The basic aim related with this work is to study the impact of corporate social responsibility on the relation between customer relationship management and customer trust, in the last twenty years; there occur a big change in relationship between organizations, societies and companies as far as the nature is concern. Researchers specify that now it is impossible that, any firm can independently continued to act as the entity, neglecting the involvement of the general people/customers. As far as our knowledge and field work is concern, we believe that this type of study has not yet been done in Pakistan; the key element of the study is that we select those organizations for the research which have CRM and CSR in their organizations collectively. In today's competitive world, organizations are competing with one another to gain competitive advantage and retain their customers because to make new customers is more costly as compare to retain old customers and, making new customers includes huge cost of advertising (Reichheld & Sasser, 2000). CRM system automatically becomes successful for creating the Customer Trust, if a company makes it an internal part of its corporate strategy. If an organization wants to generate the sound relationships with the consumers/customers then, it must be the primary task for the organization to generate the customer trust. So, for generating the customer trust every organization needs to make an efficient any successful strategic plan with the interaction of customer connection, development of customer trust is based on what customer wants and how the organization is fulfilling their requirements Marketing practices of any successful organization must have to focus towards customer interest and everyone of them must needs to give priority for investing in customer relationship management (CRM) systems (Kerstetter2001; Reinartz & Kumar 2002; Winer 2001). When we discuss the moderating role of CSR on CRM and Customer Trust link, main thing is to identify the actions which influence to positive improvement in the profitability as well as considering the modern rules and regulations for the business, but every organization needs to play its role for the betterment of the environment because “code of ethics” tells that protection of natural resources should be the relevant concern for the established organizations as well. Organizations have to create goodwill, stable

CRM plays a very important role in making customer trust. first they have to make the customer trust they can proceed towards customer loyalty. . Customer Trust is the first step towards customer loyalty so if an organization wants loyal customer. with environmental activities for generating the strategic initiative (Reynard & forstater.society. and active culture movements. 2002). In our study CSR is our basic moderating element. many researches show that two way communication is always very useful and successful in making customer trust. we have to check its effect on the relation between Customer Relationship Management and Customer Trust link.

In comparison with retention strategy. (Barney & Hansen 1994. Les Carlson.Literature Review CRM CRM was included in the world of information technology as the replacement of the relationship marketing in late 90’s and it provides technological based customer solutions for the relationship marketing (Parvatiyar & Sheth 2001) while delivering superior value and satisfaction to customers and developing effective and improved customer relationship (Kotler & Armstrong. 2004). analysis and translating valuable information of the customer into managerial action. making new customers cost more to an organization. Lane 1998. when you trust on someone there must be a risk factor involves which can influence your trust in future (Deutsch 1958). Sako 1998) . Raymond & Robert Ranson. Michael J. Maintaining relationship with customers is a very vital technique in the effective and efficient allocation of resources to the important customers of the organization (Dorsch.. 2001) as it focuses towards creating the better relations with the customers and work for their welfare (Tuominen & Kettunen. Customer Trust Customer trust is the believe of one party over another in the process of any kind of transaction but. to gain competitive advantage it is essential for any company to develop a trusting relationship. It is widely used as an effective tool for the collection. (Reichheld & Sasser. (Jackson 1985). Trust is completely based on appearance of reality or situation. Mary A. 2003). 2000). that situation can be related with any past incidence or previous experience. customer trust could be based on the favorable or positive response and it can influence negatively if any un-favorable condition occurs.

Varadarajan & Menon 1988). Relation of trust can be influence by the efficient management with the proper evaluation of the products. how they communicate with the customers. customer portfolio could help it a lot (Johnson & Selnes. if organization is providing the quality products or services which are currently fulfilling the testing criteria of the customers then trust automatically appears from the customer side (Stefanou. if organization wants to generate the trust.CRM and Customer Trust CRM is the basic platform for the relationship of customers and organizations. 1996).csrpakistan. and the quality of information they provide for the development of trust in marketing relations (Beverland. CSR In current age. Creating customer trust is completely depended on the salespersons and management. more than 85% organizations are directly or in-directly associated explicitly with CSR activities (Kotler & Lee 2004. doing something for the well being of the society is the ethical obligation for an organization over the enviornment or society for the betterment of the conditions(Brown & Dacin 1997. how well they are prepared to solve their queries. Sen & Bhattacharya 2001. Marketing studies have showed that CSR activities play a significant role in influencing the outcomes related to the customers (Bhattacharya & Sen 2004). if it responds according to the demand and needs of the customers then it would influence positively else negatively (Reynolds & Arnold. Drumwright & Bridgette 2004). Advertising with a social paradigm is getting popularity (Drumwright. Market based learning could be the key aspect as far as the customer training or trust development is concern. 2004). it is basically the way of efficient working that how efficient or productive is the organization is for creating the customer trust. 2000). . 2001). Sarmaniotis & Stafyla 2003). The trend towards CSR in Pakistan is many MNC's and local companies are engaged in CSR activities (www. Lichtenstein.

HAQ University of Central Punjab .I.WAQAS et al Waqas Qaiser Adnan Mehmood Hassan Tariq Ammar Section: J Course: MBA MID-TERM Subject: Research Methodology Instructor: PROF.