F-1 Curricular Practical Training Application

Name: UW ID#: Passport Expiration Date: Major(s): Expected degree completion date*:
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*For undergraduates or course-work-only Master’s candidates, the completion date is the date of your last exam or graduation date; for Master’s students with thesis, it is the date of defense; for Ph.D. students, it is the date dissertation is submitted to the Graduate School for final review.

 To be eligible, you must be in valid F-1 status and have been enrolled full-time for one academic year.  Participation in and authorization of CPT can only occur before degree completion. You cannot extend your I-20 to participate in CPT if all degree requirements have been met.  You must meet with an ISS Advisor during Walk-in Advising hours to submit this CPT Application.  Normal processing time for a CPT Application is approximately two weeks.

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Attach the following documentation for meeting with an ISS Advisor to submit your request:

 If you are applying for CPT based on a requirement to have a work experience to complete your degree, submit a copy of the departmental requirement showing that all degree candidates must complete an internship or practical training program.  Completed Academic Advisor/Co-op Program Director Form (included in this packet).  Completed Employer Form (included in this packet).

Revised 03/2011

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University of Wisconsin-Madison Madison, WI 53706 Phone: 608.262.2044

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student qualifies based on:  Work occurs during summer (or other vacation period)  Enrolled in a course designed to grant credit for full-time work experience during a major term (Fall.Box to be completed by ISS Staff only. ISS Staff Member confirm:  In valid F-1 status  Passport valid  Engaged in full-time study for academic year (9 months/two terms)  Qualifies for graduate student exemption based on  Course enrollment verified in ISIS  If not for credit. (initials/date) . verification of department requirement for work experience  If requesting full-time work. Spring)  Student has submitted an RCL for “Completed Course Work” (Fall. Spring)  Student is a dissertator All attachments indicated are present and complete.

Academic Department Student is registering for course # Number of hours student will work per week: and student will earn .edu . refer the student to ISS. WI 53706 Phone: 608.2044 Fax: 608. the experience must be part of the curriculum and related to the student’s field of study.262.  An academic internship/co-op is an elective option in this program and the department has a specific course (noted below) designed for this purpose. the student does have another option for work permission in his/her field called Optional Practical Training (OPT).  Full Time or  Part Time. credits for CPT. or Summer of Employment to begin on and end on (Dates from Advisor and Employer need to match. The department does or  does not consider registering for this course a full-time academic load.2838 www. However. Please indicate which applies to the student’s situation*:  An academic internship/co-op is required of all students in this program in order to graduate. Student’s CPT will occur during the Fall semester.262.Form to be Completed by the Academic Advisor or Co-op Director for International Student Curricular Practical Training Application Student Name: Family First In order for a student to qualify for Curricular Practical Training (CPT).wisc.iss. The following reasons qualify for a curricular experience. This type of work does not require paperwork by the academic advisor or employer.  Work experience gained from this internship is integral to the student’s thesis/dissertation or is an appropriate professional experience for a student completing a thesis/dissertation. *If none of these reasons apply. Spring semester. the student cannot be authorized for CPT.) Year Advisor/Co-op Director Name Signature Date E-mail: Campus Address: Phone: Please return this completed form to the student. The student is registered for the appropriate thesis/dissertation research course. Revised 03/2011 International Student Services 217 Red Gym 716 Langdon Street University of Wisconsin-Madison Madison.

 Full Time or  Part Time.html.edu . This information is required according to federal immigration regulations. Please note that the student may not begin working until the CPT has been authorized. Form to be Completed by the Employer Student Name: Name of Company: Work Location: Family First Name of Supervisor: E-mail: Employment to begin on Number of work hours per week: Position Title: Brief Position Description (may attach offer letter): and end on (Dates from Advisor and Employer need to match.wisc.262. For more information on employing an international student. Name of company representative completing form Title of company representative completing form Signature E-mail: Date Phone: Please return this completed form and attached position description to the student. By doing so.262.edu/employerknow.for International Student Curricular Practical Training (CPT) Application Instructions for Employer: Thank you for taking the time to complete this form.2838 www.iss. Our normal processing time for applications is approximately two weeks. visit http://iss. we may authorize our student to legally work for you. WI 53706 Phone: 608. . Revised 03/2011 International Student Services 217 Red Gym 716 Langdon Street University of Wisconsin-Madison Madison.wisc. Student will submit to International Student Services for processing.) Phone: .2044 Fax: 608.  Paid or  Unpaid.