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Family Genogram and Ecomap Assignment Lindsey Brain College of New Caledonia Prince George, BC, Canada Nursing 203 Instructor: Vasiliki Douglas

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a potential community resource that may lead to strengthening our needs for wellness and a brief summary of my experiences during the process of completing this assignment. she underwent surgery for a complete hysterectomy due to ovarian cysts. a key influence or concept will be analyzed as to how it relates to our family. Keith and Carol were married in a small church in Victoria. In 1946. our family strengths. and they were followed by a brother after a miscarriage. He was always in relatively good health. both born in Prince George. He died February 11th. and most recently. Their first born. her father Frederick Thomas Brown suffered a heart attack and . However. 2006 due to a form of lung cancer caused by asbestos that he used when working as a shipwright throughout his work life. Keith was the first born in the Brain family. and Lindsey (the author) followed two years later. On my mother¶s side. topics of discussion are our family¶s health influences and events experienced over the three generations. Summary of Genogram and Ecomap Mark Waters Brain lived to be 84 years old. this was a well-managed cancer. and he was followed by one sister. Mark Waters Brain married Edna Herd in Wheatley Hill. B. Lastly. as he walked every morning for an hour. Carol was the second child born in a set of identical twins in the Brown family. Edna Brain (formerly Herd) is 82 years old and living in Victoria. Kevin. came in 1981. British Columbia. Mark and Edna¶s son Keith is 60 years old and living in good health with a mild hearing impairment. In 1978.Brain 3 Family Genogram and Ecomap Assignment In 1945. he was diagnosed with prostate cancer five years prior to his passing. Frederick Thomas Brown wed Mary Maud Stephens in the United States. Aside from milder health issues such as losing most of his hearing and dealing with a sensitive stomach. Her health history consists of stomach issues related to peptic ulcers. England.C. His sister Patricia is 57 and suffers from anxiety. In the following summary.

We are relatively open with our feelings. but to each other. Mary was diagnosed with a hole in her heart and underwent surgery to correct it. Carol has also dealt with basal cell skin cancer like her twin sister. We each have our own way of dealing with stress. We all . With the loss of these two family members. heart arrhythmias. Within the family. We are all aware of its severity and do our best to support and promote good health not only to Carol. Kevin (27) and Lindsey (25) are in good health. She has also had two melanomas and basal cell skin cancer removed and has osteoarthritis. anxiety. In her early twenties.Brain 4 died at the age of 66. but we are also supportive of each other in times of high stress. concerns and are not shy about asking other family members health/wellness related questions. 1995. and their son is John Frederick Thomas (57). She suffers from hypertension brought on first by pregnancy and later exacerbated by stress in her former profession. As a family we have many strengths. hypertension. A second health influence is stress. Mary Maud Brown (formerly Stephens) suffered from a heart arrhythmia and osteo and rheumatoid arthritis in later life. she passed away from cardiac arrest. we came together as a unit and helped each other through the hardest of times emotionally. As for the children in our family. he suffered from alcoholism and hypertension. and arthritis. Carol¶s hypertension is the biggest and most important health issue. and any new or ongoing health and emotional issues are dealt with as they occur as a family. In July. Both Mary and my mother Carol have a heart arrhythmia like their mother. Our opinions are of high value with each other. For many years. An example of this would be when Grandfather Mark and Grandmother Mary passed away. We are in relatively good health. Within the immediate family. Their identical twin daughters are Mary Elizabeth and Carol Ann (59). the youngest suffering from mild anxiety and depression. there is a history of assorted cancers. and has suffered with osteoarthritis for twenty years.

and I was either unborn or too young to completely understand all factors involved. hypertension and the pain of arthritis. there are public sessions on how to manage stress. For example. specifically chronic pain related to arthritis. According to the textbook Nurses and Families. validating emotional responses. commending family and individual strengths is important in the intervention process (Wright & Leahey 2005). and how we interact with one another as individuals and as a whole. This experience has taught me that knowing and understanding our family health history and present conditions is very important. as it keeps us informed on what to be careful of and what signs and symptoms are pertinent to these conditions and diseases. such as how my parents interacted with their parents and siblings. encouraging talking about illnesses. Critical Analysis The key influence pertaining to my family is chronic illness. Offering information and opinions. Carol uses a massage therapist regularly to help with pain management related to her arthritis and Lindsey has sought the assistance of a local counselor to help her cope with depression and anxiety. As we all live within the same community. which helps. I have a greater understanding for the importance of a family¶s cohesiveness and how to maintain this status by keeping open lines of communication and to be as supportive to one another as possible. If I were to do another assignment like this. Perhaps the most important lesson in this process was learning about the deaths of my Grandparents on my mother¶s side and the issues surrounding these deaths. From that experience. Lindsey was able to help her family gain a greater understanding of her condition and how they can help her cope. etc. It has also educated me about my family in general. .Brain 5 have a good relationship with our family doctor. the family is exposed to the same available resources in Prince George. I would be interested in focusing on the personal relationships within our family.

I also encourage her to talk about her thoughts and feelings whenever they arise in conversation. . As for the remaining family members. to be supportive emotionally and to validate her feelings. I believe such interventions can influence positive changes and help continue to encourage my mother to maintain good health and wellness practices and to keep appropriate balance in her life to aid her in living with a chronic illness. such as feeling somewhat helpless and down.Brain 6 gathering family support and caregiving as well as developing rituals are all very important aspects of intervening with a family member suffering from arthritis related pain (Wright & Leahey 2005). as I believe it is important to maintain consistent in these areas when living with arthritis. as does my father. Within these domains of family functioning (Wright & Leahey 2005). Sometimes the pain is so much that my mother has an emotional response. along with my other family members. it is only natural for us to offer our support and encouragement as often as possible. I would relay the new information back to her in hopes of it being of some use to how she copes with daily aches and pains. I encourage exercise and staying active as a form of physical and emotional therapy. It is my responsibility. If I were to come across information related to my mother¶s arthritic pain.

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