By Khalid sama

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GBP ( m th). This a i th t A ti isi Blizza d a d l d t th ld¶s la st a d m st m fita l id am lish . H I A is t El t i A ts ly f a his hi h m t s ith Bla s a d A ti isi th y d da m f am s hi h a ll a d ha mad a am i ha m ts sist f t am s hi h ha th ami i d st y. X 3 a d th i t d ii. It as th fast st P s lli am a di t th am d l sa d at it f a Th ath f th i h Ki hi h as l as d i . GBP (si m ths). This i s A ti isi a maj ad a ta m ths) th d l s h d t ay as m h att ti th P t ath th s l s s h as Playstati 3. B t ha s th as hy A ti isi is tm ith Vi di Gam s i h a th di tati th i d st y is its at s f th massi m lti lay li l layi am ld f a aft. ith a d milli l layi ld f a aft a d th ld ith a st ady m d t s s i ti sti f m . ld f a aft t( ) a si a ata lysm t P sal s as ata lysm a si s ld m tha 3. . Sal s f I A Sal s f ad S a . Th i lat st a hi l a ti i at d as ad S a a dda a .3 milli i s th fi st day it as th sal . GBP (th i . El t i a ts is t th ly th at t A ti isi th a a i s f th am d l s s h as ssf l f a his s Eld s lls a d all B th sda h ha mad th f ll i s t h has am f th y a . ith th li s f ld f a aft a d all f d ty d am .This a h l sh s I A sal s hist y si la h.

Capcom and Bethesda etc. Laptops. There is a risk in . A possible movement In the near future is to incorporating D effects with the Call of Duty franchise.Recommen ations In this era of electronics. A lot of the D game designs are still in the testing stage and not ready for commercial distribution. The next step would be to give them the option of D there are many lap tops. There has yet to be a game developer to successfully combine D special effects with their games. and the presence of D is not something that big developers such as Activision should be ignoring. D effects could be the next major revelation. With interactive leisure becoming more reasonably priced . It is only natural and now it¶s becoming quite ordinary for every family to possess at least a one gaming console in their household including their Television. There is heavy pressure on the gaming industry as there is a constant demand for new developments that will keep the consumers satisfied and left with an appetite for more. D is images having three dimensional figure or appearance. creating an illusion of depth by presenting several slightly different images to each eye . By adapting to D Activision could further increase the gap between them and fellow game developers such as EA. handheld consoles or any of the next generation platforms. By doing this Acitivision is not only keeping existing customers it is exerting a pull on a whole new audience who have taken an interest in D gaming. The reality is that they have evolved and they continue feeding our yearning to simulate our ideas to an innovative form of entertainment. Ranging from Pc¶s. it has been made loud and clear that videogames have become an extensive scourge that everyone¶s getting in line for. computer monitors and plasma screen TV¶s which now support this feature . Thanks to the major growth in technology this is now made possible. Now is perhaps the time for Activision to integrate this into their products as well. Almost every game developers has successfully adapted around online gaming to cater for the needs of its consumers. The D effects has been successfully and established in the movie industry and helped many movies such as Avatar prosper. Bioware. The call of duty series has been a very successful and still is today a very much anticipated game series which interests a wide audience. The use of D effects in the gaming industry is set to move way beyond its present niche which restricts some of the elements of putting its full potential into use. Acitivision needs to take this opportunity to adapt to new and creative ways to keep their consumers satisfied with their products. one previous one obliviously being Online gaming which took the gaming industry by storm and is one of the main aspects which game developers focus and pay attention to. Both Call of Duty and World of Warcraft have a vast online community that dedicated to the franchises.

As stat d i sly th ha l tif l att m ts at t ta ami i t th thi d dim si al ld a d m st ha i t iti ally sa a d y s m s. is a th ss tial fa t hi h ds t t i mi d y A ti isi . a flat Th s it this A ti isi d s at ly ds t fi d s m thi t tai its a di f th y t t th i m th ds t may mi ht ha ta th t st ah ad f A iti isi li lati i ati 3 i t th i am s. This a i is th fa t that m st s m s f id am s lay th m t l isi m t m it . A im am l f this ld th VI TUA BOY hi h as s ssf l t s t fi t a 3 ami l ti . ith all this imm s t tial f 3 ami A ti isi sh ld a l ds t a d hat its s m s al ady f l aff ti f a d i i f ami . a d Unreal Tournament 3. This ld that 3 has a yl t y hi h ss s a a i f m st f A ti isi ¶s st m s. sid s its t m tit s h j st y ith ati a t yi t yi This is a f th ma y am s h isi hi h as s ti att d d f3 ami ´. .t s ttl i ith 3 . By st i i t th th dim si t a h l ill t ly ta a st y d th i s. A si ss st at y sists f ma y m ts hi h a th f ll i : y y y y y t thi i St at i la i St at i i t ts Ty s f st at y A alysis . All the S ames took the audience y shock ut among the games the first erson shooter as definitely a strong fa ourite as it rought a new. A ti isi Additional Information ha s s l s al d mai B si ss st at y: Th lassifi ati f si ss st at y is sim ly a l t m la hi h is d si d y th si ss t a m lish a a ti la al s t f als j ti s. Am th ³Th f t d m s as th f ll i am s G id. unknown stimulating sensation to the ta le.

In Activision there are multiple artists working under a director who makes sure his vision of the game is followed. There is a difficult process that involves a team of very talented people which are: 1. Designer which who is the main visionary of the game and is the person who designs the game. Not only does this bring them back to but they will indefinitely try out a variety of t he company¶s products. Product development: Product development maybe or is the most important aspect in the gaming industry. . game play. Programmer which is a software engineer who has a very important ta sk of creating the software related to the game. There is long and difficult process which goes on creating game let alone a game which will generate millions. Activision is an assembly of very talented people each with their own set of skill in different fields they make up a team and they function as a unit . Products are created for the sole purpose of making money and setting of a domino effect of profit by satisfying the customer¶s needs which will lead to customer loyalty. There can be many ways in which a company reflects its corporate culture it varies depending on the organisation. It involves the way in which people in this case Activision interacts with consumers. Activision has the motive of making money and they do this by catering for the needs of their customers. It¶s the way people and how people behave with each other. 4. . Usually a corporate culture is driven by a mutual feeling in general and most companies a vision which a where the business see¶s its self in the future and these are usually stated in the vision statement. As most people around the globe will recogni e the Activitions logo as the company who made Call of Duty. Artist who is visual artist that creates all the video game art such as environmental backdrops or terrain images. Activision can be said to be a combination of the image it presents to the outside world and can be interpreted as their logo. game tools and interface p roduction etc.y y Evaluation Corporate culture Corporate culture is a very important aspect of a business strategy corporate culture is a mix of the beliefs and values shared by people and is developed by the people who work in an organisation . They work which is done by them is relies heavily upon team work and communication without this in essence a game cannot be created. In Activision there are a number of programmers which each have a responsibility such as physics. Not only this but the codebase is also create by the software engineer. Level designer is the individual who create the mission or levels in a game. 2. is/her job consists of making the challengers which the players will face. But for Activision there will be multiple designers due the large scale production and quality that Activision try¶s to create.

Prior to the release of Call of Duty Black Ops there was a lot of media and internet hype around Black Ops as it forbearer Modern Warfare 2 was such a big hit and a success among its consumers. Total quality management: There can be a lot of confusion about the quality of a game and indeed people judge games differently whilst amespot might rate Elder scrolls Oblivion a 9. But firstly there are some factors which need to be taken into consideration. owever Acti vision and now other game developers are starting to turn to other measures of collecting data. Again as previously stated input is very important especially from the customer as it determines the quality of the final product. This all depends on the way people view it and whether it satisfies the ir particular needs. There are also masses of game forums situated on the internet. Lastly there is the tester or testers who professional game testers that analyze the game upon its completion and checks for software defects. oversee voice acting and gather the background music.6 million copies. 6. Operations management: Is management which is the principle of the conversion process which converts the foundation the basic inputs which is the raw material and work force into productivity in the form of goods and products which are then commercially distributed. . Previously and still this day surveys are sent to customers houses and emails to their inbox asking them various query that question them about the company cu stomer service and of course the quality of their product. By doing this there is hardly any effort needed to obtain customer feedback as its customers are already answering all the questions and evaluating the quality of its products. That¶s why in order for a company to find out what the quality its consumers are after it has to go directly to none other than its customers. Using forums has now become a very popular way of obtaining customer responses to their products. Thus Activision already knew that there had to be a lot of copies created. There are multiple ways to collects information of customers.5 I N might give it an 8. But usually the people don¶t bother filling out the questionnaires and thus hardly and sufficient feedback is collected in order to evaluate the quality of their products and services. This is done by creating an online forum where all its customers gather and discuss games and an assortment of other topics from levels in the game to what they found annoying in the game.5. And in the end this came true and can be seen and proven by its astonishing first day sale of 5. Sound engineer is the one who is responsible for the sound effects. One of these factors is the demand for the product. But in the end of the day the only people who are can truly give the definition of the quality of a product are its consumers. ame developers such as Activision usually have scouts which will extracts customer feedback and discussion about its games from these forums and then apply changes the different section of the game which was disliked by its consumers. sound defects. quality and the overall game experience.

These are all important aspects that a business needs to be aware of. making sure that actions are taken to respond to customer needs. achieving shorter delivery times. Activision has increased the number of people working on the release of Call of Duty to give a shorter delivery time has this has defiantly proven to be a game that filters big money.Making sure the quality of the game is one of which the customer will be satisfied with. .

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