Split Second Selling Whether you know me as a sales trainer or not doesn't matter, what matters is whether you

're reading this to be entertained, to see how laughable the content is or to scan read for a take-away that you can implement into your daily routine. As some of you know I write my own blog and articles for various different other blogs and get continually asked to write for other people. And if you already follow me then you'll know the content I deliver is very niche and to the point and content rich. This is going to be a little different. In fact this article is going to nail one point directly and very firmly on the head in a simple, easy to grasp language that even a non english speaking tourist from Mars could understand. This little nugget is so highly effective for people who cold call or who have to prospect for a living. As some of you already know, I am a hardened prospector and very much a relationship type of sales guy and for those of you who sit on the same bench as me, then you're in for a serious free money making and kick-ass tip you're going to want to use. You'd be hard pushed to actually find a social media trainer who would know how to teach you this. How to use Linkedin and get appointments so you can exponentially close more business by using reciprocity. 1. Target your contacts e.g. HR, FD, CEO, CIO, etc 2. Research your contacts perceived pain points and vertical market trends 3. Grab a piece of paper and write out a quick two sentence introduction that you can insert into the friend request that is relevant to person and pain point (hence the research) 4. Now think about what you can give to them that is relevant to your research in order for them to increase the likelihood of saying YES to your following request. 5. Send friend request to each and every contact you wish to do business with while ensuring you insert your offer to gift in order to receive e.g. Whitepaper, Invitation to a Breakfast briefing but make sure the gift is relevant. 6. When your have identified your new contacts (the ones that came back to you), repeat but this time asking for their work email address, see examples below of how I use this effectively and tell them you have more important information to share. By this time, this is when I start receiving DDI and Cell numbers to have actual selling conversations, but go to the next step when this doesn't happen for you. 7. Once I have sent at least two emails to my target contacts, I then proceed to call those contacts that hadn't come back to me. I remind them on the call that I am that person who sent them valuable information that I thought pertinent to share with them and ask them straight out when they can book a time to either see me or commit to a phone call. Before I end the call, I repeat our next appointment out loud and ask them for the last time if this is definitely OK with them. Just a quick note to point out that our objective is not to increase our Linkedin network, although this will happen anyway. Our objective is to get to the person we want to sell to, either face to face or via the phone. This little tip is a cold call killer. Now, for those of you people that are very lucky to be in the B2C space, this same principle works even better and without the need for Linkedin. Whenever you make a cold call, frame your call so that you are there to help the other person, recognise their voice patterns if they are harassed or busy, and tell them you can give them a couple of days to think about how they can help you either by referring you or by finding out if they actually need to buy from you because you know what it's like to be frazzled and hassled and that you can call back in two days time in order to help them out.

Voila. Cialdini and his fabulous principle of reciprocity with a little dose of commitment and consistency thrown in for good measure. .Repeat above method of gaining commitment by gaining mutual agreement before the call is ended. no cold call thanks to Mr.