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K1 Armored Recovery Vehicle(ARV)

The K1 ARV is operated by crew of four and equipped with the latest recovery equipment. Its advanced crane, winch and dozer systems allow it to perform damaged vehicle recovery missions, and to provide maintenance service for armored vehicles. The K1 ARV uses common components of the K1 MBT to the maximum extent which provides for effective maintenance and logistics support.

The K1 ARV, using the same 1,200 horsepower diesel engine and transmission, has the same mobility as the K1 MBT. With a combat weight of 51.1tonnes, its regulated maximum forward speed on paved level surfaces is 65km/h ; its cross country speed is 40km/h. The K1 ARV can travel 600km without refueling. Its outstanding crosscountry mobility is represented by the following specifics : capability of climbing gradient of 60%, trench crossing ability up to a width of 2.74m and surmounting of obstacles up to 1.0m in height. Waters to a depth of 2.2m can be forded with simple auxiliary equipment.

Main Winch System
The main winch is a dual-capstan winch with a capacity of up to 35tonnes, which can be increased to 70 tonnes with a guide pulley. The winch system is operable as far as 150 meters away from a target vehicle and allows prompt recovery of swamped and / or damaged vehicles.

Main Characteristics
Combat Weight : 51.1tonnes Max. Road Speed : 65km/h Cruising Range : 600km Engine : 1200hp, Water- cooled Diesel Transmission : Fully Automatic, Forward 4, Reverse 2 Lifting Capability : 25tonnes Traction Force : 70 tonnes Dozing Capability : 170m3/h

Operability and Maintainability
The K1 ARV has additional capabilities, i.e. powerpack transportation for repair service, and shunting operation in the garage. The ready-mounted refuel / defuel pump and welding machine, impact wrench, and automatic chain saw make it easy to conduct prompt and complete maintenance and recovery service. The Integrated Test System(ITS) specific to the K1 ARV enables crew members to detect and repair damage or malfunction quickly, and guarantees excellent maintainability and reliability.

Crane System
The crane is hydraulically driven with a lifting capacity of up to 25tonnes, which is adequate for most major missions. The boom on the right hand side of the K1 ARV is elevated from 0 to 70° by the boom lifting cylinder and is traversable up to 270°. Exceeding the permissible load results in an automatic cut-off. The crane can be remote-controlled by a joystick which ensures ease and precision in lifting the turret or powerpack of the MBT. If repairs to a vehicle’s suspension system are required, the crane system can raise the front or back of the vehicle allowing access to the damaged system.

A 12.7mm machine gun and a light antitank weapon provide firepower against enemy vehicles or personal the crew may meet during service. Smoke grenade launchers are also prepared to conceal the vehicle from the enemy’s view and an Automatic Fire Suppression System is also equipped to enhance survivability.

Dozer System
The dozer, located in front of the vehicle, is hydraulically controlled. The dozer system is designed to stabilize the vehicle during craning and winching operations, as well as serves as a working device to accomplish earth-moving work with capacity of 170m3/h.


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