Alex Crouch Global Connections Kapuscinski Microtheme Kapuscinski does an excellent job of transporting us into the African world

of Ghana. He successfully contrasts white, American/European life with the black, African way of life. I thought it was very interesting the kinds of things he pointed out that were different in the landscape and their culture. Immediately he points to the unbearable heat and the ever-present sun positioned overhead as well as the accompanying tropical, sun-drenched, heavy smells. It wasn t just that these people had a different set of cultural and religious beliefs, it was so much more than that. It was a completely different way of life. Kapuscinski references the apparent difference in the functioning of time. He said that the Ghanaians moved at a much slower pace, aware of the fact that everything would be accomplished in its due time. Also life erupted everyday like a gunshot as the sun emerged and began its ascent into the sky. This is a very interesting contrast to an American hypersensitivity to time that seemingly bears no correlation to the rise and fall of the sun. In our culture it is imperative that you be on time to work, or a social event, or what have you, but interestingly enough, we operate solely based on the time of the clock and in disregard of the sun. We sleep in past sunrise, go to work before sunrise, and stay up late past sunset. It occurred to me that this entire culture is a completely different way of life. Often times, Americans feel the desire and perhaps even a responsibility to spread our way of life to third world countries, but maybe our culture is incompatible with the landscape and flow of life. And who s to say American life is better than African life anyway?