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JPG ColaycoFoundationLogo. These have guided me in my own journey. You can do it! Kaya mo to! Francisco J. I am sharing with you my 10 Pera Palaguin (Wealth Generation) Commandments. Your persona l SUCCESS is sure is you practice the 3Ds Principle: . planning prudently and investing effectively.jpg Being wealthy is not about how much money you have or how high your salary is.FJC sig. Colayco Welcome Message IMG_1022. Read ahead. This means you are managing your money well . You are wealthy when you can afford to stop working and maintain your chosen lifestyle. saving regularly.you are spending wisely. Each of our publications will give you further knowledge to your financial independence in the simplest terms. and keep in mind that your wealth is in no one else s hands but yours.DECISIVE Learn the tools to help you decide to build your wealth NOW! . .png © September 2010 . The Colayco Foundation for Education (CFE) continually strives to spread these lessons of financial literacy.DETERMINATION Have the will and persistence to do what you must do to have what you want in life. This E-book is just one of our many endeavors aim ed at increasing the financial awareness of the average Filipino. I am sure it will help you in improving your financial life! Use it well! Remember that in your journey to being wealthy YOU are the driver.DISCIPLINE Regularly practice what you learn about saving and investing and it will become a habit just like winning is a habit.

the Colayco Foundation for Education (CFE) (Non-stock/non-profit) aims to help close the widening poverty gap. and prudent investing. Colayco s best-selling and award-winning books as well as other educational materials on personal finance intended for special audiences such as OFWs. Colayco. Focus is on teaching the management of personal finances effectively through practical planning to save and growing savings through wise spending.jpg ColaycoFoundationLogo. magazines and websites. organizations and the general public. Bengco. CFE Executive Director are often invited as resource speakers in various TV and Radio programs and as contributing authors for various newspapers. CFE publishes all of Francisco J.JPG IMGP4954. stimulate passive entrepreneurship and wealth creation through financial education. In additi on to Francisco J. CFE President and Armand Q.JPG Unilab_Biomedis (8).JPG DSC02148. Founded in 2001 by Francisco J.png Fluor Daniel (46).JPG © September 2010 . CFE is a recognized resource when it comes to all things about money. CFE also works with various government bodies.JPG DSC02161.Colayco Foundation for Education. Mary Anne B. Its mission is to give even the ordinary income-earning Filipinos acc ess to financial education and information that has long been perceived as only for the privileged. PisobilitiesCover_072610. corporate entities and non-profits in promoting financial wellness for Filipinos . CFE also conducts various seminars and workshops on personal finance and investing for companies. Inc. Colayco. Colayco.

Keep in mind that your wealth is in no one else s hands but yours. It is never too early nor too late to start saving for our future financial security. It is common to see people who. Every single peso saved always holds the potential to go a long way and grow. You probably know some personally.Wealth Within Your Reach We all owe it to ourselves to prepare for our future.png © September 2010 . end up retiring with a financial standing no different and possibly even worse than what they had started with years before. The Colayco Foundation strives to spread these book is just one of our the financial awareness for Education (CFE) continually lessons of financial literacy. after long years of hard work. Their stories are something that we must learn from. This Emany endeavors aimed at increasing of the regular Filipino. ColaycoFoundationLogo. No amount is considered small when these are put in the right places.

It s important to begin with the mindset that you are your first source of capital. ask yourself first whether it is a need or a want. You would have already spent most of your funds on expenses by the time you decide to set aside what s left for savings. However. you should pay yourself first with the savings that buy your future. Instead.png © September 2010 .#1 Pay Yourself First The savings that you build up through time will buy your future security and financial independence. After all. A1. putting expenses first before income would not leave you with much savings. Minimizing your expenses would significantly leave you with more savings.jpg ColaycoFoundationLogo. it s better to treat savings as a priority expense. Remember that most of our expenses are optional. Your income will be your primary tool for investment.

png © September 2010 . Colayco s bestselling and award winning book.10 Pera Palaguin Commandments #1 Pay Yourself First #2 Define Your Financial Target at Each Phase #3 Stop Spending on Things that Decline in Value #4 Protect Your Greatest Income Generating Asset: Yourself #5 Grow with the Economy and Beat Inflation #6 Trust the Power of Compound Interest #7 Assess Risks and Options: The Higher the Return. the Higher the Risk #8 Make Money Work for You: The Power of Leverage #9 Invest and Diversify #10 Use the Power of One: Strength in Numbers The 10 Pera Palaguin Commandments can be found in Francisco J. Wealth Within Your Reach: Pera Mo. Palaguin Mo! (2004) TWO_COVERS 052709.psd ColaycoFoundationLogo.

Respect for the laws and rules . Good luck on your journey to be wealthy! Francisco J. our community and our country. It is a ll up to you and what's wonderful is that it is not difficult to achieve your financia l independence and wealth.Responsibility .Will to save and invest These are part and parcel of holistic wealth not only for ourselves but for our children. remember to keep yourself updated. Many factors can affect your wealth generation. The 1st Commandment: Pay Your self First is just the start.Ethics and Integrity .Punctuality .Fast action . While you are on your journey. The difference in being wealthy and not being wealthy is INFORMATION! In growing your Wealth. The Colayco Foundation is here to help you.jpg Pera Mo.Love of work .png © September 2010 .Respect for the rights of other citizens . Colayco ColaycoFoundationLogo. My other books and the seminars of Colayco Foundation can guide you in your journey to becoming wealthy.FJC sig. Palaguin Mo! Our mission is to share the good news that Wealth is Within Your Reach. never forget the things that money can never buy .

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Telephone nos. the author and publisher cannot and does not guarantee its accuracy and complete ness. While every effort has been made to provide complete and updated information her ein. +63917 8537333 Email address: info@colaycofoundation. No part of this e-book may be reproduced in any form or by any means without the written permission of the publisher. Gopalan Illustration by: Eric Cachero The information in this book was obtained from the Francisco J.#1 Take the First Step to Becoming Wealthy © Copyright Colayco Foundation October 2010 All rights reserved. Colayco s personal experiences and various sources as provided in research and reference sources fr om Wealth Within Your Reach © 2010. Specific economic information such as interest ra tes.: +632 6373731. +632 6373741. inflation rates and foreign exchange rates are based on information available at the time this e-book was being written. Published Electronically by Colayco Foundation for Education.colaycofoundation. Inc.com Website: www. .com Editor: Mari Gutierrez Layout Design: Guita T.

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