expanding horizons

message from the chairman
I’m excited to share with you that we are now entering into a new phase of our growth. Para Group has made significant progress since its incorporation 20 years ago and that provides us with a strong foundation to realize even more ambitious growth plans. In this next phase, we want to explore alternative growth paths through brand development, alliances and acquisitions and by entering into new industries such as energy, mining and infrastructure, and new sectors such as lifestyle and entertainment, to become a leading player in the region in our chosen businesses. We look to grow while continuing to defend our core values of integrity, good corporate governance, customer focus and team effort. The key challenge for us is to attract and retain the best talent and to integrate it into a high performance culture with an increased focus on leadership, innovation, profitable growth and realization of synergies accross our businesses. Finally, I would like to thank all of our customers, suppliers, investors and employees for your significant commitment that has enabled us to achieve our extraordinary success to date. I would like to reassure that although in this next phase we will explore alternative strategies and sectors for growth, our core business philosophy will always be to create maximum value for all our stakeholders.
Chairul Tanjung

welcome on board to Para Group’s journey into another extraordinary phase of profitable growth

our vision
to be one of the most reputable leading conglomerates in Indonesia and a well recognized global player in the industries and sectors we choose to operate

our mission
To continuosly innovate and add value to all our product offerings and services for our customers. To build strategic business relationships with our suppliers, investors and partners. To provide outstanding opportunities and the best working environment for our employees.

core values
Build a strong reputation through integrity, transparency and corporate governance. Build a pragmatic organization driven by principles. Foster innovation by rewarding managed risk-taking behaviors. Realize high performance culture through focus on profitable growth, teamwork and quality communication. Continuous commitment to social responsibility in the areas of health and education.

two decades of exceptional history




Bank Mega acknowledged as Asia’s top 500 best and largest banks Bank Mega received Asiaweek Award for highest asset growth



Trans TV obtained broadcasting license Para Group acquired Bank Mega

Acquired Indovest Securities (now Mega Capital)


Incorporated Para Multi Finance

Chairul Tanjung founded Para Group


2007 2005
Established Trans Lifestyle as umbrella for retail businesses Acquired Mahagaya Perdana More to come...


Trans TV is recognized as industry leader in innovation and profitability Bank Mega received Banking Service Excellence Award from MRI and Infobank Bank Tugu was converted into Bank Syariah Mega Indonesia Trans TV produces 80% of local programming in-house Bank Mega Tower was completed Acquired interest in TV7 (now Trans | 7) Acquired Coffee Bean franchise for Indonesia Mega Life received Best Insurance Award from Investor Magazine



Established Mega Life Insurance Bank Mega awarded the best public company for the banking sector by Investor Magazine

Acquired Mega Insurance Trans TV received Asian Television Award for the best reality program Trans TV obtained ISO 9001:2000

Took over Bank Tugu Trans TV went on air in December Opening of Bandung Supermal

Para Group
CT Corporation

group structure

CT Foundation

financial services Mega Global Finance

media, lifestyle and entertainment Trans Corpora

energy, mining and infrastructure CT Global Resources

our people
Chairman Chairul Tanjung Board of Directors Chairal Tanjung Warnedy Zainal Rahman Ali Gunawan Henry C. Suryanaga Ashish Saboo

financial services
Mega Global Finance

expansion of the financial services sector will continue to play an important part in the future growth plans of Para Group we are committed to becoming the leading one-stop financial services provider in Indonesia

banking insurance multifinance capital market

Bank Mega
Bank Mega has an outstanding track record of growth since being acquired by Para Group in 1996. A commercial bank with more than 150 branches throughout Indonesia, Bank Mega offers savings accounts, time deposits, credit cards, e-banking, loans and other innovative banking products for individual and business customers.

Mega Life
Established in 2003, Mega Life offers innovative personal, group and unit link life insurance products. Mega Life is committed to maintaining its outstanding growth and becoming one of the largest life insurance companies in Indonesia.

Para Finance
Established in 1995, Para Finance provides retail motorcycle financing for Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki. Para Finance’s extensive network is present in five islands throughout Indonesia, covering more than 15 provinces, 45 cities and 225 administrative areas.

Bank Syariah Mega Indonesia
BSMI’s key products are based on Islamic ‘syariah’ principles, which include savings accounts, deposits, hajj savings and multipurpose loan products. BSMI caters for small and medium businesses as well as individual customers.

Mega Insurance
Mega Insurance offers personalized and secured loss insurance products, such as vehicle, fire and machinery equipment and personal insurances, for individual and corporate customers. Mega Insurance is supported by all domestic and major foreign reinsurance companies, insurance brokers and banks.

Mega Capital Indonesia
Mega Capital began operations in 1991 and is one of the pioneers in the capital market industry. Mega Capital offers extensive services in capital raising, financial advisory, securities broking, research and fund management.

as one of the most dynamic financial services providers, our strength lies in offering an array of modern corporate and consumer financial products based on high integrity and prudent business practice

our vision is led by recognized leaders in the industry and is supported by well-trained and highly motivated professionals working together as a solid team

media, lifestyle & entertainment
Trans Corpora

Trans Corpora aims to become the leading integrated media, lifestyle and entertainment provider in Indonesia and the region

television broadcasting shopping center property fashion & retail food & beverages

Trans TV
Trans TV obtained its nationwide license in October 1998 and first went on-air in October 2001. With 30 transmission sites across the country, Trans TV broadcasts to more than 150 million people throughout Indonesia. The station is now one of the leading television networks in Indonesia and rated number 1 for the AB audience segment.

Trans Lifestyle
Trans Lifestyle, through recently acquired Mahagaya Perdana, holds exclusive franchise of 10 international high-end fashion brands (Prada, Miu Miu, Tod’s, Aigner, Hugo Boss, Francesco Biasia, Jimmy Choo, Coccinelle, Canali, Mango) and currently operates over 30 branded boutiques in four major cities (Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya and Medan). Para Group is actively taking measures to increase the portfolio of fashion brands and to expand the network.

Trans | 7
Para Group acquired a controlling stake in Trans | 7 in August 2006. Trans | 7 first went on-air in November 2001 as a nationwide TV station. The station broadcasts 24/7 from 26 transmission sites, reaching more than 133 million viewers across Indonesia.

Property Group
Bandung Supermal An international quality mall located in the heart of Bandung in West Java, only 2 hours away from Jakarta. Commencing operations in 2001, the mall sits on 8.4 hectares of land and is home to more than 250 international and domestic retailers, department stores, supermarket, food courts, cinemas and family recreation centers. PT. Batam Indah Investindo & PT. Mega Indah Investindo Batam Indah Investindo is jointly owned by Para Group and Salim Group. Mega Indah Investindo is jointly owned by Para Group and a local investor from Batam. Both these companies plan to develop an integrated complex in Batam, which will comprise a shopping center, apartments and other entertainment facilities. PT. Para Bali Propertindo Para Bali Propertindo is currently evaluating the feasibility of constructing a resort hotel in Bali.

Trans Coffee
Para Group recently acquired the franchise of the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (CBTL) for Indonesia. CBTL serves a range of premium coffee blends including its world famous Ice Blended Drinks and one of the world’s finest tea brews. Para Group plans to expand CBTL’s network to become one of the leading players in the sector.

we drive our presence through creativity many of our television programs have received nation-wide recognition for innovation and as trendsetter in the industry

our focus is to provide a complete and comprehensive lifestyle experience

energy, mining & infrastucture
CT Global Resources

Para Group believes it has realized the required scale to become a leading player in the energy, mining and infrastructure sectors to meet the growing demands of the country and the world

our initiatives
Our Group has signed several agreements with various partners in the areas of hydro power, geothermal and biofuel. We are also short-listed for various projects in the infrastructure and power sectors that are being offered by the Government.

power mining natural resources infrastructure

our support to the community
is committed to investing more than USD 100 million over the next five years with a vision to alleviate illiteracy and poverty in the country
The Indonesian Humanitarian Committe
Para Group founder and Chairman, Chairul Tanjung, is one of the founders of the Indonesian Humanitarian Committee in 1998. Since 2002, the Committee has focused its effort on preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS and drug abuse. The Committee is also supported by various international organizations such as the Family Health International, USAID, UNESCO, and Plan International.

Economic Aid
In 1998, Para Group, through Bank Mega, took the initiative to distribute Rp 4 billion worth of food supplies to underprivileged families affected by the economic crisis. To date, this assistance still continues in the form of education funding and scholarships for poor children.

Disaster Relief
In 2005, Para Group and Trans TV coordinated relief efforts to the Aceh and Nias tsunami-affected areas. Recently, Para Group and Trans TV also coordinated a charity fund for victims of the Yogyakarta earthquake. Chairul Tanjung personally led and managed distribution of these relief efforts in both Aceh and Yogyakarta.

The Indonesian Red Cross
Para Group also provides support to the Indonesian Red Cross. Para Group has worked together with the Red Cross on various occasions by distributing food, clothes, vitamins, medicines, tents and basic necessities in conflict and disaster-affected areas. In 2000, Para Group together with the Red Cross provided cement to help with the reconstruction of houses following an earthquake in Bengkulu. Chairul Tanjung and some other executives of Para Group also serve as the leading members of the Red Cross Executive Committee.

Community Development
Para Group, through Bank Mega and Bank Syariah Mega Indonesia, shows its social responsibility by providing assistance for community development programs, such as orphanages, homes for the elderly, mosque development and foundations for the handicapped throughout Indonesia. In 2005, Bank Mega provided financial support for the construction of an orphanage for more than 1000 children who are victims of the Aceh tsunami.

Para Group of companies
Para Group Menara Bank Mega, 24th Floor Jl. Kapt. P. Tendean Kav. 12 –14 A, Jakarta 12790 Ph. +62-21-7917 5533 Fax. +62-21-7919 3300 www.paragroup.com

PT. Bank Mega Tbk Menara Bank Mega Jl. Kapt. P. Tendean Kav. 12 –14 A, Jakarta 12790 Ph. +62-21-7917 5000 Fax. +62-21-7918 7100 www.bankmega.com PT. Bank Syariah Mega Indonesia Menara Bank Mega Jl. Kapt. P. Tendean Kav. 12 –14 A, Jakarta 12790 Ph. +62-21-7917 5500 Fax. +62-21-7919 3500 PT. Asuransi Umum Mega (Mega Insurance) Menara Bank Mega 18th Floor Jl. Kapt. P. Tendean Kav 12 –14 A, Jakarta 12790 Ph. +62-21-7917 5588 Fax. +62-21-7917 5024 www.megainsurance.co.id PT. Asuransi Jiwa Mega Life (Mega Life) Menara Bank Mega 22nd Floor Jl. Kapt. P. Tendean Kav 12 –14 A, Jakarta 12790 Ph. +62-21-7917 5577 Fax. +62-21-7919 3700 www.megalife.co.id PT. Para Multi Finance Jl. Wijaya I No.19, Jakarta Selatan Ph. +62-21-7270 0818 Fax. +62-21-7270 0819 PT. Mega Capital Indonesia Menara Bank Mega 2nd Floor Jl. Kapt. P. Tendean Kav 12 –14 A, Jakarta 12790 Ph. +62-21-7917 5599 Fax. +62-21-7919 5032 www.megaci.com PT. Televisi Transformasi Indonesia (Trans TV) Trans TV Building Jl. Kapt. P. Tendean Kav. 12 –14 A, Jakarta 12790 Ph. +62-21-7917 7000 Fax. +62-21-7918 4537 www.transtv.co.id

PT. Duta Visual Nusantara Tivi Tujuh (Trans | 7) Menara Bank Mega, 20th Floor Jl. Kapten P. Tendean Kav. 12 –14 A, Jakarta 12790 Ph. +62-21-7917 7000 Fax. +62-21-7918 4684 www.trans7.co.id PT. Trans Coffee Menara Bank Mega 18th Floor Jl. Kapt. P. Tendean Kav. 12 –14 A, Jakarta 12790 Ph. +62-21-7917 5000 Fax. +62-21-7919 3200 www.transcorp.co.id PT. Mahagaya Perdana Menara Imperium, 22nd Floor, Suite A-B Jl. H R Rasuna Said Kav. 1 Jakarta, 12980 Ph. +62-21-831 7401 Fax. +62-21-831 7402 www.transcorp.co.id PT. Mega Indah Propertindo Menara Bank Mega Jl. Kapt. P. Tendean Kav. 12 –14 A, Jakarta 12790 Ph. +62-21-7917 5000 Fax. +62-21-7919 3200 PT. Para Bandung Propertindo Menara Bank Mega, 3A floor Jl. Kapt. P. Tendean Kav. 12 –14 A, Jakarta 12790 Ph. +62-21-7917 5000 Fax. +62-21-7919 3200 www.bandungsupermal.com PT. Batam Indah Investindo Menara Bank Mega Jl. Kapt. P. Tendean Kav. 12 –14 A, Jakarta 12790 Ph. +62-21-7917 5000 Fax. +62-21-7919 3200 PT. Para Bali Propertindo Menara Bank Mega Jl. Kapt. P. Tendean Kav. 12 –14 A, Jakarta 12790 Ph. +62-21-7917 5000 Fax. +62-21-7919 3200 PT. CT Global Resources Menara Bank Mega Jl. Kapt. P. Tendean Kav. 12 –14 A, Jakarta 12790 Ph. +62-21-7917 5533 Fax. +62-21-7919 3300