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March 2009

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We know you need to guarantee uninterrupted application delivery for your mission-critical applications Unlike other vendors we are not here to sell you anything, or to create fear, uncertainty and doubt We are here to share with you our plans and establish a lasting relationship So you can make a smarter decision that fits your business

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Our Plan Radware & Nortel agreed on the acquisition of Alteon product line Both parties had the best interest of Alteon customers in mind Therefore our plan highlights: •Provide world-class support from an application delivery-centric vendor to existing NAS products • We plan to make major investment in current NAS product line •Join forces in terms of technology. leverage mutual strengths from both Radware and Alteon technologies/experience Slide 3 .

Some Facts About Us Slide 4 .

Who is Radware? • We are a focused and experienced Application Delivery vendor • We evolved our solutions in this market from load-balancers to Application Delivery Controllers (ADC) • We provide our customers with Business-Smart Networks ensuring: • Full availability • Maximum performance • Complete security for their business critical applications at all times • Our business-smart solutions align network behavior with business needs & processes to drive productivity up and infrastructure costs down Slide 5 .

1999 (NASDAQ: RDWR) Founded in 1997 Global Presence Selling in over 40 countries Member of the RAD Group 14 Companies (6 listed in NASDAQ. 4000+ employees) Consistent Revenue Growth 2008 Record Year 620 People Worldwide 260 in R&D $114M in Cash.Company Fundamentals Public Company – Sept. No Debt Slide 6 .

Over 10.000 Customers Trust Radware Slide 7 .

Certifications and Alliances Slide 8 .

Radware ADC Leadership First to market • Global ADC • Link load balancing • Integrated security & QoS • Site-wide ADC management • Business-smart network • Virtual data center optimization Key Patents • • • • Global load balancing & traffic redirection Multi-homing (link load balancing) Behavioral security for application delivery Business event engine – Customer behavior/experience manager (Inflight) Slide 9 .

Radware Technical Services Slide 10 .

World-Class Customer Service & Support This is how we support you: • • We have 3 worldwide technical assistance centers (TACs) dedicated to Layer 4-7 Staffed by a dedicated team of 55 Layer 4-7 TAC specialists (of them 25 are Alteon TAC specialists ) Slide 11 .

Radware Alteon Technical Services • • • • • Radware Alteon provides 24X7 “Follow the Sun” technical support out of our 3 worldwide technical assistance centers (TACs) Customer/Partner/Reseller can approach technical assistance by the following methods: E-mail: Toll-free numbers Online support request form on Radware Web site Slide 12 .

Product Lines Supported We will support all the currently supported models of: • Nortel Application Switches (NAS) 2208. 2424-SSL. 610 Slide 13 . 2216. 2424. 3408 • Nortel Application Accelerators (NAA) 510.

ADC Experts at the First Contact Point • • • ADC-centric TAC. expert level know-how and best practices Radware TAC team includes many Alteon experienced specialists before acquisition closing On average 95% of calls are closed without escalation which means the first person to address the call is an ADC expert Slide 14 .

I especially appreciate his going into my system with webex to make sure everything is setup correctly. Answered all my questions. Alteon customer Slide 15 .TAC .this was my first support call to Radware support and if it always as fast as today I'm more than happy to work with you. Got me back up and running in no time! Excellent knowledge and communication. which was so appreciated” New England Office Supply “Thank You for Your very quick response . Alteon customer From the load-balancing mailing list: “I logged my first ticket with the "new" Radware-Alteon TAC team and so far its been much better than my Nortel experience.” Sun. Saved the day! Thanks again” DATCU “VERY knowledgeable.” Nokia China. which was a relief.Customers Quotes Below is a sample of customer feedback from our standard survey: “Great support representative. Provided proactive advice to make sure future issues are avoided.

world-class support located in the US and India – Eliminate risk of replacing your ADC platform due to unexpected support termination – Benefit from ADC-centric TAC team which includes many Alteon experienced specialists providing expert-level know how and best practices – Comprehensive on-going support including hardware RMA.5 Years Support Plan • • We provide you with a 5-year support plan guaranteeing no end of support (EoS) of Radware Alteon models for the next 5 years Key business benefits provided for the next five years: – Ensure your ADC platform is continuously supported using our 24x7 “Follow the Sun”. maintenance software releases and feature releases • The 5-year support starts on April 1st 2009 .

NAS-Alteon Product Line Road Map Slide 17 .

We Will Leverage: Strong. stable products & key features We Will Ensure: Seamless transition. 3.0 Same Management. world-class support Our Commitment: 5-year support to current Alteon product line Our Plan: We will enhance current NAS product line and address customer requirements with: – – – – – Accelerated performance 10GE Ports Alteon OS 27. Followed By: Advanced acceleration capabilities integrated into the Alteon OS Slide 18 . CLI Interfaces Full Backwards Compatibility 5.Alteon Product Line Road Map 1. 2. 4.

0 with integrated application acceleration Meeting Customer Needs: Integrated.Alteon 2-Year Road Map Alteon 5412 Best-of-Breed ADC H1 2009 H2 2009 H1 2010 H2 2010 New Alteon OS version New Alteon OS version 27. Advanced Acceleration Capabilities 10Gig Support Performance Scalability Slide 19 .

0 • Will close at least 37 Priority 1 reported problems including a “dot3” performance issue and all MP overload • In addition will close all major issues from which were reported during our customer outreach meetings • New licensing mechanism • Radware-Alteon rebranding • Scheduled date: September 1st.1 • First software maintenance version from Radware • Closing 28 open CRs and reported malfunctions • Examples of cases being answered: – 100% MP CPU During SNMP MIB WALKS – Insert Cookie persistency does not work for operation disabled servers – FTP server's TCP "syn" resending during FTP-DATA causes RIP leak.S/W Releases Software Maintenance Version 25. • Released on: May 15th.1.0. 2009 Slide 20 . 2009 Software Minor Version 25.

0 • Align ASOS 24.1. Software Minor Version 24.x with all stability and fixes offered in 25.S/W Releases – cont.0 • Health-checks enhancements • Global server load balancing enhancements • In addition will close all major issues from which were reported during our customer outreach meetings • Scheduled date: Q4 2009 Slide 21 .1.2.0 • New licensing mechanism • Radware-Alteon rebranding • Scheduled date: Q4 2009 Software Minor Version 25.

Extension of Alteon Product Line New H/W platform – Alteon 5412 • 4X10 GE Ports. 12Gig Ports • 6-8X Performance Improvement – 16Gbit L4-7 throughput • NAS OS • Fully Compatible with NAS Product Line • Same CLI and management for Ease-of-Use • Best Cost per TPS Time frame: H2 2009 Slide 22 .

Alteon 5412 Highlights 4 SFP (1G) ports 8 Ge (1G) ports HA: Dual Power Supplies 4 XFP (10G) ports HA: Internal Bypass (copper) 2 Ge (1G) ports for Management Slide 23 .

image optimization • • • Advanced Layer 4-7 features Seamless platform configuration migration Maintain Alteon CLI Time frame: H1 2010 Slide 24 .000 TPS – TCP optimization. 27.x • Integrated Application Acceleration – SSL acceleration and offloading – up to 30. caching . Web compression.Next Major S/W Version – Ver.

Major R&D Investment in ADC • 90 dedicated R&D engineers for the Alteon product line • A total of over 260 R&D engineers dedicated to Application Delivery technology Slide 25 .

Summary Slide 26 .

ADC technology and best practices Awards: Patents: 1. Multi-homing (link load balancing) 3. Business event engine Customers: Slide 27 .Radware Focus & Expertise • • • 11 years of experience in Application Delivery Clear focus on ADC Deep knowledge of the market. Behavioral security for application delivery 4. Global load balancing & traffic redirection 2.

knowledge and equipment is well protected Slide 28 . We are here to support you with: – – – – World class support service Seamless transition Product line continuity Reduced TCO 2. Alteon product line has a future: Clear road map to address customer needs on the existing product line Your investment in people.Making a Smart Choice 1. 3.

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