced contact features has grown accordingly.. A suite of cases that span the range of industrial applications has consistently shown increases in solver speed of 10 to 20 percent. a benefit to all users for all types of applications. and seamlessly manage simulations using multiple physics. Flexible dynamics capabilities found in ANSYS Structural. A number of improvements to data and process handling increase ease of use for ANSYS Rigid Dynamics simulations. perform automated parametric analyses. There 5 of 23 10/20/2010 2:24 AM . Most noticeably. steady or transient. ANSYS Mechanical and ANSYS Multiphysics products benefit at release 12 from robust component modal synthesis. The perennial goal of improving accuracy without sacrificing robustness motivated numerous developments. Instability analysis for brake squeal At release 12. For ANSYS CFX software. improvements to both the ANSYS Rigid Dynamics product and flexible dynamics capabilities in ANSYS Structural. ANSYS 12 developments include a number of additional contact modeling features as well as significant improvements in solving contact problems. or even more.Taringa! http://www. ANSYS Mechanical and ANSYS Multiphysics software make the job of creating new mechanisms a faster one. Solver performance has improved in many different areas. As assemblies have become a de facto standard in simulation. Being able to consistently use higher order discretization schemes means that users will see further increases in the accuracy of flow simulations without penalties in robustness. This allows users ? whether they use ANSYS CFX or ANSYS FLUENT software (or both) ? to create.Ansys Products 12. Fluid Dynamics ANSYS 12 introduces the full integration of its fluids products into ANSYS Workbench together with the capability to manage simulation workflows within the environment. Simulation results for the flow inside a cylinder in an internal-combustion engine ANSYS continues to make progress on basic core solver speed. the ANSYS FLUENT user interface has taken a significant step forward by adopting a single-window interface paradigm. called SNODE. including new discretization options such as the bounded second-order option in ANSYS FLUENT and the iteratively-bounded high-resolution discretization scheme in ANSYS CFX.

boards and complete electronic systems. ANSYS EKM Desktop is a single-user. while also allowing you to work in the familiar ANSYS Icepak interface. each with increasing capabilities and including the option to create additional input panels. ANSYS EKM is a truly scalable solution with three versions: ANSYS EKM Desktop. ANSYS EKM addresses issues such as how to better manage. ANSYS EKM Workgroup and ANSYS EKM Enterprise.taringa. These custom panels provide the ability to encapsulate best practices and common processes by giving the user control over GUI layout and required input.1 Final | x32 & x64 + Training Kit 1 . Following a thermal-flow simulation.1 offers a new option for data integration within the ANSYS Workbench platform. the ongoing integration of simulation and product design makes effective collaboration and communication essential for successful product development.1 allow you to take advantage of the productivity gains of the ANSYS Workbench platform. and reporting features that can increase simulation productivity and efficiency. retrieval. share and re-use simulation data and how to better capture and re-use the engineering expertise that a simulation result represents. It is available as part of ANSYS 12 and can be accessed via the ANSYS Workbench environment. You can now use the geometry editing capabilities of ANSYS DesignModeler to prepare CAD geometry for a thermal simulation with ANSYS Icepak. you can transfer the temperatures from ANSYS Icepak to ANSYS structural mechanics software to perform a thermal-stress simulation. Simulation Process & Data Management In today?s global environment.. Temperature profile in a computer graphics card. ANSYS Engineering Knowledge Manager (EKM) solutions are aimed at meeting simulation process and data management (SPDM) challenges faced by the simulation/ CAE community. Applications ANSYS Icepak 12. The interaction between ANSYS Icepak and ANSYS structural mechanics software allows you to rapidly evaluate both the temperatures and resulting thermal stresses of packages.Taringa! http://www.Ansys Products 12. These versions provide entry points for the individual user. is a completely new capability that allows users to customize GUI appearance. ANSYS EKM Desktop is focused at meeting the challenge of ?reusing existing simulations? by offering simulation data search. local environment version of the ANSYS EKM product. the workgroup or the entire enterprise.. The advances in ANSYS Icepak 12. Data integration of ANSYS Icepak into the ANSYS Workbench platform allows you to take advantage of links with both ANSYS DesignModeler and ANSYS structural mechanics software. ANSYS Icepak temperature results mapped onto a thermal-stress model using the ANSYS Workbench platform 6 of 23 10/20/2010 2:24 AM .

enhancements to both the ANSYS LS-DYNA and ANSYS AUTODYN products provide considerable benefits to their 7 of 23 10/20/2010 2:24 AM . the Hydrodynamic Diffraction system is now available via the ANSYS Workbench Project Page. Users can apply this new element technology to most low-frequency electromagnetic applications. Replacing and extending AQWAWB which was introduced at 12.. and allows geometric parameterization for efficient setup and control of multiple analyses. suitably defined geometry can also be imported from a wide range of CAD systems.1. acceleration of 3-D viscoelastic flows and direct solver parallelization lead to faster simulations coupled with automatic design optimization. solenoids. Using ANSYS POLYFLOW 12. and quasi-static time-transient magnetic fields. ANSYS Emag . In addition. Solid elements (SOLID236 and SOLID237) are available for modeling magnetostatic.ANSYS has expended significant effort in the area of explicit dynamics for release 12 ? including the addition of a new product that will make this technology accessible to users independent of their simulation experience. ANSYS DesignModeler can be utilized to generate geometry directly (including the specification of crucial features such as waterline location). This represents the first phase of the native integration of ANSYS AQWA in the ANSYS Workbench environment. while the Volume of Fluid (VOF) and Discrete Ordinates (DO) radiation models extend the modeling capabilities to new applications. now available in Hydrodynamic Diffraction ANSYS POLYFLOW 12. such as electric motors. ANSYS customers can benefit immediately from improved and extended electromagnetics capabilities in release 12. The results from the Hydrodynamic Diffraction system can be used with the other ANSYS AQWA modules which have also been extended at integration into the ANSYS Workbench enables seamless process simulation with parametric design exploration. solution control and post processing of multi-body wave diffraction and radiation analyses. A new family of 3-D solid elements for low-frequency electromagnetic simulation is included in the 12 release of ANSYS Emag software. Air gap contour plot. SOLID237 and the new stranded conductor option (TEAM24 benchmark) Explicit Dynamics . electromagnets and generators. ANSYS AQWA 12. The Hydrodynamic Diffraction system includes its own meshing capabilities and allows for complete model setup. customers can rapidly solve complex design problems. such as extrusion die balancing and mold design optimization in an integrated environment.taringa.1 Final | x32 & x64 + Training Kit 1 . such as ANSYS DesignModeler..As the combined development teams from Ansoft and ANSYS set out to integrate the world-class Ansoft electronic design analysis (EDA) products into the ANSYS portfolio. quasistatic time harmonic. This provides integration with other ANSYS Workbench systems.1. Nonlinear transient rotational test rig solved in the ANSYS Workbench environment using SOLID236.introduces the new Hydrodynamic Diffraction analysis system.Taringa! http://www.1 . and the mesh and results are transferred to a third analysis. ANSYS POLYFLOW integration in ANSYS Workbench: Geometry is shared between two parametric ANSYS POLYFLOW analyses.Ansys Products 12. Enhancements and new features include internal optimization. Alternatively. A snapshot from the simulation results is shown in ANSYS CFD-Post.

ANSYS Explicit Dynamics 2. video results. gases and their interactions. High-Performance Computing ANSYS 12. thermal and electromagnetics simulation in a single solution. In addition.English. fluids.Taringa! http://www. a solution set that enables customers to obtain enhanced insight and productivity through expanded use of high-performance computing with engineering simulation.CFX_Intro_R12_Final 3.1 introduces ANSYS HPC. sample ANSYS Explicit STR software is the first explicit dynamics product with a native ANSYS Workbench interface.FLUENT_Intro_R12_Final 5.DesignModeler_12.taringa. liquids.Rotordynamics R12 lectures-and-workshops input-files Install Note: 1) unRAR and burn 2) check ".0_Final 4. Contour plot highlights damaged/ cracked regions in the ceramic.Introduction to Mechanical Workbench 6. Lessons on ANSYS 12 Lessons (PowerPoint). Language . the new ANSYS HPC products provide a cross-physics parallel computing capability that supports structural.Introduction to Mechanical Workbench NonLinear 7.1 Final | x32 & x64 + Training Kit 1 . Those who have previous experience using ANSYS Workbench will find that they already know most of what is needed to use ANSYS Explicit STR. Newly introduced in ANSYS 12. users. it will appeal to users who can benefit from the productivity provided by other applications integrated within the ANSYS Workbench environment. ANSYS HPC encourages and facilitates the use of larger-scale parallel processing for high-fidelity simulation by making it more accessible to companies both large and small.0_Final 8. In contrast to single-point solutions that require separate licenses for each solver. High velocity impact of a steel ball on an brittle ceramic target confined by in a steel ring. Ingredients: 1.Ansys Products 12.. The technology will appeal to those who require nonlinear dynamics simulation of solids.. In addition. It is based on the Lagrangian portion of the ANSYS AUTODYN product.txt" from "\ MAGNiTUDE" dir 3) enjoy another fine MAGNiTUDE-release! 8 of 23 10/20/2010 2:24 AM .

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rar http:/ / files/ 229056082/ ANSYS.rar http:/ / files/ 317440487/ APV12..V12.rar http:/ / rapidshare.1.part21.part05.FINAL.Taringa! http://www.1 Final | x32 & x64 + Training Kit 1 . http:/ / files/ 229070908/ ANSYS.V12.rar http:/ / rapidshare.rar http:/ / rapidshare.rar http:/ / rapidshare.part03.rar http:/ / files/ 317440497/ files/ 317440496/ files/ 229143141/ files/ 317440492/ APV12.rar http:/ / rapidshare.FINAL.FINAL.rar http:/ / files/ 229066029/ files/ 229112728/ files/ 229086660/ ANSYS.rar http:/ / rapidshare.rar http:/ / files/ 229081503/ files/ 229102274/ ANSYS.V12.1.part06.1.rar http:/ / files/ 229044280/ ANSYS.part13.V12.rar http:/ / rapidshare.FINAL.taringa.rar http:/ / files/ 229050056/ files/ 229107345/ files/ 229328799/ files/ 229123475/ files/ 229155433/ files/ 317440518/ files/ 229117775/ ANSYS.rar http:/ / rapidshare.FINAL.rar http:/ / rapidshare.part14.V12.V12.rar http:/ / files/ 229075926/ ANSYS.1.rar http:/ / rapidshare.rar http:/ / rapidshare.rar http:/ / files/ 317440481/ files/ 229096813/ 11 of 23 10/20/2010 2:24 AM files/ 317440478/ APV12.part09.FINAL.rar http:/ / files/ 229016055/ ANSYS.rar http:/ / rapidshare.part11.rar http:/ / files/ 229091894/ files/ 229061249/ ANSYS.part18.V12.V12.rar http:/ / rapidshare.part02.rar http:/ / files/ 317440484/ APV12.1.V12.V12.Ansys Products files/ 229129922/ ANSYS.V12.FINAL.rar http:/ / rapidshare.rar Ó ==>>MEGAUPLOAD 1 Link | LETITBIT 1 Link | BITROAD 1 Link<<== Ó ==>>HOTFILE <<== http:/ / rapidshare.part04.rar http:/ / rapidshare.1.V12.V12.

com/ dl/ 19794690/ 4014344/ ANSYS_PRODUCTS_V12_1-MAGNiTUDE.rar http:/ / files/ 317440476/ APV12.sfv Ó http:/ / hotfile.part18.part12.rar http:/ / dl/ 19794051/ 372d485/ ANSYS_PRODUCTS_V12_1-MAGNiTUDE.part01.rar http:/ / hotfile.1 Final | x32 & x64 + Training Kit 1 files/ 317440441/ APV12.part09.rar http:/ / rapidshare.rar http:/ / www.rar http:/ / dl/ 19792304/ b9d1bb5/ file/ a1g898c/ n/ ANSYS_PRODUCTS_V12_1-MAGNiTUDE.rar http:/ / dl/ 19794077/ 80bebef/ dl/ 19792318/ 819aaca/ ANSYS_PRODUCTS_V12_1-MAGNiTUDE.1.Ansys Products dl/ 19794111/ 603eaa2/ file/ a1g895f/ n/ ANSYS_PRODUCTS_V12_1-MAGNiTUDE.rar http:/ / hotfile.part03.filefactory.rar http:/ / files/ 317440477/ APV12.rar http:/ / files/ 317440490/ APV12.rar http:/ / files/ 317440488/ dl/ 19792112/ f0d35c0/ ANSYS_PRODUCTS_V12_1-MAGNiTUDE.rar http:/ / rapidshare.part05.part14.part08.rar http:/ / dl/ 19793260/ 0e8ea4a/ dl/ 19792111/ 75950e7/ dl/ 19793293/ e720bb0/ ANSYS_PRODUCTS_V12_1-MAGNiTUDE.rar http:/ / dl/ 19792110/ 9bed186/ dl/ 19794656/ 3c64927/ files/ 317440500/ APV12.rar http:/ / rapidshare.rar 12 of 23 10/20/2010 2:24 AM files/ 317440480/ APV12.rar http:/ / rapidshare.rar http:/ / rapidshare.rar http:/ / files/ 317440505/ dl/ 19794666/ ef92e07/ ANSYS_PRODUCTS_V12_1-MAGNiTUDE.filefactory.rar http:/ / hotfile.part15.part19.rar http:/ / hotfile.rar http:/ / hotfile.rar http:/ / hotfile.rar http:/ / rapidshare.rar http:/ / hotfile.part16.part07.part10..rar http:/ / hotfile.part13. http:/ / file/ a1g8902/ n/ files/ 317440483/ APV12.rar http:/ / hotfile.1.Taringa! dl/ 19793359/ 8d130a5/ ANSYS_PRODUCTS_V12_1-MAGNiTUDE.rar http:/ / files/ 317440475/ dl/ 19793331/ 0b922ce/ dl/ 19792113/ 5652399/ ANSYS_PRODUCTS_V12_1-MAGNiTUDE.rar http:/ / www.filefactory.rar http:/ / dl/ 19792353/ ae68b77/ dl/ 19792348/ e56c085/ ANSYS_PRODUCTS_V12_1-MAGNiTUDE.rar http:/ / files/ 317440479/ file/ a1g898f/ n/ ANSYS_PRODUCTS_V12_1-MAGNiTUDE.part02.rar http:/ / dl/ 19794079/ e06fbf4/ ANSYS_PRODUCTS_V12_1-MAGNiTUDE.rar http:/ / rapidshare.part01.part16.

rar http:/ / www.1 Final | x32 & x64 + Training Kit 1 .com/ file/ a1g8818/ n/ file/ a1g89fa/ n/ ANSYS_PRODUCTS_V12_1-MAGNiTUDE.rar http:/ / file/ a1g89g0/ n/ ANSYS_PRODUCTS_V12_1-MAGNiTUDE. Inc.rar Ó (RC2) Year: 2009 Version: 12.part12.rar http:/ / file/ a1g89g3/ n/ ANSYS_PRODUCTS_V12_1-MAGNiTUDE.part13.filefactory.rar http:/ / file/ a1g89g7/ n/ file/ a1g89fh/ n/ ANSYS_PRODUCTS_V12_1-MAGNiTUDE.taringa.filefactory.1 Release Candidate 2 Developer: ANSYS Platform: Windows 32x & 64x Compatibility with Vista: complete System requirements: multiprocessor.rar http:/ / www. Year: 2009 Language: English Description: Lessons on ANSYS 12 Lessons (PowerPoint).part10.rar http:/ / file/ a20c329/ n/ ANSYS_PRODUCTS_V12_1-MAGNiTUDE.rar http:/ / www.filefactory..filefactory.rar http:/ / file/ a1g89he/ n/ ANSYS_PRODUCTS_V12_1-MAGNiTUDE.rar http:/ / www.Taringa! file/ a1g89f4/ n/ ANSYS_PRODUCTS_V12_1-MAGNiTUDE.Ansys Products 12. http:/ / www. memory above 1 GB Language: English only Medicine: Yes ANSYS 12 Training Manual Producer: file/ a192h2a/ n/ ANSYS_PRODUCTS_V12_1-MAGNiTUDE.filefactory.part15.rar http:/ / file/ a1g89f0/ n/ file/ a1g89gg/ n/ ANSYS_PRODUCTS_V12_1-MAGNiTUDE.part18. Language file/ a1g89gb/ n/ ANSYS_PRODUCTS_V12_1-MAGNiTUDE. sample files.rar http:/ / file/ a1g89gf/ n/ ANSYS_PRODUCTS_V12_1-MAGNiTUDE. video results.filefactory.part16.rar http:/ / www.rar http:/ / Ingredients: 13 of 23 10/20/2010 2:24 AM file/ a1g89g6/ n/ ANSYS_PRODUCTS_V12_1-MAGNiTUDE.part08..part09.part05.English.part07.filefactory.rar http:/ / www.filefactory.

html http:/ / dl/ 18603135/ f3c7e35/ Ansys12.Taringa! dl/ 18607769/ 9def7fb/ dl/ 18601533/ 8feaaf8/ Ansys12.rar.html http:/ / hotfile.1RC2.2009.rar.html http:/ / hotfile.part04.html http:/ / dl/ 18601250/ cdbbc8c/ Ansys12.Introduction to Mechanical Workbench NonLinear 7.rar.html http:/ / hotfile.1 Final | x32 & x64 + Training Kit 1 .part02..html http:/ / dl/ 18602798/ fb6bb60/ Ansys12.html 14 of 23 10/20/2010 2:24 AM dl/ 18602212/ 7a31eac/ dl/ 18602671/ 218ef67/ Ansys12.part18.html http:/ / hotfile.part06.CFX_Intro_R12_Final 3.1_RC2_2009_(x32x64) dl/ 18602211/ 00e2073/ Ansys12.2009.html http:/ / dl/ 18601782/ 600662d/ dl/ 18602182/ 03d72c6/ Ansys12.html http:/ / hotfile.Ansys Products 12.html http:/ / dl/ 18602635/ b8edec2/ dl/ 18601556/ 0f83e35/ Ansys12.2009.1RC2.txt.html http:/ / hotfile.rar.2009.rar.1RC2.Rotordynamics R12 lectures-and-workshops input-files File: Video codec: MPEG1 Video: 624x464 Audio: No http:/ / dl/ 18601789/ 6f1f218/ Ansys12.part16.part01.html http:/ / hotfile.html http:/ / dl/ 18601249/ 189b4f2/ Ansys12.part17.2009.1RC2.html http:/ / hotfile.Introduction to Mechanical Workbench 6.2009.2009.html http:/ / hotfile.1RC2.1RC2.part14.part08.FLUENT_Intro_R12_Final 5.2009.0_Final dl/ 18601537/ e1586fd/ Ansys12.part12.rar.rar.1RC2.part11.1RC2.html http:/ / hotfile.DesignModeler_12.1RC2.0_Final dl/ 18603235/ 336b7bf/ dl/ 18601814/ a555810/ Ansys12.html http:/ / hotfile.html http:/ / hotfile.1RC2.ANSYS Explicit Dynamics dl/ 18603126/ 5b5da95/ Ansys12. dl/ 18601251/ 234a12c/ Ansys12.1RC2.1RC2.1RC2. dl/ 18607494/ 064a94f/ dl/ 18606610/ 94f93a2/ Ansys12_training.rar.rar.2009.1RC2.2009.html http:/ / dl/ 18606322/ ec74784/ dl/ 18607342/ 7e4e1bf/ dl/ 18607072/ c56f34f/ dl/ 18603558/ 40be738/ dl/ 18606306/ 59df495/ Ansys12.2009.html http:/ / hotfile.html http:/ / hotfile.html http:/ / hotfile.html http:/ / hotfile.html http:/ / dl/ 18604966/ aff42a8/ dl/ 18606849/ 5a51d6b/ Ansys12_training.part13.rar.1 Final | x32 & x64 + Training Kit 1 .html http:/ / hotfile.2009.1RC2.part33.2009.2009.rar.html http:/ / hotfile.2009.1RC2.rar.html http:/ / hotfile.html http:/ / dl/ 18605911/ a221f33/ dl/ 18605922/ 744f7ea/ dl/ 18604076/ c7ae270/ Ansys12.1RC2.html http:/ / hotfile..part30.rar.part22.part04.part06.1RC2.2009.1RC2.rar.1RC2.html http:/ / dl/ 18603565/ 594215d/ dl/ 18603988/ f15d9cd/ dl/ 18606990/ f26b702/ Ansys12_training.html http:/ / hotfile.part11.2009.part01.html http:/ / hotfile.part09.rar.html http:/ / hotfile.rar.html http:/ / hotfile.1RC2.html http:/ / hotfile.html http:/ / hotfile.html http:/ / hotfile.html http:/ / dl/ 18605485/ 2223db5/ dl/ 18607031/ b5afd71/ dl/ 18604487/ fcadc11/ Ansys12.rar.html http:/ / dl/ 18605521/ ed0b9df/ dl/ 18606619/ 9e1a922/ dl/ 18605525/ 65245c9/ Ansys12.2009.part36.2009.taringa.2009.1RC2.part08.html http:/ / hotfile.part07.1RC2. http:/ / hotfile.rar.html http:/ / dl/ 18607289/ 4dbb4b1/ Ansys12_training.part03.html http:/ / dl/ 18606299/ d586777/ Ansys12.html http:/ / hotfile.Taringa! 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1 ADDON | 957 MB CFD CFX TURBOGRID ADDON V12. The product offers a complete set of elements behavior material models and equation solvers for a wide range of engineering problems.1 Final | x32 & x64 + Training Kit 1 .1 DOCUMENTATION ADDON V12. ANSYS POLYFLOW is particularly well-known for its extensive library of viscoelastic fluid models ANSYS Mechanical offers a comprehensive product solution for structural linear/ nonlinear and dynamics analysis. Ansys Products 12.Taringa! http://www.. 17 of 23 10/20/2010 2:24 AM . It creates high-quality hexahedral meshes that are tuned to the demands of fluid dynamics analysis in rotating machinery ANSYS POLYFLOW is an advanced general purposed finite element-based CFD software product for the analysis of polymer processing and glass forming. ANSYS Mechanical offers thermal analysis and coupled-physics capabilities involving acoustic.1 ANSYS TurboGrid provides turbomachinery designers and analysts with mesh creation tailored specifically to the needs of bladed geometries.1 FLUENT POLYFLOW ADDON V12. In addition.Ansys Products ELECTRICAL MECHANICAL ADDON V12..

. the new solver for the related tasks and much more.1_ADDON-LND. meshing and post-processing. Exxon. piezoelectric. Volkswagen-Audi and others. Shell. BMW.1. MeyerWerft.html http:/ / hotfile. Unigraphics. At ANSYS 12. helping them to make the necessary changes. But ANSYS has reached even further by delivering all this technology in an innovative simulation framework.1 Final | x32 & x64 + Training Kit 1 .1 includes the latest achievements of CAE-technologies and provides innovative advanced technologies in the class of engineering simulation software products.0. ICEM CFD).asp http:/ / hotfile. dramatic simulation technology advances in every major physics discipline along with improvements in computing speed and enhancements to enabling technologies such as geometry handling. FIAT.1 includes complex types of analysis of mechanical systems and structures. Mitsubishi.rar. Pro / ENGINEER.12.part1.Ansys Products 12. All of these improvements . its latest-generation ANSYS Workbench Description: Software system of CE analysis is being developed by American company ANSYS ANSYS Inc .part2.12.1_ADDON-LND.part3. AutodeskInventor and some others.rar. Program system ANSYS mates with known CAD-systems. contact problems. Siemens. Version 12. Boeing. Daimler-Chrysler. dl/ 23271258/ cfa15b1/ ANSYS_PRODUCTS_V. SolidWorks. dl/ 23271377/ e8495d7/ ANSYS_PRODUCTS_V. thermal-structural and thermal electric analysis ANSYS 12 delivers innovative.12. multidisciplinary analysis.a big step forward in modeling and product development. New version of the ANSYS Workbench 2. they are related innovation projects page. Caterpillar. Lockheed Martin.. The company also released another EC system modeling.Taringa! http://www. As a strategic partner of the company cooperates with many designed for use in more specific industries. A new release of ANSYS 12.html 18 of 23 10/20/2010 2:24 AM . including DesignSpace.taringa. http://www. The program system ANSYS is well known CAE-system that is used in such well-known companies as ABB. still binds the entire process of modeling.. General Electric.ansys. AI Solutions (NASTRAN. Suggested by ANSYS Inc. despite the fact that the main applications seem familiar.rar. construction of finite-element (CE) networks.html http:/ / hotfile.1_ADDON-LND. which gives a schematic representation of the concept of the dl/ 23271062/ e957f54/ ANSYS_PRODUCTS_V. means of numerical simulation and analysis are consistent with some other packages that run on different operating systems. and also applies to many of the leading industrial enterprises of Russia. CATIA. Ford. These advancements alone represent a major step forward on the path forward in Simulation Driven Product

Taringa! http://www.part4.1_ADDON-LND.12.1_ADDON-LND.12.html http:/ / uploading.part5.taringa.rar.1_ADDON-LND.1 Final | x32 & x64 + Training Kit 1 .net/posts/downloads/4348708/Ansys-Products-12_1-Final-_-x32-Eamp_-x6.1_ADDON-LND.12.rar/ http:/ / files/ 331627369/ dl/ 23271479/ 144ee46/ ANSYS_PRODUCTS_V.rar http:/ / rapidshare.1_ADDON-LND.rar/ http:/ / files/ 331626308/ dl/ 23270619/ 53f877b/ ANSYS_PRODUCTS_V. http:/ / hotfile.html http:/ / hotfile.1_ADDON-LND.rar http:/ / rapidshare.part5.rar/ http:/ / uploading.part1.part5.Ansys Products files/ 2a61b387/ ANSYS_PRODUCTS_V..rar/ http:/ / uploading.rar 19 of 23 10/20/2010 2:24 AM files/ 7693b2m4/ files/ acma2m54/ ANSYS_PRODUCTS_V.1_ADDON-LND.1_ADDON-LND.rar http:/ / files/ 331627371/ files/ 331627346/ files/ 331627262/ ANSYS_PRODUCTS_V.rar http:/ / rapidshare.part3.rar/ http:/ / files/ 81e17mac/ files/ e153e671/ ANSYS_PRODUCTS_V.12.

.taringa. Aquí están los tutoriales divididos en función de las necesidades de cada quien. son los que se imparten en los cursos de ANSYS no los que vienen con el software así que brindan nuevos puntos de vista para conocer mejor este files/ 267497691/ FLUENT_R12. Fluent http:/ /! http://www. Después de que ANSYS adquirió Fluent.Ansys Products 12.1 Final | x32 & x64 + Training Kit 1 . sabia que se estaban gestando cambios significativos en la interfaz y filosofía de trabajo manejada en Fluent anteriormente.part01. desde la implementación de las herramientas mas amigables para la creación y mallado de geometrías hasta la casi desaparición de Gambit..rar 20 of 23 10/20/2010 2:24 AM .

part3.rar ICEM CFD http:/ / files/ 267479362/ files/ 267466204/ CFX_R12.rar http:/ / files/ 267466200/ Meshing_Application_Intro_12.rar Rotor Dynamics http:/ / rapidshare.part04.rar http:/ / files/ 267618386/ files/ 267479358/ CFX_R12.part02.Taringa! http://www.rar Design Modeler http:/ / files/ 267479359/ files/ 267497694/ FLUENT_R12.rar http:/ / rapidshare.part1.part2.part2.rar http:/ / files/ 267446426/ files/ 267618390/ Rotordynamics_R12.rar 21 of 23 10/20/2010 2:24 AM .com/ files/ 267579051/ files/ 267579050/ files/ 267618384/ Mechanical_Workbench_NonLinear.part5.rar http:/ / files/ 267618387/ files/ 267579049/ files/ 267466206/ CFX_R12.Ansys Products 12.rar http:/ / files/ 267497687/ files/ 267479361/ files/ 267466203/ DesignModeler_12.taringa.rar http:/ / rapidshare.part07.rar http:/ / rapidshare.rar http:/ / rapidshare.rar http:/ / rapidshare.rar http:/ / rapidshare..rar Meshing Aplication http:/ / files/ 267497696/ FLUENT_R12.part1.part1.rar Mechanical Workbench NonLinear http:/ / rapidshare. http:/ / rapidshare.rar http:/ / rapidshare.1 Final | x32 & x64 + Training Kit 1 .rar http:/ / rapidshare.rar CFX http:/ / files/ 267466202/ Meshing_Application_Intro_12.0.part05.

taringa.2010 a las 3:58 files/ 267618380/ Mechanical_Workbench.Mapa del sitio .Contacto .Taringa! http://www..Trabaja en Taringa! .part01.772 21 SEGUIDORES PUNTOS VISITAS FAVORITOS Tags: diseño .com/ files/ 267659530/ link-checker/ Para poder comentar necesitas estar Registrado.Ansys Products 12.rar http:/ / files/ 267659533/ Explicit_Dynamics.ansys .cfd . acá pueden checarlos: http:/ / wgtools.Enlazanos files/ 267659528/ Explicit_Dynamics.workbench .part02.Protocolo .Meshing Aplication .part03.1 Final | x32 & x64 + Training Kit 1 . Ir al cielo Anuncie en T! .com/ files/ 267659535/ Explicit_Dynamics.Design Modeler .Denuncias .net/posts/downloads/4348708/Ansys-Products-12_1-Final-_-x32-Eamp_-x6.rar http:/ / rapidshare.Polyflow .Ayuda .fluent .elemento finito .01.API .Rotor Dynamics Categoría: Downloads Creado: 10. ya tenes usuario? Logueate! 0 Compartir en: 14 Me gusta Seguir Post Agregar a Favoritos Denunciar 1 20 11. Mechanical Workbench http:/ / rapidshare..rar Explicit Dynamics http:/ / rapidshare.part04.CFX . O.rar http:/ / rapidshare.Chat .rar Todos los Links estan activos.Privacidad de datos 22 of 23 10/20/2010 2:24 AM .T! em Português Términos y condiciones .

.taringa..Taringa! http://www.1 Final | x32 & x64 + Training Kit 1 .Ansys Products 23 of 23 10/20/2010 2:24 AM .

com. The unregistered version of Win2PDF is for evaluation or non-commercial use only.win2pdf.This document was created with Win2PDF available at http://www. .