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Parking wars may be over for downtown
Wednesday, May. 11 by Laura Peters | 1 comments | Email this story

The battle for parking in Leesburg may be over because of Tuesday night’s Town Council meeting. The council voted on whether or not to make the 26 meters in downtown Leesburg free to the public. “I think bagging those meters doesn’t guarantee those people parking,” Council member Tom Dunn said. “I think that those residents who came to us wanted a guarantee. Businesses can just leave their trucks there.” But a lot of citizens who live in historic downtown Leesburg, voiced concerns about finding parking closer to their homes. “I live in the historic district and I walk everywhere,” Hildi Farfan, who lives on the 100 block of Wirt Street said. “The problem we have is parking. We’re just really crowded up by all the business, well not just the businesses, but the tourists.” Town officials has proposed to bag 15 meters on Harrison Street between South Street and the W&OD Trail and 11 meters in the Royal and Liberty streets parking lot. They also have talked about making room on the grassy area by the parking lot on Liberty Street. But, before moving forward on making those spots a reality, the town manager must hold a public input session. But, citizens like Farfan still had problems with the plans. She said that if that grassy area, which is right by her house, is taken away, she won’t have a place to walk her dog. She also said that her neighbor needs guaranteed parking outside of his house because his wife is confined to a wheelchair. “We pay taxes and it would be really helpful,” Farfan said. “There’s going to be a lot of business parking around it, and it would be nice to leave during lunch and come back to a parking spot and not walk a mile.” Council agreed for the 26 meters to be bagged with a 5-2-1 vote, with members Marty Martinez and Vice Mayor Kevin Wright descending. Council Member Katie Hammler abstained. “I want to thank the residents for coming out and supporting this. It’s a little mundane and a little narrow, but it’ll help a lot of people,” Council Member Ken Reid said. Town officials said they will monitor the usage of the bagged meter parking spots to see how big of an impact the move has on residents.
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Wed, May 11 at 12:49 PM by Laugh:

Once again, Tom Dunn says something that makes absolutely no sense, demonstrating what an IDIOT he is. Good grief, does Tom Dunn have an ounce of intelligence? NO.

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